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10 Days Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Sri Lanka

  • Plantation Villa, Nehinna, Dodangoda, Kalutara, Sri Lanka


Yoga Holiday in Sri Lanka

  • 9 days with instruction
  • A luxury wellness retreat set in a rural village, offering a different experience to the standard tourist hotels and resorts. A renovated colonial villa stands amongst 30 acres of rain forest like environment - surrounded by trees! It offers a sense of loving kindness to those who want to escape the daily rat race of life, to help reconnect with themselves and focus on their inner happiness. A place where life in nature, fresh air, nutrition and herbal medicines combined with mindfulness techniques of yoga and meditation with personalized service offer a haven for guests to relax in and focus on their well-being.


    • Ayurveda treatments
    • Daily yoga class and meditation sessions
    • Afternoon activities ranging from discussions about Yoga philosophy
    • Weekly discussions with local Buddhist monk
    • 9 nights accommodation
    • Cookery classes

    Skill level

    • Beginner


      • Instruction languages: English
      • Spoken languages: English
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    The hotel villa is a colonial home, approximately 150yrs old. It was the house of the village chief - and it now converted to consists of a living room, dinning hall, veranda and open living area all renovated in end 2015.

    The property consists of the main Villa and the Lodge, each about 2 minutes walking distance from each other. The Lodge is the original house of the first occupier of this colonial treasure. With time, their son built a bigger home to house his expanding family. This is the Villa.

    The Villa consists of 8 rooms (2 Suite Rooms and 6 Deluxe Rooms) and the Dining Hall, Lounge, Verandahs and Spa. The Lodge consists of 6 Standard rooms and an open Verandah. Both the Villa and the Lodge were renovated in end 2015 and is decorated to contemporary colonial style in keeping with the age of the property and to meet our guest comforts and modern needs. Rooms are beautifully completed with luxury bathrooms.

    • 06.30 - 07.30 Yoga
    • 07.30 - 09.00 Breakfast
    • 09.00 - 12.30 Ayurvedic treatment. Some guests would also be doing walks in the village or partaking in paddy harvesting activities in the morning before the treatment.
    • 12.30 - 14.30 Lunch
    • 14.30 - 17.30 Ayurvedic treatment. Others may have afternoon activities. The hotel organised afternoon activities on most days. These include: walks in the plantation, tree Planting, talk by the yoga teacher or doctor, cookery classes etc.
    • 17.30 - 18.30 Yoga and/or meditation (group classes)
    • 19.00 - 20.30 Dinner
    • 20.30 Reading or meditation

    Guests can either hire our cycles for rides around the surrounding villages or hire our car for the following day trips:

    Sinharajah Natural Rain Forest

    The last remaining rain forest in Sri Lanka which is lush and green and hike through this will be an amazing experience.

    Whale & Dolphin Watching in Mirissa - We work with a company working with whale conservation in Sri Lanka. It is an early morning start but totally worth the experience.

    Udawalawe National Park (to see Elephants)

    We recommend this trip over the trip to Pinnawella Elephant Orphanage, where we have heard mixed reviews about how the animals are treated. This is an opportunity to see elephants in their own natural habitat. Holding the largest population of elephants in sri Lanka, you are almost guaranteed to see elephants here.

    Kandy Town and Temple of the Tooth

    The last kingdom of Sri Lanka still rich in art and culture. Kandy also has the Temple of the Tooth where Buddhas tooth is kept and is one of the most venerated sights in Sri Lanka. Apart from its religious significance, it is also a must see sight to understand the richness of Sri Lankan art and culture.

    Local turtle hatchery

    A turtle conservation project to help save turtles from extinction. You can see and learn about turtles and can have the opportunity to release baby turtles to the sea!


    Picnic at some of Sri Lanka's most beautiful beaches.

    Kalutara Bhodiya

    One of the most famous temples in Sri Lanka with a Pagoda with architectural value and a Bo Tree over 2000yrs old.


    A visit to one of the most vibrant cities in Sri Lanka where the influences of colonial time is prevalent with some world heritage sites.


    An ancient cave temple with a natural forest displaying some amazing Sri Lankan art on the rock.

    Richmond Castle

    Left over from the British Empire depicting the influences of European architecture.

    • Mujith

      Mujith was trained in Hatha yoga and has been teaching yoga for over a decade. Studied in Sri Lanka under the Sri Lankan Yoga Foundation. Focus is primarily on toning and strengthening the body along with improving flexibility. Flows from one asana to the next and at each stage multiple options can be given to accommodate varying abilities of the class attendees. Teaching for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners. Conducts group classes as well as individual classes during retreats. Believes in the healing nature of yoga and Ayurveda and is a regular meditation practitioners.

    • Cooking classes
    • Cycling
    • Hiking
    • Spa
    • Steam room
    • Swimming
    • Swimming pool (outdoor)
    • Whale watching
    • Dining area
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Garden
    • Lounge
    • Meditation garden
    • Yoga shala
    • Bicycle rental
    • Car rental
    • Free parking
    • Free toiletries
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Internet access
    • Laundry
    • Library
    • Medical assistance
    • Room cleaning

    Food is all prepared according to Ayurvedic principles. Meals are nutritionally balanced and delicious. Majority of the food is grown in the property in the surrounding gardens which guests are welcome to see and partake in harvesting

    • Swim in the large pool or use the Jacuzzi
    • Attend the afternoon activities
    • Walks in the Village
    • Cycle rides in the picturesque village or neighboring villages
    • Day trips to the beach, tourist sights, hikes in the rain-forest, wildlife safari to see elephants etc
    • Read a book from our library
    • 9 nights accommodation in a standard toom
    • Afternoon activities: Including talks with yoga teacher, Ayurvedic doctor, meditation with monk, cookery classes, walks in the plantation, tree planting etc.
    • Daily Yoga and Meditation
    • Daily housekeeping
    • Fullboard Ayurvedic meals, herbal tea and snacks
    • Ayurveda Treatments

    Arrival by car

    We are about 1.5 hour drive from the Colombo Airport. The hotel car is available for transfers at the rate of $65 for pick up.Alternatively one can come by train to Kalutara.

    For information about the booking conditions, please send Plantation Villa an inquiry.

    Verified reviews

    • Review by Sarah

      "I have returned from Sri Lanka after my 10 day stay at the villa. I met some wonderful people and enjoyed my time there. I particularly enjoyed the yoga - Gary and Raquel were brilliant and really supported me during my stay. They were great teachers and always listened when myself or other guests needed to talk. I am shocked to hear they have recently left as I know myself and others thought they were brilliant teachers and kindhearted people."

      "I also met Dr Nishan, who from the website I thought would be the main doctor but I learned he no longer works there but visits weekly. Maybe the website needs to be updated regarding staff? I found him to be extremely kind, wise and very approachable. He really took time to speak to people, including myself and gave great advice. It was a shame he wasn't there permanently. Unfortunately, although the other doctor was pleasant, there was a big difference in approach."

      "The staff members were also very friendly and kind and I met some wonderful people from around the world - all there for different reasons. I think the retreat works well for people who want a break from every day life or want to experience yoga or meditation and/or Ayurvedic treatments. However I feel it lacks a support for people who are there for reasons such as anxiety, depression, exhaustion or other deeper issues. I noticed (including myself) that emotional support came from the guests. I think I was very lucky to be around some great people but would be concerned for others who don't have that. It felt a little like you were "just another guest" especially in consultations. This is just something I wanted to merely point out as feedback. It would be great if there was a staff member who couple be approached for emotional support. I think this is something a lot of people mentioned when I was there."

      "Also, I had my room cleaned the day before I left and a travel towel which was on my bed has disappeared. In a rush to get my stuff together I assumed it must have been in my bag but I am yet to find it. This also goes for a couple of tops and a pair of leggings. I'm not sure what's happened but I just wanted to highlight it in case you hear of other things. Because this was on the last day I didn't think to report it as I believed they were in my case coz I'd only seen them the day before. I'm wondering whether things have got caught up in laundry?"

      "Overall I had a pleasant time, enjoyed meeting new people, experiencing the treatments and improving my yoga in a beautiful place! I just thought it would be useful to give both sets of feedback in order to improve things for future guests."

      "Management Response from Plantation Villa:"

      "Dear Sarah,"

      "Thank you for your feedback. We are happy you had an enjoyable retreat with us. Thank you also for your feedback. You came to us during a time of transition in our yoga teachers and doctors. We are constantly in a state of change to respond to the needs of our guests, and to incorporate improvements to our retreats. Most of the time, our guests find joy and support from our staff team, our environment and also other guests. This is also a part of the retreat experience as unlike in a big resort, the benefit of a smaller place like ours is that the guests all blend together and become like a family along with our team members. This also helps each guest as it helps one understand how people from different parts of the world, in differing ages, lifestyles, income, culture, race etc still go through the same emotions. It helps us understand and accept that in the end we as all humans experience the same emotions. It also helps grow our compassion and empathy to understand the struggle of another and to feel for them and reach out to help them. The development of this compassion and empathy in turn improves our own wellbeing. This is one important aspect of your retreat with us! "

      "Yes we are actually changing our doctors around a little! Dr Nishan is now our Chief Doctor and monitors all the guest treatments and visits for two days a week to oversee our guests. Given his medical research work and further studies, it was increasingly difficult for him to remain full time with us and we promoted him to be our Chief Doctor from beginning of February. From beginning of March, we will have three doctors: one very good resident doctor, Dr Nishan as our Chief Doctor and another Gynaecology Specialist due to increasing amount of guests coming to us with gynaecology issues. Our retreats are constantly evolving based on the type of guests we get and also the specialists that we meet. Yes our website changes are not as quick as we would like it to be but will definitely work on it! Thank you for the reminder!"

      "As for emotional support, we did not have this request before as yoga teachers and doctors offers the emotional support needed. However, given this feedback and one guest we had last month who needed much more one-to-one support, we are now working with some trained coaches to join our team. From March, we will offer a package including coaching for those guests who might need more emotional support than what is currently offered. "

      "We are so sorry to hear about your loss of clothing items. I wish you informed us before you left as we could have checked and done something. We maintain a record of which staff members clean which rooms which helps us identigy the staff member to locate any lost items and this also eliminates any potential theft. Please do drop us an email with the date when you noticed the loss and your room details so we can help locate these."

      "Thank you again for your feedback. We will start actioning them immediately (some are already in the pipeline). We are so happy that you enjoyed your time with us. This really is our main goal: to ensure our guest have a nice time and that they may incorporate some learnings in to their lives back home to improve your happiness and wellbeing. Wish you continued happiness and good health."

      "Warm regards and much love, The Plantation Villa Team", edited

    • Review by Jane Simmons from Sydney, Australia

      "Plantation Villa offers a comfortable and authentic Ayurvedic and yoga experience. I booked a 7 day all-inclusive package which meant accommodation, meals, yoga, doctor's consultation, medicines and treatments were all pre-paid for what I thought was a pretty decent price. "

      "There is a real warmth in which you are greeted, from smiling faces of management to a floral arrangement on your bed, spelling out your welcome. From there, depending on your time of arrival, you are taken to the doctor to diagnose your dosha (I'm overflowing with Pitta, in case you were wondering). Diagnosis is done with a few short questions, a feel of the pulse and a look at the coating on your tongue so nothing too invasive. The doctor is a quiet but friendly man whose knowledge seems broad and extensive. It can feel a bit awkward as you sit waiting for feedback but his prime concern is to initially get your digestive system working (and it does on those early doses of medicine- very much so) before he talks through what your dosha actually means. "

      "Then you're off to the spa for your first treatment. A couple of things here: first, get ready to smell like that Ayurvedic oil for your entire stay, especially when they do the treatment that requires sticking it up your nose. Secondly, the services are provided by trained locals and it can feel hit and miss at times but it's almost always pleasant. You will receive oil massages, oil facials, oil scalp massages, mud packs and steam baths. It's about an hour of your day and always a lovely experience (except for that nasal violation thing!). "

      "The food can get repetitive. Do not expect classic Sri Lankan, although it pays homage to it. This is Ayurvedic food so much less spicy, far more salty and no meat or dairy. Bitter herbal teas and warm water seem to fill any other gaps but there is no doubt that it all feels and tastes healthy so embrace it. "

      "Plantation Villa is most advertised as a yoga retreat so let's spend some time unpacking that. Depending on your level of experience with yoga, this was going to be the determining factor in your level of enjoyment during your stay. Having recently changed teachers- our yogis had only been there two weeks before my arrival, they are yet to really understand and appreciate the varied clientele that walk through the door. Those with an advanced practice were pushed and most catered for; lots of poses that required lifting the body with the hands, back bends, etc. Newer yogis could often be seen waiting in class for a substantial amount of time for a pose they felt comfortable to do and it took a while for the teachers to understand that they had to offer gradients and levels for those in the class. No doubt they will find their rhythm but unless you are coming with previous yoga ability, this class may not be quite right for you, especially as some of the fundamental techniques that need to be taught weren't always present. Having said that, I quite enjoyed it but I was grateful for my prior knowledge. "

      "Plantation Villa works closely with its community and the owner, Ishara, is geniunely interested in preserving the heart of the place and offering opportunities for the village to participate in being part of that. Events such as watching the local children do traditional dance, harvesting food on site, planting trees, cooking classes should all be embraced and enjoyed. "

      "A word of advice: bring little items from home you can donate- exercise books, clothes, souvenirs, etc. These things are treasured by the locals and staff. Also, although one big tip is encouraged at the end, to be distributed to all staff, you may get cornered by individuals to tip so make a decision about what you want to do. "

      "The pool is fantastic- do bring your swimmers but you are distance from the beach so if you want to experience it, be prepared to pay more than top dollar to get there. In fact all excursions come with a hefty price tag so you are better doing the majority of your sight-seeing before or after your time at Plantation Villa. "

      "There's plenty of downtime but you're going to meet great people from all over the world and talk for hours. Do your best to stay open to it all, even the oil up the nose! I think for the most part, you'll have a good time at Plantation Villa." Website, edited

    • Review by Sian from Dubai

      "I arrived at Plantation Villa with very few expectations having not done anything like this before. The staff were very welcoming and the other guests were very friendly. The rooms were clean and largely pest free (which for someone who is not a fan of bugs, is very important!). The setting was stunning and relaxing. The yoga and treatments were great and I definitely felt I could have stayed longer than my 4 days. My only negative was that due to the relaxed approach, it sometimes caused a bit of confusion. I had been asking about paying the driver since I arrived, and about booking a driver to take me to my next destination. I was told don't worry we'll sort it but then on the last day I was told the options weren't possible and told I'd have to go about an hour later. It could have been resolved without the stress if it hadn't been put off and they had planned properly as I prefer to do. After 4 days of relaxing, I ended up leaving a bit frustrated. That said, it did not take away form the great experience I had and I would definitely consider going again."

      "Management Response from Plantation Villa"

      "Hi Sian, Thank you for your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed your stay with us. So sorry about the issue you faced. Unfortunately during our busy period, our manager who normally handles our invoicing and payments was suddenly unwell and admitted to hospital. There was an expectation that he will return the next day so the team was not processing your payment and instead waiting till he arrived. This is unacceptable and we will immedietly take corrective action to ensure this does not happen again. - The Management", edited

    • Review by Jackie from United Kingdom

      "Plantation villa provided an ideal location for a break from the demands from the outside world. It's lush and green and waking up to the beautiful bird song each morning was incredible. Accommodation was good, some rooms were a little dark and personally I preferred the lodge rooms although these were a short distance from the main facilities. Food is basic vegetarian which I enjoyed but some found a little repetitive. I signed up for the weight loss program and over 3 weeks list 8 kilos so was delighted. The personal trainer helped achieve these results and adapted exercises well to my fitness level and capabilities. The treatments were good and I suggest you try different therapists to identify the one that suits you. I had a few injuries and the team were really helpful in providing additional natural remedies to help these get better. The team were very friendly and helpful. Initially I thought the place could benefit from a little more finesses but as I relaxed l decided this was part of the charm of the place. I met some lovely people and they too definitely added to the great experience I had. I would definitely recommend plantation villa as a place to unwind and to rejuvenate yourself.", edited

    • Review by Stuart Laird-Smith

      "The staff were super attentive, the venue is magnificent, and the whole experience was perfect! Would definitely recommend and will definitely try go again.", edited

    • Review by Paula Meijerink from Netherlands

      "Plantation Villa is a wonderful place to get to know yoga & meditation or to improve it. Its located in a very lush area. Birds, monkeys and other wildlife will show up regularly and it is a very good place to think about life and to get away from your stressful life. Yoga/meditation classes, nature walks, talks about Ayurveda/life, vegan food. The staff and teachers will go above and beyond to make you feel at home and if you need something, anything, they will try to make that happen. Also the rooms are very nice and comfortable. Will definitely come back!", edited

    • Review by Alla from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      "This stay in Plantation Villa is one of the amazing experience in my entire life. This is something that I will never forget. If there is a place on earth that is close to be heaven from all points of view, this is it! First, the villa's staff is a family with open hearts that make you feel like a child again, whose wishes are fulfilled - half a word is enough. They are there for any question or concern you have. I felt pampered, taken cared of and loved. Second, the villa is decorated with so much of attention and love - designs and furniture show that every detail has been thought of and well organized. There is no strong internet connection in the lodge where I stayed, but this was just the right thing to do! Please do not put Wi-Fi there! This is the way to "switch off" the world around and get to know yourself, for a change. The surroundings of the villa are breath-taking - treas, plants, birds, monitors lizards, flowers, fruits; there is no better place for meditation. There is just no better place to make your eye forget how cars, trains, crowds, skyscrapers look like. Third, the treatments provided in the spa, medicines advised by the in-house doctor and food from plantations make you a completely new person. The health program used for each person individually cleanses up the body and the mind. You look great, you feel great. Food, there is no way to describe the tastes I have tried in the villa! There are so many different dishes, no vegetarian person would know how many recipes the two ladies in the kitchen know! If you watched the movie "Eat, pray, love" - then this is how you feel in the Villa, but not one by one as in the book/movie, all of it together. Great food, amazing meditations, lots of love! Yoga classes in the morning and in the afternoon make you feel even better - your blood circulates, body shapes itself, your mind is at peace, you learn so much - and this is all just for your own benefit! And I cannot skip how many amazing people I have met there, who will always be in my heart. This is my personal experience and I am sure every person is different and has own goals and expectations. I would recommend to visit this place - alone or with family, without any expectations. Just leave the world behind and get to know yourself and people around you. Eat, pray, love." website, edited

    • Review by Amandine Poncin

      "The Plantation villa was a welcoming home from the day I set foot in it. The food was fabulous, the guests are fantastic, happy people, thanks largely to a nice and caring staff, and daily treats (including massages and Ayurveda treatment. All of us, including myself, were traveling solo, but felt at home in just a few hours at the common dinner table. A Sri Lankan guest guided us spiritually and for a cultural tour to nearby temples during Buddhist celebrations. I also discovered the benefits of Ayurveda treatment, and the doctor, a young medical researcher, answered all my (many) questions about Ayurveda, from its origins to recent research. He was also an excellent meditation guide. Not mentioning the manager, who always makes sure you are having a nice stay. In sum, if you want to feel cared for, make friends and relax, this is just the right place. I highly recommend." website, edited

    • Review by Maria Weigt

      "I stayed at this beautiful and wonderful place for 10 days for my first Ayurveda Detox Retreat and I was overwhelmed by this special place. It's located in a very quite environment where is not so much to discover when you don't want to, but of course there is lot to experience if you are up to. For myself I just wanted to clean my body and mind a get connected with my soul and the now. It felt like coming home to a family, all the employees and other guests seemed to be like a big family and as a new guest you where taken so lovely inside that. Everything like the treatments, the so nourishing food, the gentle yoga classes, meditations and the location itself has been suited perfectly together. Especially the doctor consultation and all the caring chats were outstanding. It was really special to me and I am so thankful to find my way to this wonderful place on earth. I recommend this to everybody who's looking for a mindful and loving Ayurvedic Retreat." website, edited

    • Review by Chika Kato

      "We wanted to say a big thank you for everything that we had during our stay at the villa. The place was very natural, clean, and comfortable; food was great. I actually liked all that was offered. The massage was relaxing and, on top of all of these, your staff was very kind and friendly and other guests were also very nice. People were one of the best parts of our retreat there. Thank you very much for the arrangement of meditation with Nanda as well. To be honest, I didn't mean to ask you to set up something special when I mentioned meditation, so it was quite a surprise that you asked him to teach us meditation, and I do appreciate that. We're feeling more comfortable and peaceful inside after learning technique as well as talking with him. We'll try to keep what we've learnt. Anyhow, long story short, we had really great time at the villa. With everything I mentioned above, the trip was way beyond our expectation and we both feel much healthier and peaceful. Thank you very very much again! Please say thank you to everyone at the villa from us. We will definite be back there sometime later. Lastly, we noticed that we didn't receive the chart, which shows what to eat or avoid, etc. It'll be great if you could scan and send it to us when you get a chance. Thanks again and hope to see you again." website, edited


    • Review by A.B.

      "I had a fantastic stay in the Plantation Villa. The room was comfortable, and nice. The food was very good -- I missed chocolate but I understand that was part of the diet program :). The nature was just amazing and very relaxing. Raquel and Gary (yoga teachers) were nice, competent and helpful. Last but not least, the staff in the Plantation Villa was warm, and very nice to us. They did all what they could to make us feel home."

      Plantation Villa, edited

    • Review by Keith F. from Shresbury, England

      "A truly amazing environment,natural beauty personified by amazing people ,warm welcoming , humble ,sensitive and caring to every individuals needs for restoration of mind and body.The plantation provides tranquility,harmony and complete rest and a chance to be at one with a natural enviroment of wonderful fruit, vegetables, animals, birds and flowers. I hope all future visitors take away some of the qualities that this "Garden of Eden" provides and i wish plantation villa continued success for the preservation of such natural beauty for the future of mankind. "

      Plantation VIlla website, edited

    • Review by Gabriela M.

      "I checked in the Plantation Villa anxious that I was going to be bored as I was going to spend 14 days there, I knew I needed a break away from everything in my life and I had no idea that I was going to enjoy every moment of it , the yoga sessions in the morning ,and in the evening ,the daily treatments , the food I was served every day , even though I was on a weight loss programme., all amazing . The housekeepers and kitchen ladies were serving amazing food , all organic from the Plantations garden , they were also so sweet and funny and always there to offer something to drink or to eat. Daniel the manager , so smart and wise and so having an answer for everything you wanted to ask about the diet , Ayurveda or anything else really. Roshan the therapist always with a big smile on his face , making you feel comfortable and then giving you a very relaxing or invigorating massage . I have never felt like I had to leave the Villa , everything I needed it was there during my stay. also our yoga teachers Warren and Michelle were very experienced and serious about the classes . I left the Planation feeling very sad , but I did promise everybody there I was going back again and I will definitely go back. for me this 2 weeks were an amzing expericne , it made me know myself more"

      Plantation VIlla website, edited

    • Review by Vibekeulmann from Eastborne, England, UK

      "My sister and I spent a magical week at Plantation Villa in June this year. I can only recommend others to do the same. It's a magical place, with a superb service (nothing is too much trouble), and the staff is incredibly caring and attentive.I have Bone Cancer stage 4 and follow an alkaline diet and I also shun white carbs and sugar completely. Outside of that, the diet was centered around my condition and at every meal we got delicious and varied food. I listened carefully when told that Pineapple and Mango is not good for me - and funnily it resonates with me as I never much liked either, so now I avoid them completely. Endless supply of herbal tea with the local honey, and cool coconut water as well. The water is drinkable from the tap and for the first time ever I managed a week in South East Asia without any tummy issues. FAB! Thanks again to all the staff who looked after us so well. Hugs from Vibeke Ulmann Weincke and her sister Marianne Ottesen Weincke."

      Plantation VIlla website, edited

    • Review by Lisa G. from Canton of Basel, Switzerland

      "I was at the Plantation Villa in Kalutara and it's been a wonderful, so peaceful experience I would instantly do again. The location is magical, peace is all around you, and you can only hear and see the beautiful nature; the birds, monkeys everywhere, chipmunks, etc. You literally are in the middle of nowhere in this cute little colonial house that has only 8 rooms for guests, which means it is not a commercial big hotel, but more likely the real thing. The whole staff is just wonderful and so loving and very attentive. The food? Just the best! You can literally feel that it has been growing on genuine soil, grown with love, cooked with love and with the Ayurvedic intention, it's just delicious and I couldn't have enough of it. "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Anastasia Mich

      "We stayed at Plantation Villa 8 days and had the Ayurvedic package. The location is wonderful,quiet and relaxing. We enjoyed a lot the Ayurvedic treatments and yoga hours. The people in Plantation Villa are very kind. The 3 ladies who take care of us was really amazing. If you want to relax,treat your body and clean your mind, Plantation Villa is the right place. We will come back soon!"

      Plantation Villa website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from York, England

      "I found this place online and it was all I hoped for (and more). It combines culture, history, and nature in one delightful place, and provided a fortnight's tranquil break from normal life. I took the standard detox package which was just right for me - I lost 3 kilograms while there and felt more supple and relaxed after daily yoga, massages, and swimming. The absence of alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, wheat, and dairy products didn't bother me at all because the food is so excellent and varied. The staff are mostly from the local village and are delightful. The gardens and grounds are full of interesting birds - I saw over 40 species there during my stay and a more experienced bird-watcher would certainly see more. There are lovely strolls through the surrounding fields and villages, with charming and friendly people to meet along the way. There's good Wi-Fi at the main house and adjacent rooms but not at the new Lodge. For me, Wi-Fi was important because I'd gone partly to be in a peaceful place to get some work done (in between the massages, swimming, and others). I had been to Sri Lanka several times before and didn't feel the need to rush around sightseeing, although I went on day-trips to Galle and to the Udawalawa National Park with other guests, driven by the careful and caring staff driver. Whether you want the full Ayurvedic treatment, a detox package, or just a relaxing, beautiful, and healthy place to stay, the Plantation Villa is perfect."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Beate Roehrig from Wiesbaden, Germany

      "Beautiful location in quiet rural area. No touristic disturbance so that you can enjoy your Ayurvedic treatments and yoga classes or just find your peace. Ideal for singles, you will be welcomed like in a family. Very nice, care-taking staff even if not everybody speaks English well, which was never a problem. Nice rooms, partially without air conditioning, but with fan in every room. Those who need sleep, should better take an air-conditioned room, as natural animal noises might occur (monkeys, birds, crickets)."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Nila K.

      "I had a great stay at the Plantation Villa and was so well-taken care by the very kind and warmhearted staff. Specially John, Roshan, Ayurveda doctor Nishan, and the lovely cooking ladies. Beautiful place with very nice rooms and amazing food! Left the place with tears in my eyes after have met so wonderful people. "

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Louisa T. from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

      "I had a wonderful time at the Plantation Villa. The team was very professional and very caring. Being at the Plantation Villa was like being at home. If you are looking for a relaxing place in order to disconnect from your stressful routine, I would highly recommend you the Plantation Villa!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Kuala Lampur

      "Highly attentive service staff, food was amazing and the best I've had so far in Sri Lanka. The welcome and friendliness of the the 2 hosts was extremely pleasant. Amazing service and ambiance. Everything perfectly executed: Food, service, treatments, yoga, trips...all in a breathtaking setting. Rooms very luxury. I expected much less given the price and was very pleasantly surprised. So much so that I thought I made a mistake on my invoice payment when I booked. More than anything, I love the concept and their just do good to everyone. Amazing that people like this still exist in this world! I feel inspired to be a better person. Thank you! Namaste! "

      Plantation Villa website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Paris, France

      "Thank you for this wonderful stay! I was really new in yoga and meditation. As a first time, I could not dream better. Great location; extremely relaxing. The food was perfect. I learned again how to treat my body the right way. I will definitely come back to escape the stress of my routine life."

      Plantation Villa website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from London, UK

      "A magical experience. It exceeded my expectations. Am planning to visit again. Very well structured program of treatments and activities. Amazing. Insight into ancient herbal medicine really was a body soul and mind retreat with peace and solitude beyond my imagination. Local school and Buddhist Temple was a delight so was the trip to buy jewelry organized by the staff was brilliant."

      Plantation Villa website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Manchester, England

      "We had an amazing stay. The staff really made it for us. The setting, of course, is beautiful and tirelessly maintained by the gardeners and the food was amazing and the yoga was great, but it was the people we will remember most fondly for allowing us to relax and feel comfortable. Thank you!"

      Plantation Villa website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Berlin, Germany

      "To relax and to receive Ayurveda, the location is much better, than on the beach. The stillness of the nature is amazing and very calming for the mind. Wonderful pool and nice walks around the village and in the rubber plantation. A piece of heaven to relax, let go and heal."

      Plantation Villa website, edited

    • Review by Ciara J. from Dublin, Ireland

      "We hoped to do some yoga but experienced so much more at this beautiful villa! We loved the (mainly) vegan meals, the Ayurvedic treatments, and the hospitality. We felt great after our stay at Plantation Villa and would love to go back again!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler

      "I booked this beautiful retreat to kickstart my 2-month trip in Sri Lanka and to shake off city life. I was more than pleasantly surprised. The colonial house and the rooms were beautiful and the photos don't do it justice.The therapists and the ladies who cook and clean couldn't have been more accommodating. I felt welcomed and very much looked after. The food was super healthy and delicious and the ladies were more than happy to give me cooking demonstrations. Gina, the yoga instructor was great at tailoring to what we needed and helped me to embrace meditation. I met some amazing people, who were travelling solo, and who also made this place so special. I even read an great book with short stories to introduce me to the morals of Buddhism. The villa has 8 rooms and I loved that it wasn't touristy. I felt completely relaxed and ready to start my adventure after my fantastic week at plantation villa. I've since told two people about my experience who booked straight away. I hope they are enjoying as much as I did. Thank you to everyone who made it so special."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Maria W. from Munich, Germany

      "I stayed at this beautiful and wonderful place for 10 days for my first Ayurveda Detox Retreat and I was overwhelmed by this special place. It's located in a very quiet environment, where is not so much to discover when you don't want to, but of course there is lot to experience if you are up to. For myself I just wanted to clean my body and mind a get connected with my soul and the now. It felt like coming home to a family, all the employees and other guests seemed to be like a big family and as a new guest you were taken so lovely inside that. Everything like the treatments, the so nourishing food, the gentle yoga classes, meditations, and the location itself has been suited perfectly together. Especially the doctor consultation and all the caring chats were outstanding. It was really special to me and I am so thankful to find my way to this wonderful place on earth. I recommend this everybody who's looking for a mindful and loving Ayurvedic retreat."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Olia Zayarova from Weligama, Sri Lanka

      "Plantation Villa is a very special place to take a pause and go deeper into yourself. Thank you very much, Ishara, for inviting me as a yoga instructor to your eco-friendly wellbeing resort, with its beautiful concept, full of love and support. I'm really thankful I met a very talented Ayurvedic doctor and an amazing person Nishan there. He helped guests in an informal manner, told us a lot about Ayurveda, and taught us meditation. Take care and hope to see you again very soon!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Paris, France

      "Nice people, nice place, delicious food, timely and complete yoga sessions, amazing massages, serious treatments - maybe a bit isolated and faraway in the countryside. I could not try the swimming pool, it was finished on my last day. I would be curious to try the new yoga hall."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Joanne L.

      "I stayed for 2 weeks and I am utterly amazed at the subtle and gentle magic of the place. I arrived exhausted and left feeling strong, healthy, and rejuvenated. There is a sense of calm and tenderness created by the environment and staff and, on leaving, I was not sure if I have left having had a holiday or having spent 2 weeks with my long lost family. There is a genuineness about this retreat and as a newcomer to these sort of experience (Ayurvedia, meditation, metta) I am now converted to many of the ideologies that the Plantation Villa stands for."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from Kaupanger, Norway

      "18 wonderful days having detox (panchakarma) and special treatment for lower back pain. 18 days away from daily tasks and stress. Though my back pain did not disappear, I really felt Roshan did everything possible. If you want a really deep massage, he's the best!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Sacha B. from Amsterdam, Netherlands

      "Lovely people, an excellent cook, excellent service, beautiful surroundings, and quiet. It is a great place to relax, hike, or enjoy the Ayurveda treatments. We booked the bed and breakfast and had some extra treatments. Very good value for your money!"

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by Jane R. from Pennsylvania, USA

      "Ten days of tranquility, sunshine, and well-being! The package deal was a great value: two massages and a herbal bath every day, combined with well-prepared fresh food, brought me to a high level of physical and mental health. Afternoon trips arranged by the caring and capable staff took us on safari to see elephants, to the beach to help release turtles from the hatchery, to the street market to marvel at the assortment of fruit, and to a jewelry factory to watch craftsmen setting sapphires (and buy at great prices). A long way from Pennsylvania, United States, but well worth the trip."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

    • Review by a traveler from London, UK

      "This is a secluded little piece of paradise, where you hear the birds chirping all day, eat only healthy food, can do yoga everyday, or laze about to your heart's content. This is the place to go to totally unwind and get away from the hectic pace of city life. The hotel staff are very nice and accommodating and really look out for you, especially if you are a woman travelling alone. There is never any pressure to socialize, but as the hotel only has 8 rooms, you can get to know other guests quite well, which is great. I enjoyed being pampered every day but have to say that if you are doing the whole Ayurvedic stay, prepare yourself to drinking some interesting herbal concoctions every day."

      TripAdvisor website, edited

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