Om Sampoorn Yoga organizes personalized yoga retreats with certified instructors. They design life-changing experiences based on your desires.

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9 Day Renew and Rejuvenate Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Available in December, January & March
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Vimal Barthwal


Reviews (34)

Dr Sujatha Sudheep

from India, September 2021

"Transcendental Experience "

Being with happy positive people like Yogi Vimal & Elena was itself an outworldly experience. Their energy,mannerism,spirituality and the way they know how to pull you out of your comfort zone and at the same stretch make you ultimately comfortable is truly commendable.Loved every moment in Rishikesh.Lots of love & gratitude.

Margalida Cardona Gari

from Spain, February 2020

"A transformational experience."

This yoga retreat has been one of the most transformational experiences I’ve ever had. Yogi Vimal and Yogini Elena are extraordinary people with an outstanding yoga and spiritual knowledge (both on and off the mat) always willing to share it with you through yoga classes, long talks and excursions to amazing (non touristic) places. The stay at Staywell Cottage couldn’t have been better: from the facilities to the simple yet tasty food Seema prepares daily (the same she prepares for her family). So said, I only have good words for the beautiful time I spent in Rishikesh doing this retreat and I highly reccomend it to everyone who wants to follow the path to bow to their higher self :)

Ricardo Hernandez Ramon

from Vietnam, January 2020

"Great retreat if you want to experience the "real" yoga ;)"

The teachings, visits to temples, ceremonies, visit to Baba, monkeys and just the casual talks with the instructors. Obviously "Himalayas Walk" during yoga classes.

Carlos Lee

from Mexico, January 2020

"Outstanding instructors, Super qualified! Amazing experience"

I appreciated a lot how committed and passionate Elena and Vimal are. They take the program very seriously and inspire you to go further! Also when it’s the right time you can always crack a joke and just have the best moment with them. So easygoing, everything flows and of course they always make sure you are making the best out of what you went looking for.

Miho Sato

from Philippines, January 2020














Hannah Ford

from Australia, December 2019

"Enlightening experience"

I loved the retreat and found I learnt a lot, both about yoga, meditation and indian culture as well as about myself. I enjoyed having two different teachers, and felt Elena and Vimal's different approaches to yoga very helpful and a good balance. I am continuing to practise meditation and yoga at home - something I have always found difficult to keep up until this retreat! The accommodation was great, excellent location close to Luxman Jula but far enough away from the noise and business. Seema is an excellent cook and her family, as well as the other guests, made me feel very welcome. Thankyou to Elena and Vimal (and Seema!) for a wonderful experience.

Mariana Areyan

from Spain, December 2019

"Just want I need/ Justo lo que necesitaba "

Elena and Vimal are really good teachers and coaches. I am so glad that I met them. They both took care of me. Also I had enough time to be alone and I loved it because that made feel free. The excursions were very nice, places where must tourist don’t go. I ask for assessment about Ayurveda, so Elena teach me what I needed to learn. Vimal understood my yoga level at the first moment and helped me to improve my practice in one week.

Elena y Vimal son buenos profesores y coaches. Me alegra haberlos conocido. Ambos estaban pendientes de mi. También tuve tiempo sola y me encantó porque me sentí libre. Las excursiones fueron geniales, lugares donde no suelen ir los turistas. Pedí asesoría sobre Ayurveda y Elena me enseñó lo que necesitaba aprender. Vimal entendió mi nivel de yoga desde el primer momento y me ayudó a mejorar mi práctica en una semana.

Richard Rose

from France, November 2019

"More than yoga : seed to a new Me"

I just have no idea of how the other yoga retreat run like but I didn't expect a yoga retreat in that way. I mean it was quite more than practice asanas/poses since we learnt about yoga's origin, the real meaning of practical and how deep it should bring me to a better physical me, a better spiritual me as I keep practising.

And more than that Elena and Vimal fullfilled my Indian trip with huge knowledges about culture, religion and people (attending to puja, learning about rituals while visiting temples and so on).

I'm glad I met such great people with beautiful energy.

Rachel Dallas

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Good budget retreat, lovely people, lovely area. "

I enjoyed my time very much during my week with Vimal. I was the only person on the retreat and even though I met some great people staying at the accommodation he ensured I was taken out every day and taken to an ashram, temple, sunset ceremony or cave to meditate in! He is such a lovely guy and I really enjoyed spending time with him and chatting and laughing with him. He was very accommodating if I needed to alter the times of anything.

The yoga was done on the rooftop of the guesthouse which was really lovely to have the view of the Himalayas. The guesthouse is in a lovely chilled out area just up and out of the main centre so much quieter.

The Staywell guest house was good accommodation with the friendliest family running it... Seema is a great cook and so accommodating! I was made to feel very welcomed.

Anais Chamot

from France, September 2019



Vimal is very nice, open minded ; he opened my mind to a lot of important spiritual topics... The yoga practice is very good, sometimes hard, but we always ENJOYED the moment! ;)

The food is prepared by Sima, who is so kind and listen to our food envies! The dishes were delicious and very healthy.

The place is a little bit appart from the city center, which is totaly an advantage car it's very quite. But still, it's easy to go to the interest points (even more thanks to Vimal, who goes with the groupe for the visits most of the time).

So thank you SO MUCH for this amazing week, Vimal opened my eyes and my mind, I'm looking to forward to come back again!

Ella Fleming

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Ella fleming - 10 days "

I loved every minute of the retreat, despite it being rainy season! The daily yoga classes and excursions made exploring rishikesh an amazing experience, combining practice with exciting activities- I never got bored!

My instructor instantly understood my own yoga practice preferences/ styles including injuries and areas that needed work - this really helped as the classes were thought out tailored sessions and allowed me to build strength through the week.

I also loved the guest house and excellent hosts who were so welcoming into their home and amazing food!! I felt very comfortable and at home.

AmaInf Ayurvedic massage that was included in the price!

Cecilia Osorio

from Mexico, May 2019

"Meditation & Yoga retreat was an amaxing experience"

The ability of the instructor to guide people out of the comfort zone and also the ability to see what really people needs at all.

Beth Mercer

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"AWFUL; RIP off! Poor accom, yoga "studio" & terrible food."

Elena's classes were ok. Elena and Vimal can be very charming; it's what they do. The second room I was in had a lovely view of the Ganges and was quieter than the first so I could actually sleep. They listened to my complaint about noise and not being able to sleep in the first room and moved me to another after a few nights.

Lindsey Malcolm

from United States, March 2019

"A Transformative Journey in Rishikesh"

To say that this was just an experience or retreat would be belittling the incredible journey that Elena and Vimal so beautifully, compassionately and open-heartedly created. Over the course of five days, my spiritual path was reawakened and restored. Their perfectly-curated itinerary exposed me to the real Rishikesh, the real India, and my real higher Self - for which I am overwhelmingly grateful. From meditating in sacred caves along the Ganga to venturing up the Himalayas to meet a baba to being completely immersed in the local villages, each and every aspect of the program built a cadence of understanding and appreciation for a truly purposeful way of life.

Their passion for yoga has ignited a newborn interest in pursuing a grounded and balanced approach to life. By showing the beauty of the practice, the culture, and its people, I have a revitalised perspective of the world.

For all those who are looking to have a deep, meaningful and rejuvenating visit to Rishikesh or India, Om Sampoorn Yoga is sine qua non.

With the utmost gratitude, thank you, Elena and Vimal.

Lyn Nyenhuis

from Canada, March 2019

"Absolutely magical on and off the mat"

I loved every minute. I learned so much about my own practice which now back home in New Zealand I continue what I learned. The Yoga Nidra was amazing. Experiencing and recognising that state of openness at a conscious level was new to me and which I can now see that potential in myself. My accommodation was incredibly lovely, lovely people lovely being up high on the mountainside and a stones throw to the village if Rishikesh and all its amazing culture. Thank Elana and Vimal for all you showed me. My life is different now and I'm so happy I came to you.

Birute Valintelyte

from Lithuania, February 2019

"Highlight of the trip to India"

We had an absolutely amazing time with Vimal and Elena. The retreat had a perfect mix of yoga classes and excursions and we felt like we have seen and done a lot in only 3 days (all that without getting too tired and also having some time to just chill out!). The excursions felt unique and allowed us to experience and better understand Indian culture. Everything was organized well and we felt we are being taken care of all the time. Their driver has even waited 5 hours for us in the airport as our flight was delayed.

Vimal and Elena have very different styles of yoga and it was good to try both styles. They are also super friendly and inspiring people so it was nice to just chat and spend time with them. They have also given us tips for the rest of our trip that turned out to be super useful. We simply cannot recommend this retreat more, as it was one of the highlights of our trip to India.

Camilla Tranberg

from United States, January 2019

"Thanks for an inspiring experience"

We only had 4 days with Elena and Vimal but they managed to plan these 4 days so well and we felt we got alot of wonderful stuff done.

They showed us around and we got to see places we wouldn’t otherwise have seen. Elena and Vimal gave us inspiration and we felt like being part of a family during the stay.

The service and food were good at Staywell Cottage. It was a little bit cold, so if you go in January remember to bring extra clothes; a jacket and a scarf. The people at the guesthouse kindly provided us with extra blankets for the room.

We had an amazing stay and we can really recommed Om Sampoorn Yoga. Namaste!

Jennifer Buckley

from New Zealand, December 2018

"Brilliant experience!"

Both Elena and Vimal have different yoga styles and between them I learnt and improved a lot. I really benefited from the classes with them. They are open to any and all questions from Hinduism to classical yoga, ayuredva and everthing in between. The knowledge I gained and the practises I learnt will be with me forever. The excursions showed us more of Rishikesh than we could have discovered ourselves. I really recommend this experience from 'beginner' to 'advanced'!

The guesthouse was ideal, tucked away from the noise but still close to the river, Sima's is authentic and tasty!

Amani Michael

from India, December 2018

"Exploring rishikesh and great rooftop yoga "

The retreat was very good. Elena and vimal personalised the retreat to my needs. I enjoyed the more powerful yoga in the morning with vimal and the yin yoga in the afternoon with Elena. In between they took us out to explore rishikesh and surroundings. They know places where you normally would not come and have great knowledge about the things they showed me. Vimal and Elena are lovely people who are sincere in giving me the best yoga and rishikesh experience. Thank you!

Jodi Bobenic

from Canada, November 2018


I loved everything about my time with vimal and Elena. They work very hard to design individual programs to suit the need of the attendees. Th yoga classes were incredible , the touring , the guidance and the love was more than I couldn’t have ever imagined I would highly recommend a retreat with vimal and Elena I will never forget my journey and adventure in rishikesh. They made my time so very very special.

Anika Gunawan

from Australia, November 2018

"Great all round experience!"

Great balanced excursions, amazing accomodation and food. Elena and Vishal are very accommodating and rich with local tips and knowledge of yoga and indian hinduism philosophy..

Olaf Bohn

from India, December 2019

"Sehr lebendiger Retreat!"

Sehr lebendiger Retreat! Bin gut rumgekomnen in Rishikesh und so zu sehr interessanten Orten abseits der normalen Tourirouten gelangt.

Coralie Hebert

from Singapore, December 2019

"Super retraite,parfait pour faire une pause et se ressourcer"

J'ai choisi cette retraite sans vraiment trop savoir ou j'allais tomber.

Je n'avais jamais fait de Yoga auparavant, je n'etais jamais allee en Inde.

Au final, j'ai rencontre 2 personnes supers qui sont : Elena et Vimal.

En allant la-bas, je n'attendais rien de precis, juste me retrouver avec moi-meme. Et si on se laisse porter, Elena et Vimal sont la pour vous accompagner a ouvrir votre esprit, a comprendre une culture, a trouver une nouvelle routine avec quelques exercices, pour que le corps soit aligne avec l'esprit.

J'avais lu un mauvais commentaire sous cette retraite, mais j'ai bien fait de faire confiance a mon instinct. Je pense qu'il faudrait faire ce genre de programme 1 fois par an, pour pouvoir se poser, se retrouver avec soi meme, de manière a faire les choses en pleine conscience.

Ca n'a ete que du positif pour moi !

L'ashram est super clean et la nourriture est bonne.Les excursions permettent de comprendre un peu mieux l'Inde.

C'est definitivement qu'un aurevoir et pas un adieu ! :)

A bientot Elena et Vimal <3



from France, October 2019


La guesthouse très accueillante, l’emplacement au calme, les cours de yoga qui allient discussion philosophique, pratique des asanas et pranayamas, les excursions. Le planning est très bien fait, permettant d’avoir du temps libre, les excursions permettent de découvrir les alentours de Rishikesh, les cérémonies et les traditions. Les cours de Vimal, qu’il adapte en fonction de nos demande sont intenses mais géniaux. La nourriture de Sheema est délicieuse également.

Serge Stec

from France, August 2019

"Superbe experience, à vivre au moins une fois...."

Vimal est très sympathique, souriant, agréable et compétent.

Francisco Quiroga

from Spain, August 2019

"Yoga Rishikesh August 2019"

Yogi Vimal was exceptional, we couldn't have asked for a better yoga instructor . He made our stay very pleasant. He was very attentive to our needs. He showed high proficiency in teaching yoga and spiritual life. The excursions and the ceremonies were excellent as well as other activities

Pascal Battiston

from France, July 2019

"Top niveau pour la méditation "

Les lieus qui ont été découvert loin des sentiers touristique. La gentillesse des intervenants

Yannick Lautrous

from France, April 2019

"Superbe Expérience / Amaizing Experience"

La qualité des cours / quality of the teachers

L'écoute et la capacitié d'adaptation de l'équipe enseignantes / Listening and adaptability of the teaching team

Le pays et la culture / Culture and country

I was beyong my expectations

Mercedes Fernandez Escribano

from Spain, April 2019

"Sin duda, una experiencia recomendable"

De entre todo destacar la tranquilidad, sencillez y limpieza del Ashram. Las clases de yoga y meditación, las visitas y actividades fuera del Ashram. El tiempo que nos dedicaron y acompañaron.

Nicole Kunz

from United States, March 2019

"Das Beste was Rishikesh zu bieten hat!"

Die besten Guides die man sich überhaupt vorstellen kann! Die leben für Ihre Sache und sind mit ganzem Herzen dabei. Sie bringen wahnsinnig viel Erfahrung und now-how mit, was den Retreat einfach einmalig und unvergesslich macht. Es war eine unbeschreiblich bereichernde Erfahrung! Kann ich jedem nur wärmstens weiter empfehlen! Einfach top!!! :) Sehr hilfsbereite und fürsorgliche Menschen, die auf jeden Wunsch eingehen. <3


from Chile, February 2019

"Una experiencia Increible!! ... What a wonderfull experience"

Una experiencia Increíble!!

Tome el paquete de 18 dias! La mejor decisión!! Porque pude conocer todos los lugares y ceremonias mágicas cercanas a Rishikesh!! Los anfitriones... lo mejor!! Elena y Vimal siempre estuvieron muy preocupados de todo, me hicieron sentir como si fueran 2 amigos mostrándome sus lugares más especiales!! Conocí todo!! Las clases de Yoga... Power!! En los 18 dias fortalecí mi cuerpo y mi mente.. realmente siento el cambio!! Si quieren pasar una experiencia de lujo con dos maravillosas personas.. Om Sampoorn es el lugar!! Me siento afortunada y agradecida de haber compartido con ustedes!! Muchísimas Gracias por todo!! 🙏 Namaste 🙏

Javiera (Chile)

What a wonderfull expirience!! I booked 18 days package, best decition!! Because i could know every magic place and ceremony in rishikesh!! The hostes.. the best!! Elena y Vimal were so worried about everything!! They made me feel like a friend everytime... showing me every special place.. The Yoga classes!! Wow.. Power!! I strengthened my body and my mind.. I can feel it now!!

If you want to have the best experience.. Om Sampoorn is the place!! I feel luky and gratefull for sharing with you guys... thank you thank you thank you for everything!! 🙏 Namaste 🙏



Lucy Tovar

from Mexico, January 2019

"Experiencia única e increíble! "

Excelentes instructores de Yoga, excursiones increíbles y auténticas meditación espiritual life changing!!!


from Spain, January 2019

"Nice Start to Índia "

They stay with Elena and Vimal was great, súper Well organized by them, and i had lots of fun! They taught me a lot about Índia and hinduism, and t’he excursions were fantastic!