Plantation Villa is an eco-friendly retreat hotel offering an exclusive well-being lifestyle and experience through lush nature, ayurveda, yoga and meditation.

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5 Days Cooking and Yoga Retreat in Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Feb | Mar | Apr | May | Jun | Jul, 2020
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11 Days Detox and Yoga Holiday in Kalutara, Sri Lanka

Available in February, March & April
    from US$1,308
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    Videos (1)

    Instructors (8)

    Ishara De Silva

    Dr. Nishan Jayasundara

    Bernardo Staut

    Dr. Erandi Gunathilaka

    Dr. Ruwanka Ahangama

    Kottayawaththa Sarath Veda Mahattaya

    Dr Chathurika Hemachandra

    Poorna Kahingala

    Reviews (160)

    Sophie Müller

    from Germany, January 2020

    "A fantastic retreat "

    This is just a magic Place! Pretty small and therefore so familiar. The whole concept, the treatments and the friendliness is amazing! And the Yoga teacher is the best I‘ve ever had, with so much knowledge and so inspiring. I just loved this place!


    from Kuwait, January 2020

    "Booked the last moment and never regretted "

    I had some doubts about this retreat because I wasn’t a vegan and I didn’t do yoga regularly, but everything turned out great. What did I like the most?

    1. Nature! The plantation is so lush! Such a pleasure to the eyes and ears! Be ready for some wild life though. Birds, monkeys, insects, and other creatures of our planet. All are peaceful and friendly ;)

    2. People! Retreat guests and staff make this place particularly cozy. The staff are caring and welcoming, and retreat members are so Interesting and inspiring.

    3. Activities. There are many activities offered during your stay. I attended 2 cookery classes, a village walk, and some talks. Also, the New Years celebration was unforgettable! I went to the beach myself a couple of times by tuk-tuk, and it was lovely too.

    4. Pool. I spent so much time by the pool reading a book, chatting with other guests, tanning, and observing the nature. Swimming in the pool was refreshing and super relaxing.

    5. Toga classes. The classes were affordable and focused a lot on breathing. I learnt how to control my breathing and align it to my body movements.

    Rebecca Harris

    from Australia, December 2019

    "Pleasant and Relaxing Retreat"

    I stayed at Plantation Villa for 5 days in December and participated in the yoga and meditation retreat. The location of the retreat is about 2 hours out from Colombo, but is worth the trip. Very beautiful and relaxing surrounds. Cute little animals all about and you feel part of the jungle. A chicken even laid an egg in my room!!! The staff were all very lovely and helpful. The yoga classes were very gentle, and perfect for an injury laden lady like myself. The talks were also fantastic! I learnt a lot about the buddhist philosophies and feel able to apply these ideas to my own life.

    Emily Gunn

    from United Kingdom, December 2019

    "I left feeling humble and peaceful!"

    The food was amazing I’m vegan anyway but it was sensational! The atmosphere and timetable made it sociable but also have you enough free time to be with your own thoughts. I was travelling around Sri Lanka but would come back again to do another week.

    Georgia Ring

    from Italy, November 2019

    "Amazing! Loved everyone and everything about the retreat! "

    The food was a major highlight!!! The quality was incredible and the service was amazing. Loved the yoga classes and daily meditation. Didn't leave the retreat whilst i was there and was never bored! Always something to do and great people to talk to.

    Cristine Siongco

    from Cambodia, April 2019

    Without a doubt a great investment on yourself, if even for just a few days. The plantation itself if beautiful and relaxing. The staff are very friendly, attentive, and make you feel right at home. Food is delicious and very healthy. The yoga and mediation is restorative and perfect for this setting. You can add in Ayurvedic treatments to your stay, which I highly recommend. The organization does amazing work for its employees and surrounding community and villages. Not only do you get time or yourself to relax, but you are apart of something bigger! Only wish I had more time to stay longer!


    from United Kingdom, November 2018


    Delightful place and really open and honest people and hence, very refreshing.


    from United Kingdom, November 2018

    "Idyllic, relaxing retreat in rural location"

    The location, atmosphere, instructors and therapists. I loved the idea that the local villagers were employed at the retreat. This is not part of the Sri Lankan tourist route and it is not a top hotel with a spa ... but it is so much more..

    Charral Izhiman

    from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

    "A peace of heaven- very grounding experience"

    I loved the yoga classes and animals. What a grounding return to nature it felt like. I was very happy with my AC'd room. The pool was great too. The sinus treatment was different but a great bonus for detoxing. Superb back and shoulder massage too. Very hospitable team making people feel welcome. Met some lovely people from around the world as well.

    Alan Hogg

    from United Kingdom, June 2018

    "Yoga bliss"

    Fantastic location great yoga teaching and all the staff were so friendly and helpful Also bonus of great Ayurveda massage treatments

    Naho Morita

    from United Arab Emirates, March 2018

    "Booking 5 days through the site"

    Food and yoga teacher, Amanda were amazing. Very healthy food. Amanda instructs very clearly but with peacefully which made me very relaxed and concentrated on training.

    Wendy Richardson

    from United Kingdom, March 2018

    "Paradise Found"

    Plantation Villa is a retreat with a big heart. It's setting, amongst the exotic and abundant vegetation and rubber plantation is both beautiful and restful. The founding principles of community and ecology combined with a dedication to service and the Ayurvedic process makes the visitor feel like a co-contributer as well as a welcomed guest. The staff are all very sweet, well trained, polite and efficient and all greet you with dazzling smiles. Our yoga teacher, Amanda was the best I have ever practiced with, she was so inspirational and her gentle guidance still guides me. Our treatments were wonderful, even the purge felt necessary and in balance but best of all was the delicious pool. No nasty chemicals just beautiful pure water at a perfect temperature in a perfect setting. We will definitely be back!


    from United Kingdom, February 2018

    "Nice little retreat "

    Yoga and meditation classes fun, massages good, food delicious, beautiful room and pool.

    Catherine Gordon

    from United States, February 2018

    "This place has potential."

    The clean rooms kept by friendly local women.

    The vegan food

    Pristine swimming pool

    Kirsty Maclean

    from United Kingdom, January 2018

    "A beautiful place with attentive staff and pure relaxation"

    The area that surrounds is totally beautiful, I really enjoyed walking around every morning. My room was fantastic, cleans and bright. The centre is a very calm and relaxing place. I enjoyed the yoga classes and felt the staff did their best to meet all levels of ability. All the staff at the centre are really lovely and welcoming and attentive. I didn't do the ayevada package so I didn't have as much interaction with them as most of the guests. The food was great, although I would have liked it a bit spicier.


    from Sweden, January 2018

    Like the place and all the kindly staff. Perfekt in all kind of ways!

    Mireille Vogelsang

    from Thailand, November 2017

    "Lovely and relaxed setting!"

    The staff was very attentive and welcoming to our needs.

    Giulia Soliman

    from United Kingdom, November 2017

    "Great stay, I felt really refreshed and relax after my stay "

    The Ayurvedic treatments were fantastic, the staff really friendly, the food really tasty and healthy, the yoga left me flexible and energized! I just loved every minute of it!

    Nese Bayrac

    from Qatar, November 2017

    Lady doctors especially resident Doctor Prasadi are amazing.

    Staff also are amazing. But they need training.

    Hanna Hanula

    from Switzerland, September 2017

    "Great place to unwind"

    Yoga classes, food, pool

    Sandrine Bertrand

    from Sri Lanka, September 2017

    "A lot to improve"

    I have been update to a higher room type

    The location is all

    The food

    Catherine the amazing yoga teacher without her i would have left earlier


    from United Kingdom, August 2017

    "Yoga retreat - 5 days"

    the wonderful teacher , Katherine


    from Italy, August 2017

    "The balance between quality and money is not good."

    The friendly attitude of other guests, the yoga teacher and the location but assolutely not the room (single one)


    from Sweden, August 2017

    "Great place for relaxation"

    The yoga teacher Cathrine was amazing

    Valerie Baze

    from United Kingdom, August 2017


    I absolutely loved the yoga and meditation. Also enjoyed the evening talks about Buddhism. I loved the place itself so peaceful and with a great swimming pool and lots of wild monkeys


    from Australia, July 2017

    "Restorative setting"

    The staff provided all the assistance you could ask for. The atmosphere promoted mindfulness and a good place to just be.


    from United Kingdom, June 2017

    Inspirational yoga teacher

    Amazing food

    Beautiful location

    Very accomodating staff with an incredible towel designer . Everyday the towels were created into an art form.

    Very relaxed and healing place.

    Disa Pequeno

    from United Arab Emirates, June 2017

    "Beyond expectations "

    The place by itself, the nature and the fauna. The staff was adorable. I loved the food and the massages.

    Anne Stevens

    from Oman, April 2017

    Fabulous yoga teacher and lovely surroundings... Interesting food

    Natalia Maksymenko

    from Germany, April 2019

    "A unique health hub in the middle of jungles"

    We were not into Ayurveda before coming to this place, but there is no other option rather then falling in love with Plantation Villa, where everything is done with so much attention and love to guests.The food might be a bit unusual for us Westerners, but you feel so much lighter and healthier after a couple of days, and this constant need for sugar and coffee just disappear. Although this is an Ayurveda retreat, nobody's trying to "baptize" you into this lifestyle, rather explaining what is it about and how can it benefit you.

    The treatments are nice and relaxing, and a huge sandy beach in Bentota is just 30 min TukTuk drive away.


    from Austria, March 2019

    "I thought I found Garden Eden.. until the granite mining."

    Wonderful place, everything felt in harmony - the people, the animals, the forest..

    Alejandra Londono

    from Italy, September 2018

    "I loved every second in this place. "

    Since the moment I arrived I felt like at home. They treated me better than what I was expecting, they received me with a nice dinner and they had ready a comfy and beautiful standard room for me. The place is absolutely beautiful, the interaction with other guests was really easy and enjoyable and I cannot say how good the food is. I love curry and spices so this was definitely my place. It was amazing to been inside the jungle for 5 days, I really enjoyed it! Great costumer service even though not everyone speaks English.

    Myriam Idani

    from United States, April 2018

    "Great experience !"

    The area was perfect and adapt to the regreat : calm & relax

    Coralie Doucet

    from Germany, July 2017

    "Wonderful experience "

    Wonderful yoga teacher (Catherine) and a wonderful atmosphere in there.i have learnt what I wanted to and get back in Europe different. The treatment are good and the package detox is worth. Thanks to everyone .

    Fanny Letourneau-hudon

    from Canada, February 2020

    "A stay in paradise"

    I had an amazing stay at Plantation Villa. The site is beautiful with lush greenery, daily sightings of monkeys, rabbits, colorful birds, etc. The vegan Sri Lankan cuisine that is served is flavourful and delicious - lovely meals to share with the other retreat attendees. The yoga classes with Selina were both varied, challenging and fun. I also took some day trips to Galle and to Udawalawe national park during my stay - two experiences I highly recommend. I wish I had more time at the Villa and in Sri Lanka! To the staff at the Villa, thank you for a memorable stay! I sure hope to be back soon!

    Fraser Doherty

    from United Kingdom, January 2020

    "Wonderful Ayurvedic and yoga retreat"

    Highly recommended!! We arrived burnt out and feeling unhealthy and stressed and left feeling completely rejuvenated. The yoga sessions by Selina Gullery really inspired us and challenged us, as well as giving us a new understanding of meditation. The food was delicious - super healthy but also tasty and lovingly served every mealtime by the team at Plantation Villa. Every person working there is doing so with love - something extremely rare to find. The photos on this website and the villas own don’t do justice to how beautiful the grounds are - we spent hours just watching the birds and monkeys in the trees. Dr Chathurika was super helpful at making sure we got treatments and natural remedies for our minor ailments - all the Ayurvedic treatments are professional and left us feeling super relaxed. The housekeeper Ranjit was very nice to be around and took us on a great walk in the jungle. overall the whole place is just super relaxing, it felt like home very quickly and we will definitely be back!

    Lydia Chilvers

    from United Kingdom, September 2019

    "Beautiful, tranquil and inspiring "

    The weekend was wonderfully calm and transformative. The location was breathtaking and the accommodation was wonderful. Everyone was so kind and accommodating. The food was so flavoursome and wholesome, just wished there was a bit more of it! I learnt so much from Barnardo's inspiring talks on Ayurveda and his meditation and yoga classes were so relaxing. The whole experience was lovely and such good value for money!

    Shazia Bashir

    from United Kingdom, August 2019

    "The yoga retreat Wales"

    The 2 days were very structured. The yoga, meditation and overall experience was very well executed by both Bernado and Ishara. Also the resident hosts Helen and Ann-Marie couldn’t do enough for you. Would go again

    Sue Edgar

    from United Kingdom, August 2019

    "Yoga and Meditation retreat in Wales"

    The whole experience was wonderful. Beautiful house in stunning location. As a vegetarian, the food was delicious and well prepared. The hosts and instructors were friendly and informative. My daughter and I had a rewarding time

    Jackie Walder

    from United Kingdom, August 2019

    "Ayurveda and Yoga in Wales"

    Absolutely faultless and gained so much from hosts. Location and accommodation fantastic.

    Celine Jones

    from United Kingdom, August 2019

    "Relaxing and wonderful"

    This was a first time retreat for me and my friends and so were not sure what to was wonderful and relaxing from start to finish and would certainly recommend to others and return again. Highlights include the hosts (Helen and Anne-Marie), the delicious food cooked by Ishara, Bernardo's classes and massage treatment, and the farm animals! The cottage is lovely with modern clean facilities, the surrounding countryside was beautiful and quiet - it was a perfect getaway for a bunch of stressed out londoners!

    Caroline Lowery-spafford

    from United Kingdom, August 2019

    "Great yoga, nice food, NO cookery demo, NO wisdom talks"

    Yoga instruction was great and well explained. Food was lovely.

    Accommodation ladies extremely helpful and lovely. Beautiful location.


    from United Kingdom, August 2019

    "Great 3 days"

    The food was delicious, the hosts were friendly and welcoming, and the location really helped with the sense of calm and tranquility.

    The yoga and meditation sessions were lead and explained very well by Bernardo and his talks in the evening were always very interesting and informative.

    Vipan Nar

    from United Kingdom, August 2019

    "yoga retreat : excellent all round"

    _accomodation was superb

    _as was being picked up at the station!.

    _food was excellent too

    _the knowledge imparted by Bernardo & ishara. patiently & , for those who wanted more, extensively. I learnt alot!

    _the yoga , for me was perfect. slower than normal. gave real time to appreciate & understand what I was doing & why.

    Lyndsey Kennedy

    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    "Such a relaxing and chilled out time - loved every minute "

    From the moment we arrived, we received such a warm welcome from Helen and Ann-Marie. Nothing was too much trouble and they ensured we had a lovely stay. The cottage was cosy and comfortable, with the room suiting our needs. Beds were really comfortable too, which helped us catch up on some much needed sleep. Our daily yoga sessions and meditation with Bernardo were calming and definitely helped focus the mind and switch off from the outside world. I would certainly recommend this yoga retreat in it's beautiful Welshpool setting! Excellent all round and great value for money. Lyndsey and Helen, Liverpool

    Ingrid Zonderop

    from New Zealand, July 2019

    "A blissful, tailored Wellness Retreat "

    The Plantation is a place that you can truly relax and focus on you. The friendly staff were a standout! We upgraded from the yoga package to the Ayurveda package and it was awesome. The Ayurveda food, 3 massages, 2 yoga sessions + treatments specific to your needs & medicines per day! We had three Dr. consults to monitor/tweak our progress during our stay... Was an experience that I’ll never forget. FYI: I do think we would have got bored with just the yoga package...

    Amie Howell

    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    Helen & Ann Marie made us feel really welcome at a gorgeous and perfectly placed country home. It was an added delight and surprise to meet Minnie, Babe, Chip and the other beautiful animals on site! Running the retreat, Bernardo & Ishara offered a great insight to Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda traditions. Perfect for me at a beginners level. My sister and I loved the Ayurveda talks and Ishara’s walk through for making the most gorgeous curry! Not only an amazing cook, Ishara is such a friendly and caring person. We’ve both come away and introduced Ayurveda meals in to our everyday. Bernardo’s knowledge and passion was inspiring. He was fab, advising me on dizziness that interferes with my yoga practice, providing a few techniques which definitely help reduce the dizziness. I loved the yoga style, a steady pace with beginner friendly poses. I had an amazing Ayurveda massage, which worked wonders in relaxing and loosening the muscles in my back. The walking meditation was a new and relaxing experience... An alternative way to meditate that I find much easier. We also had the rare opportunity to attend guided meditation sessions and talks with a Buddhist Monk. Such an amazing, calm and relaxing couple of days, where I could just ‘be’... Thank you 😊

    Natalie Buttriss

    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    "Left feeling relaxed and happy"

    Yoga sessions, talks with Bernardo, food very tasty, grounds to walk around, social company of other retreaters.

    Elaine Drew

    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    Enjoyed the yoga, food and location

    Rebecca Wells

    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    "Fantastic and relaxing break 5*"

    Set in the beautiful Welsh country side, this location is peaceful and the perfect location to enjoy tranquillity. We recieved a heart felt welcome from the moment we arrived, the staff were amazing and the Aryveda food albeit new to my tongue was delicious and I felt the health benefits within just my couple of days break.

    The yoga was quite different to my usual practice as it was slower but I enjoyed the change and has really helped me to focus on my breathing technique.

    I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone looking to experience something different and refreshing 5*

    Lauren Clayton-spencer

    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    "Gorgeous, relaxing, rejuvenating. "

    Gorgeous location, a real place of calm and relaxation. Great that there was a collection from the station and easy to get in touch with the staff on arrival.

    The yoga was calm but kind to the body - relaxing but strength building at times. Bernardo is a fabulous teacher with clearly a lot of experience. Meditation was also lovely, with various different techniques used every day. Talks in the afternoon while I was there circled around aruyvedic/spiritual topics.

    Lots of people on their first retreat here and many commented on how calm and lovely they found the experience, and how surprised they were that they were so comfortable so quickly without the retreat.

    Would highly recommend for first time yoga retreaters and experienced alike - after all it’s always good to go back to a slower, yet just as challenging yoga style. If you’re looking for a hard, fitness style retreat, this is not for you.


    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    "Beautiful and relaxing retreat"

    The yoga is great and the discussion on Ayurveda really motivating


    from United Kingdom, July 2019

    Yoga sessions were good because the approach was simple for some difficult routines. There is an overall good balance of yoga, meditation, food and discussion sessions but suitable for beginners to low-mid levels of exposure.

    Hayley Brown

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "amazing experience"

    Everything about my retreat was beyond my expectation, the staff made me feel so welcome and the food was wonderful and the yoga was better than i could of expected. i will be going back for sure.

    Lucy Thorpe

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "3 day mind detox yoga at the White House Spa "

    Great yoga classes with Bernardo - suitable for beginners but also really good if you already do yoga as the style was quite different from a typical ashtanga or vinyasa class and more focussed on the meditation aspect. Bernardo also gave some interesting talks about meditation, which were really helpful, and there were optional afternoon activities and workshops included. The food, cooked by Ishara and based on ayurvedic principles, was absolutely delicious, and she was happy to share recipes and give cookery classes if asked. The location is just stunning, and there are some beautiful walks around. The White House Spa itself is gorgeous both inside and outside in the spacious grounds, and our room was comfortable, clean and cosy.

    Honey Flower

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    'Bring me your tired, stressed and careworn' should be the tagline of this retreat. From the lovely Anne-Marie/Helen to the amazing Ishara and Bernardo, this retreat buzzes with love, compassion, warmth and understanding. They made a special effort to celebrate my birthday and Ishara made a delicious vegan chocolate cake - very thoughtful!! There were always opportunities for private yoga, meditations, talks and massages. I will definitely be going back in early August and going to the talk on 14/7/19 in East London.

    Claire Steele

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "3 day retreat in north wales "

    I felt welcome as soon as I got there! Ishara is such s beautiful person inside and out. So welcoming and caring and she’s a very special lady.

    The location was just stunning and the house was comfy and homely.

    The yoga was amazing and had made me rethink my whole yoga style.

    The food we had was Ayurvedic and it was amazing !!! I felt so much better after 3 days of eating such a simple wholesome diet.

    I slept so well and Left there feeling so refreshed. Thank you so much !!!

    Tom Read Wilson

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "My wonderful escape "

    It was truly holistic and detailed the interconnectivity of everything from meditation to diet. The hosts were benevolent and warm. It’s truly life altering.

    Helen Winkler

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "Great retreat"

    My mother in her 80s and my 22 year old daighter both loved the whole mind and body experience at the retreat, nothing was too much trouble and they loved the food and freshly.made unusual herbal drinks. Would highly recommend

    Philippe Demougin

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "Beautiful experience"

    The location, food, classes, people and accommodation were all amazing! Thank you so much!

    Rebecca Knowles

    from United Kingdom, June 2019

    "Cleansing and caring; nourishing and enlightening."

    I went on my own for 2 nights but quickly realised I wanted to stay longer. Luckily there was availablity so I had 3 nights. I would definitely go back as soon as I can afford it, time wise as well as financially. I think all the guests who were there whilst I was quickly started planning or fantasizing about going to the main retreat in Sri Lanka. Ishara and Bernardo are very open and generous with their knowledge and experience. They are both tremendously genuine and kind people living an authentic Sri Lankan Ayurvedic life running (Ishara) and working at the centre and within the local community. Learning about the Ayurvedic life of mind-body balance, the medicine, the food and everything else was a very enriching experience.

    If you are not a Yogic master do not worry - it is a very gentle and elemental type of practice with an improtant focus on breath.

    The food was amazing - 3 hearty meals a day; I never felt hungry once and never craved anything the whole 4 days.

    Ann-Marie and Helen at The White House are also perfect hosts and were very happy to meet any request made of them by the guests.

    Go for it - you will love it!


    from United Kingdom, March 2019

    The Yoga teaching by MARIA and KATYA was excellent. The Treatments, delivered by Renuka and others were great; all the masseurs were warm, kind, and thorough.

    The environment is beautiful, wild life in abundance and lush landscapes.

    Akos Feher Dr

    from Hungary, March 2019

    The phylosophy. It’s not a retreat center that you can rate by stars . It is beyond that. It was a very nice experience for me, I learned a lot.

    Elena Lee

    from United States, March 2019

    "Ideal time for myself "

    Everything was organized to help me to feel, meal, Ayurveda, nature, all meetings/discussions... I feel better after my trip to Plantation villa, I met so nice people there ... After my trip I am trying to integrate little changes in my life style based on what I learned there. Thank you very much Plantation villa! I hope one day I will come back!

    Karen Thastum

    from Denmark, March 2019

    "finding my inner joy of life"

    everything was beatifull exept for the food. It was to spicy for me but the staff was understanding and found something else I could eat. It was not wiht the doctors blessing because they find that the food is a kind af medicin too, but it was okay.

    the treatment was extraordinary - i have never been giving such a great massage before and it help my body, together with the personal yogalessons I was given due to the disability of my body, - everything helped my body to be revitalized. I walked without my stick the last week I was there.

    I took the whole package and I am so greatfull I did that. I had the time to relax my everyday mind from the western way of living, be relaxed and open up to another layer in my mind and in my heart and so I came home to a new kind of me. I am to greatfull for this - thank you Ishara, Bernado, the monk who visited the place twice when I was there and whole staff. Especially thanks to Ishara for making such a great place with such great values which beneficts the local village and its residents.

    Sarah Vogel

    from Switzerland, February 2019

    "becoming a revitalized person in a magical place"

    personalized approach of the ayurvedic medicine with special treatments daily, very friendly and competent staff, the villa is surrounded by nature which will make it easy for you to forget all your troubles and worries and just focus on getting better. The Yoga lesions were very well taught by experienced teachers and useful for participants of all levels. Regular Speeches/discussions on ayurvedic medicine and yoga and how to incorporate all we have learned into your life back home


    from United States, February 2019

    "3-week stay highly recommended"

    My stay at Plantation Villa was life-changing. The staff provided the space, love, guidance, and expertise to examine and adjust all aspects of my life. I will be forever grateful to them. I learned a great deal. Weeks after completing the panchakarma, I continue to feel the reverberations of the experience, and my wellbeing continues to improve.

    Emma Mersseman

    from United States, February 2019

    "A true Ayurvedic experience"

    Authentic to Ayurveda, brilliant location. Lovely people.

    Fattma Joaque

    from Sweden, February 2019

    "A home away from home"

    The overall experience was fantastic. Everything from the early morning yoga to the food and to the treatments. It was a lovely combination of ayurvedic treatments and yoga. My yoga instructor for this time was Lucilla Jane from Australia and she was absolutely amazing and my massage therapist worked wonders with his hands.

    During the down time there was plenty of things to do for relaxation. Their library has some interesting books too and there is plenty of hidden away places to sit and read. The atmosphere of the villa was nice and friendly...a home away from home.


    from United Kingdom, January 2019


    The yoga was very uplifting, the food was fresh and healthy, the staff were super friendly and the other guests inspiring.

    Zuzana Firtova

    from Czechia, December 2018

    "Life changing experience"

    The stay at Plantation Villa surpassed all my expectations. For me it was a trully life changing experience. I arrived there pretty stressed from my western goal oriented society and when I got out of the car I was welcomed so warmly and kindly, everyone was just so nice to me and all the staff with a huge smile on their face always. This place is not just a tropical paradise with delicious healthy food, great activities and soul and body healing classes of yoga... it´s a place where you learn and realize that there actually is a different option of living your life that what we are used to in the western world. It was like a balm on my soul the whole experience and I got so many lessons from there that I carry with me and have helped me since than to improve my everyday life in the western crazy world :) There are many interesting and inspiring talks after dinner about yoga, meditation, buddhism, ayurveda, etc.The personal story of Ishara, the founder, was one of the best inspiration speeches I´ve ever heard in my life. The food was delicious, I haven´t missed my old food at I was felling much lighter, healthier and energized. I took part in many cooking clases with Ranjith and it was so amazing not just to learn how to prepare all the delicious plates but also observe the passion and love he was doing his job with :) Thank you very much for everything, Plantation Villa, I surely will be back soon!

    Meg Browning

    from Sri Lanka, November 2018

    "Fantastic experience "

    The local villagers working there are so friendly, the treatments are the best I have ever had. It is amazing having Ishana and her parents there to hear the story of the Villa first hand. The food is fantastic, and the rooms, great having a pool and the yoga was great for beginners!

    Hilde Brevig

    from Norway, November 2018

    "Beautiful and natural with wonderful animals and outdoors!"

    I had a great time at this wonderful place :) The food and facilities were very Good.- i really enjoyed The experience and Great teachers and doctors🙏


    from United States, October 2018

    "Excellent yoga retreat "

    I enjoyed almost every single aspect of my 3 week stay at the Plantation Villa. The food was fresh and delicious, the service friendly and warm, the surroundings are beautiful and I enjoyed swimming in the pool. The treatments, eg massages were very relaxing and well executed. I also did a couple of day trips that were well organised by the staff.

    Emma Jonker

    from Sweden, October 2018

    "Calming experience"

    Loved that it was in the middle of nature. Very friendly and helpfull staff. Really got what I was looking for, that is calming my mind and deepen my knowledge of yoga and meditation. I will bring the tools I got from here into my daily life. Also the bathrooms are recently renovated which is nice.

    Laura Bridge

    from United Kingdom, September 2018

    "Loving Care"

    This retreat was a life changer for me! My digestive system for the first time is on track! Feeling relaxed and happy and will recommend to friends. My only complaint would be the granite mine noise close by. However I hear they will stop working there soon.

    Neil Sowerby

    from United Kingdom, August 2018

    "Perfectly relaxing"

    Marieke, the only yoga instructor at the hotel, is not listed on your drop down but was excellent. A very sensitive class morning and evening for mixed abilities, really good at communicating her enthusiasm for yoga philosophy and culture too.

    Also really loved the gardens, the household staff were very friendly and the treatments were really helpful for back pain and digestion.

    Kate Baker

    from United Kingdom, July 2018

    "Excellent weekend retreat!"

    The venue in Welshpool was wonderful - sufficiently in the countryside to allow a calm feeling with no road noise or light pollution . It was an excellent place to relax. The structure of the day allowed yoga, meditation and free time to relax quietly or join others in conversation. The food was, for me, an introduction to Ayurvedic cooking, which I really enjoyed. I would recommend this retreat to others. Thank you to Helen and Anne-Marie as wonderful hostesses and to Bernardo and Ishara for their yoga and cooking. They were all very friendly. I’m already looking forward to next time! :)

    Liza O'neill

    from United Kingdom, July 2018


    Thank you so much for the most wonderful experience😊. I had no idea what to expect as booked last minute without research. It has brought me peace. Ann Marie and Helen were lovely and mindful of all their guests. Bernardo’s meditation and yoga was a pure dream. I hope to return soon and hopefully visit Ishara’s retreat in Sri Lanka- thanks you for calming my mind

    Linda Pritchard

    from United States, July 2018

    "A must do again experience "

    The food and way of life was inspiring and the yoga and treatment massage was fantastic, easy to understand

    Vittoria Veltri

    from United Kingdom, July 2018

    "Intense experience"

    It was a really intense experience, very spiritual and changed my way of thinking on various thing. The yoga was very slow and well taught. Probably the best experience of yoga I have ever had. The massage was so beautiful and relaxing that I thought I could stay there forever. The meditation Brought in paradise. Great people with unique stories and food to die for too.

    Lucy Gray

    from United Kingdom, July 2018

    "Ultimate relaxation "

    A fantastic 3 days of calming yoga and meditation, nestled away in the hills of Wales -a beautiful and try peaceful experience with like minded and such kind people. Very welcoming hosts and excellent Ayurvedic instruction (set for beginners like me). Loved every minute.

    Pauline Dunn

    from United States, July 2018

    "Peaceful place"

    The yoga sessions were wonderful and calming led by an excellent instructor. The food was great and plenty of drinks available.

    Staff pleasant and helpful.

    Also loved the cookery tips and my massage which was probably the best massage I have had

    Thank you all

    Becky Grey

    from United Kingdom, July 2018

    "Excellent stay in Welshpool"

    The retreat was extremely welcoming and in a beautiful location in the Welsh countryside. It was a very calming atmosphere and was very interesting to try Ayurvedic food. The yoga was very gentle but also challenging at times.

    Joni Redmond

    from United States, July 2018

    "All good with excellent yoga"


    Thara Parveen

    from United Kingdom, July 2018

    "Beautiful People in a Beautiful Place "

    It was very welcoming and comfortable from the moment we walked in from the rain! Everyone was friendly, the house and gardens are beautiful.

    The room was very clean, comfortable and felt like home, the first thing we noticed was that it was so quiet and tranquil, with birds singing on the roof and we could hear the lambs. I even got to feed milk to a baby lamb who came into the garden.

    Food was great. Ann Marie and Jane were fantastic and gave us coffee even though it wasn't on the menu! (thank you) one day I will stop drinking coffee and just have the herbal teas :-)

    Bernardo was a very calm and supportive yoga/meditation tutor who gave extra one to one advice and care due to my slipped disc as I found the yoga challenging and decided only to do the meditation.

    Ishara was a beautiful person inside and out and is a very strong and inspiring young woman who is passionate to help others.

    Thank you to everyone who made me and my sister feel comfortable, relaxed and rejuvenated.

    A lovely weekend break.

    Naomi Warrington

    from United States, July 2018

    Tranquil setting,lovely people,just what the Doctor ordered!

    Wish I could have stayed long,came away feeling "like a new person" to

    "breathe " properly!

    Bhumika Budhathoki

    from United Kingdom, July 2018

    "Just what I was looking for! Learn yoga and mindfulness "

    I liked the whole environment, people, teachings and everyday yoga and meditation.

    Experience of calmness and peace.

    Heidi Rowlands

    from Austria, July 2018

    This is the first time I have ever gone on a retreat like this, and I actually hadn't done any yoga in years, so I was a little nervous. I needn't have been! Ann-Marie and Helen who own the White House in Welshpool where the retreat took place were really warm and welcoming, the house and grounds were amazing, and Inshara and Barnado from Plantation Villa who ran the retreat were extremely friendly, kind, professional and knowledgable. It has been a very long time since I last felt this relaxed and in touch with my body. I would definitely recommend this to others and will certainly try to attend one again in the future.

    Alex Stephenson

    from New Zealand, July 2018

    I liked the meditation and Bernardo’s step back slow approach to yoga asana, and meditation

    Joanna Bardol

    from United States, July 2018

    "The level of care was above and beyond "

    Bernardo and Ishara’s knowledge and wisdom far exceeded any expectations of mine, but to add to that, they both had such a level of kindness and humility, it was refreshing and a weekend that I’ll never forget!

    Elaina Rose

    from Saudi Arabia, June 2018

    The staff, accommodation,grounds and spa service were fantastic. Really lovely atmosphere and energy. Can't recommend it enough.

    Wei Cui

    from United States, June 2018

    "excellent and yoga retreat experience "

    I really enjoyed the two nights' stay at this yoga retreat. The host Ann and Hellen are so friendly and warm hearted, make you feel at home. Big beautiful front and rear Garden and a super laid back cat, everything make you feel so relaxing. The food is amazing, the best vegetarian food I have ever had, tasty and healthy with good nutrition variety, really good effort. The Yoga instructor Bernardo is brilliant, apart from the daily practice, the chatting learning is very interesting. We had lots of wisdom talk with Bernardo and Ishara, thank you for sharing the stories of your life with us, it really going to make a difference for me to live in a more positive way.

    Linda Aspey

    from United Kingdom, June 2018

    "A fabulous experience all round "

    The White House venue and the gorgeous setting in rural Shropshire was one of the best I’ve been to. The owners of the White House, Anne-Marie and Helen, were friendly, warm, welcoming and nothing was too much trouble. The teaching from Bernado and Ishara was truly excellent; they’re both deeply kind & inspiring people. The food was gorgeous. A wonderful retreat, highly recommended!

    Sarah Yamamoto

    from Australia, May 2018

    "4 day light detox package "

    Plantation villa really exceeded my expectations and I only wish I could have had longer there. The tranquil setting and calm yet friendly demeanour of all the staff was really wonderful, a very special place. I upgraded my package from basic yoga to detox and am very glad I did. All the treatments I had with Komal (mostly massages) were excellent. The yoga sessions with Bernard were probably the best I've had, he caters for all levels and really understands the practice and focuses on building strength and focus. The meditation sessions were also very valuable. And the food could not be faulted, all vegetarian and organic. Thank you to Ishana and the rest of the wonderful staff there.

    India Anderson

    from United States, May 2018

    "Fantastic Gem of a retreat"

    If you're looking to relax, get away, recover, detox or just spend some time living mindfully, you will not be disappointed. The plantation is a beautiful tropical jungle setting, with monkeys, birds and bunny rabbits happily enjoying the scenery. Everyone at the plantation is very kind and attentive. The treatments are superb and the yoga is a beautiful practice made accessible to all levels which still challening even the most experienced yogi. The food is nourishing and delicious, they even have a cookbook available to help you keep your ayurvedic diet once you leave. I can't say enough about my experience, the lovely people I had the chance to meet who were also at the retreat (quite a few who return annually), and the state of my mind and body on the day I left make it worth everything.

    Adreana Zulkifli

    from United States, April 2018

    "Beautiful place. Perfect for self-reflection"

    I was lucky enough to come here during Sri Lankan New Year and thoroughly enjoyed my time here. The villa had the staff and their families from the village come and we played games as per new year tradition. Was a lot of fun! Gave us an insight of Sri Lankan life and culture.

    Aside from the celebrations, the place itself was stunning and very peaceful. Personally, I found it ideal for self examination and reflection through discussion (in the evenings) and reading from their library. We had yoga sessions twice a day and the Ayurvedic vegan food were great (not to mention delicious and healthy). Met a lot of wonderful people too to share this journey with.

    Will definitely be returning.


    from Sweden, February 2018

    "Make it your own"

    The staff is excellent and eager to make sure you have a pleasant stay.

    Sandie Dawe

    from United Kingdom, February 2018

    "Lovely retreat with some downsides "

    Yoga Shala and yoga teachers - brilliant

    Pool and Gardens

    Food - with reservations

    The other guests - lots of lovely friendly people from all over the world

    Ayurvedic massages

    Dedra Demaree

    from South Korea, January 2018

    "Amazingly nurturing and transformative week"

    This is an Ayurvedic center, NOT a resort. I knew that coming in, and I wanted to learn and experience what I could. The week I had here was transformative in ways I could not have imagined. I booked the weight loss package, knowing I needed the extra help with my weight, but having a large number of medical concerns as well. I had the hope that they would help me find balance and be able to re-boot positive habits for me to move toward good health again. They did this and SO much more. I am leaving here feeling healthier than I have in about 5 years. I have more energy, better digestion, a body that WANTS to move and do and exercise, far more flexibility, a deeper meditation practice, and most important, the starting knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga, and mediation to be able to bring this lifestyle back home with me. (Not to mention I lost a bunch of weight.) I am immensely grateful for everyone here. On top of that, the plantation is lovely, the nature and surroundings were nourishing, the little personal touches and kindness of the staff were unparalleled, and I never felt for a want of anything - like being among a big loving family. Oh - and how could I not mention the food? It's been amazing and I've not been hungry or had cravings once.

    Karen Ho

    from Hong Kong, January 2018

    Staffs are so friendly and nice. They always make me feel like home. Doctors, therapists as well as the yoga teachers are all very professional and caring. The daily activities are very versatile, someday is tree planting, someday is cooking demo and a lot more, but they are not compulsory so you can always chill and relax on your own or making new friends in the retreat! Three meals per day and food is healthy yet yummy. Authentic Sri Lankan dishes with healthy twist like using rice flour instead of wheat flour, using honey instead of white sugar for dessert etc.

    Bella Moore

    from Australia, January 2018

    "My likes and dislikes..."

    All the staff, management, kitchen, housekeeping, garden, pool, massage and wellness group, yoga teachers and Ayurvetic doctors....they were all amazingly respectful, friendly and professional people. I have a lot of respect for each and everyone of these teams.

    I also loved the environment, the whole Centre, the gardens, the well organized daily programs, the food, the location and most of the villas. Personally I should have booked a 2 weeks stay instead of 1, lesson learnt for next time!

    Jonathan Stollar

    from United Kingdom, January 2018

    "21 Days"

    It took me five days to settle in and calm down from the years stresses This was in part because I quite smoking cold turkey.

    I read books did yoga went for walks and meditated. I did not crave any of my normal vices. I learnt to accept my emotions rather than running away from them. All in all I would say giving myself three weeks to focus on the above has helped me solidify my outlook on life and I left with a deep sense of peace..

    The food is very good. Even after three weeks I was not bored of the food. There are of course a few dishes that were not to my liking. however there are several curries per meal, so if one is not to your taste you can just order some extras of your favourites.

    By the last day my appreciation for the local habitat and sounds had increased, due to all that deep breathing and mindfulness.

    The staff are great and make you feel like family. I would go with the full treatment. Two hours of massaging a day is never a problem for me

    Marco the yoga and meditation teacher was a fantastic bonus. Do check with plantation as to who will be there as the yoga instructors do change. There is a nearby waterfall thats great and a veg market on Sat afternoons and evenings thats worth a visit.


    from United Kingdom, January 2018

    "poor, not sure if qualified"

    Setting was perfect and better than expected, the people were great, most of staff were great. I had a great time because i refused to let anything get to me . It would be very hard to be miserable at such a perfect setting and i love nature.

    David Fletcher

    from Switzerland, December 2017

    Fabulous location. Lovely people. Two great yoga instructors. Lovely break.

    Elisa Riteau

    from United States, December 2017

    "Wonderful experience"

    Beautiful place away from the din of city. The food is delicious with plants and vegetables feom the garden. The treatments, the doctors, the yoga and meditation classes are all great. And the connection with others is easy and very rewarding. A fantastic journey.

    Irene Cavalli

    from Australia, December 2017

    "Great first yoga retreat "

    It was my first yoga retreat and I loved it. The place is amazing, in the middle of the forest, very isolated and perfect to reconnect with nature and with yourself. The yoga and meditation classes is what I loved the most. Thanks to Alana, she is an amazing teacher, I could improve a lot and be more conscious of my body. I appreciate the community and the workers were all very nice and worried to make me comfortable. I've also met beautiful people, doing the retreat in a similar life period and I could connect with many people immediately. Overall a positive experience!

    Asenet Varela

    from United Arab Emirates, November 2017

    "Relaxed stay, great food and people"

    The place was lovely, surrounded by tropical trees, monkeys, sunny and rainy days. Relaxing atmosphere, meeting great people that have same preferences like you.

    You can take your time to be on your own, and that is fine.

    Love the daily routines and schedules. Food was awesome (I'm vegan, so I enjoyed every bite), all organic, super tasty. New flavors.

    The staff was also great. Great people always welcoming you with a warm smile.

    Alison Bannan

    from Australia, October 2017

    "Absolutely life changing"

    The kindness and sincerity of all the staff. The simplicity and authenticity of the facilities and treatments. The food was sublime. There was a wonderful, flexible attitude and the other guests were wonderful. The chats with the doctors was incredibly therapeutic.

    Siobhan Flood

    from United States, July 2017

    "Paradise in the jungle!"

    Our stay at Plantation was perfect from the moment we arrived. The staff are so friendly and helpful - it feels more like a family than a hotel.

    The day is full with activities and the infinity pool is sublime. The trees were hopping with monkeys - such a delight to see! We loved our room - it was very clean and comfortable. All furnishings have an earthy feel and are made from natural materials.

    The yoga teacher, Catherine, is incredibly special - she brought something new to every class and taught with unparalled integrity, honesty and enthusiasm. She's a seven star yoga teacher and an intuitive and effective reiki practitioner as well. Her wisdom and guidance will stay with me forever... Truly a beautiful, rare and precious gem!!!!

    Hiring a tuk-tuk to go out and about is a fun and cheap way to see some of the surrounding sites.

    All in all, a wonderful holiday at Plantation. I would definitely return and will be recommending it to my friends in need of some RnR.

    David Riddlestone

    from United Kingdom, June 2017

    "A big cuddle for you soul "

    Plantation villa is a beautiful idea, a community project that is also a wonderful treatment centre and retreat. The treatments themselves have left we feeling lighter, happier and with more energy. The yoga teachers were a completely different class to the 10+ different teachers I've experienced in the uk. The food and Ayurvedic massage and detox were all thoughtfully combined into a plan that would suit my needs. Above all, in 10 Days I have been touched, heard and smiled at by people who barely know me more times than I have in years in western culture. Progress is not necessarily progress. Thank you so much

    Lisa Vasiliadis

    from Australia, June 2017

    "Refreshing getaway - A must to recharge the batteries!"

    The villa felt like a beautiful loving community. The staff were so accommodating and always with smiles on their faces. The food was fantastic; so very fresh and tasty. The treatments were amazing! The Dr on site was also really helpful helping me with my migraines. The yoga - I have never had teachers who were so passionate about the practice, I learnt a lot and really hope I can find a new teacher in my area that is just as good, thank you!!!

    Pamela Williams

    from Australia, May 2017

    "My soul was rejuvenated "

    I found peace, tranquillity and a senses of another way of living, streeet anxiety free. The warmth, smiles, personal attention, love and kindness seemed to permeate us all, guests, staff and the villagers we encountered. The treatments were great, my Ayurvedic doctor an angel and the food, local was so interesting and always served with that special smile. I met great people from all around the world. A rich experience, with extra special memories for me. Thank you everyone.

    Uri Shoan

    from Australia, April 2017

    "Just an awesome place"

    Very caring Stuff , great food and healthy, great doctors , loving people , loving approach , love it and I will be back very often

    Kelly Ward

    from United Kingdom, April 2017

    "Relaxing break "

    Plantation Villa provides clean, comfortable and homely accommodation in a beautiful natural environment. I found it relaxing and tranquil and met some lovely people there. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I e

    Karen Appleton

    from United Kingdom, April 2017


    A wonderful eleven day stay, staff are fantastic and have met some great people. Lovely location very peaceful, treatments are amazing, I feel really relaxed and happy.

    Brigitte Cellura

    from France, January 2019

    "Excellent & complet Health retreat"

    Good planning of overall activities during the day, we have enough activities and time for us to live our own intropection/ meditation.

    Therapie was amazing: personalized, The 2 Dr were perfect, all massages were good at minimum, or perfect! Incredible. Don t expect good taste for the medecine.

    Standart rooms are very well situated, a bit aside from the center living room, restorant and therapie area, they are more quiet.

    The cooking is delicious, all the time different withing the 7 days i was there.

    Teresa Ramis

    from Spain, November 2018

    Unforgettable experience. The place is amazing and the staff have been excellent. Thanks a lot to Bernardo and Teresa to be so kind and patience with us.Doctors are great and kind. Food is great and the place extremely clean. I would highly recommend this retrat to anyone. Thanks thanks thanks so much for all your love and kindness

    Frey Jeannine

    from Switzerland, July 2018

    "Die Lehrerin war Mareike! keine der oben genanten!!!"

    Die Angestellten waren sehr lieb und die unterkunft auch

    Gladys Lallier

    from France, May 2018

    "A great experience with your own self"

    Peaceful place

    Kindness of people

    Quality of treatments

    The Yoga teacher (Karen)

    The swimming pool

    Elisabeth Schopfer

    from United States, March 2018

    Das Personal war sehr herzlich.

    Unkomplizierte Atmosphäre.

    Ayurved.Behandlungen und deren Wirkung sehr gut!

    Wunderschöne Lage mit vielen Tieren im Garten.

    Sehr freundliche Menschen im Dorf.

    Inga Bardak

    from United States, February 2018

    "Mit Ayurveda nichts zu tun"

    Mein Zimmer war schön und die Umgebung z.B Natur ist sehr schön.

    Elsa Tommasini

    from France, October 2017

    "Un espace de sérénité au milieu de la jungle "

    Les rencontres, la spiritualité des médecins, une cuisine divine et une atmosphère reposante.

    Annalies Wieland

    from Switzerland, May 2017

    "Erholung purr."

    Die Menschen vom Yogalehrer bis zum Zimmermädchen waren einfach super.

    Sonia Karim

    from United Kingdom,

    Ref. my calls to bookyogaretreats, with regards to what I had booked, described as providing:


    * Guided daily yoga and meditation

    * Cookery classes and demonstrations

    * Vegetable and fruit picking in some seasons

    * Ayurveda doctor consultation and detox therapy treatment

    * Rubber tapping and paddy harvesting in some seasons

    * Meals prepared with organic ingredients

    It states "Ayurvedic doctor consultation and detox therapy treatment".

    Both were refused me on the first day and there was an awful attitude from the staff demanding extra money for the detox treatment which I had to pay. As I was walking to one treatment the staff followed me and demanded $20. I requested him to wait till I return to my room after treatment if he couldn't wait till check out. He kept insisting and demanding and wouldn't leave me.

    In the above description it states both the Ayurvedic consultation and the detox package, that they demanded money for were included in my package. Yet, I had to spend 2 hours of my time since arrival convincing the staff I was entitled to this. I was informed the doctor was busy with appointments all afternoon, to find out later this was not the case.

    Finally, the room I was put in for the 2 nights and "supposed" 3 days was actually less than 2 days as I was told I cannot check in till after 2pm on Thursday 23rd Feb and I was told to vacate by the staff by 11am on Saturday 25th Feb. Therefore I did not have 3 days at the Plantation villa with all the yoga classes. Also meditation classes were not daily as described.

    The room I was put in was horrendously noisy as it was next to the dining room, with of noise of talking and dishes clanking at meal times (from breakfast time at 7.30am…till the end of dinner time) coming from the dining room. I was not able to rest or sleep at the times that suited me.

    The food that was served, resulted in my being sick despite informing both the staff supervising the meals and the Ayurvedc doctor of my allergy to onion and garlic. On my last day, Saturday I couldn't eat as I was so sick -–attached is a picture of the resulting skin rash.

    The overall attitude of the staff was confrontational and negligent.

    By the end of my stay both the Ayurvedic doctor and the yoga teacher walked out.

    Due to the above situation, I request you to refund my payment of $260 for the time I was at this “wellness retreat centre” due to the unnecessary suffering (sickness) I had to endure, the conditions and the mis-selling of the package.

    Management Response from Plantation Villa

    Dear Sonia

    We are both saddened by your review. Your confirmed booking came through only an hour before your arrival and we had our last room available which was a Suite Room. We made an exception and offered you the Suite Room for no extra charge (you paid for a Standard Room) and allowed you to book for two nights (our standard minimum stay is for four nights). It is a shame you have noted that you did not enjoy the room as you were given a free upgrade to a Suite Room as this was the only room available and yours was a last minute booking. This is one of our most popular rooms.

    The package advertised on BookYogaRetreats clearly note "what's included" and "what's not included". It clearly states that Ayurveda Treatments are not included. Additionally when you first inquired, a list of inclusions for the retreat was emailed to you. You had a number of email communications with us prior to booking and you were informed in writing what the inclusions on the package are. We know that you were aware of this because on arrival, you asked our Manager whether he could give you a free massage and stated that you are travelling on a budget. When he declined, you noted to him that the reservations office from our head office promised you a free massage. When this failed, you asked another guest to also come with you and demand a free massage and it was only after that guest walked away that you then agreed to pay for your massage which was $20.

    Our manager and onsite team informed that you were almost assaulted by the taxi driver you had come with because you had not paid him what had been agreed. Our manager had to intervene and save you from this and calm the driver and convinced him to forgive you and not to go to the police against you. When you enter through our gates, you are our customer and we will try our best to protect you from outsiders.

    Our policy for additional treatments is that all guests need to meet our Ayurvedic Doctor prior to any treatment and need to sign to confirm which treatment they confirm to receive. Even though you were clearly informed of the process and you promised to sign, you avoided doing this so when you walked in to the spa, you were asked to sign for it. Your arrived at our Villa soon after 2pm (this is our standard check-in time and this is an industry-wide might find that most other places have check in times after 3pm) and your massage was scheduled for 4pm. As you were advised, for guests who are not on a treatment package, if they want to take additional treatments, it is dependent on availability of the doctor and the spa. These are standard industry-wide practices and we still arranged your treatment within 2hrs of arrival.

    Contrary to your note, daily yoga and meditation classes did take place and none of our staff walked out - our doctor has been with us since 2014 and now his wife will also be joining us from April 2017. Our yoga teachers rotate throughout the year to ensure we offer a varied experience specially for our repeat guests. The daily classes did continue although you did not attend these as on your first day you took your massage and stayed the rest of the time in your room and the second day you went to the beach after lunch.

    You only mentioned about your food allergies only after dinner on your first day and therefore the second day, your food was separately cooked to your allergy requirements. Your photo you forwarded to us shows no allergic reaction on your skin. We also have an Ayurvedic doctor onsite and if you mentioned an allergic reaction on your skin, he could have treated you for it.

    It is important to note here that on your last day with us (24th February), you wrote to our reservations team asking to extend your stay by a few more nights. We had to decline due to non-availability. If you were so unhappy, we are confused as to why you wanted to extend your stay?

    We are very sorry that you did not enjoy your time with us and could not grasp and understand our concept. We wish you much happiness.

    Warm regards

    The Plantation Villa Team