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Yoga with Divya

Yoga with Divya's main goal is to provide you joyful, positive and creative training and bring out the best in you.

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Anna Austria

Yoga with Divya website

Thanks for transformation in my life by your teacher training course it was great learning experience and I learned near about 80 new Asanas, 17 Pranayamas , near about 30 Meditations, Yoga Philosophy. I hope it will bring great positive changes my life and I will do Pranayamas, meditations for full life for my spiritual growth. I was zero in December when I met you first time in my life and then I did not know anything about yoga and I started my yoga life with you and now after one month I can speak or teach yoga to 5 or 6 people which is like dream coming true which I was not imagining in December. Thanks a lot for transformation and everything. Your encouragement, moral support , proper guidance helped me a lot to learn and improve.

Pawanpath Thailand

Yoga with Divya website

I had learned a lot of knowledge from Divya like different techniques of meditations, many techniques of Pranayama ( Breathing Exercises) and most importantly learned so many Asanas or postures which I never dreamed in life or thought before meeting Divya . My way of thinking or attitude changed after doing yoga with Divya because in begining I was thinking like in holidays how to kill my time by getting some information only and now Divya taught me how to use time in best possible creative way for your growth and transformation . He taught me yoga is more than body and yoga is more about meditation and how to go inside your soul for spritual growth.So yoga with Divya taught me many new things like to do anything Totality with awareness and to purify body ,mind and heart. This yogi Divya is very professional and helpful, caring, compassionate. That is all I can say .So thanks for everything I learn here .

Kate Australia

Yoga with Divya website

My name is Kate, I am from Australia.I came to Goa for the teacher training course with Divya at Christmas time and was pleasantly surprised by the choice of asanas uses in his morning class . They were perfect for my body as I have lower back trouble. He includes back bends, twists, backbends, that have improved the flexibility of my spine and reduced the pain I feel sometimes in the morning . I have also learnt a lot about doing the asana properly. Although I have done yoga for about two years, some things needed correcting. I enjoyed doing pranayam on the beach every morning, sitting with the dogs,watching the waves come in. It was hard at first to juggle partying with doing a course but Divya was very allowing in giving days off for special events like Christmas and new year. Overall, I am feeling great in my body and I have a much better understanding of yoga and feel I have the confidence to teach a yoga class. I think I have chosen the right teacher and would not hesitate to recommend Divya for the yoga teacher training course. Kate Green Australia.

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