SATI Dynamic promotes awareness, expression, inspiration, physical & emotional wellbeing. Our retreats are uniquely revelatory and transformational experiences.

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Evi Choutou

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Ioanna Palamidous

from Great Britain, December 2019

"Finding myself-awareness training recalibrating experience"

Evi is an amazing, giving person who has built this retreat around these qualities. She guides you through both physical and mental exercises in such an order to get the most out of them whilst creating a friendly and safe environment for everyone.

Paola Pellini

from Italy, April 2019

"Finding myself "

I Liked intense training, relax, the house, the forest, our guest Renato, the simple and exellent food. I met friendly and open travel

Friends. Evi is an exceptional

Guide. All together we created a really special experience.

Anna Dziendziel

from Switzerland, August 2021


Absolutely everything