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6 Valuable Tips to Get a Good Night’s Sleep while Traveling

by Frank Apodaca

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Traveling can be exciting and a lot of fun for many people! Those who have been bitten by the travel bug want to see as many new places as they can. Others enjoy the occasional trip, but prefer to be at home most of the year. No matter how often you travel, there are certain obstacles that can be difficult to overcome.

Sleeping while traveling, for instance, can be difficult for many reasons. While traveling to restorative yoga retreats should leave you feeling calm and refreshed, that is not always the case with all destinations we choose, no matter how refreshing they may look at first glance. You should not need to deal with dilemmas such as a lack of sleep. Below are some valuable tips to help you deal with the lack of sleep while traveling.


1. Get a mattress pad                                                                           


woman sleeping in trailer


Sometimes, lack of sleep can be caused by your mattress being either too warm or too uncomfortable. A mattress pad is a good way to prevent such annoyances. Cooling mattress pads can be placed on top of your mattress and will help regulate your body temperature. They will be useful if you are somebody who overheats during the night and often wakes up.

In particular, cooling mattress pads can help for hot flashes. The pad will also add a layer of comfort to your mattress. You will be less likely to wake up due to a lumpy mattress. While you are at your yoga retreat, you can pull out your portable cooling mattress pad and place it on your bed.


2. Adjust your sleeping patterns


person sleeping in hammock


If you know that you will be traveling to a place with different time zones, you should plan to adjust your sleep in advance. A few days before you leave, you can try going to bed earlier or later, depending on where you are going. This will also cause a shift in your eating patterns. By the time you get to your destination, you will be ready to experience your new adventure!


3. Reduce distractions




When you are on the plane, and especially when you get to your yoga ashram, you should avoid the use of electronic distractions. This means that you should put away your cell phone and laptop at least an hour before you go to bed. Reducing the use of electronics will allow you to calmly settle into sleep. When you are practicing yoga, you will understand the importance of quieting your mind and body, and rid yourself of unnecessary distractions.


4. Pack your sleeping essentials


man sleeping with book on his face


When you are sleeping on a plane or in a hotel, you are dealing with many unknown variables. There could be noisy children or arguing adults. There might be barking dogs, or machines operating nearby. It is good to be prepared in case you encounter anything that could prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Bring a pair of earplugs or headphones to muffle the outside noise. A sleep mask is also a good idea because it blocks out the light. As well, bring along your comfortable pajamas. It is easier to sleep in an unfamiliar place if you are comfortable.


5. Get a neck pillow for traveling




Neck pillows are commonly used on plane rides to prevent people from getting stiff necks and aches in their bodies. Neck pillows are helpful if you need to sleep on the plane or bus because you are protecting yourself from pain when you wake up.

Keeping a neck pillow handy is always a good idea because you never know how long you will need to remain seated. Sometimes travel plans take unexpected detours due to bad weather or other circumstances. Always be prepared, and you will sleep comfortably!


6. Pack some natural remedies


camomile tea


Things like special teas, lotions, and oils can really help you sleep, especially when you are traveling. So be sure to pack some chamomile and/or valerian tea. These have been used as sleep aids for centuries.

When it comes to oils, lavender, chamomile, valerian root, and bergamot have been known to help relax the body and ease the mind. Rub just a drop onto your temples and inhale the lovely scents.




Having difficulty falling asleep when you are traveling is a common problem. However, there are several options that might be the solution you have been looking for! A cooling mattress pad, adjusting your sleeping pattern, reducing distractions, packing the essentials for sleep and getting a neck pillow are just some of the many ways that you can be prepared.

Do not allow yourself to arrive at your destination feeling groggy and unrested. Have an essential travel checklist. Do what you can to alleviate your sleep troubles, so that you can enjoy your stay. This way, you can learn everything you need to know about staying calm and connected before returning back home. 

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