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At Satya Loka we offer yoga teacher trainings & retreats worldwide in yoga, Tantra & sacred dance, the teachings are infused with the path of the heart.

  • Maharashtra, India
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  • Review by Kat Sukh from Russia
    9 out of 10

    "When I met Radasi I understood what was the path of Shakti, of love, of passion, of devotion. She is teaching me how to be truly in my feminine power and at the same time realize that the real self is beyond gender limits. How to welcome and experience all the arising emotions and be still. How to build my life the way I want to see it and totally surrender to God. How to walk the path remaining a woman. Just being around her is a great opportunity to learn, let along teacher trainings where she gives 100% of herself and inspires so powerfully that lives of those who are ready to take it can change dramatically."

    2016, Satya Loka website, edited

  • Review by Susan Harwood from England
    10 out of 10

    "Michelle’s teaching is enriching, insightful, and gracefully guided, she provides a holding place to learn and experience yoga, mindfulness, and other life benefits. I especially appreciated Michelle’s attitude i.e. encouraging the personal response and moving with the breath. Nice balance of concentrating on the basics and giving options to do more advanced postures."

    2014, Satya Loka Website, edited

  • Review by Edward Steel, from England

    "Incredibly inspiring! Radasis classes make the spirit soar. She was so inspiring in every class and an awesome role model and I know I will be a much better teacher for having been graced with her teaching."

    Satya Loka website, edited

  • Review by Elodie Geles

    "Please thank yourselves for creating this unique TTC where everything has been thought to nourish our true heart, inner goddess, to reveal the treasures from within and allow us just to BE with sincerity. You are amazing goddesses and beautiful examples of how to be natural. Your honest hearts helped me to open mine while feeling safe. Now I have to enjoy this tasty delight!"

    Satya Loka website, edited

  • Review by Claire Henry

    "I feel much more connected to my centre and power as a woman. The most influential was just having you two as teachers. You are both so embodied in your feminine goddess nature which is so unique. i feel so blessed to have role models like you. Its very rare to find teachers who are leading from a powerful feminine place."

    Satya Loka website, edited

  • Review by Blaire Houghton, from Canada

    "Radasis radiance and light permeate all who she guides. Hers is a light of the most beautiful and genuine kind. There is deep wisdom, guidance, support and love palpable in all of Radasis teachings and offerings. Her knowledge is firmly rooted in theory and deeply known through experience. Her guidance is soft in its delivery and strong in its message. Deeply intuitive, spontaneous, and present in her classes and meditations, Radasis love and efforts have left an indelible mark on myself and my family. I am deeply grateful for her teachings and magnificent love."

    Satya Loka website, edited

  • Review by Elizabeth Turner from Devon, UK

    "The TTC was a holistic and complete immersion in traditional yoga, with authentic practices passed down to us from the Guru. The mix of the well-known physical yoga alongside some of the less well-known breathing exercises, cleansing practices, chanting Sanskrit mantra, making a charged yantra and the beautiful Hridaya meditation learning to go into the spiritual heart were together a magical mix for our transformation over the rich month we had together. I loved also the opportunity for free expression through dance and deep sharing that we had from the heart. The teachers had a wealth of experience to impart to us, so that by the end of the month we were rich with knowledge, authentic practice and ready to teach. I returned home feeling energized, clear and calm."

    October 2015. Satya Loka website, edited

  • Review by Tatiana Swope from Russia

    "This TTC not only has awesome teachers, dancing, yoga, singing, tantra, rituals there is a magical energy that is created for you to evolve. For me it was a life changing experience. A celebration of life on all levels."

    May 2015. Satya Loka website, edited