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Which Yoga Style Works Best for Your Needs (5 Types of Yoga You Must Consider)

by Lucy Clark

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Have you tried yoga yet? If so, you may already know that this ancient practice is perfect for relaxation, to stretch your body muscles, improve athleticism, minimize stress and it’s even good for sex! However, with so many yoga styles to choose from, it might be a bit complicated to pick the one that better suits your needs.

So which aspect of your life do you want to improve? The list below will assist you in settling into a suitable yoga routine.


Iyengar – Best for Beginners


iyengar yoga class

It’s for you if: You’re new to the practice and like guidance.

It’s not for you if: You like more freedom to do your own poses.

Iyengar is ideal for those searching for a practice that’s full of detail and direction. It gives a perfectly structured instruction manual while also paying close attention to every detail.

It is a slow-paced routine that incorporates blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters. Besides, it’s also suitable for the experienced yogis returning from injury or pregnancy.


Ashtanga - Best for Boosting Strength


ashtanga inversion

It’s for you if: You like “acrobatic poses”.

It’s not for you if: You like a more relaxed routine.

While most styles of yoga help in strengthening the body, Ashtanga’s continuous routine gives you a fiercer look. By holding Ashtanga Yoga poses that target all muscles in the body, many people even end up discovering muscles that they never thought they had!


Hatha – Best for Relieving Stress


hata yoga pose

It’s for you if: You want to attend your first yoga class or looking to de-stress

It’s not for you if: You want to target a more specific need.

All asana practice is considered Hatha Yoga. However, if you see a Hatha Yoga class advertised, it means that it will most possibly concentrate on balancing the whole body’s energy while also improving the connection between the mind and the body. It also stretches the tight muscles through deep breathing, meditation, and poses.

The exercise starts with a seated meditation and later goes on to a restorative, slow and more relaxing flow. It then includes standing and floor poses, pranayama and sometimes the use of props.

Most yoga studios will never lack a Hatha class, so you can just visit the one near you and enjoy the experience!


Power Yoga - Best for Athletes


power yoga girl

It’s for you if: You like constant movement.

It’s not for you if: You need constant breaks to catch your breath.

Here is a perfect two-for-one method that boosts your flexibility and strength. It perfectly complements your athleticism through poses that address all tight muscle regions.

These hard body parts are a result of cycling, running, weight-lifting. The targeted muscle regions include the chest, hips, shoulder, upper back or thighs.

You can find Power Yoga in almost every studio and it also incorporates other yoga styles such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga.


Kundalini - Best for Lighting Up Your Sex Life


kundalini yoga

It’s for you if: You’re into meditation and spiritual growth.

It’s not for you if: You don’t like chanting mantras.

Revive your spiritual nature and energy by taking up Kundalini Yoga. It moves the life force from the base of your body and through the chakras. The routine will guide you through a series of poses called ‘kriyas', which are a combination of seated and standing postures while laying emphasis on ‘bandhas’ and breath.

This yoga style also includes pranayama methods that are used to balance your body energies, and as a consequence, they reveal the hidden sexual energy. Yoga instructors mostly have white clothes and long beads to prevent the chakras from blockage!

Want to experiment with different yoga styles to see which one is the best for you? Go to a yoga festival and explore all the options available!

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