Satya Loka offers Traditional Yoga & Tantra TTC courses & retreats in India, Greece & Austria. The main teacher has over 25 years experience practicing Yoga.

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Ra Lalita Dasi

Michelle Levi

Reviews (5)

Sabrina Schmid

from Switzerland, August 2021

"An unforgettable time"

From the first moment I felt totally welcome and home. I had the feeling that I just cam be myself. Radasi, Michelle and Felicia were always open for questions, talks and help. I learned so much here. All the teachers gave the best, that the intense time would be also a really nice and enjoyable time. I loved the flexible timetable ans that Radasi was feeling what the group is needing. Nature Walk, Dance, Creative Experiences ans the beautiful yoga classes in the morning were a perfect balance to the more theoretical lessons- I loved every hour in this 4 weeks.


from Great Britain, June 2021

Such an incredible experience, I learnt so much valuable traditional information and physical alignments for teaching safely. Radasi was very supportive and made the learning environment a warm open space!

Monica Hansson

from Sweden, June 2019

"A rare opportunity of deap self discovery "

We had so many opportunities to work with ourselves, to heal old wounds and release into a deeper connection with our true selves. I am so grateful to Radasi and the other teachers for their genuin support and knowledge. I learnt so much about tantra and yoga, and I learnt even more about myself.

Tiffany Moore

from United States, November 2018

"Amazing and life-changing experience"

The programming for the teacher training is excellent.

Anca Lacroix

from Netherlands, October 2021

"I highly recommend this TTC"

This TTC was above my expectations. The course was really good structured. Although really intense, gave me the chance to learn quickly and embody what I was learning.

Radasi has a deep charisma, combined with wisdom, knowledge, experience and a lot of love. I was amazed of her talent and power of transmitting her deep wise knowledge and years of experience.

Felicia and Ksenia came just the right knowledge to make this course so complete.

Their enthusiasm and knowledge was so inspiring!

I highly recommend this course!