Synchronized healing mind and body by perpetually increasing awareness and deep cleansing, experiencing abundance, contribution, and deep meaningfulness.

Yoga Retreats (12)

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Ananta Jeevan

Dhyan Samya

Reviews (5)

Jamie Ysrael

from Philippines, October 2020

"Very insightful 4 day retreat "

The retreat was very insightful. It was done online and I was the only participant. I was experiencing anxiety prior to the retreat and the yoga sessions and one-on-one discussions really helped give clarity and the proper venue so I can start my inward journey. Ananta was a very patient instructor. Since the retreat was done online there were moments it was cut since internet is quite slow in the Philippines but Ananta was accommodating. I did feel more enlightened and lighter after the retreat. I would recommend this experience who are going through very challenging times. It is only 4 days, but it could be a start.


from Australia, June 2019

"Rejuvenating retreat"

I travelled by myself to India and wanted to recharge before starting a group tour, so I booked this 4 day chakra awakening retreat. Ananta was really helpful with communication before I got there. It was easy to get to from Delhi airport and a pure oasis, away from the hustle and bustle. I was there at the same time as the Osho Youth Festival so there was a great atmosphere and everyone was so welcoming and made me feel right at home. The retreat facilities were very good, the room was basic but clean and comfortable. The food was all vegetarian and organic, and was always very nice! I was hoping to do a little more yoga, but explored more meditation this time (it's what I felt I needed at the time and didn't have enough hours in the day!). I had a mixture of group sessions with the youth festival and some one on one classes with Ananta, which I enjoyed the combination. I felt really rejuvenated after the sessions and hope to keep the same outlook moving forward. I would really recommend this place and hope to go back there one day...

Clémence Dumont

from Spain, August 2019

"Beautiful experience "

AnantaJeevan est merveilleux, il a donné tout ce qu’il a pu pour m’ouvrir les yeux et le cœur. Je pars d’ici en me sentant plus légère, dans l’amour infini. Les méditations Kundalini et dynamique d’Osho sont une découverte pour moi , et j’ai apprécié, même si je n’étais pas très confortable.

En effet j’avais une vision très basique et j’étais dans la reaction, j’ai compris bcp, et maintenant je penserai différemment . Avec plus de compassion .

Je souhaite aussi parler de la délicieuse nourriture préparée par Jugnu, cet homme est d’une extrême gentillesse. Ses yeux et son cœur sont si généreux.

Je suis comblée par le personnel de Zorba .

Je recommande vivement un séjour à Zorba!! Et les cours et soins de AnantaJeevan.


Je n’ai pas eu le temps d’essayer d’autres ateliers .

Clémence , France/Espagne

Camila Cruz

from Greece, June 2019

"Rediscover Thyself "

My name is Sabrina and I did this meditation retreat with my twin sister Camila and my best friend.

I just want to say it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had.

I know life put us here for a reason and it helped us to discover so many things about us , about life and how beautiful it is.

Thank you Ananta, you really are pure light and you shared all your good energy to us, we really connected a lot with you and with ourselves.

I just want to say I really recommend this retreat because everything comes from the heart, and when something is like that, it’s the most powerful thing.

Food incredible, place amazing and beautiful beautiful people around us.

Thank you for so much, and thank you Ananta, you are amazing and you are in our hearts.

Sabrina, Camila and Camila ♥️

From Perú 🇵🇪

Camila Vega Adaui

from Greece, June 2019


Es una de las experiencias más increíbles que he tenido en mi vida.

Además de la energía del lugar, la comida espectacular y nuestro maestro, todo hizo que los días fueran los mejores.

Igual es todo un reto, ya que son muchas pruebas que te tienes que poner a ti mismo, pero una vez que las haces, estar del otro lado, es lo mejor que puede pasarte.

Realmente puedo decir con certeza que este lugar me sanó. Gracias.