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10 Great Mothers Day Gifts for Yoga Moms

by Alberto G. Güitrón

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and our dearest person in the world deserves to be pampered on this special date. 

Though a big hug and a tender kiss are usually enough for her, it’s always a great idea to spoil her with something special to show much appreciation for all she’s done for us, either as your own mother or as the mother of your children.

Sure, chocolates and flowers are nice; what mother doesn’t like them? But how about trying something different this year?

Something more useful that lasts longer and she can use frequently. Something that makes her feel like the gorgeous woman she is. Or something that enhances her lifestyle, but at the same time won’t break the bank. A present like this could become a constant reminder of how much she’s loved by her family. And if she happens to be a passionate yogini, then she’ll definitely like one of these ideas specially tailored for yoga moms.

Just remember to complement these gifts with a big hug and a tender kiss, too!

Yoga props

yoga props for mom

This is an easy, yet awesome gift for the moms who practice yoga. There is always a yoga accessory she might need or one that is getting old and needs to be replaced. She’ll surely appreciate a top-notch yoga mat, or a bag to carry it everywhere she goes; a block is always useful to support her while performing those hard poses; or you could give her a yoga strap, so she doesn’t have to use a towel to stretch no more! There are plenty of options online to find the perfect yoga prop for her. The best thing about yoga props is that they can be handmade too!

A yoga book

yoga book for mom

A book about yoga or spirituality is something that could have a long-lasting impact on our mom. It can improve her practice, enhance her yoga journey and even transform her life forever with the teachings of the author. There are many options to choose from, one of the most popular ones is the Autobiography of a Yogi by the guru Yogananda. Another recommendation is The Soul Searchers Handbook by Emma Mildon or the Downward Dog Mysteries series by Tracy Webber, both outstanding pieces that will give mom a good reading time.  

A subscription to a yoga magazine

yoga magazine

Another reading option for a yoga mom is a specialized magazine, you can make sure she never runs out of them by giving her a yearly subscription to her favorite publication. There is a myriad of options out there form the most popular ones like Yoga Journal to more independent editions that specialize in different aspects of yoga. Just find the one that aligns with mom’s taste and she’ll surely appreciate it.

Yoga threads

yoga clothing modern mom

Image source: Zobha

Mom deserves to look sharp and be comfortable at the studio. There is no such thing as “too many” yoga pants, so it is always a safe choice. She could also use a sweatshirt for those cold days; a yoga top to feel good in her favorite asana, or shorts to help her move freely. For the nicest sports and yoga clothing for women online, Zobha is a nice place; they have a fantastic selection, free shipping, and constant promotions. Mom will surely like a present from their store. 

A yoga retreat

yoga retreat

Does she want to go on vacations? Don’t give her a regular holiday, instead, surprise her with a yoga retreat in that destination she’s been longing to visit. She would not only go to that heavenly place of her dreams, but she’d also have the opportunity to practice yoga, relax and meet more yogis from around the world.

And if mom hasn’t given birth yet, a very original idea is to treat her on her first Mother’s Day celebration while she’s still pregnant with a prenatal yoga retreat. There she can learn the appropriate postures according to her trimester and enhance all the process before labor time.

Motherhood meditation

pregnant yoga

This is a very interesting gift designed for future moms; it’s a great customized meditation program for pregnancy and motherhood offered by Expectful. The subscription includes trimester specific meditations for the mother and her partner; posture guides; sleep meditations; and videos that cover the ins and outs of developing a regular meditation practice during pregnancy. It minimizes the stress and anxiety of carrying a baby, improves the child outcome and reduces the pain during labor. The price is very affordable and the new mother will love the innovative present.

Subscription to yoga classes online

keyboard yoga

The possibility of doing yoga at home is a great opportunity especially for moms who have to take care of young children and find it hard to go to a studio. There are plenty of websites offering complete guided sessions and the best part is that she can do her practice anytime and anywhere she wants. Yogaglo has options for all sorts of levels and offers a trial of 15 days for free. Ekhart Yoga or a premium subscription to DoYouYoga are good alternatives too.

A certificate for classes at a local studio

women yoga

But if mom does have the time to go to a local yoga studio, then a certificate for live classes is a perfect gift. She probably already goes to one, so saving her the next payment would be an easy thing to do. Or maybe she’s been longing to go to that amazing studio that seems to have everything she needs to become a master yogini, then she’ll love if you treat her to a subscription for a few yoga classes. 

Zen music playlist

zen music

Mom deserves the world and you’d give everything for her. Nonetheless, it’s understandable that sometimes the budget is too tight and it’s hard to spend a lot of money on a present for her. If that’s the case, a playlist of Zen music for her meditation or yoga sessions is something she can use every day and be a gentle reminder of how much you love her when she plays the songs.

Practice yoga with her

mom and daughter

She’ll most possibly like at least one of the previous ideas; any present is a good way to show that you thought of her. However, spending good quality time with her is something she’ll absolutely love and make her smile more than any object or subscription you can find. And what better way than joining her for the activity that she enjoys the most? Hop on the mat and go to a yoga class or a yoga retreat with her and let her guide you through her favorite sequence, have a good laugh together and lie on Shavasana next to her while feeling blessed for having each other.

Want to truly pamper her the way she deserves? Give her a luxury yoga retreat

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