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Mantra Yoga & Meditation School offers 200 and 300-hour international certification yoga teacher training courses and retreats in India.

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Sarvottam Kumar Pathak

Sarvottam is a yogi and meditation master who founded Rishikesh Vinyasa Yoga School to pass his knowledge on to others. He is the senior director of marketing and a spiritual meditation instructor at the school and is also a founding member of Meditation School Rishikesh - Shree Mahesh Heritage. His keen desire for intuitive knowledge drew him towards yoga and meditation. After continuously experiencing and sharing his yogic knowledge of the wellness world, he began teaching in 2014 and continues to share his knowledge with disciples worldwide.

Yogi Yashpal

Born and raised in Rishikesh, Yashpal began his yoga studies in 2011. Through much hard work and dedication, he has become a master of Ashtanga yoga. His gentle, caring nature, and down to earth personality make his students feel at home in his class. Yashpal credits his practice of yoga for each and every blessing in his life, whether it be material or spiritual. His knowledge of yoga and ability to perform asana is truly inspiring. Yashpal holds a master's degree in yoga from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University.

Rajesh Rawat

Born and raised in Rishikesh, Rajesh began his study of yoga in 2011 and has since become a master of Vinyasa Flow. Rajesh holds a masters degree in yoga from Uttrakhand Sanskrit University and has completed 1000 hours of yoga teacher training. Having worked for a number of local schools over the years, he decided to be part of Mantra Yoga and Meditation school with the intention of creating a more intensive yoga teacher training courses.

Mahinder Prasad

If you are looking for a yoga teacher who looks at you and tells you all about the muscular and skeletal issues you would have to meet Yogacharya Mahender Prasad. He comes from a very strict yogic background. Most of Mahendra's life has been spent with monks and yogis in the Himalayas and he has spent a great deal of his time practicing yoga at Mysore and Pune. His teaching style speaks for itself. As an owner and director of Vishuddhi Yoga Ashtanga Vinyasa School, he takes a thorough interest in the practice of his students making sure that they get to assimilate the maximum from the course.

Akshay Layi

Akshay started practicing yoga at an early age. After graduating in Yogic Science & Sub-subject Commerce, Akshay begun his yogic journey in 2009 and sought out gurus and teachers throughout India. He studied yoga asana and philosophy with monks at different ashrams in the Himalayas, Bihar School of Yoga (Mungar), and Divine Life Society & Yog Vedanta School Rishikesh and with huge passion and ten years of self-practice and seven years of teaching experience makes him a strict teacher who pays a lot of emphasis on biomechanics of the body while performing an asana.

Yogi Rakesh

Growing up in a traditional family from India, he was introduced to yoga in his early childhood. He completed his Yoga Alliance certified 500h Teacher Training with his Guru Mahindra Prasad in Dharamshala / India. Rakesh is specializing in the traditional Ashtanga method after K. Pattabhi Jois. Constantly developing his own practice as well as his teachings, he is regularly practicing at the KPJAYI in Mysore. He is also experienced in teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga. For him, the practice of physical asana means the practice of awareness.

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a traveller Austria

Tripadvisor website

The teachers are very knowledgeable and make every day learning a pleasure..everyone at mantra yoga meditation school is so kind, caring and truly lovely. The food is not only perfect but delicious too. I would definitely recommend the yoga classes at MYM and I personally will return for further training or even have a yoga retreat. Thank you so much Thumbs up for this place. I highly recommend this yoga school.

a traveller

Tripadvisor website

est yoga training school in India......All the teachers and support staff are very helpful. I had most wonderful month during training with the very authentic people who lives the values they teach. This was probably most wonderful month of my life and I was immersed in every moment of that month.


Tripadvisor website

I did 200 hour yoga teacher training.I highly recommend this school. It is easy to get drowned in the multitude of yoga school options in Rishikesh. The caliber of teachers are excellent. The location is beautiful. The atmosphere created by Swami, teachers and staff facilitates learning and self growth. The ashram location is a great spot. The food is also very good, if you enjoy Indian food with little salt. The education offered here is all encompassing, there are many schools in Rishikesh but this one is building a good reputation due to its hard work. Be open to all that is, accept and know that you are in good hands. I visited many temples and saw the best dance moves . Great memories!!!!!!

Cayetana R. Spain

TripAdvisor website

Stayed there during 7 days yoga retreat.It is really unforgettable experience.while back to study tour with my group they decided retreat program at the world capital of yoga.and we planned in so hurry in aug-12 & got booked our study tour here for 7days.It is an awesome place with pine yoga hall which is really gives u calm n serene sorrounding effect to your mediation & practice.never been to such place.before.Cheap & Best.MY yoga teacher was veteran as he showed all ashana's which could not easily learnt in ever working environment.100% recommended.Writing in behalf of my spanish team.

Thank you Sanskrit Yogpeeth from all of us.!!

Cayatana ruiz.

Silvija P.

TripAdvisor website

It is very tricky to find a good school looking on internet as the descriptions are mostly very abstract. So I try to highlight the concrete things. The yoga shala is on the upper floor and has big windows on 2 walls and the great views to the mountains. The teachers are young and very energetic. I liked a lot that our asana teachers did not waste time on long talks and spent time very efficiently showing the alignment and making us to work. So to me personally teachers and the location of the yoga shala was the top. Another thing is that it is run by family and friends and they all are very knowledgeable young Indians and very dedicated. I noticed there are two types of ashrams - some very silent and you have to whisper when inside and some are more dynamic. This one is more dynamic cause the type of yoga - vinyasa and ashtanga attracts many youngsters. Thus the atmosphere is more lax, lots of laugh and jokes also together with teachers. Another good thing is that it is somewhat up on the mountain. Before coming to India I did not know the roads are so dusty and was really happy to find out the ashram is far away from the dust. The school is located just at the banks of the very busy small river. I am not sure if it is upside or a downside - many people told they are very happy to hear this natural waterfall sound. But keep in mind the sound is really strong, I personally had to use the earplugs to fall asleep. The food is nothing special - the same as in all India: rice, chapati and overcooked vegetables made in aluminium pots and lots of sauces. The cooks are very nice guys and they reacted very fast when we asked to introduce the fruits to get some vitamins. Later we found out that close to the school are some organic restaurants with much more variety and were filling our stomachs there instead. After all I think it is a very good school, since the sound and food are the secondary elements and you can find easy solutions for it. It is in the cleaner area than lots of other Rishikesh schools - this is very important cause you will take lots of oxygen in you this month. And teachers are just unbeatable. If you want to learn, highly recommended.

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