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5 Ways Yoga Can Transform Your Workplace

by Marsy Bean

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Regardless if you are a seasoned tycoon or a small-business owner, both your employees and business (and even you!) can gain peerless benefits when you integrate yoga into your wellness program and day-to-day work routine.

While the benefits of yoga in the workplace are numerous, one of its most sought after (and appreciated) advantages is its ability to dramatically enhance work productivity.

Nowadays, huge companies like Apple, Google, HBO, Chase Manhattan Bank, Nike, Forbes, or Industrial Light and Magic acknowledge the value of yoga by making it an integral part of their corporate wellness program.

If you want healthier, happier, creative, centered, and more productive employees, yoga might just be your missing link. Not convinced yet? Below are 5 ways yoga can help increase productivity. Or if you’re an employee, these facts can help you convince your boss to add yoga to your workplace.


It minimizes fatigue and increases energy

people running

One study indicated that sitting at your desk for 5 hours straight is not only counterproductive but can be as detrimental as smoking a pack of cigarettes! While working nonstop might seem productive, nothing can be farther from the truth. Indeed, it’s the total opposite; working sans any break can cause strain and stress.

Fortunately, incorporating stretches and simple yoga poses every now and then can do wonders for your health and well-being and can help warrant strain and stress is effectively kept at bay.


It alleviates physical pains

yoga for neck pain

If you are experiencing pains, aches, and other physical problems, your work productivity will most likely suffer. Regardless of the kind of work that you do, if you are consistently dealing with and experiencing pains and aches, work will understandably become the least of your concerns.

Thankfully, yoga has been known to relieve even some of the most severe physical issues including pain associated with traumatic brain injury.

If yoga can help effectively alleviate pain caused by the trauma of the same nature, imagine what it can do for regular physical concerns like shoulder stiffness, back pain, arthritis, neck strain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.


It relieves stress

stress at work

Apart from physical aches and pains, one major factor that has been known to significantly affect work productivity is emotional and mental stress. Some studies even show that a whopping 90 percent of visits to the doctor can be attributed to stress.

Unfortunately, stress can also exacerbate and cause other physical conditions and ailments such as headaches, allergies, colds, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

Stress accounts for reduced productivity, accidents, absenteeism, medical fees, and employee turnover. Therefore, avoiding physical and mental stress through yoga can even translate to billions of dollars saved!


It helps to increase your morale

high morale with yoga

Yoga makes you feel superb physically, emotionally and mentally, which often translates into a high morale. Through a regular yoga practice, it’s also more likely that you start feeling more energetic, focused, and creative.

All of the above will make you more productive and a better worker in general; either dealing with clients, performing your duties properly, or even interacting with your fellow coworkers.


It helps you focus and concentrate

concentrate through yoga

Endless meetings, tight deadlines, and many more things that cause stress at work can create emotional and mental clutter that can cloud both your concentration and decision-making capabilities.

Thankfully, through meditation and breathing exercises, you can effectively silence the mental clutter and noise—thereby helping you become more alert, focused, and mindful.

And since yoga helps significantly to enhance concentration, it can open up your mind and unleash your creative juices, making you a more productive and more creative member of the workforce.

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