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Surrendering Yourself to Nature Will Bring Magical Results in Your Life

by Suzanne Winchester

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Oscar Wilde once said, “It seems to me that we all look at Nature too much, and live with her too little”. This well-spoken statement is especially relevant in today’s context when the world is bracing itself to enter into a more advanced era.

Due to the sudden onslaught of technological revolution, we have created levels of artificial barriers that are keeping us away from the bequests of nature.

If you try to get in sync with nature then only could you understand its true relationship with you. There is no better way to achieve this than to surrender yourself to the aegis of nature. It is an ultimate way of gaining spiritual strength; it affirms that you are no longer willing to live in pain and that you can eventually transcend your struggles and transform all the negative emotions.

Surrendering in its own sense usually means letting go of control over a person, power, ego, situation, or outcome and the tendency to control is rooted in fear. When it comes to connecting to nature and seeking its blessings, you need to experience it fully to feel its richness. If you are receptive to the vibrations of nature and allow things to happen, you will start believing in a friendly universe –one that gives you more than what you would expect at any moment.

The supreme effulgence of nature is so powerful that it will allow your individual will to get merged with the cosmic will. It’s the choice that you ultimately make to trust that there is a greater plan for you, which will be unfolded in time.


How to Surrender to Nature


nature walk

1. Take a pause and overcome your fears

Amidst the upheavals and turbulence of life – which don’t seem to end ever – you need to take a pause and analyze your fears in order to overcome them. Just ask yourself what is it that bothers you most; what is it that if you can’t fix, can make you go through even more suffering? What’s the worst that can happen if you let go of the control? It’s time to address all of your fears head-on because controlling is akin to limiting the true potential that nature bestows on you.

Overcoming fears open up a field of immense possibilities and options, especially the ones that are beyond the reach of usual circumstances.


2. Connect to the rhythms of nature

Nature also teaches us through its rhythms in the form of seasons, which are part of a relentless cycle of creation and destruction. Spring, for example, teaches us how life is created. The blooming of flowers and the warmth of spring sun are the subtle rhythms that can fill insurmountable energy in your life.

Summers and winters are the extremes that all of us have to go through no matter what. This surrender is the quiet acceptance that you are ready to follow the path of nature and learn underlying lessons that come in the way. This flow and unison allow your mind, body, heart, and soul to trust the power of nature that ultimately guides your life.

nature meditation


3. Have faith in higher power

When you pray and connect to the higher power, you awaken your soul and spirit. This world is a reflection of God’s perfection and his fingerprints are everywhere. There are many ways to make this connection. Even in your daily chores just appreciate his gifts to you and your family.

For example, now that we’re on the holiday season, a Christmas reunion is one such occasion when we remember the teachings and the humane path shown by Christ. Therefore, even a warm Christmas cookie exchange with family and friends could be an apt appreciation for God’s blessings. Even if you are going through the worst time and hardship, the very notion of the guidance of the higher power will reflect in your perseverance and character.


4. Meditate

For centuries, meditation has been one of the most profound ways to surrender and to connect to nature. Its benefits are huge and can greatly enhance your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health.

Meditating in nature doesn’t mean you retire to the forests and become an isolated monk. It is basically imbibing the amalgam of the five elements: air, water, fire, earth, and sky. Just listen to the sound of the wind, feel how birds are breaking the silence with their incessant chirping, and feel the air touching your face.

You need to feel the presence of nature around you.


How a Surrender to Nature Like this Can Help You


nature surrender

Nature restores mental energy: Many studies and research works have convincingly established the fact that retreating to nature has great mental and physical benefits. When you expose yourself to great outdoors, your mental energy bounces back. The feeling of awe that comes along being with nature gives you a big mental boost.

It greatly reduces stress: Some studies have established that spending time in the lap of nature lowers the levels of cortisol – a stress hormone. In view of this, many fitness experts recommend “forest therapy” if you ever feel tense and stressed.

Better vision: A team of Australian researchers in 2012 found that more time spent outdoors can reduce the risk of developing myopia. The study was conducted in 2,000 students, which provided a crucial insight as to how children and adolescents can be encouraged to understand how nature can help them.

Improved concentration: The exposure of mind to the wonders of nature and establishing a deep connection with their serenity can be extremely helpful for improving concentration. So, give yourself doses of nature and you will experience how strong the attention effect of nature is.

Sharper thinking and increased creativity: Some researchers have concluded that just a walk in nature can make your thinking sharper. Some students were given sequences of numbers to memorize and thereafter were allowed to spend time with nature. The researchers found that they were more accurate than those students who were given the same sequences but remained inside. In addition, the same former set of students developed more creative problem-solving skills than their counterparts.


To Wrap It Up

We all know nature can reset our minds and bodies, but how many of us know how to surrender and connect with nature? You take risks, discover new things, understand them in a unique way and relinquish your fears. The results are definitely unexpected and fulfilling.   

Want to spend some time in nature well away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Try a yoga retreat and find your inner peace helped by yoga and nature!

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