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How to Become a Better Athlete with Yoga

by Ali Singer

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The many benefits of yoga are well-known; from improved flexibility to a more present state of mind. That’s why, according to research studies, yoga is a great complement to any sport. It enables you to approach your physical peak and utilize the power of fine-tuned concentration to improve your overall performance.

Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

The practice of yoga increases strength, coordination, flexibility, and concentration, which are always very valuable traits for any physical activity. But another benefit that is sometimes overlooked, is the capacity of muscles to recover faster. With this, you can rapidly improve your training regimen and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, if you feel like your progress in your favorite sport has hit the wall, and you want to see improved results, yoga may very well be the solution!

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When you continuously work through repetitive movements, the body eventually develops muscular imbalances. As a result, the effectiveness of exercise starts to wear off. Additionally, you may suffer strenuous tension, which can block the range of motion and lead to injury.

The various yoga poses target a wide range of normally untapped muscle groups, reducing muscle tightness and conditioned joints. This provides you with a high range of motion and efficient movements. Likewise, elastic muscles and supple joints are better adept for recovery, letting you gain from a rigorous training regimen.


Increased Mental Power

Athletes who practice yoga are equipped to succeed through their ability to harness the body’s most powerful tool: the mind. This is why many professional athletes have incorporated yoga as part of their workout to improve their game. Through practices such as meditation and breathing techniques, yoga enables them to increase brain power, and optimize their focus and attention.

These mental benefits of increased willpower and concentration, give you the possibility to overcome obstacles such as negative thought patterns and distractions. Yoga trains the mind to support your desire to win by sparking crucial elements to victory like conviction and visualization.

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If you want to experience the full benefits that yoga has to offer, seek out a qualified coach for one-on-one instruction. While group and online classes offer some level of structure and explanation, you will see the results more rapidly by learning in a personalized context, with an experienced teacher who can create a customized routine to complement the training of a specific sport. The personal attention you receive in a private session should also ensure your proper alignment and a safe practice. Therefore, look for an instructor who will structure sessions in a series, track performance, and shore up weaknesses.

To learn more about Coach Ali Singer, visit her blog or follow her on Twitter and Facebook. And if you want to improve your athletic ability through yoga, go to BookYogaRetreats.com and book a yoga & running retreat!

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