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4 Amazing Benefits of Laughter Yoga

by Beth Martel

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Laughter itself keeps the heart alive and those who laugh more tend to stay happier. There is no doubt that it is no less than a medicine and when it is combined with yoga, it cures all the diseases of body and mind altogether. The more you laugh, the happier you are. It happens because of the chemicals that the brain releases which promote the health and happiness of a person.

Today, a great number of people are members of laughter yoga clubs and they believe the results are quick and effective. However, we must invest a little time into it to gain the extended health benefits that it offers. Here are a few of those amazing benefits of laughter yoga. After reading them, I’m certain you will definitely want to try it too:


Prevents Mood Swings

mood swings

We all have those days when  our mood just doesn’t stay stable. We are easily annoyed and become angry in no time. Laughter yoga helps to control our mood swings and stay happy and calm all the time. Better mood means a better lifestyle. Through laughter, the brain releases certain endorphins that make a person more positive and calm. A happy mood that does not get affected by anything is a true blessing and that is exactly what laughter yoga develops within you. It makes you more positive towards things and helps you flush out all the negativity, promoting your mental health.


Enables You to Smile during Tough Times

smile on palm

Tough times usually break us all and we end up getting terribly depressed. However, calmness and composure are the two things that can save us from getting on the verge of breaking down and helping us to make wise decisions. You learn both things by practicing laughter yoga regularly. It helps you to control your nerves and prevents the stress that apparently becomes inevitable in such scenarios. It also builds a capability in you to deal with difficult people in a positive way.


Helps You Become More Sociable

social laugh

Our daily lives are all about gaining more security, money and power, but unfortunately, there is no end to this quest. We believe these things can satisfy us but that is only temporary. What truly makes us happy and satisfied is the love and respect we give and get. A huge part of our satisfaction depends on our relations with others. Laughter yoga clubs provide a great opportunity to meet new people who appreciate you and help you build your social network. With all the positivity you gain from this type of yoga, you become more friendly and pleasant towards others, which helps you expand your social circle easily. 


Ensures Mental and Physical Health

laughter yoga makes you feel good

Laughter ensures mental and physical wellness and cures  illnesses like depression and blood pressure. It relaxes your muscles and works wonders on the brain,  calming your nerves. It is also a great exercise for the heart, as it improves blood circulation within the body. It has a positive impact on the immune system and those suffering from chronic diseases benefit greatly from it. All the stress is flushed out by practicing laughter yoga and an emotional balance is developed. People  experience a great difference from the very first class.

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