TK Yoga Retreat offers a wide range of yoga retreat based in Bagetel, France, and Suffolk, UK, specialized in small group and holistic therapies.

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15 Day 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Framlingham, UK

Available in November, February & March
    from US$1,950
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    Instructors (2)

    Keely Warren

    Tina Brewer

    Reviews (27)

    Elizabeth Potts

    from Ireland, November 2019

    "Incredibly special training"

    Let’s start with Tina- what a loving, devoted yogi. I felt so blessed to be led by someone who cares so much for her students and the yoga. She was tender when she needed to be and showed discernment when issues arose. I know we as a group each improved our own practice and learned so much thanks to her. The location is this secluded adorable village among the mountains. The house was incredibly clean and well looked after and the studio was cozy and wonderful. We came at a perfect time of year as it was not too hot or cold and so the studio stayed relatively comfortable as we worked. The format is relaxed and not overwhelming. We each got to teach classes, get in personal practice and study each day without feeling terribly overworked or pressured. It was a beautiful experience and honestly the bond we made to each was the most incredible part for me. It’s amazing how much love you can draw into your life in only 3 weeks. I’m so incredibly glad I did it with TK Yoga.

    Stephenie Hauk

    from Germany, November 2019

    "Wonderful Experience! "

    The location of this training is phenomenal! Surrounded by nature and mountains and amazing like-minded people!

    The curriculum is thoughtful and there is time for your personal practice and opportunities to student teach. From day one, Tina tells you to step into the role of the teacher. You learn to teach by teaching not just by being a student and this allows you to leave the program with confidence!

    Deyana Georgieva

    from Great Britain, October 2019

    "Amazing 3 weeks!!"

    Everything was perfect - the village and nature around, the house and the garden, the studio I totally love it, the food and the arrangement of the rooms.

    But more than everything and actually the most important part for me was the quality of the teaching. Tina is an amazing teacher, knowledgeable and devoted yogi and real inspiration for all of us!

    Thank you 🙏❤

    Armelle Lamaud

    from France, October 2019

    "Une des plus belles expériences de ma vie"

    Je suis ressorti de cette retraite transformé. Tina est une excellente professeur. Toujours très attentionnée, gentille et accueillante. Bien que Française et ne comprenant pas très bien l'anglais ( du moins au début) je ne me suis jamais senti à l'écart. Tina m'a aidé à approfondir ma pratique et à me surpasser. J'ai vraiment beaucoup appris à ses côtés. Le lieux et charmant, avec de très jolie balades à faire, à pied ou à cheval. Je recommande sans hésiter TK Yoga. Encore merci à Tina !

    Helene Phou

    from France, April 2019


    Tina is an intuitive teacher who teaches us how to become a yoga teacher by subtracting from our comfort zone. Mike is generous and has prepared us delicious meals and during free time has led us to wonderful places to visit. The place is beautiful and everything is conducive to relaxation and letting go. I felt confident and safe and 3 weeks went by very fast. I am happy to have experienced this training in this beautiful place with these great people. The friendships created with the other students are also very strong. Thanks again for everything.

    Aude Brancy

    from United States, April 2019

    "It went too quick!!!"

    Every thing was perfect. I felt very much at ease with Tina. Our group was so nice to work with. Tina turned us into a little family and it made the learning so much more easy.

    Jessica Leach

    from France, May 2020

    "Excellent "

    Doing the course online was a worry of mine but TK made the online process feel at ease and made it feel like we were all together. They were full of great information and very supportive

    지희 최

    from Netherlands, December 2019

    "Relaxed, cozy atmosphere"

    Price, lessons, teacher, food , all of my yogi mates!

    ++ Curriculum is not 100% same as here but still have a lot of things to learn.

    Lessons are not fixed on schedule but they'll accept your request as much as they can!++

    For instance, there are no schedule for Headstand but we've been learned :)

    You don't have to dissapointed. There are so much things to do and you'll be enjoyed*

    2 weeks are quite short if you really want to learn something. But Tina&Keely give you a lot of opportunity if you willing to learn.

    Have fun yogis and thank you all teachers& my yogi friends.

    Best regards, Namaste.

    Jihee Choi


    from United States, October 2019

    "I loved every minute of my stay in St Gervais sur Mer"

    I had no pre-conceived ideas about what a Yoga Retreat would be like, however, from the moment Mick picked us up in Palavas Les Flots, about an hour and a half from the Yoga Retreat, I felt at home. Tina's place is lovely, she was our Instructor for the whole week. I really liked having the same person each day. I had a lovely room in the main house. The food was excellent and plentiful, and although I am not a vegetarian, I really enjoyed the range and quality of the food, provided each day by Mick. We were 7 ladies from various parts of the world, who gelled very well together as a Group who went on walks. We had a memorable time one morning in a Tea Shop in a local town, where Tina & Mick brought us one morning to sample the local market. Mealtimes were fun, with great chats. We set up our own wahtsap group to keep in touch with each other. Mick was a great 'go to' person to get ideas of nice walks in the area which is beautiful, in the foothills of the Massif Central range of mountains. The Tourist Office lends bikes, at no charge. Beautiful relaxing massages were also available. There is a really nice outdoor swimming pool, which was a relaxing place to sit in the sun and listen to nature or read a book. Good Wifi . We were asked at the start to have an intention, 'our Heart's Desire' and a pose we would like to achieve......I had an ambition to be able to do a Half Grasshopper pose by the time I left.......and I did it! Couples was GREAT. I WILL BE BACK

    Margaret Doherty

    from United States, October 2019

    "A wonderful yoga experience"

    Thiswas one of the best holiday week s l ever experienced. Set in a beautiful location, Tina provides a fantastic, interesting and enjoyable week of yoga instruction, dealing with many different student abilities with great personal guidance and support, couldn't have been better, highly recommended

    Laura White

    from United States, September 2019

    "More than I could have dreamed!"

    I had such a lovely experience. So much respect for Tina's ability to meet everyone exactly where they were in their yoga practice. Thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and the space we did yoga in.

    The meals were delicious and thanks to the lovely group of folk I was with, I got to enjoy cycling, hiking, swimming as well as yoga.

    Lastly, big thank you to Tina for going out of her way to make sure we got to go horse riding! I will never forget that afternoon and looking out across the pyrenees on the horses :)

    Eileen Herbert

    from United States, September 2019

    "Total relaxation. "

    Tina worked very hard to ensure that I achieved a level on yoga I had not expected to reach. Her encouragement and praise even at this age of my life was such that I had the confidence to push myself.

    Maren Van Waalwijk

    from Netherlands, September 2019

    "More than I expected"

    Tina is a great teacher. She teaches the finesses of yoga, and, I guess even more important, She teaches about generall health and well being. Together with Mick, the great cook, they put together a great atmosphere where you can rest, relax, have fun and grow!

    Michele Baker

    from Belgium, September 2019

    "Yoga Retreat in a beautiful area of France "

    Tina and Keely were both fantastic Yoga instructors. They each have their own unique styles. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that Tina incorporated her knowledge of other healing modalities into the week. The food was very well done and the group was a nice balance of ages and experiences. I loved the partner yoga session and the healing session. I also really enjoyed the evening yoga session. The yoga room was made to look magical with candles and low lighting.

    Cath Burke

    from Great Britain, August 2019

    "A mixed experience"

    Tina, we truly want you to thrive and give your gift to the world and very much enjoyed and appreciated your yoga teaching, the food and super-clean accommodation :-) Also the environment, although the way you manage the heat in your home meant it got unnecessarily hot in the dining area.

    Agathe Roguet

    from France, August 2019

    "Une retraite très agréable. "

    Tout d'abord, le lieu, à côté d'un petit village entouré de verdure. Les professeurs, vraiment pro, bienveillantes et souples par rapport aux horaires. Les repas, très bons et sains avec toujours des petites attentions. Pour finir, l'ambiance cosmopolite, le mélange des nationalités.

    Alexandra Caulfield

    from Great Britain, April 2019

    "basic training, delivered with broad brushstroke"

    My accomodation, (I didn't stay at the shared house) was great with lovely food.


    from India, March 2019

    "Simply amazing! <3"

    Where to start? Tina and Keely are simply the Best possible teachers, the food was beyond expectations and the accommodation was cozy and comfortable.

    It’s hard to put it in words when you have had an experience that in so many ways have exceeded your imagination. I arrived thinking that I’d attend a course hopefully resulting in a certificate and leave with so much more. Tina and Keely bring everything to a personal level and teach you how to be the best individual teacher and how to stay true to yourself in the process.

    All of this whilst making beautiful friendships for life in the group that was put together.

    Would recommend this course to anyone and everyone and we will all return to Tina and Keely’s studios in England and in France❤️

    With love


    cassandra parry-hughes

    from Great Britain, June 2018

    "home from home"

    This was the first time I have tried a yoga retreat and I am so glad I did. The TK team were fantastic and made everyone feel so welcome. The accomodation was fantastic and the pool was a welcome relief from the heat. I would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone looking for yoga and relaxation.

    Karen Cowley

    from Ireland, June 2018

    "Incredible Yoga Treat"

    Everything from the accommodation to food quality really surpassed my expectations. I wanted for nothing while I was there, and had loads of space to relax and do my own thing. The food was lovely and Mick would rarely even let us help clean up.

    Tina is a fabulous person and an excellent yoga teacher. She pushes you in classes but is so easy going about everything, it really makes for an great, relaxed atmosphere.

    There are loads of beautiful hikes around the area, and Tina also organised horse riding for us just down the road, which was a highlight for me!

    I would go back in a heartbeat. Tina and Mick, thank you for everything! xxx


    from Germany, August 2019

    " Expérience décevante"

    1) Une pratique et un style de yoga agréable, mais les cours n’ont pas tous eu lieu comme prévu. Au 3e cours, il y a eu trop peu de guidage mais beaucoup d’improvisation libre. Les soins kaina n’ont pas eu lieu. Ce qui est annoncé n’est pas forcément tenu.

    2) Les repas sont simples et nourrissants ; pour réduire le prix, on renonce aux produits bio et équitables.

    3) L’hébergement est simple, propre et correct dans la maison ; attention aux fortes chaleurs dans la salle de séjour/ la salle à manger qui ne sont pas aérés pourtant les nuits d’été sont fraîches dans la région et peuvent baisser les températures intérieures. Dans les petits bâtiments charmants annexe, probablement des anciens étables, le logement est aussi agréable et bien équipé.

    Bastien Renart

    from France, June 2018

    "Just perfect"

    Everything was wonderful. It has changed our lives.