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6 Strong Reasons Yoga Should Become Part of Your Office Life

by Scott Mathews

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Yoga is becoming more and more popular in the Western world. With its unusual but natural techniques, yoga helps you relax both mentally and physically. 

Yoga gives you a feeling that both your mind and body are now refreshed because yoga stimulates your body to cleanse itself. All the negative thoughts or physical pain go away after a good yoga session.

Most people choose to separate their yoga sessions from their work, but is that really the best solution? According to recent trends and reports, you might want to think again.

Combining yoga with your office life might be a pairing that improves your life in every way. But since a lot of employers and employees still think of this as a strange choice, we’ve decided to analyze it here.

During our analysis, we’ve compiled our discoveries into six strong reasons. The six reasons will motivate you to make yoga a part of your working hours as soon as possible.

1. You won’t feel stressed out

man preparing for yoga

A lifelong dream of every man and woman is to find a job that pays well and is enjoyable. Oftentimes, we are obliged to sacrifice enjoyment for financial gain. While we may be happy with such a decision, it can backfire over a more extended period.

Stress due to overworking yourself can be detrimental to your health and leave some long-lasting consequences. In some instances, we become so enamored with money and our goals that we seem to forget what’s important – our health.

Both mental and physical problems may arise. As unfortunate as this is, you can use yoga to counter the stress you’re undergoing.

Yoga is considered good because it presents itself as a perfect antidote for stress. Long and soothing stretches, combined with mental clarity, can cast away all negative thoughts.

Implementing yoga into your work routine would be attacking the stress right at the heart of it. The best way to accomplish this is to either have two 15-minute sessions or a longer one. You can also switch it up, depending on how stressful your day is.

Relieving yourself from this stress will allow you to be a better friend, husband, and coworker. Yoga is all about releasing whatever negativity resides in your body and mind and replacing it with serenity. Employers should also encourage their employees to take up yoga for more productive output.

2. Concentration will be much improved

Stress doesn’t only impact you from a physical perspective. Bodily maladies may be annoying or constant, but the real danger lies in one aspect of mental health. Loss of focus may damage your mind on the long run, and your mental acuity can deteriorate visibly from being stressed out.

You are stressed because you are working too much. While this statement is true, acknowledging this will decrease your productivity even further. When that happens, you will feel even worse and risk losing your position, job, and income. At a certain point, this has to stop, and you are responsible for doing so.

Yoga is done for restoring balance in a person’s body. Through a synchronized carrying out of movements and breathing, your brain is obliged to focus on carrying out these tasks. After a bit of practice, you will notice that your mind has a hard time wandering around.

To control the movements and breathing, you will learn another valuable lesson. Living in the moment might be the best possible thing that yoga can give you. By seeing how essential it is to stay focused on the current moment, you won’t have to worry about the past and the future.

Increasing your productivity is a significant reason why yoga should become a part of your office life. By being more focused, you will need less time to do more tasks and be healthier and happier as a result.

3. A feeling of confidence will flow through you

group of women lotus position

Yoga is similar to sports, despite its spiritual orientation. As any physical or mental task, it consists of a multitude of steps that you have to pass to accomplish anything. Different poses require different amounts of effort. Investing in that effort will indubitably lead to your body changing positively.

Once you start seeing your abs, thighs, and arms becoming muscular, confidence will flow through you. David James, a part-time yoga instructor, says that “there is nothing more powerful than a person realizing their real potential is supreme, and yoga helps you realize that.’’

The moment it gets unlocked, there is no task too daunting or a challenge too impossible. One positive change will cause another, and your life will gradually improve. That’s why yoga has managed to survive for so long. A powerful tool, it has always been a catalyst for health improvement, be it mental or physical.

The better blood flow will increase your brain’s capabilities and result in a more efficient everyday life. As a stronger and more powerful person, you will abandon feelings of doubt and fear.

Their place will be taken by self-confidence and determination, the essential ingredients for a healthy wave of changes.

4. A much-needed immunity boost

Due to excessive amounts of work, we tend to disregard our diets and physical exercise. Nobody is willing to prepare themselves a healthy meal once they come home tired. While work sucks out the will out of you, it also sucks out the life out of you as well.

Slowly forgetting about your diet, priorities and other components of life will have consequences even in the short-term.

Getting sick will become almost a daily occurrence, which will render you unable to work and cause even more stress. To combat this vicious cycle, you should call upon yoga to aid you in getting your life back together.

By breathing and moving your body, your blood flow will increase, and your lymphatic system will be stimulated. These two functions will cause better oxygen transport throughout your body, leading to better and stronger sells.

Even though it's not necessarily connected to yoga, a diet improvement can also follow this immunity boost. Once you see that you get sick less, you will probably want to explore and see how you can improve your health even more. With a healthy diet, you will gradually build a higher quality of life for yourself.

5. Bonding with your coworkers

group of women doing yoga on mats

Many big companies have a yoga facility within their offices. Even though peace is the dominant rule there, you will end up bonding with your coworkers. By joining forces to improve your health, you will start seeing them in a much better light than before.

Someone you didn’t like before might become a much nicer person because you’re committed to the same goal. Also, you might end up meeting new people from other departments and create friendships.

The people you meet at yoga sessions might even be more experienced than you and give you valuable advice on how to improve your life and posture.

The bonds you create while sitting on a yoga mat will translate into the office as well. Everyone will seem much more human, and the same challenges will look much more enticing than before.

Both you and your coworkers will function better together and commit yourselves to accomplish more than before.

Yoga has proven to be a valuable form of team building and bonding. Everyone can practice it, so it completely eradicates any barrier. Coworkers of all ages and backgrounds will join you on your quest to become a better you.

6. It will improve your posture and reduce injuries

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the silent killers of our society. As we spend hours at our desks, there is no way to prevent our muscles and tendons from suffering from atrophy.

Not using your body will cause it to be frailer even when performing the most menial tasks. If you are not physically active, even a simple jog or a sprint may end up in torn ligaments or tendons, only because you sit around all day.

The same position on a daily basis may end up damaging the natural curves of your spine. Reducing the curvature of the spine directly results in a narrower range of movement and chronic back pain. This kind of movement impairment is perhaps the worst thing that you can experience.

Adding yoga to your office life will widen the sides of your waist and strengthen the erector spinae. Going along the sides of your spine and supporting it, these oblique muscles protect it from changes and further hunching at the desk in the office.

Different types of yoga are recommended as forms of therapy for back injuries, back pain, and recovery from surgery.

To conclude

silhouette at the edge of a wooden bridge over water freedom

Yoga sessions only take a little time, but they add years to your life. From reducing stress to making you stronger, office yoga brings a whole new meaning to exercise. The focus won’t only be on the physical part, but you will also experience mental bliss and relaxation. Mental, physical and spiritual parts of you will align, making you a better person in every way. Afterward, you will be more productive, more prosperous and above all – happier! 

Scott works for Assignment Writers. You can keep in touch with Scott over Facebook and Twitter should you wish. 

Want to learn the ropes of yoga so that you can successfully practice it afterward in your daily office life? A yoga retreat for beginners is the perfect way to recharge your energy and learn more about the fundamentals of yoga.

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