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Discover your Self for the benefit of all beings! Satya Loka offers Traditional Yoga & Tantra teacher training courses in India, Austria and Greece.

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Ra Lalita Dasi

The widespread community connected to Satya Loka is inspired by the discovery of truth through the teachings of Traditional Tantra, Yoga, Meditation and Self Inquiry. We offer retreats teacher trainings, free international supported sadhana and ongoing support in a personal heart centred and transparent way. All of our courses guide you to experience the teachings from within. Radasi who is the founder, personally guides each training with a commitment to truth and whether you are at a intermediate or advanced level you will be blown away by how the courses offer you a orchestrated combinatio

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Tiffany Moore

from United States, November 2018

"Amazing and life-changing experience"

The programming for the teacher training is excellent.

Melody Venes

from United States, October 2018


The people

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Emily Maubin Texas USA

Satya Loka website

“Satya Loka provides a journey. Not just a journey of yoga but a journey of the self. You leave the course feeling light, love and happiness. It has been the best decision I’ve made, to attend this course. I grew into a yoga teacher & also grew into a new version of myself. I will forever remember this course and the knowledge I’ve gained here. So many thanks & so much love <3”

Fidelia Luthervec Germany

Satya Loka website

“A transforming experience, a journey to discover traditional tantra with Lalita as a teacher with an infinite heart, sharing knowledge from truth and heart.

Thank you for all the Inspiration, Beauty & Love.”

Kirsten Pedderson Denmark

Satya Loka website

“A powerful, unique, and authentic Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga TTC of very high quality. If you want a well rounded TTC with a strong spiritual focus, then this is as good as it gets.”


Satya Loka website

I’m very touched and grateful to have been in Radasi’s presence. It’s been transformative for me to experience Radasi’s human-ness and grace, which comes through all she does because she really walks the path and embodies the teachings fully. I have learned so much in all the different contexts. So often it feels that Radasi is moving in prayer which i really appreciate


Satya Loka website

I love how Radasi put the whole course together. Doing 200 hours in a four week course was intense, but she and the team found a way of creating the days with so many different inputs, that you have lovely change between theory, practise, being creative, being in nature with giving and holding the space for any support you need. They are all super warm hearted and Radasi teaches with so much passion from her life experiences. I took so much out of this course and I felt very much supported in my own spiritual developments. Thank you.

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