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4 Day Weekend Yoga Retreat in Ålesund

Available from July till January
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5 Day Bespoke Yoga Holiday in Qingdao

Oct 1-5 | Oct 15-19 | Oct 29-Nov 2 , 2021

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Vivian Shang

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Inga Andruskaite

from Norway, May 2021

"Highly recommended, best investment to your self!"

Vivian tok such a good care of us! She is a very warm, friendly, happy and positive person. She is also very very professional. I am scared I will never meet such a perfect instructor again so i'll have to come back to her often :)

She came with many activity opportunities for each day! We got the possibility to see Ålesund at its best! We were hiking in such amazing places! We were eating amazing homemade food! We were having amazing time at the house! We were practicing with the best instructor ever! We got holliday videos special made for us!

You get so much for such a little price! Are you thinking about this retreat - book it, it doesnt matter if you are alone or you are two or more - you will love it! Just do it!

Anna Noll

from Norway, June 2021

"An incredibly inspiring week"

Thank you for this wonderful, challenging and exciting week. Before I came here I told you that I was thinking about doing a yoga teacher training next year and that I have a lot of experience in practicing yoga and gymnastics.

But for this yoga & hiking retreat, I just thought I would relax and practice a bit more yoga to calm down.

But you realised what I really needed. You pushed me in the right direction. You have a very good sense of challenging and taking me out of my comfort zone. I am very grateful for that.

I had a lot of fun during this time here and learned a lot of new things about yoga and Norway in just one week. The trip was incredible. I will always remember our conversations during the hikes. I enjoyed all the activities we did: the hikes to "Eltraneset", the cave “Skjonghelleren" and other viewpoints, the walks around the lake, on the beach and on the “Bird Island”, the time in the gym, the trip to “Trollstigen”, the “Sunmore museum” and most of all the AMAZING yoga teacher training.

I really enjoyed your freshly prepared food, it was so delicious every time and very different from the dishes I eat at home in Germany. Thanks for showing me how to prepare the local sea weed.

I will continue to teach yoga in Germany, I will keep you updated and I am looking forward to welcoming you as a friend in my home, wherever I will live then. You are a great inspiration and you made this week perfect for me. Thank you very much for your time. Big hug Anna

Sarah Cadili-osborne

from United Kingdom, August 2020

"A tailored Mountain retreat for Mind and body reset"

Vivian was a Warm, welcoming And enthusiastic host who developed a varied, personalised retreat that fulfilled all my goals. She has very good knowledge of the surrounds And all the great hikes for varying levels, and every day Was a new challenge. It gave me a feeling of accomplishment !

I practiced deeply relaxing yin yoga with Vivian Which is a great compliment to the Daily hiking. She also developed yoga practices that helped me strengthen and work on areas that I highlighted.

The Weekly schedule was A Perfectly Tailored balance of hiking, yoga, taking in the sites, and Vivian was lovely company throughout.

Accommodation was comfortable, clean, with a lovely mountain view And Well located To walk into town.

I thoroughly recommend this retreat to people seeking a blend of hiking and yoga in Norway!

Deirdre Sheehan

from Ireland, February 2020

"Norwegian Arctic Adventure"

Vivian is a warm, welcoming, kind, genuine host who excels in the service of others.

She also has boundless energy and a great sense of humour.

There was great variety in our days, with any number of fab adventures during our yoga retreat.

Starting the day with yoga and ending it most days with an evening meditation provided lovely bookends.

Our small group from three continents led to lively discussions and learnings around the table.

Snow shoeing, using the Barents Sea to cool off from a sauna and staying in the snow hotel in Kirkenes were my stand out adventures of the week. Reindeer and Husky sledding through a winter wonderland were also really good fun.

Evan Anderson

from United States, February 2020

"Vivian is amazing!"

This arctic Norway experience was hands down a blast! Vivian sourced activities each day that kept us engaged and excited. We did yoga every morning and night with some meditation sprinkled in which was perfect for the trip. She knew the locals which made everything so much better than a commercial experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for the northern light (aurora borealis) as we were lucky enough to see them twice!

Hitomi Hayashi

from United States, February 2020

"Just. Go. "

Vivian has been great even before we met her. She took well good care of us (transportation, home made food, planning our activities, etc) She is a unique human, who loves life, is always happy, and has a happy children (as in fun loving) qualities about her (if you meet her you'll understand).

The place we stayed was beautiful gorgeous cabin in the middle of a beautiful small town covered in snow next to a fjord. Everyday we did something that was new. It was non stop adventure!

Lydie Lawson

from France, September 2019

"Second yoga retreat with Vivian! Another unforgettable time "

This my second retreat with Vivian! Last year was in Norway. This time was in China (Qingdao) : everything was amazing there and here ! I’ve lived in Qsingdao like locals : that’s what I expected.

Vivian’s friends (especially Jiajia and Wu) were very kind and open-minded. They shared their culture, their job and their time. As an osteopath and a Kung-Fu master, Wu gave me many advice for my personal training and he treated me for a shoulder injury : his treatment was “painfully good” and effective!

We’ve practiced yoga twice a day at home and in 2 different yoga studios. Even if I don’t speak Chinese the teachers were very helpful. And Vivian is always so positive and supportive.

She and her friends organized many activities. We visited the mount Lao Academic School and made incense-holders, a traditional printing of a Chinese text I chose and tested tea. We saw a night light show in downtown Qingdao and went to the night market. We went to Zhanqiao Pier, visited the Tsingtao Beer Museum (with beer testing ;)) before having a delicious dinner in the Beer House with friends. We visited the peaceful Temple in Zhanshan.

We went to hike in the mount Lao : the paths are only made of stairs.

We picked tea leaves in a local tea garden.

We also spent a day at the beach with friends, played volleyball and practiced yoga on the sand!

I totally recommend that retreat: take friends with you!

Thank you dear friend. See you in another retreat (with our Dragon).

Melissa Damour

from France, August 2019

"Awesome time in Qingdao city and mountains"

I had an excellent time in Qingdao with Vivian and her friends. They made me feel most welcome and I felt like I was staying with family. The day started and ended with yoga and was filled throughout with visits and activities. The cooking class, tea picking, Tsingtao beer museum, and kung fu class were my favorites! Everyone had great energy and was excited to share what they knew about Chinese culture, cuisine, medicine, etc. I learned so much, I am really glad I chose to do this retreat and travel differently. It was a much more intimate way of discovering China than if I had gone by myself. Plus: Vivian paid special attention to my back issues and the yoga sessions were tailored for me, I even got an amazing traditional medicinal massage to fix my shoulder problem! Extra plus: I am a big foodie, and I got to try something new at every meal! I really liked the beer house ;)

Thank you Vivian, Jia jia, Master Wu and Moli for your kindness and knowledge!

Michele Hales

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Viking yoga warrior experience "

Vivian takes you on a journey to help deepen your yoga practice and explore a stunning corner of the world. Amazing views, hikes, local knowledge and expert personal training. Plenty to do whatever the weather.

Holly Jarousek

from United States, August 2018

Vivian was so accommodating and flexible. She created a perfect and safe way to see norway with an adventurous spirit.

Had the perfect house on a lake - with Mountain View and very private.

Cornelia Schaad

from Switzerland, December 2018

"Great Experience"

I enjoyed a great week with Vivian which started with the first impression when she picked me up and ended with the goodbye at the airport.

The programme was varied, interesting, personally and I had even some free time. The Yoga part (for me as a beginner) was instructive and gave each day a routine to start and end the day.

Elnesvågen is a great place, beautiful nature, lots of possibilities to explore.

Vivian is a amazing person and became a friend during the week. With her warm nature she motivated me to exercise and think positive.

I could take a lot out of this week and would do it again.

Christiane Gustave

from United States, August 2018

"Fantastic journey"

I discovered Vivian’s Norway. I already knew it was a beautiful country but Vivian made me feel the way people really live there. I felt like in fairy land, the magnificent scenery et all... Norway’s history as well!

She also kept pushing me out of my comfort zone in hiking, yoga and sports, even though I was afraid of heights, and it felt so good to achieve it all.

It was challenging all the time but I trusted Vivian 100% and she took care of us at all times, always available.

One of the best holidays I ever had...

Lydie Lawson

from France, August 2018

"Summer in Norway with a great teacher ;) "

Le groupe comprenait 2 personnes au total. Vivian nous a fait découvrir un pays et les activités de randonnée qu’elle adore. Elle a su adapter les activités en fonction de la météo capricieuse et de nos capacités physiques (que ce soit les randonnées ou les activités physiques). Vivian a su nous pousser au delà de nos capacités physiques. Elle a toujours été soucieuse de notre sécurité et notre bien être! L’ambiance a été très chaleureuse. Je recommande vivement cette retraite si vous souhaitez conjuguer découverte d’un pays, randonnées, activités physiques diverses!

Claire Savatte

from France, August 2018

"Perfect week"

Just came back from a perfect week ! Vivian make sure that I had à personalised week with activities that i really want to do ! Nice house with a view on the sea and really calm, crazy hiking with wonderful views and restorative yoga at the end of the day and meditation ! Vivian is more than kind, really hard to leave !