Yogaji is happy to share yoga practices through Europe by teaching a deep traditional Hatha yoga that responds to people's modern needs.

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25 Days 200-Hour Intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Ardeche, France

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    6 Days 95 Hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Vienna, Austria

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      7 Days Profound Chakra YACEP Yoga Teacher Training in Vienna, Austria

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      Instructors (2)

      Clemens Biedrawa

      Julie Giacomini

      Reviews (15)

      Lex Reinhart

      from France, June 2018

      "Endless Bliss - Top of the Top !!!"

      Wow - what an unbelievable experience ! Just fantastique how Julie is teaching : a rarely seen professional competence, a deep mercifulness with on the same time an encouraging lightness. Deeply grateful for your commitment...

      I'm looking forward to future retreats with you and Clemens... :-)

      Rachel Jessee

      from Morocco, February 2018

      "The Best Senario to Expect the Unexpected"

      The respect to the teaching and the practice offered was above all that which reflected the highest quality of experience. Julie embodied this in all aespects of the teaching and activities throughout the course which was the most potent and insightful way to instill and support the training.

      Virginie Bichet

      from France, August 2018

      "Une très belle aventure"

      J'ai adoré le lieu d'habitation, au milieu de la nature, avec une vue exceptionnelle lors de nos pratiques extérieures,

      j'ai adoré les produits cuisinés et les recettes végétariennes découvertes,

      et puis l'enseignement, la transmission de Julie et Clemens, j'ai beaucoup appris des cours pratiques mais aussi de la théorie.

      Sabrina Alvarez

      from Philippines, January 2019

      " Absolutely amazing"

      The Teachers are very professional and amazing  immediately I felt so much connected to yoga, overwhelmed. They were all passionate and so knowledgeable instructors were experienced, approachable.The spiritual aspect taught about the practice. You can tell the instructors deeply care about helping the students along.Thank you so much!..Namaste, Julie and Clemens

      Catarina Teixeira

      from Malta, November 2018

      "I will go back :)"

      I enjoyed the family environment, you really feel welcomed and at home. You share space with other people taking the course which is lovely to share the experience and meet lovely people. There is a good balance between practice and theory, flexibility and discipline, relax and focus.

      Nicole Brimo

      from Philippines, October 2018

      "Eternally Grateful "

      Originally, I booked this kids yoga teacher training to do exactly that, to learn about how to teach kids yoga in a beautiful city. But after completing this 5 day experience, and reflecting back, I have learned SO MUCH MORE. Julie and Clemen's passion, care, commitment and patience for everyone who comes into their yoga studio is wonderful.

      Julie went above and beyond- her teaching was personalised, she made sure every topic was covered and every questions was answered- even beyond the scope of what the kids yoga teacher training included. Not only did I learn practical and theoretical aspects of kids yoga in a detailed manner, but I also learned a lot about yoga as a lifestyle and a lot about myself. Through her careful teaching, Julie made me fall in love with myself and with yoga. Additionally, we practiced yoga twice daily!

      The location is a bonus, we would have time off in the afternoon, and I would practice yoga in the beautiful Augarten, which is just 10 minute walking distance. The Danube is close by, so I had time to tour around the older part of Vienna.

      The accommodations was like a home away from home. I quickly became friends with two other ladies who took the program with me. I had a comfortable bed, I would cook in the kitchen, and we could practice yoga in the studio at anytime. It was definitely a welcoming and comfortable place to stay in for 5 days.

      Thank you for this wonderful experience! It has opened so many doors!

      Nada Malusa

      from France, December 2017

      "Strongly recommended if are ready to become a Yoga teacher"

      This residential teacher training embodies a true yoga teacher training (YTT) as can be received in some far-away destination (India, or elsewhere), but actually remaining in Europe. This YTT has not only improved my own yoga practice, but it has really taught me how to pass on my love for Yoga to others.

      Being already a Yoga student was not a prerequisite, but it surely helped me focus beyond the physical difficulties of an asana. A strong accent is given to the effects and benefits of Mudras, Pranayamas and Asanas within Yoga practice. The technical aspect of each Asana is explained, different variations (easier or harder) are provided, as well as safety indicators and how to enter and exit each Asana are taught.

      The residential nature of this YTT, allows for experiencing life in a Shala. It allowed me understanding the ways of Yoga beyond it’s simple manifestation on the mat. This was an amazing opportunity to learn how to live a Yoga life, from the food we eat, to the relationship with others and ourselves. I discovered things that are superficial and unnecessary in my every day life. This YTT taught me compassion, love and humility. It forced me to dig within myself and see myself, positives and negatives alike. It has been a paramount step in my Yoga path and my personal growth. This YTT has changed me and impacted deeply my attitude towards life, others and myself.

      Sigrid Manouvrier

      from France, September 2017

      "Great experience"

      The lessons the food the location in the mountains pets friendly very good knowledge of philosophy and history of yoga really interesting nice people vegetarian food


      from France, September 2017

      "absolutely not to recommend"

      the area

      julies 110% honesty and dedication to transmit the science and phylosophy of yoga

      Maïder Laridan

      from United States, December 2018

      Qualité des cours. Formation complète et humaine

      Elisabeth Altrock

      from Germany, November 2018

      "Most precious experience! "

      Here you experience absolute authentically lived yoga, deep community and loving acceptance. If you are open and ready it may change your life, allow insides and growth and gives you exactly what you need to become a great yoga teacher/ yogi!

      So thankful


      Hélène Burger-tolotti

      from United States, November 2018

      "Ma formation à Vienne"

      Nous avons eu beaucoup de théorie, ce qui est une très bonne chose. La prof met en avant l aspect pédagogique, ses conseils sont pertinents et précieux.

      Bjoern Gbur

      from Germany, August 2018

      "Anders alles andere zuvor!"

      Du erlebst hier NICHT gestresste Lehrer oder professionelle Distanz,sondern tauchst ein in ein Umfeld voller Liebe und Wärme.Als Mitglied einer Familie.Egal,ob die Klasse aus einer Person oder Mehreren besteht-immer wird mit der gleichen Hingabe unterrichtet.Jede Frage wird ernst genommen und hier wird nicht nur Yoga unterrichtet,sondern gelebt.

      Wenn Du Dich darauf einlassen kannst und eine neue Erfahrung machen willst,bist Du am richtigen Ort!

      Bitte bleibt genau so,wie ihr seid-es ist ein Geschenk!