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BookYogaRetreats.com's Yoga Challenge to Relieve Back Pain Day 2: Sitting Poses

by Elaine Clara Mah

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Welcome back to day 2 of our 7-day yoga challenge! In the second day of our challenge, we’ll be exploring a different group of yoga poses that are beneficial for back pain. This time, we will focus more on sitting postures

Other than its obvious benefits in terms of lengthening the spine, I find that sitting postures are beneficial in the long run as they re-teach us to sit in postures that are better for our back. At the very least, sitting yoga poses help bring attention and awareness to how we normally sit and give us the tools to correct them.

We begin this sequence with a brief Sun Salutation just to help you warm up and prepare for the poses that follow.

Should you need more than one Sun Salutation, feel free to do a few more before you move on in the sequence. If you have time, I suggest doing at least 3 sets of sun salutations to really warm the body up.

You will have noticed that some of the poses I show here aren’t “seated” per se. The locust pose, for example, is more of a backbend. But the locust, as well as the downward dog and the cat and cow pose variation are good poses to prep the spine – strengthening the joints and muscles surrounding it – before one sits and have pressure compressed on the back.

Most importantly, do take it easy. Take breaks where needed and honor your body. Have fun and I’ll see you tomorrow! Namaste.

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