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Yoga Vidya Mandiram

Yoga Vidya Mandiram is located in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India. They offer registered yoga teacher training programs (YTTP) affiliated with Yoga Alliance.

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Instructors (10)

Swami Omkarananda

Swami Omkarananda grew up around the great lady saint of India, Ma Anandamayi. He studied and lived with six enlightened masters: Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Swami Veda Bharati, Swami Chidananda Saraswati, Dalai Lama, Lung Chu, and the master of masters, Kalyan Babaji of Himalayas. Academically, Swami Omkarananda holds a degree in Electronic Engineering, along with five master's degrees and a Ph.D. in Metaphysics. A seeker of truth with an engineering background, Swamiji correlates science with ancient wisdom to create and inspire applied spirituality and transformation in everyday lives.

Swami Atma Jnanananda

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200

Swami Atma Jnanananda Giri is a sadhaka from Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, Rishikesh, who by profession is a homeopathic doctor. He learned meditation techniques from his guide and teacher, Swami Veda Bharatiji. Now, he delivers his lectures and classes on meditation, mantra chanting, Nidra yoga, and philosophical texts such as Bhagavad-gita and Patanjali Yoga-sutras. According to Swami Atma, 'finding happiness and peace within oneself is the greatest achievement in life'.

Manish Kumar Prajapati

In Manish’s eyes, Yoga is the gateway to learning and understanding your true-self, to see beyond the physical and discover the subtilities of your authentic character. He believes that the beauty of yoga for him, is that it always gives satisfaction and joy, in every form. On his unique path, he has developed qualities allowing him to enjoy each moment within society, and these qualities he carries with him into his teaching. Manish feels that to practice yoga is to practice conscious living, and this is a view he integrates into his classes.

Vivek Kalura

I born in Rishikesh ! Which is situated in himalayas ! I started yoga when I was 13 year old ! I went to saraswati Vidya Mandir where I started Hatha yoga ! As I grow old. I thought I should keep practicing yoga for my health .. so I start practicing of astanga vinyasa yoga ! Where I start to feel and learn how to keep patience ! And how we can take care of body ! So I got interest about human body and disease ..about vinayasa flow ! Astanga yoga ! Hatha yoga ! Iyengar as well ! I have finished my bachelor degree in science from hnb university ! Now I’m pursuing master of yoga !

Sandeep Pandey

Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey was born in a traditional Brahamna Family and was sent to Gurukul at the age of 8. At the Gurukul he studied the Yajurveda and mastered all the 16 Samskaras along with Yogasana, Pranayama, Shat Kriyas etc. He participated in many National level Yoga championship in India and won prizes. However, his quest for knowing the inner self through yoga lead him to Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama where under the direct guidance of H.H. Swami Veda Bharati, he studied and practiced the deeper and subtler aspect of Raja Yoga.

Archarya Chandramani

Acharya Chandramani was born in a traditional spiritual family. At 8 years of age, he became a serious practitioner of the yogic principles of Swetambara Jaina tradition. Later he was initiated into the Vedic Sanskrit tradition by Swami Vivekananda at the age of 10 in Prabhat Ashram, UP, India. Acharyaji was fully dedicated to the teachings and daily discipline of the traditional Sanskrit gurukulam from childhood to adulthood. He has been guiding worldwide yoga students into the Vedic Sanskrit literature and its philosophy and holding yoga retreats and teacher trainings for over 25 years.

Yogacharya Lalit

Yogacharya Lalitji is a qualified experienced Hatha-Yoga and Pranayama instructor at Yoga Vidya Mandiram. He was born in the spiritual family in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. He began his yoga journey in the lap of the Himalayan yogi Swami Veda Bharatiji who initiated him into the path of Yoga and Meditation. In his academic education, he holds his E-RYT 200 and 500 RYT from Yoga Alliance, USA. He brings sincere love for students in his classes he holds. He sees yoga a way of inspiring lives and a meaning of discovering one’s self. He keeps looking for new opportunities to enhance his knowledge.

Dr. Sumit Sharma

Dr. Sumit is expert in the field of Physical Therapy and posture imbalance and sedentary life disorders. He did his Masters of Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorders in Orthopedic Branch and diploma in Sports Medicine from West Bengal. He is also a certified Pilate’s trainer from Indian Academy of Fitness Training Mangalore. His simple and contemporary style of delivering deep and practical knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology endear him to his students. He has taught few hundred students from more than 35 countries and he mainly focus on the therapeutic aspects of yoga.

Prashant Jakhmola

Prashant Jakhmola was born in brahmin family in Rishikesh. He started his yoga journey at early age in Sivananda yoga school. Growing up in the yogic place Rishikesh helped him to digest this yogic knowledge. After practicing in Sivananda yoga tradition Prashant ji studied Iyengar yoga with one of the BKS Iyengar (Guru ji) disciple in Rishikesh. With this inspiring knowledge he was pulled towards yoga and went to Bihar School of Yoga (the first yoga university in India), where he did a yoga teacher training and yoga therapy course.

Priya Pooja

Priya Poojaji is a qualified experienced yoga anatomy and physiology instructor at Yoga Vidya Mandiram. She was born in the spiritual family of Swami Rama of the Himalayas. She began her yoga journey in the lap of the Himalayan yogis since her early age. Her spiritual master, Swami Veda Bharatiji initiated her into the path of Yoga and Meditation when she was 15 years old. Since then she has been untiredly dedicated herself to the learning of yogic knowledge and it’s different sciences, yoga anatomy and physiology. She holds her E-RYT 200 and 500 RYT from Yoga Alliance, USA.

Reviews (56)

Anibal Fonrodona

from India, July 2018

"Amazing course experience but bad quality food and hotel"

The teachers are really good. The classes are magical. At the end Onit was my angel and he try to do your best for solve all problems

Ariel Rubens

from Indonesia, June 2018

"500-Hour YTT"

This experience changed, improved, and cleansed my life.

Thank you Yoga Vidya Mandiram for everything you have gifted me.

Alaa Elhag

from Norway, June 2018

"Unforgettable Experience"

I loved everything about my training and stay with Yoga Vidya Mandiram. It was the people, the teachers, the coordinators, the workers, the kitchen staff that really impressed me. Everyone was doing their job with extreme passion, they went over and beyond to ensure we had the best experience, and I appreciate everything they have done for us.

The teaching was impeccable. I couldn't have imagined it any bette than this. The teachers were so dedicated and knowledgable.

Larissa Jane Kessler

from Switzerland, May 2018

"Had an amazing time - thank xou so much!"

The whole schedule/programme was fantastic. Starting with chanting and pranayama in the morning and ending the day with relaxation and meditation is amazing. The teachers are really professional and they are open for all questions. Furthermore when you get sick, they take care of you and will try to do everything to get over your sickness. Classes are small and the longer you stay the smaller the classes will get which is amazing. At the end we were only 3 people left for the 500h YTT which was amazing. The facility is beautiful too and even you are close to everything it is quiet and doing yoga in that huge garden in the morning is adorable. I had the feeling that other schools didn't have that. The food is really delicious and it changes all the time.

I really recommend yoga vidya mandira! Namaste!

Mathieu Fustec

from France, December 2017

"Best in rishikesh"

Small course (less than 15 as a rule, we were 5) with a very human feel. Amazing teachers and people helped making this course a great experience in yoga and beyond. Everybody was always willing to help whether the matter was trivial, practical, or spiritual. I felt among friends and even though I learned a lot and improved greatly in my practice, the impact on my life is what I’ll remember. Get involved as the more you interact with the team the more you’ll get out of it. Cost also includes excursions. I would go back here to further my training. Highly recommended.

Anna Abildtrup Jensen

from Denmark, December 2017

The time in vidya Mandi ram was absolutely amazing the teachers are so knowledgeable and all so compassionate about yoga and the yogic lifestyle and just want to share. You really learn a lot and they are always there to help if anything is wrong. Amazing. Highly recommend.

Yoga with Shakira

from Malaysia, January 2019

"Great and humbling learning journey"

Yoga Vidya Mandiram was (probably still is) undergoing changes in management when I was there (December 2018). The teachers that my batch had was different than the ones stated in the website. We had Vivek Kalura for our yoga postures and asana (he is very knowledgeable in his field and very hands on on his teaching methods), Priya Pooja for our pranayama (she is average in this field) and for our yoga anatomy (she is not knowledgeable enough and I find her teaching methods and sequencing unsatisfactory. For example, she kept from teaching us musculoskeletal until the very last week, and started with respiratory and digestive systems in the first 2 weeks. I think we could grasp our yoga postures and asana classes more had we have been introduced to musculoskeletal in the beginning).

We had Onit ji who has already left the school for our meditation and mantra recitation (he is the absolute best) and Sandeep ji for our yoga philosophy. Lalit ji was our caretaker, and he really went above and beyond to help make things easier for us. For example, Jet Airways lost my baggage and I only got it on my 7th day being in Rishikesh, Lalit was the one who was contacting the airline and he would update me every day. He has such a kind heart.

Location and food : average, but do be prepared with warm clothing if you come during winter (December). Winter in Indian mountains comes without indoor heating and 24/7 running hot water.

Alison Reed

from United States, January 2019

It was a really great experience! The food was delicious and I liked eating communally with the more advanced students so we could all get to know each other and I could learn things from them as well. The location is gorgeous and very relaxing. I was a bit nervous, because I was not very experienced in yoga, and I'm not very stong yet, but the teachers were very good with providing challenges to more advanced students and modifications for beginners like me.

I'd recommend this school for any level of student, and for people who are interested in learning more about meditation and traditional aspects of yoga that are sometimes overlooked by other schools. The teachers are very knowledgeable and kind and the staff is so friendly and caring. A truly unforgettable experience. ♥️


from South Africa, January 2019

"Life changing and beyond expectations "


Heidi Eriksen

from India, January 2019

I loved everything about it🤗

Hannah Dunne

from Australia, December 2018

Yoga Vidya Mandiram was an incredible place to complete the 200 hr YTT. It has soul and authenticity and if you’re open to it, it has all the accessibility to deepen your practice and understanding of yoga and of self. Onit and Lalit went above and beyond to assist with any requests and were generous with their time and knowledge. The surroundings were sensational and provided a great base to explore Rishikesh or the villages around. The food was delicious and abundant. There was little left to be desired and an enormous amount to be thankful for during my time here.

Maria Rodriguez

from Australia, December 2018

"The best Yoga experience"

The best yoga experience I could have imagined. The location it’s perfect; a bit hidden (which I loved) tranquil little neighbourhood quiet and peaceful enough to let you enjoy the program but very close to the Center.

The views are breathtaking and the playful monkeys are just another part of the charm.

The instructors are very professional and friendly. The program is complete and well organised, covering different areas including practice and theory. You are constantly learning and feel the improvements every day.

The food is so delicious, I’d say the best I had in India after travelling a month :)

We met very nice people, the atmosphere is so peaceful and inviting.

We even had a group trip to the holy cave , it was awesome.

Lalit is the best, such a lovely person, always with a smile , he was in every little detail to make our experience even better. He also took us to Trayambakeshwar temple and gave us a little tour , fantastic.

Thanks so much Lalit 🙏

Overall I had the best experience and I would happy recommend this Ashram.

Elaine Bennett

from Great Britain, November 2018

"I had the most wonderful time. I didn’t want to leave. "

The place, the people made it very very special. The atmosphere of relax and happiness. The training was amazing and I learnt so much in such a short time. I will take away the things I have learnt.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


from France, November 2018

"Lovely people, would do it all over again! "

I did the 200 hour TTC in Chiangmai in October 2018. Things I like: Dedicated and knowledgeable teachers, well designed and holistic course, thorough materials, care into every aspect of our stay, thank you!


from Poland, November 2018

Everything was amazing: instructors, classes, place and food. Also additional sight seeing trips. Exceptional engagement of staff. Wonderful experience.

Joakim Tornberg

from India, November 2018

"Yoga Beginner"

Great start of my Yoga-journey. Very friendly trainers, leaders and staff. Good atmosphere and nice people. The 3 day course was a nice introduction to the yoga universe, I wish I had time to stay longer. My partner (who also joined) is gluten intolerant and the school staff had no problem in accommodating to this when preparing all meals for us.

Andrew Love

from United States, November 2018

"Wonderful "

This place was absolutely incredible. You have access to amazing instruction, wonderful food, and the beautiful Himalayas. Would recommend to anyone.

Rachel Lynn

from Australia, October 2018

"Excellent teaching and location, great experience"

Very knowledgeable teachers, great staff kitchen and management team with nice location and garden. I feel a really good well rounded course was offered that comprehensively covered the different components of yoga

Elton Bezuidenhout

from South Africa, October 2018

"3 day meditation "

The instructors were knowledgeable and went out of their way to make you feel at home. They were professional and intuitively pitched the course material and class to accommodate both beginner and advance yogi alike. The opening ceremony was beautiful and interactive, sadly I missed the closing ceremony due to an early train I was booked on. I enjoyed my stay and missed the serenity instantly once I arrived in Delhi. The trip to the Aarti will be a lifelong memory that I will cherish. The food was amazing and the people I encountered were delightful! There was sufficient time to plan activities which I loved. I cannot wait to experience another workshop here hopefully soon, soon as I definitely will be back. PS I booked a private room.


from Germany, October 2018

"Short Stay in a very magical Place"

staying at Yoga Vidya Mandiram is so magical and calming and earthing and everything that you'd be looking for. I really enjoyed the warm welcome and the purity and honesty of the place and the people.

Eva Chen

from Thailand, October 2018


The location is good , the trip is excellent! the teaching is very good, the food is delicious, everything is good, i love it so much! hope there will be another chance to be joined it .

Ben Street

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Very high standard of teaching and delicious food"

The quality of the teaching really stood out... Patient and catering to all levels. The food was varied and delicious and the location was beautiful.

Elise Benkard

from United States, September 2018

"Outstanding experience"

My entire experience was far better than I could have ever expected. The teachers were all dedicated, smart, approachable and I learned a lot in the three weeks that I was there. The food was amazing! Onit is a very kind special person who quietly looked after each and every one of us - he took us on fabulous excursions in our free time and made sure that we got to know the local culture. They took care of everyone’s needs. In a relatively short time In addition to an education and a certificate I’ve gained a second family. Thank you Yoga Vidyam Mandiram!

Ankita Sharma

from United States, September 2018

"Excellent beginning to the journey of finding yourself"

I liked the Hatha yoga and ashtanga vinaya teacher very much ( Mr Manish and his wife), very patient and professional. Mr. Piyush, took the much needed session of relaxation Meditation after the long challenging day each time giving us a beautiful ending to the class.I am impressed with knowledge Mr Onit had about his field, Miss Pooja was too helpful in delivering the knowledge about body anatomy and Mr. Chandramani explanation about yoga philosophy was too helpful. The kitchen staff was also very friendly.Overall it was a life changing experience and one must go for it. It is something you would like go deeper and deeper each day.

Joan Gass

from India, August 2018

"Wonderful reflective time in secluded retreat center"

i) The staff was so friendly. Made sure my cab was on time, saw me off at 4:30am, checked on me when I was sick. REALLY really incredible.

ii) I've done some yoga, but I also absolutely loved the mantras, breathing practice, and intro to meditation - things I'm less familiar with.

iii) The food was really delicious. Our group had one night where we (self prompted) practiced mindful eating and the flavors are so delicious.

iv) There are monkeys. Everywhere. They are such daredevils and so fun to watch!

Josephine Haddrick

from United States, July 2018

The instructors were friendly, knowledgeable and tried to help when you had an issue. The food was mostly tasty and there were lots of activities provided.

Amit Dhyani

from India, April 2018

"Amazing "

Yoga Teacher Sudhirji and his team is full of energy, and share knowledge in interesting manner.

Nice and clean accomodation with great view of mountains.

Meals and service provided by the Cooks is very balanced,nutritious and tasty. Also, they provide variety in the meals on everyday basis.Tourist can access organic store in walking distance if they require anything particular.

Overall it's a great place.

Dhanyawad to all

Johanna Scott

from India, March 2018

Understanding the psychology of yoga and more on the “why” as opposed to just knowing it’s good and learning the practical side.

Dana Recknagel

from Germany, March 2018

"Just great!!!"

Since I came to yoga vidra mandiram i felt so comfortable and welcome at this place...it felt like 'coming home' (after my travelling)with the familiar atmosphere and wonderful energy there. Onit was so awesome helpful with everything and took care that everyone is alright. The food was wonderful and the teachers and all staff just awesome. I had a one week training and can just recommend that place and bet you dont wanna leave anymore since you came here :) enjoy and youll have a wonderful time here.

Karen Gibson

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Great experience! "

A welcoming, friendly retreat in lovely surroundings.

Caroline Taarup

from Denmark, February 2018

"Great week in Rishikesh "

I loved my week here!! Great people, teachers, accommodation, classes and food. Also the groups aren’t very big which is a perfect way to learn the most. Everyone should go here

Pratik Kedia

from India, January 2018

"Perfect 3 days of peace"

Got to learn so much about what I was doing wrong all this time and why I could not concentrate while meditating.

Saurabh Chaurasia

from India, January 2018

"They are very amazing. It felt me that I am with my family. "

Teachers are very knowledgeful and supportive. Teachers are always ready to help in any situation. And method of teaching is awesome here. Even the staff here who cock foods is also very kind hearted. I spent here a nice time.

Anne Dybevaag

from Norway, December 2017

"Nice place, Enjoy"

Very good instructors, nice place, healthy vegetarian food, short distance to everything, excellent program, learned much, feels like "home"

Emily Holloway

from France, October 2017

"My experience at Yoga Vidya Mandiram "

There is a lot to share.

They were very welcoming and made us feel at home from day one. The overall feeling was respectful and relaxed. organiser was very flexible and was willing to help in any situation. We were able to discuss as a group to decide on a daily planner, we had this arranged to our needs.

I was sick a few days , and management were there to help on request.

After feeling weak I missed some days of yoga practice. My teacher allowed me to sit in and write notes. This helped a lot. I was able to ask questions and comment on things I would have missed.

We were able to go on trips and discover the locations little. Less then I had hoped, it was exciting to have a lesson somewhere else and discover the land the same time

We were learning. We went on two trips all together.

The grounds of the hotel were nice. There was a small garden to enjoy outside yoga sometimes. We were able to eat breakfast outside before it got too hot.

The hotel it's self is well maintained, with beautiful gardens . You were able to pick your own herbal tea from the garden which I did everyday. Tulsi , lemon grass and mint. It was lovely.

I liked that we were close to everything. It wasn't a long walk to all the nearest shops and great picture perfect views of the Ganga. It was a little loud at night but I got used to it.

Overall my stay was fine and it learnt a lot. It was very overweight all the information. It was a lot to squeeze into 25 days. Would do it again.


from United Arab Emirates, October 2017

"Nice, but I would not advise this school to anyone"

Teachers are well educated and experienced.

Food is ok, not too spicy.

Dina Al Jafari

from Belgium, October 2017

"My spiritual journey in Rishikesh"

I loved the philosophy, meditation and chanting classes. The excruciations were very enriching for the overall experience.

Cynthia Vedantham

from United Arab Emirates, October 2017

"If you really want to learn go as a student and open mind "

The teachers are experts in their fields. The yoga teacher Mr Ravinder is excellent. So are all the teachers. Each one knows his subject

Padma Singh

from India, September 2017

"Very interesting"

The teachers were very good and were very well versed with their subject knowledge which was imparted to me with out any inhabitants.

Joana Hoxha

from Switzerland, January 2019

"Best place and teachers to start my Yoga Journey with!"

Flexibility and helpfulness of the teachers and variety of yoga and meditation lessons. As well the cultural program around the lessons.

Sina Linnemann

from India, December 2018

"Magical experience "

Couldn't have been any better!

Dahiana Green

from United States, October 2018


I especially like the knowledge distributed with love and respect.

the instructors were humble in there teaching and were giving away information, knowledge, tips, and much more else, with so much love and care.

The location is exceptional and calls to look inward, it is dense and the staff there are lovely and really caring.

The difference class was rich in knowledge and deep, I learn a lot from the history of yoga in a Vedic point of view and took all the supplement information and book references the teacher gave to us.

Thank you All for a great soul experience.



Clara Charlotte

from France, September 2018

"Explorer le yogi qui est en vous "

Les qualités des cours était au top, Rishikesh est une ville pleine de surprises, allez a la découverte des temple et des ashram. La cuisine servie était délicieuse. L'équipe sur place est très attentionnée, extrêmement gentille, en cas de soucis vous pouvez compter sur eux!!

Unay Casquero

from Spain, August 2018

"Awesome experience"

Me ha encantado todo! La experiencia ha sido inolvidable! Tome el curso de 3 durante mi viaje de 15 dias por India Norte y desde luego fue la

mejor decision. Me permitió introducirme aun mas en su cultura, practicar y aprender mas sobre el yoga y la meditacion, conocer a gente super interesante de todo el mundo y comer platos DELICIOSOS. Desde luego me hubiera gustado quedarme algun dia mas. Me ayudaron desde el principio con todo y cuidaron cada detalles. 100% recomendable!

Juliette Chillet

from United States, April 2018

I've been so lucky to have two (in four teachers) really extraordinary teachers that learnt me a lot and shared a very complete training.

The place where the school is in rishikesh is really great and peaceful and the hostel and kitchen's staff are totally amazing.

Abril Scibona

from Brazil, March 2018


Realicé esta experiencia con mi pareja.. principalmente por curiosidad, nunca habíamos practicado yoga antes y ahora estamos muy entusiasmados con seguir aprendiendo. Las lecciones son muy buenas y Onit, el coordinador es un gran ser. Estuvo abierto a responder todas nuestras dudas, incluso algunas sobre su cultura. Fue una experiencia muy enriquecedora, ojalá podamos volver y quedarnos más días.

Cornelie Tollens

from Netherlands, January 2018

"A very special place!"

I really enjoyed the lectures and learned so much. My room was nice and the food delicious. Its a very special place with lovely people who are working so hard to made it special for me. Definitely recommandable!


from Germany, November 2017

"50 hours Yoga Teacher Training"

I had a great first experience during the 50 hours YTT at Yoga Vidya Mandiram including both the 50 hours Yoga Teacher Training and my first time living in India.

Director Sudhir always assured that all students had everything they needed including both Yoga Teacher Training, accommodation, food and any other needs that might arise during the stay. Onit, part of the team& a yoga teacher in the near future was supporting us the students in everything we could think of, from a safe airport pick up to advises where to buy what at a reasonable prize.

The Yoga teachers had an amazing in-depth knowledge about Yoga and were willing to share all information with us students. I have learned amazing and surprising facts about Yoga and I would have wished to learn more. The training is intense, so if you expect holidays you might rather opt for a Yoga retreat which is also offered by this school. The training starts at 6 am and ends mostly at 9 am. So you have a full day of learning.

As I was sick during the stay (respiratory infection) everyone took so very well care of me. Even a colleague had to go to hospital once and we did not have to worry about anything, the Director and the team managed everything that we needed to get better as soon as possible.

Sundays the school organises very nice and interesting trips. We had the opportunity to visit an evening ceremony in Haridwar at the Ganga, which I really enjoyed.

I felt very safe and very well taken care of thoughout my stay.

Dorra Aissaoui

from Germany, October 2017

"What an amazing experience!"

We had much more than expected in matter of love, wisdom, knowledge, serenity, yummy food, friendships, ...

Testimonials (5)

Ruben Navarro Spain

Yoga Vidya Mandiram's written paper

Well, I have been practicing and teaching yoga worldwide for a decade now. Yoga Vidya Mandiram school is a wonderful and amazing guide for the yoga students. I met Sudhirji 10 years back at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, when he was learning yoga from Swami Rama's disciple, Swami Vedaji. The teachers at his yoga school are experienced and knowledgeable. The classes are safe and full of valuable information. I love the variety of classes offered. I appreciate the lessons in yoga anatomy and physiology which taught me to bring balance in my personality. I wish to come back to this beautifully natural place and advance my practices with Sudhirji. Love & Blesssings!

Pooja Gupta India

Yoga Vidya Mandiram's written paper

I participated in the yoga course with Acharya Sudhirji. His way of offering his yoga experience was very friendly and effective. I had been practicing yoga asanas for last 7 years, but his guidance in establishing a posture was truly useful. I have incorporated the effective sitting posture in my meditation, and now I can sit with more ease and for longer duration. Heartfelt gratitude to Sudhirji. With thanks and pranamas!

Divesh Varma India

Yoga Vidya Mandiram's written paper

I come from a near city called Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, India. I was always very much passionate to learn yoga and its practices. My passion was culminated at Yoga Vidya Mandiram.

I finished my 200hours RYS in last December at Yoga Vidya Mandiram. The Center offers Yoga Alliance certification. I am looking forward to do my 500hours RYS Yoga Alliance soon from here.

At the center room was nice, clean and spacious. Here you can have a nice view of the Ganges over the Himalayan mountains. Many nice cafes nearby, where you can great vegan and organic food, life music and good wifi. The food was simple but taste-full and nourishing.

The course itself was very good with experienced and very gentle teachers, a good program and a clear syllabus and books. I loved the daily philosophy lessons and our meditation class in the morning. These were outstanding because of the teachers, Swami Atma, Omkarananda and Sudhirji and other accompanies.

All in all I am really happy I experienced this intense course, inclusive all difficult moments of continuous sore muscles and fatigue. Thank you, guys.

Natia Partskhaladze Georgia

Yoga Vidya Mandiram's written paper

OMG! What an amazing journey. I always planed for external spaces for mind peace until I came to this mesmerizing yoga center and the center teachers; all wonderful people. I couldn't believe that there could be so much interesting learning of life. The one month intensive yoga teacher training is just a perfect beginning to the people wishing to acquire base knowledge of yoga and life-style. I highly recommend Yoga Vidya Mandiram for such an experience in Rishikesh.

Subhasha Acharya India

Yoga Vidya Mandiram's written paper

I was among the lucky few who had the fantastic opportunity to participate in this December yoga teacher training. It was a truly transformational experience and my first step in becoming a real yogi.

The teachers were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable during this journey and I learned more from them than I could express or even grasp at this moment.

I would highly recommend this teacher training to anyone interested in deepening their meditation practice or want to learn how to teach others.

The location of the school is perfect, near the Ganga river and surrounded by nice little cafes and shops where you can buy everything you might need for your stay. I had a spacious room with balcony from which I could not only see the river, but also the most stunning sunsets.

I will forever be grateful to Sudhirji and his respected best teachers in Rishikesh who opened my eyes in their magical guidance to other levels of consciousness and perceptions and they will always be an inspiration as a teacher. I am sure I will come back soon to this very special place!

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