1. Patience, positivity, and an open mind

As like other trips, yoga travel might also mean some bumps on the way. Not everything can be smooth. Your plane or baggage got delayed or long stressful hours cramped on your seat in the plane. Whenever you start feeling upset or negative, you should try to remember to be positive and patience.

You can try to practice meditation every time you feel it. It doesn't mean that you have to really sit in a certain seated position or anything, but you can just close you eyes and start counting your breathing. Inhale and exhale until you feel you're ready to take all the negativity out.

Practicing meditation can also help you develop an open mind to your situation. You may start to accept the situation and somehow you can also start seeing from a whole different perspective. And who knows, problems might really disappear.


2. A little bit of yoga can't hurt

After long hours of sitting during the flight, it might make you feel tired. If you happen to have a long flight across the ocean, for instance, probably best to have your body stretch a bit when you're waiting for a connecting flight. Find a good spot at the airport or at the hotel you're staying and do some asana. It can stretch and relax your body and hopefully refresh your mind.


3. Find a good retreat organizer

This is probably a step you should do before jumping to the next flight to your destination. You should be sure that you have found a good retreat organizer. There are many ways to convince yourself if you have chosen a right one. It can be your own yoga teacher organizing a retreat abroad, or probably some friendly yogis you found on internet. Check the reviews on an overview yoga website like BookYogaRetreats or ask other people about their experiences. Or simply see if they can provide you with enough explanations and help you with the whole retreat arrangements. At least if you know that they're prepared, the better, right?

Travel Tips for Yogis - Find info on BookYogaRetreats

Find info from BookYogaRetreats


4. Ask for important info before you go

It is also helpful to know as many useful information about the place and the retreat before you go. You can find lots of useful info on BookYogaRetreats, or you can ask directly over the phone or email.

The point is you know what to expect once you reach your destination. Your retreat might be only for a week, but being prepared means a week of enjoying your retreat than regretting it.


5. When in Rome, do as the Romans do

Going on a yoga retreat abroad means you have to be prepared of a totally different lifestyle and culture. It's always best to keep an open mind and not be judgmental. You may find other people have unusual way of doing things. Keep in mind that you are now in a new place, so it can't hurt that you respect their way of life and perspective. In fact, you might be able to truly enjoy your trip and retreat by experiencing a local perspective.

Travel Tips for Yogis - Praying like Balinese

Picture by Traceeyoga

Some travelers practice saying 'yes' to new food, new activities, and new friends, for instance. It's also a good idea to practice it at a measured level.


After all, yoga is about keeping a positive attitude, right? Have a great yoga retreat!

Have you ever been in a great and inspiring yoga retreat abroad? Drop your comment(s) below or send us your own yogi travel tips!