Paros Yoga Shalla offers a mandala-range of yoga classes, teachers, retreats, workshops, and trainings, balancing inner-outer alignment and energetic flow.

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8 Day Solo Mandala Yoga Retreat in Paros

Available in September & October
    from US$1,738
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    7 Week Online Yoga Rasa Living Sādhanā Retreat

    Available from September till April

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    Irana JI An Fouroulis

    Reviews (4)

    Aurelie Butscher

    from Switzerland, August 2020

    "Great yoga classe"

    The quality of the teaching was great , very traditional and deep Yoga . I've been happy to meet Irena who is a beautiful, smiling and welcoming person.

    We were very few people in classe ( because of the covid situation) so she had time to correct and have a eye one me all the time.

    We had 3 personal sessions during my week, so she gave me advice for my lifestyle, focus on my low back and shoulders, and we elaborate a personal practice of 30 min I can do myself at home ( ans I find this very usefull!)

    The schedule were perfect for me. A big session in the morning and a small one in the afternoon, like this you have time to enjoy to be outside during the afternoon.

    Paros is amazing, beautiful... and the temperature in the studio is very fresh ( i was worried for too hot in august but was not the case!) And the view from there very nice. I had an ayurvedic massage with a Irena's friend who was absolutely fantastic!!

    THANK YOU for everything! I feel mutch bettee after this week!


    from Canada, October 2018

    "Having been @ yoga retreats before; this isn’t a yoga retret"

    Only the yoga instruction

    Francesca Venturini

    from Italy, September 2018

    "A real Transformational Yoga, lead by a magical lady i"

    I liked every single moment. There are no words to explain, just magical: the place, people , Teacher and instructor