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7 Amazing Ways Yoga Helps You Stay Fit While Traveling

by Manish Chandra Singh

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Traveling is food for the soul. Not just for the quintessential ‘wanderers’, but for every living soul on this planet. It keeps us yearning for more and eager to explore this beautiful planet called Earth. However, the journey towards the destination is not always as comfortable as we’d expect. 

Sometimes, we have to reach a compromise and travel during odd hours, in congested transportation, and even not so favorable situations. So, how do you keep yourself from losing your sanity and how do you stay fit while traveling? The answer is an age-old form of art called yoga! Today, we’re going to talk about seven amazing ways in which yoga helps you stay fit while traveling, both mentally and physically.


1. It Keeps You Calm




Sometimes, in order to adhere to the timeline of our travel plans, we end up traveling in packed compartments or with not the best of travel companions. What do you do in such a situation? You meditate! Asanas, which also promote deep breathing and a relaxed posture, restore proper blood circulation, making you feel refreshed. So, the next time you travel, just zone out from the noise pollution and find your happy place with deep breathing. Remember to inhale serenity and exhale the frustration.


2.  Helps Maintain a Correct Posture




We don’t always get the most comfortable seats while commuting. Moreover, for backpackers and solo travelers, the accommodation is oftentimes less than perfect. During such situations, most of us end up sitting or sleeping in awkward positions. This is where yoga comes to our rescue by helping us improve our posture and keeping the unwarranted pain and spasms away. Yoga poses help us stretch and target the right muscles to relieve tension and maintain the correct posture even while traveling in not-so-ideal conditions.


3. Keeps Your Fitness Routine Going




Traveling, though refreshing for the wandering souls, can keep one away from their usual fitness routine. Since it comprises of moving from one place to the other, a stable workout place is out of the question. This is why yoga is most beneficial for fitness freaks on a move. Asanas can be performed anywhere, even in hotel rooms, and keep you abreast of your fitness routine. You don’t even need a proper yoga mat, leave alone hefty gym instruments. You can use your towel to practice moves. If you have a carpeted floor, that’s even better!


4. Fights Stress




We all know what happens when we end up with obnoxious and rather annoying seatmates and travel companions on a journey, especially when it is a long one! Deep breathing in and breathing out is one of the most relaxing and easiest ways to relieve stress.

Stress is not the only thing behind those frown lines on your forehead! The long hours of travel, combined with navigating your way to an unknown location, add to the anxiety. After winning the battle of conquering a foreign land, return back to your accommodation and sweat a little with some effective yoga poses. This will help you eliminate frustration and reduce the level of stress in your muscles and your body.


5. Keeps You Rejuvenated




Yoga is quite popular amongst the crowds for its many health benefits. One of them is its detoxifying qualities. It helps the body recover from harmful toxins and makes you feel rejuvenated. Even after a tiring day of exploring the city, you can start your day with an easy yoga workout routine and feel like you are on top of the world!

Yoga re-establishes the connection between the mind and the body to deliver excellent results for your core being. It also helps you focus on the planning aspect and keeps you on track with your travel itinerary. It avoids the last-minute hurrying to see one more tourists’ favorite or a famous local haunt, and assists the mind in staying focused and keeping in tandem with all the planning. Mindfulness and freshness ensure that you have a once in a lifetime travel experience, every single time!


6. Yoga Is an Anytime & Anywhere Workout




The beauty of practicing yoga is that you can do it basically anywhere! You can use a chair, a table, or just the floor to help you with all the poses, easy or difficult. Whether you are at a spa or on a breezy beach, just stretch those limbs and feel the sense of purpose fill your body. Before heading out and after coming in from an explorative day, you can work on your body, mind, and soul just about any time! So, what are you waiting for? Get going!


7. Keeps Eating Habits under Control




No matter how healthy a lifestyle we lead in our normal day-to-day lives, we often slack while traveling. It is either because we cannot manage to stay on track with our routine diet plans or because it is not feasible maintaining one. By practicing yoga, you can not only improve your digestion but also keep that belly fat in check. It gives you a hall pass to go indulge in delicious street food and try different local dishes. Let it be a culinary experience rather than a stressful one!




It is absolutely necessary to keep your fitness routine in check while traveling. The wanderlust can sometimes cause a disruption in our healthy living lifestyles. Yoga is quite the rage these days because of its all-purpose utility and the fact that it appeals to people of all ages and gender.

So, the next time you’re on a trip, be it a family vacation, a leisure trip, or a soul-searching escapade, be sure to put those yoga moves into practice and stay fit even while trotting the globe! Go explore than inner Yogi and let the adventure begin.

By incorporating yoga into your travels, reaching your destination and staying fit while being away from home will never seem daunting again. Go to BookYogaRetreats.com and choose a yoga and fitness retreat that will teach you how to maintain your healthy habits!

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