Vrinda School of Yoga in Varkala is the real academic yoga teacher training course for the first time in Varkala, Kerala. Certified by US Yoga Alliance.

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Aleksandra Dubanowicz

from Great Britain, March 2020

"Quality Yoga in the middle of paradise"

The teachers are professional and knowledgeable, teaching the authentic yoga. They give clear instructions and support you all the way through.

Vrinda School is bright, beautiful and clean, it really feels like home.

It is located few minutes from the beautiful beach ( absolutely favourite! ) and close to the restaurants, shops and viewpoints. Varkala is a little paradise and I could have not chosen a better place to obtain my teaching certificate.

It was a perfect experience.


from Japan, September 2019

"Clear result and precious encounter/素敵な出会い "

My body has changed cleary this month. I achieved losing 3 kilos and balancing my body shape especially shoulder line. It's clear that the combination of Yoga & Ayurvedic massages works. I guess the veg healthy food also suits me! It was a really fruitful time!


Samira Pfeiffer

from Germany, April 2020

"Excellent school, wonderful teacher, incredible expirience"

Excellent school and the best choice for teacher training! I truly fell in love with this place and can highly recommend it in every sense!! Vrinda school helps you to really dive into the traditional yoga practices in the most welcoming surrounding and guidance possible. The location is perfect both, close to the beach and nature. The school provides perfect service and the manager Praveen always helped with everything!!Nice accommodation, very clean and equipped, and soooooo good healthy foods, all plant-based and fresh!!! The yoga instructor Dr. Malathi is the most beautiful soul who incorporated practice, philosophy, and tradition in the best way possible!I am truly grateful to have learned yoga teaching from her, it was unique. The teaching was easily comprehensible and they always explained everything well. I had the best time at vrinda school and learned incredibly much that I will never forget in my entire life about yoga and a healthier, loving living style and it definetly inspired me to continue with yoga and spread its message! I can highly recommend you to do the same because this school really shows that it's not about commercials or money in a school but about the actual practice of yoga and sharing knowledge! To conclude, Vrinda school of yoga really turned out as the best choice for me and I am sooo gratefull for this experience! I could not have felt more supported by the teachers and guided on my yoga journey!

Raphael Paquette

from Canada, April 2020

"Great Experience! Great Investment for oneself"

Lovely place. Great teachers, great yogic food; delicious chapatis for sure! Isn’t it ;)? Thank you both Praveen and Dr Malathi for their outstanding work in time of crisis. Take care both of you.

Lisa Ravji

from Great Britain, April 2020

Vrindra yoga school was much more than a yoga school, from the beginning it felt like one big family thanks to Dr Malathi & Dr Praveen who made us feel so welcome and cared for! Where do I start on what I liked? I loved the location was so beautiful and peaceful. A massive thank you to Dr Malathi for her amazing teaching skills I thoroughly enjoyed her style of teaching I feel like I learnt so much her knowledge is fantastic! I really liked my accomadtion is was in a guest house close by only 2 min walk to the shala, it was a lovely room nice and clean and a great bathroom! The food was very good as a vegan this suited me very well! Need to give Praveen a big thank you nothing was too much trouble for him and made sure everything ran smoothly even when things got difficult with all the coronvirus troubles! I got so much from this amazing course and from these amazing people, for me it was a life changing experience in so many ways, personally, spiritually, emotionally. This course helped me to really find the discipline I needed for my own practice & to feel confident with all the knowledge & skills I learnt at Vrinda to become the yoga teacher I always wanted to be, authentic & traditional.Thank you Vrinda!

Sebastian Kohn

from India, April 2020

"A great School!"

All the teacher are great and have a lot of knowlege. Super friendly and they help you with all your Questions!

Even in the hard times of the CoronaCrisis they did all they can to support their students!

I would come back every time!


from Italy, April 2020

"Amazing Experience"

Thanks to Malathi Praveen and her team I had an amazing experience at Vrinda School of Yoga in Varkala. Everyone was lovely and caring and provided us with great knowledge throughout the weeks. The teaching was interesting and fitted to everyones individual needs. One could tell that the school is run with a lot of heart and passion. The food has been amazing and also the housing was in great condition. Would always come back and strongly recommend it to everyone!!


from Chile, April 2020

"March Bliss"

I loved every single day. The class structure, the teachers and the group of people who where brought together was just amazing.

Thank you for everything. I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

Love, Priya

Memri Tagle

from United States, April 2020

"Wonderful, holistic and authentic yoga training."

Best place to experience the history, authentic Indian traditions and practice of yoga. Food was very healthy. Attended when the coronavirus hit the world stage and the teachers and director were very helpful, accommodating and caring.


from Germany, March 2020

"Amazing time!"

I'm so satisfied, that I come to this course. The teachers are wonderful. Thank you to share all your knowledge with us. The school was a place full of love, discipline and understanding.

David Redvers

from Austria, March 2020

"All expectations were far exceeded "

From the minute I decided to go to India for my yoga teacher training to the time I left, Vrinda school of yoga was amazing. The communication from the very beginning was a pleasant reassurance of the professionalism and care this team prides themselves on and throughout my stay they were always urgent to my needs and the needs of others. The yoga training was thoroughly thought-out and was scheduled appropriately in order for our learning to be seamless and help us stay engaged. The location of this facility is remarkable, the beach is only a few short minutes away by foot and is spectacular! The local residents are super friendly and all of the amenities you might want to explore are inexpensive and are of high quality. I give Vrinda two huge thumbs up and I have already recommended then to some of my friends.

Fanny Ohrnell

from Sweden, March 2020

"Great course and experience"

The yoga hall & garden/dining space is beautiful and so relaxing. Teachers Dr Malathi and Sana are real characters, such special souls and so knowledgable. You can tell they love what they do. Accomodation is either in the school building or 2 min walk, I was on one building 2 minutes walk away and the owner there was really nice and helpful. The food was soooo good I’m really gonna miss it.

Everything makes for such a great environment to learn and to be yourself. Big thank you to Praveen for organizing everything so well. It was also nice to sometimes have a break from studies with the day trip, temple visit, cooking class, massage. The school is also really close to plenty of cafe/restaurants which is nice for a different environment to study or go in the weekend.

Our group was of course as well a bunch of beautiful souls, so much love..

I can really say I truly enjoyed everything at Vrinda. I would do it all again if i could!<3

Weiss Martina

from Italy, March 2020

"Best LIFE choice ever I could have taken.. "

The whole atmosphere was so loving so CARING so polite and professionale at the same time. LOVED the HATHA CLASSES IN THE morning they really started You to be in the Flow the whole day Dr. Malathi taught US with such passione and knowlege and love.. She touched everyonceS heart and gave a very great gift to US called YOGA.

Shanna explained the world and its nature in one Hand so lovely so true so SIMPLE YOGA IS FREEDOM AND ETERNAL Peace

TO make this all work of course someone like Praveen connects everything.

Namaste to ALL


Maria Soeiro

from Israel, February 2020

"Better than expected "

The teachers are really qualified

All the program was really good

The location is perfect

Hannah Biber

from Australia, February 2020

"Amazing beautiful experience"

This course was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a more magical experience in learning yoga.

The place was so beautiful, an abundant gorgeous yoga school set in a picturesque garden and practicing yoga every day amongst the trees with the bird songs was just divine.

The teachers - Malathi is a wonderful woman, filled to the brim with rich deep wisdom and knowledge which she shares freely and readily. Her classes are diverse and super informative and I feel so grateful to have learnt so much over the past month.

Sanathanan is also a very wise and special teacher. His teachings are profound and his classes are well paced and completely nourishing.

Praveen is also an amazing human, who shared his wisdom and space with us so fully and beautifully and was always around to help out anyone in need.

This course is really such a beautiful experience, I feel nourished from the inside out and I have grown so much over this month and learnt incredible amounts of knowledge from these wise wonderful teachers

Everything was so amazing, I highly highly recommend.


from Germany, January 2020

"Great school, wonderful teachers, beautiful people"

I liked especially the focus on the basics of Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa and teaching yoga as a traditional Indian philosophy. Sanata and Malathi have been excellent teachers.

Anahí Giménez

from India, January 2020

"Best experience ever 💚💜"

It was the more completed way to learn yoga. First because you are in the best location by the sea in the center of Ayurveda. But second you discover your self learning from the best teacher, doctor Malathi. Who is graduated in medicine and have always answer for all your problems. But most of that, she is a Indian woman, who really practice what she teach, compasive and always smiling. I can't say nothing but, I will go to visit again. I loveee all from this beautiful Familiar School ❤️❤️💜💛 thanks!!


from Canada, January 2020

"Not for everyone "

The nearby homestay Athira gardens was simple yet comfortable. The hosts were kind. The location was near the beach. The morning Hatha teacher was wonderful.

Geeta Khanna

from United States, January 2020

"Authentic experience and teachings "

This school was everything i hoped for and more. Being from an indian heritage myself, it was really important for me to find a school that taught the ancient roots of yoga and approached it from an eastern mentality not a westernized version of a workout. This was so well versed in philosphy, spirituality, wellness and health. Truly enforcing the mind, body and soul connection of yoga. The teachers, Dr. Malathi and Sanathananan were phenomenal and it was obvious they practice what they preach. The ayurvedic massages by Dr. Praveen were also a bonus and welcomed during the extensive yoga practices. The food was satvik and perfect for keeping our minds and bodies in detoxification, i appreciated the sinplicity. We had an intimate group of 11 pps so it was very ands on. I had friends at other bigger more expensive schools and Vrinda exceeded all of their teachings and experiences. It was full of love, knowledge, self awareness and meditation. I preferred that the location was on the south cliff as the temple and beach were 5mins walking distance and kept the peaceful energy of our teachings instead of being surrounded by partying. However if onne desired the north cliff was an easy 15min walk or 8min cab ride away. Truly feel blessed to have been certified by this school, would highly recommend it to anyone. The value is phenomenal. Left the place feeling like family as they created a loving, open atmosphere and thank the kindness of Dr. Malathi, Dr. Parveen, Sana, and Chichi.

Esteban Uribe Franco

from India, December 2019

"Intense and life changing"

This 30 days of training were so transformative. Surrounded by palms trees and so lovely varkala people, staying in a very nice house, amazing classmates, and the teachers so prepared, professional, imbued in yogic lifestyle since very young.

Doctor MALATHI always complement Yogic teachings with ayurvedic teachings, giving the classes an added value, very pertinent for a yoga instructor.

Sofie Tellström

from India, December 2019

"Amazing experience at Vrinda school of Yoga"

I had an amazing time and life chancing experience at Vrinda yoga school in Varkala. I can higly recomend this yoga school to anyone! 🙏

I learned so much in 28 days, about yoga, meditation and also about myself. The school have a very nice atmosphere, the garden around the school is beautiful and it is close to the beach, perfect location. The food was delicious and very healthy. We were students from all over the world and it was fun to take on the Journey together as becoming yoga teachers.

Dr Malathi and Dr. Praveen, thank you so much for this time! 🙏❤️ You are the best! Wish you all good luck in future.

Jasmine Lucas

from Malaysia, December 2019

"Wonderful teacher training. "

Malathi is a wonderful teacher, she is so passionate and extremely thorough in her teaching methods. She makes yoga teachers of everyone!

Sanathananan was such a joy to learn from, he is wise and numerous and an extremely good yoga instructor.

I’ve learned how to be a yoga teacher, and how to be a better person.

Sun Hee Maeng

from Portugal, December 2019

"True value for money experience"

Malathi was one of the best teachers I’ve ever met. She constantly amazed me by the extensive knowledge she has about yoga and yoga philosophy. She also genuinely cares about each one of student. I have never regretted that I made a choice to come to Vrinda to learn yoga even though I don’t intend to become a professional yoga teacher. It was one of the best money I’ve spent in my life. Trust me, you will learn a lot, not just about yoga, but also about life and yourself ❤️ Thank you, Malathi & Praveen for all the lovely cares. Lots of love from Sunhee(South Korea)

Duy Lyford

from United States, August 2019

"Summer YTT "

I am a skeptic and would not consider myself "spiritually woke," or into "woo-woo." Going into my training I was worried about how bored or frustrated I would get from the spiritual/religious aspect of my training. I expected that by taking YTT in India there would be a heavy focus on philosophy, spiritually, religion, and history (vs. in the USA where YTT is likely to have more focus on the physical practice, classroom teaching/structure, technique, anatomy etc.)

It was true--there was a greater emphasis on the non-physical aspect of yoga. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the philosophy, spiritual concentration, history, and theories that were taught. I found myself really into the history, chanting, prayers, meditation practices, reflection, and getting a deeper holistic connection with yoga itself.

Julia Strack

from Germany, May 2019

"I highly recommend this priceless school and experience! "

I would like to thank Praveen and Malathi for this wonderful experience and the amazing four weeks I had in Varkala! Malathi and Praveen are wonderful, kind people which made this stay very special and one of the best times in my life. Malathi and Sanathanan are amazing teachers and everyone can learn so much from them! The classes are structured, informative and challenging. The food is amazing, especially if Praveen cooks! Many special events like cooking classes included as well as trips where Praveen and Malathi took us to discover the surrounding.

The location is perfect, 5 minutes walk to the beach. The school is on the south cliff of Varkala beach, which means less tourists than on the north cliff but still only 15 minutes walk away from the north cliff. The house is beautiful especially the yoga hall on the roof!

I can definitely recommend the stay at Vrinda and I will come back for the 500 hours yoga teaching next year!

Please keep up your amazing work Malathi, Praveen and Sanathanan!

Rikke Ludvigsen

from Denmark, May 2019

"Perfect combination of yoga training & ayurveda treatment "

The quality of both the yoga training and the ayurveda treatment for 21 days that I booked was absolutely amazing and of the highest standard. It can’t get any better than this. They promised a lifechanging experience and it sure was in a very good way.

Lidia Jimenez

from United States, April 2019

"Joyfully recommending Vrinda School"

Dr. Malathi has taught and passed her knowledge on Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurveda, Physiology and Anatomy with passion and loving care for each of her students. She motivated our practice graciously.

Dr. K. Sanathanan has enthusiastically and magically passed his knowledge and experience on ancient Philosophy and Hatha Yoga in an unique way, what clearly is part of his everyday’s life. He also corrected with additional exercises in a subtle way everyone’s weaker muscles what bought many a quick and safe improvement.

In my opinion, both together have been the perfect combination to receive a stable foundation and new attitude towards the complete meaning of being a yoga practitioner and teacher.

Thank you also to Manager Praveen for all his efforts to make this transformative days go smooth and surprising us also with special meals.

Taking everything into account it has been a most complete enriching journey at a walking distance to Papanasam beach!

Arni Elliott

from Iceland, April 2019

"Life changing experience "

The whole experience was exactly what I was looking for I all ways from the knowledge of teachings to the amazing plant based food.

Bina Yu

from France, April 2019

I expected a lot from my retreat and it went well beyond my expectation. I loved my retreat (did the yoga TTC 200hrs and the 21 days Ayurvedic treatment) Vrinda School of yoga offers an authentic experience, deeply rooted in spirituality (teaching from a Swami) and excellence of teaching (Dr. Malathi is just amazing! Thank you thank you Malathi!). The center is located in a place very strong with energy in the South of India (far away to the other yoga centers with a great local community around and I regret not having taken the time after the retreat to enjoy the area). I feel grateful to having had the opportunity to find them and have one of the most empowering journey of my life. The food is like a yogic diet which is very good for you. After a month there you feel rejuvenated, good in your skin and happy. The price is really reasonable for the experience you get (accommodation is shared and quite ascetic with sometimes shared toilets and showers). Instructors are great and they maintain a good balance between feeling good and pushing you (a special thank you Shivan for your Hatha Yoga classes!). Overall I loved it as I said and you get so much more than just a great yoga teaching (200 hours TTC) definitely will go back for the advanced class. Namaste!

Kim Van Niekerk

from United States, April 2019

"Vrinda Yoga School a life changing experience "

Our arrival was well handled, the accommodation was simple but ideal for the course stay. Our instructor Dr Malathi and her husband Praveen were amazing hosts. She is a very special person with an intuitive energy and a depth beyond what you expect. The full experience of yoga was offered and it opened me to areas I was not previously exposed to It was such a valuable teaching that I will never forget and that will change me forever. Thank you Malathi. It will go down as one of my most wonderful times of my life. The people we met on the course were excellent, interesting and from at least 15 different countries. Friends for life were made. We al learnt from each other too. The beach and swimming were amazing. The village of Varkala is one of a kind We all LOVED it. I will definately teach yoga and feel confident to do so But my private practice is what has benefited the most. Connected forever and adding to the positive life energy. xx Kim from South Africa

Vandana Yadav

from Italy, March 2019

Dr Malathi is a learned instructor who teaches with passion.

Mr. Praveen who manages the school along with Dr Malathi make a genuine effort to make it a fulfilling and good experience for their students. they go out of their way to assist and help students within and outside their responsibility sphere.

I recommend this school to anybody who wants to have a yoga experience in Kerala.

Piotr Springer

from India, March 2019


I had a time of my life. People around were simply amaizing. Dr Malathi have a huge heart and she was like a mommy for all of us. We shered beautifull experience. Location is just 4 minutes walk from the beach. Food was simple but good and you can always ask for extra portion. Course was focused on spiritual part of yoga. Come with open heart and do not expect anything and you will be happy.

Nicola Greenwood

from Great Britain, February 2019


I went to Vrinda for a 10 day retreat and it was much more than I had hoped. I felt like I had arrived home, they are a new school and did everything they could to tailor and support my time here. I left feeling I had new friends, the Dr's / Teachers are amazing, the energy is wonderful I left restored and much richer than before I came. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. If you're looking to improve your yoga practice and know a little about yoga, the daily classes are wonderful... I will be returning as soon as i can. Anu one of the Dr's / teachers is not listed here, she was also wonderful and between the 3 it made a perfect retreat.


from Norway, February 2019

"It is with a heavy heart I can't recommend this school"

Its a beautiful location and the teachers were very friendly. Theres also a beautiful garden with an eating area and a nice hammock to relax in. Its only a 10 minutes walk to the beach and there are little kiosks nearby. I also met a lot of wonderful people who made this experience very special. Malathis theory classes were really good and she also applied science to her classes.

- Its very cheap

Tia Diep

from Canada, February 2019

Varkala is an amazing place in between 2 cliffs. You have the choice of beach. You also have a great selection of restaurants and fruit juices and coconuts. The classes start at 5:30 am and go until 7:30 pm on certain days so as long as you are well versed in English, have a positive can-do attitude and are ready for something this intense, this place is for you.


from Norway, February 2019

Yahmina Mia Koda

from United States, February 2019

The owners were very kind

Vitalija Salygina

from United States, January 2019

"Amazing and powerful place"

The teaching goes beyond yoga, everyone is very caring, kind, professional and make you not want to leave. It is a very happy place filled with very good positive energy. I had an amazing time and would definitely love to come back for a longer time.

Konstantin Golovan

from Russia, January 2019

"It was amazing month."

Everything was very good, from the beginning till the end. Location - it is close to north cliff and central junction, and at the same time it is quiet and peaceful there. We practiced alot, and i feel addicted to yoga now. And we had many theory lessons, we studied pranayamas, meditation and everything what yoga include. Big sincere thanks to dr. Malathi, dr. Praveen and dr. Anu for your time and positive energy. Thanks to the lady who was cooking every day tasty sattvic food for us. Thanks to all students, who are my good friends now. And i hope see you all some time!

More Mika

from Nepal, December 2018

"November, best class of 2018! "

First of all, I would like to say that the school is very warm and welcoming. I am so glad I chose to study at varkala and not anywhere else as I was torn between varkala and rishikesh. This part of India is so warm, tourist friendy. I met the most amazing prople, radiating positivity and warmth at this school. It was honour to have met so many wonderful souls. Dr malathi, she is a true goddess and a gem. I learned so much more about life, patience and positivity not just yoga, asanas and pranayama from her. She is a bundle of joy so I really enjoyed her company. The ambience of school and the atmosphere is very positive. Her way of teaching and her understanding is very vast. I really enjoyed the yoga nidra classes and when we practised yoga at the beach. It has been the most beautiful experience I had in 2018. I have learned so much and I feel ready to share the love of yoga to others and spread the teaching of Dr malathi.

Amazing experience

Great location, good atmosphere, good energy.

Anett Maximovits

from Hungary, December 2018

"We are so blessed to find Vrinda school/ family"

We are so thankful to dr. Malati and to dr. Proveen to having us. It was a life changing experience for both of us.

We arrived without expectation and we got so much!

As a couple we got more privacy, when they chose our room. The food was always great, enjoyed all the meals and also the garden of the school, where we had them.

But, the best spot definitely was the practices with dr. Malati, who has amazing knowledge about yoga, great teacher, plus she is one of the most beautiful human being, who we ever met!

The theory was complex with dr. Anu and the ayurvedic massage helped a lot, thank's to dr.Proveen.

We miss all the nice faces from there, we want to return as soon as possible!

Loved the location, which is close to the beach and the Cliff. There is a great garden within 3 min away to chill in lunch breaks and short cut to the beach.(Soul and Surf).

Waiting for the 300 h TTC!!!

See you soon!


Sylvia Hedenstrom

from Sweden, December 2018

"Great experience"

I am so grateful for this experience. My thanks to the knowledge that you have given to me. Dr Malathi, our main teacher and guru is so well educated, knows all there is to know about yoga and more and she is allways there for you to answer any kind of questions or support you in any way. Everyone at the school is welcoming and wonderfull and they will do everything to make youre stay as pleasent as possible. Loved the location, Varkala has a beatiful beach, is not to commercialised and at the nearby North cliff you will find all you need and a good variety of restaurants, enjoyed spending my day off there. Staying this close for 28 days means that you get to know eachother really well, got friends for life! I wish Vrinda school of yoga the best and I am shure the school will flurish!

Myles Thompson

from India, November 2018

"Extremely knowledgeable hosts"

Praveen and his wife are both the most knowledgeable and experienced Ayurvedic doctors I’ve ever met. Not only does Malathi run the Yoga program but she’s also seems to have mastered it. Her classes are that of real Yoga, no fluff or hip hop music. It was bliss for me, and actually very refreshing to do yoga in India the way that it was intended to be from the begging. If you’re looking for real yoga (as has been done since ancient times with no compromises) then look no further, this place is the real deal whether it be just a retreat to connect with your spirit, or a full on yoga teacher training. Praveen has also mastered his trade, his Ayurvedic treatments are healing on more than just a physical level. Not only does he have allot of experience in his field, he also delivers a wonderful service to you on a spiritual, mental, and physical level. The man has healing hands. I’ve never seen someone who understands the healing ability of Ayurveda the way he does, and practices it with such mastery. He actually comes from a lineage of it which I thought was really cool.

I also might add that Malathi is rated the best Ayurvedic doctor in Kerala, and second in all of India.

Overall they are great people and the offer great service for a great price. I’d recommend them to anyone.


from Japan, November 2018

"Amazing experience in my life."

I studied 200 hours Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training. Before I take this course I was little nervous however everyone in Vrinda school are very kind and staying there was comfortable as a home. I surprised that all teachers are doctors of yoga and nature cure so they are well knowledgeable for human body therefore the classes in Anatomy and Physiolosy are interesting. They are teaching the traditional science of Yoga. Place is very nice and calm in addition it is very close to the ocean (Varkara beach). I think the best way to forcus learning about Yoga. I really like the most is Yoga hall. Beautifully decorated with Sary and wide enough. Most pleasant place for practicing Yoga Asanas (especially in the morning!!). I had a chance to eat many kind of traditional Kerala food that I never had in my life. It was delicious. I really enjoying the food that served in there. I can not thank you enough that I could not pass this course without their help. I appreciate it very much.

Gwen Moison-bescond

from New Caledonia, March 2020

Pratiquer le yoga, matin et après midi, dans une progression constante a été pour moi très révélateur.

María Perez

from Sri Lanka, March 2020

"Maravillosa experiencia "

Recomendable 100%! Gran equipo de profesionales maravillosos! Lo cierto , es que al principio de viaje tuvimos problemas con la visa india y en todo momento tuvimos apoyo por parte de la escuela , nos hicieron hasta una justificación oficial de que íbamos a venir a esta escuela para hacer yoga y al final lo solucionamos todo gracias a su fantástica ayuda. La Dr. Malathi es una mujer increíble , fuerte , dulce , amable y bondadosa ; explica todo con mucho cariño y mucha atención en todos los detalles; da igual tu nivel en yoga , ella te ayudará desde 0. Yo al principio me sentía insegura y he acabado encantada. El profesor de filosofia y hatha Sanah también es una persona maravillosa, inteligente y divertido además lleno de sabiduría. Praveen , es el que organiza y te ayudará en lo que necesites SIEMPRE , un amor de persona. Por otro lado , la comida muy rica y variada , la cocinera es muy dulce y puedes repetir sin problema. Todo perfecto , clases teóricas & prácticas , alojamiento, comida , el trato ... volveré a hacer las 300 horas sin duda. Me voy llena de conocimientos , más flexible y con una buena disciplina para mi día a día , un verdadero placer .

Samuel Moncla

from Great Britain, February 2020

"200h yoga teacher training "

Super enseignement de qualité, très complet, l'équipe pédagogique est très qualifié et à l'écoute.

Le studio de yoga est très agréable et confortable.

L'alimentation est préparer avec amour, superbes plats traditionnels.

L'école est localiser sur Varkala sud Cliff, superbe plage et quelques super restaurants à proximités.

Nadia Said

from France, December 2019

"Excellent cours "

La qualités des cours pratiques hatha et asthanga vinyasa. Le sérieux et le professionnalisme en générale. La prévenance de Malathi, sa rigueur et sa gentillesse. Elle est à l ecoute et bienveillante.

Friederike Winkelmann

from Netherlands, December 2019


Die Vrinda School of Yoga ist im Vergleich mit anderen Schulen in Varkala die preiswerteste Schule. Die Betreuung ist außergewöhnlich und sehr, sehr herzlich: Malathi und Praveen sind jederzeit ansprechbar und kümmern sich mit besonders viel Sorgfalt und Liebe! Ich kann dieses Schule wirklich jedem empfehlen! Das Essen war sehr, sehr gut! Der Essensplan ist mit Sorgfalt ausgewählt (vegan)! Die Vrinda School of Yoga könnte mit Leichtigkeit das Doppelte an Geld verlangen für das was die Studenten dort erhalten.

Sanne Blok

from Netherlands, October 2019

"Super ervaring"

Varkala is een prachtige plek om een maand lang tot rust te komen en je te verdiepen in de yoga en de Indiase cultuur. Malathi is zeker de beste teacher die je je kan wensen voor een yoga opleiding en geeft veel individuele aandacht en les op een leuke, spirituele maar ook nuchtere wijze. Deze 4 weken waren een spirituele, fysieke maar ook mentale beproeving die ik 100% aan kan raden.

2 praktische puntjes:

De locatie en accommodatie zijn vrij simpel (verwacht geen luxe retreat plek) wat voor mij helemaal prima was, omdat je gedurende deze weken vol kon focussen op de yoga opleiding en daardoor een simpele omgeving juist wel kon omarmen.

Desalniettemin kan ik Vrinda zeker aanraden voor het volgen van een YTT!

Laetitia Vangy

from France, October 2019

"Très professionnelle bienveillante impliquée "

Les cours bien structurés, intéressants, la culture apportée, l'environnement, l'impression d'évoluer au sein d'une grande famille. Praveen, Malathi, Santhanan sont très engagés voire impliqués dans leur mission. La chaleur humaine y règne. J'y ai trouvé la sérénité que je cherchais ainsi que l'enrichissement personnel.

Je recommande vivement


from France, September 2019

"Excellent enseignement - "

Un grand merci au Dr Malathi qui est une excellente enseignante qui met à notre service toutes ses connaissances.

J'ai eu également la bonne surprise de faire une cure de rajeunissement.

A mon retour mon voisin m'a dit qu'as-tu fait on dirait que tu as 10 ans de moins. Aussi, je remercie de tout mon coeur le Dr Praveen qui a pris soin de moi et m'a permis de réaliser une étonnante cure de désintoxication.

Au plaisir de revoir "ma famille indienne" dans un futur que j'espère proche.

Jessica Heuschmid

from Germany, August 2019

"Very happy with my decision "

I did my 200h YTTC at Vrinda School of Yoga and I am very happy with this decison. The food is clean (yogic diet suitable for exercise), the surrounding is beautiful (eg 10 mins walking distace to the beach) and the curriculum is very broad (covers both physical and spiritual side of yoga!). Your hosts Dr Praveen (managing director) and Dr Malathi (principal) are not only very qualified at what they do but they are also very kind hearted people who will always have an open ear for your wishes or worries. Thank you so much for all the nice talks and encouragements and for taking such good care of us!

Luzia Reichmuth

from South Africa, June 2019

We were a small group and we have learnt a lot from each other. The food was really yogifood, all natural, organic and healthy.

Dr Malathi and Praveen did really a good job.

Clara Boyer

from United States, May 2019

"Bon stage de yoga "

L’environnement est agréable, bien situé à varkala , à 10min minutes de la plage.

Lors de la saison creuse (avril/mai) nous étiez que 5 dans la classe c’etait top!

Les cours sont intéressant, très bien pour débuter le yoga.

L’association yoga et massage est parfait, la masseuse est très doué et ça aide à relâcher les muscles

Belinda Voorspoels

from United States, April 2019

"Geweldige ervaring"

De gastvrijheid, sfeer, toewijding van de leerkrachten en de hele ervaring waren ver boven mijn verwachtingen uit !

De cursus zat goed in elkaar en het was heel verrijkend en interessant.

Ik raad iedereen dit aan !

De hele cursus is zeker niet te onderschatten, mentaal, fysiek en spiritueel is het een beproeving.

Ik heb hier een geweldige ervaring mee dat ik nooit van m'n leven zal vergeten en heeft me veel bijgeleerd.

Ik heb hier ook fantastische mensen leren kennen over heel de wereld.

Julie Delhay

from France, March 2019

"Séjour inoubliable "

La bienveillance et les efforts fournis par l’equipe Pour que l’on se sente bien. La cuisine est délicieuse. Le cadre est magnifique et propice à La création d’une super ambiance ! le programme est chargé mais L’ecole Nous laisse beaucoup de libertés, ce qui nous permet de réussir à profiter du lieu quand même :)

Nicolas Harriet

from United States, March 2019

Anette Jürges

from Germany, March 2019

"Gutes Preis-Leistungsverhältnis"

Da der Preis für die 4 Wochen Yogalehrerausbildung mit Unterkunft und Verpflegung mit unter 700 € eine der günstigsten war, die ich im Netz gesehen habe, hatte ich keine großen Erwartungen, wurde aber angenehm überrascht. Ich hatte das Glück, ein Zimmer für mich alleine in der Yogaschule (Ashram) zu haben und nur das Bad mit jemandem zu teilen. Es ist sehr ruhig dort und die Yogahalle auf dem Dach ist groß und schön. Der Unterricht bei Dr. Malathi war für mich prima, sie hat uns langsam mit steigendem Tempo und Schwierigkeitsgrad ans Ashtanga Vinyasa herangeführt. Die Theoriestunden hat sie sehr interessant gestaltet und es war sehr umfangreich. Es gab ein Workbook und wir wurden gut sowohl auf unsere praktische als auch auf unsere theoretische Abschlussprüfung vorbereitet. Auch wenn nicht alles ganz rund lief (die Yogaschule ist noch relativ jung), geben sich hier alle viel Mühe, den Teilnehmern gerecht zu werden, gehen auf Wünsche ein und sind sehr liebenswert. Außerdem sind sie absolut offen für konstruktive Kritik und tun ihr bestmögliches, um sich stetig zu verbessern. Wer eine preiswerte und trotzdem gute Ausbildung sucht, ist hier ganz gut aufgehoben.


from United States, March 2019

"Very nice People and an amazing location"

Besonders die Leiterin der Yogaschule hat mir sehr imponiert. Sie ist wahnsinnig nett und weiß sehr viel. Die Lage der Schule ist sensationell und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist super.

Amazing Location close to the beautiful beach. Very friendly and knowledgable teachers.

Elodie Trullemans

from France, March 2019

Les professeurs de yoga étaient très gentille !

Laurence Perrin

from Nepal, March 2019

"Merci 🙏 Thank you"

Vrinda School is a pleasant place closer to the beautiful beach of Varkala and not so far from the town. I enjoyed to stay in a room there. I appreciated the practice and the theory in the nice Shala open on the outside.

I appreciated Dr Malathi, a nice teacher who shared her skills and great knowledge on yoga.

I really enjoyed to be with such a group of nice people of different countries.

The food was simple and really good, easy to digest for the yoga practice.

I left the school really happy to have been guided through this place.

Thank you so much 🙏

Laurence from...France


from Spain, February 2019

"Not recommended to put Retreat and teacher training together"

They are kind and try to help you with issues. Dr. Malati has a great knowledge and is a very patient person. After complaining because of no electricity and no water in the house they brought me in another house. The location is close to the beach and close to the cliff.

Annelies Van Dijk

from Netherlands, February 2019

"Waarmee wordt geadverteerd wordt niet waar gemaakt"

De locatie van de school is fijn


from Netherlands, February 2019

"Driven female teachers - but too much people "

The teachers (Malathi and Anu) are very driven and take their time to explain all the theory. I personally loved that there were only female teachers. If it was up to me, even the management should have been female.

The location of the school and the surrounding accommodations are perfect. I would definitely recommend the Clafouti restaurant on the North Cliff; very kind people and good (sea)food.

Santiago Merodio

from Spain, January 2019

"Life changing experience"

El destino quiso que, prácticamente sin pensarlo, viniese a la Escuela De Yoga Vrinda en Varkala.Esta ha sido una decisión que siempre me alegraré de haber tomado.

El Dr. Praveen, en sus mails, ya me dijo que me iba a cambiar la vida y así ha sido.

La Dra. Malathi, instructora principal de la escuela y mi gurú, con la ayuda de la Dra. Anu,han conseguido que lo que era un ligero interés y curiosidad por el Yoga durante años, se haya convertido en una pasión y, creo, un modo de vida.

El ambiente en la escuela es increíble. Nuestro grupo, muy cosmopolita, debido a este buen ambiente, trabajó sin parar, apoyándonos unos otros para mejorar.

La Dra. Malathi es excelente, muy relajada pero, a la vez, exigente en su trabajo. Su práctica matutina, mientras escuchas a la Tierra amanecer, con los pájaros cantando, te hará coger la energía suficiente para todo el día.

La comida, auténtica “yogui diet”, hace que mantengas la forma y que tu cuerpo, gracias también a la práctica, elimine las toxinas que acumulamos de nuestra vida occidental.

El Dr. Praveen, médico ayurvedico, es un excelente Doctor, que solo con tocarte sabe lo que le pasa a tu cuerpo y a tu mente y, si quieres, te ayudará a encontrar el equilibrio entre ambos.

Tras la clase no dudes en pasear hasta el Janardanaswamy Temple. Yo lo hice cada mañana, esta a 100 mts.

La verdad es que me he sentido como en casa, y ahora la familia Praveen es parte de mi familia.

Les deseo lo mejor para el futuro, algo que se merecen.