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How to Pack for a Yoga Retreat

by Stuart Cooke

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A yoga retreat is a great way to recharge your batteries, learn new things and inspire yourself to live a healthier life when you get back home. If you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the pace of modern life then spending some time focusing on your own body and mind can be a life changing experience, they don’t call them retreats for no reason, you are literally taking a step back from the outside world and regrouping.


So now that you are sure you want to on a yoga retreat what exactly should you pack for your trip? This can be tricky as you don’t want to overdo it, you’re supposed to be escaping the trappings of modern life after all, but you also don’t want to leave any essentials behind. Luckily, we have put this handy packing guide together to ensure you pack just what you need for your retreat.

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snack bowl

Most yoga retreats will either be all-inclusive or at least provide you with a couple of meals each day, but you may still find yourself getting hungry as you will be exerting a lot of energy each day. When that happens it’s good to have healthy food with you to snack on.

If you have chocolate bars and sweets to tide you over then you will be defeating the purpose of your healthy getaway. Having healthy snacks will also ensure that you set off on the right track when traveling to your destination. It can be tempting to reach out for junk food when you’re rushing through an airport so being able to grab something healthy will get your mind and body in the right place for your trip.

The Right Clothing

woman in yoga gear

It’s pretty obvious that you will need to pack the appropriate yoga clothing for your trip but don’t underestimate just how much you will need. Don’t forget that you will most likely be doing a yoga session once or twice a day so if your retreat lasts for a week or two then that’s a lot of yoga and you will need to have a fresh gear to change to.

You will also need to consider the weather when choosing which clothes to pack. It can get cold and windy in hot climates, especially in the evenings so hoodies and light jackets might be needed. Also, you might find yourself going on day trips or out for evening meals so don’t limit your wardrobe just to yoga and workout gear.

Reading Material


A great yoga retreat is all about getting and staying in the right frame of mind. On your journey why not get a head start by reading a book on meditation, mindfulness or positive thinking. This will prepare you well for the retreat and help you achieve that “zen” state a little quicker.

You will also have quite a bit of downtime during your retreat and reading is a great way to unwind and escape for a bit. We recommend taking an e-reader with you as you can have lots of books stored on it that you can enjoy, and it takes up minimal room in your luggage.

Protection for Your Skin

sun protection

Surprisingly this is one that a lot of people forget to pack for a yoga retreat. Perhaps they think that they will be spending most of their time indoors either partaking in yoga or mediating but often in hotter climates classes will be set outdoors so the last thing you want is to be burning up. Don’t forget that the whole point of your trip is to relax and feel as stress-free as possible. But it’s hard to remain relaxed when you’re struggling with sunburn, so make sure you back a good-sized bottle with a high protection factor.

Personal Development Notepad


Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned enthusiast it’s always a good idea to keep a track of your progress. Having a notepad to write down your daily goals and achievements is a great way to improve your yoga performance.

It’s also a great way to keep yourself feeling positive, as you can write down what your grateful for each morning and what goals you have ticked off at the end of each day. You would be amazed at what this will do for your confidence and self-belief. Having a personal development notepad is a game-changer, not just for a yoga retreat but for life in general.

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