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Too Busy To Start Something New? Try these 6 Tips to "Gain" More Time

by Amanda Fletcher

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Do you dream of change but feel you are you too busy to start something new? What about that painting you’d like to finish one day or that book you’re writing in your head? You do nothing as you continue to stress and worry that life is passing by all too quickly.

Will you just keep getting on with your life and work until someone tells you to stop? Let me tell you that no one else but YOU can make that decision. But first you must understand the difference between busy work and life work. Is finding your own life’s work something you hope to do one day?

Once you desire something, you need the discipline to go out and get it. Look into your own past and see how you’ve managed to achieve most of your desired goals. Whether it was passing your driving test, getting an A at school, buying a new car or getting your first home, you did it all with a plan. Time has passed and maybe you have become too comfortable. You are no longer satisfied. That voice inside of you is urging you to get creative and do something different with your life. But you know you have responsibilities, are scared of rocking the boat and feel it is now harder to make serious life changes. You keep on going, but your physical and mental health suffer.make serious life changes. You keep on going, but your physical and mental health suffer.

Where can we buy more time?” you ask, “because there simply is not enough to be had.” I have news for you: WE ALL HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME TIME! 


Rest assured that you are neither the first nor the last to go at it alone, to have to struggle to progress. First, let go of your ego. If you think no one understands you, you are far less likely to ask for help or talk about your plans and ideas with others. And we all know communication helps.

With the advancements in technology and social media creeping into our lives, we are even more distracted from our life purpose. You feel everyone on social media is successful except you. It might not have occurred to you that others are on the right path towards their goals, and it’s you who feels that you don’t have the time to go out and do it.

I say you have time to do it all and begin with your transformation. Here’s where to start:


1.   What are your goals?


Be specific to the last detail. Write down your goals and memorize them. If it helps, create a picture board – add all the things you would like to have or do by cutting them from an old magazine (i. e. a new car, a different career). Place the board somewhere where you can see it every day.


2.   Take small steps


Each day, do one thing that will get you closer to your goal. If you would like to change your career path but are not sure which road to take, write down all the things in life you enjoy doing. I did this for my son when he was unsure about his career. We looked at his list and saw it was filled with food elements – BBQs, cooking, catching fish. I suggested becoming a chef. Today, he absolutely adores combining his love of food, cooking, art and design in creating beautiful desserts.


3.   Be consistent

Whatever you decide, be consistent every day. Learn something new that can help you achieve your goal. You can watch a motivational video or read a book to learn more about your life’s purpose. Your time is never wasted and you will be one step closer to discovering new opportunities.

You will become open to new ideas as there is no such thing as coincidence. In no time, your life will have a purpose again. Even though you will still face the same workload as before, you will address it happily with vigor, as you will feel your path is opening up.


4.   Stay mentally and physically fit


What does staying mentally fit mean? First and foremost, having clear goals and a life purpose. You will soon discover there is enough time for everything!

Physical fitness may be very challenging for many people who think that sweaty gyms or jogging for miles is simply not for them. But it can make a huge difference in your life! If you have never participated in any kind of physical activity, I suggest you start now. Walking is very relaxing and invigorates the whole system. What I have learned from years of experience is that all those "non-fitness" people giving it a try have embraced yoga wholeheartedly. Everyone gets to practice at their own level, on their own mat, with their breath in total harmony, in a non-competitive atmosphere. You can even practice yoga at home.

I fully recommend yoga for anyone deciding to take up fitness for any condition, health or mental. Yoga enhances body flexibility, helps concentration, improves balance, enhances bodily functions and calms the mind. Yoga practice is being sought after by more and more people working in high pressure or stressful environments to help relax, re-balance and strengthen the body.


5.   Dietary Habits


Most people actually believe they have a healthy diet. The old saying "we are what we eat" could not be truer. Processed foods play a heavy part in how we feel and act on a daily basis.

The more stressed we become, the more our taste buds change. We have sugar cravings due to long work hours during a busy day and we are likely to indulge in a chocolate bar or bag of crisps during short breaks, only to feel hungry again a little while later. We begin gaining weight, feeling depressed and tell ourselves we’re "not getting anywhere."

We can avoid overeating by thinking ahead and planning our week accordingly, like a daily snack box to take to work. A healthy diet will make you feel great, both physically and mentally.

Juice up! Daily fruit and veggie smoothies supply your 5-a-day. Making juices may seem like more work to be done, but you can easily do this by investing in a NutriBullet or a similar machine. Your juice is ready in an instant - screw on the lid and you are ready to go. There are some amazing recipes on the internet to try. These pulpy juices are extremely nutritious and very filling, keeping you going all day as you can keep sipping it at your desk.


6.   K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple!


I love the old-school phrase that used to go on all my bags when I was a kid – K.I.S.S. It means "Keep It Simple Stupid." I never forgot this, and I apply it in everything I do.

Focus on everything you do to keep it all easy and simple and you are definitely more likely to stick with everything you have chosen in life.

Plan your whole week. Schedule your meals and workouts and keep track of your progress. You will be amazed at how far you have come when looking over your diary at end of year. I have always recorded my progress, and looking back at it has always motivated me.

Your future is what you want it to be!


Want to try something new this June? The City2Sand Festival is the direct result of my passions coming together to help others from my experience. We will have fun learning to cope with this new busy world we live in, and I aim to provide all guests with some learning blocks and inspiration to go home with, even some culinary classes to impress dinner guests.

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