One Yoga was founded with the vision of offering yoga teacher training in a retreat-style setting without the normal distractions of everyday life.

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Paula Surya Shivjot

Danny Taylor

Astrid van Zon

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Alex Yogi

Christiaan Virant

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Aline Strouvens

from Germany, December 2019

"Didn’t expect to learn and grow so much! "

I would 100% recommend this program to everyone.

The asana classes are really good and the way the schedule is made works perfectly for beginners as well as more advanced students. The anatomy class is tailored for your yoga practice and is really interactive, which I loved. The philosophy class is given in a simple and clear way and will teach you so much about yoga and yourself!

The teachers are really good, they all come from different backgrounds and are very complementary, each of them share something different with the student which is a real add value to the program.

Plus the food is amazing (that was my biggest concern before leaving haha) and the view from the bungalows will give you the motivation to wake up early every morning!

Andjela Djakovic

from Malaysia, October 2019

"Magical Journey!!"

Wow wow wow! This was the most incredible journey!

I am so forever grateful for the kindness and support offered in this wonderful space.

Absolutely blown away by the dedication and passion our teachers shared with us, inspiring me every day. Love love love <3

Definitely the biggest investment I’ve ever made in myself and it I am so glad that I took the leap. My heart is so warm, and so full.

Forever in my heart this experience will be. Thank you family!

Patricia Luca

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"a little piece of heaven"

every one was extremely friendly and felt like coming home to a loving family

The instructors were a perfect combination of spiritual guides, trusting friends, advisers or just a non judging shoulder to cry on

Went there not knowing what to expect and the experience was magical

Julia Stucki

from United States, September 2019

"What a magical place to be!"

One Yoga in Thailand has a wonderful spiritual atmosphere. All people are so kind and loving you feel like home after a few days.

The Teachers are really friendly and I could not imagined myself someone better. The food menu was repeating itself after 3 days at first, but they were so spontaneous and changed the breakfast for us!! So lovely and magical!

There are a lot of vegan restaurants near by.

Tonya Marshall

from United States, June 2019

"An amazing journey "

Love all of the staff, I felt they were very accommodating to everyone’s needs in a quick manner. Love each one of the teachers, very knowledgeable. Loved the daily meditation. The food was similar each day but tasty and I love how I feel now at the end, very lite and clean. I love Koh Pha-ngan, an amazing island with like minded people... the sunsets are beautiful!

Áine Ní Dhálaigh

from Ireland, June 2019

"Amazing! "

This has been the best decision I've EVER made! The teachers and facilitators are amazing! Their generosity of knowledge and love cannot be expressed in words. They created an atmosphere unlike any i have ever experienced. The location is beautiful (a real conscious community). The food and accommodation was amazing. You will never regret doing this course (*have no expectations but do look at a sample timetable to be prepared for the long days)

Good luck! Loving Kindness ❤️

Lexi McClain

from United States, May 2019

"An amazing experience!!"

I spent an incredible month with One Yoga where I not only learned the skills to prepare me to teach, but I also learned much more about the history and philosophy of yoga than I expected. The course was also super well-organized and ran smoothly. Koh Pha-ngan is the perfect size to feel at home during the course, while also having plenty of areas to explore.

Kamilla Rokosz

from Ireland, April 2019

"Wonderful experience. Learned a lot so many ways"

Well organised, expectations were more than accomplished. Loved the meditation, yoga philosophy and styles of yoga, hatha/vinyasa/yin. Thank you to all the teachers for sharing their knowledge. It was a very special experience. Namaste!

Giulia Del Balzi

from Germany, March 2019

"What an amazing experience!"

My month with One Yoga was simply amazing. What an incredible experience and beautiful journey it has been!

The best choice I could have taken.

I loved the island and the Shala.

The lectures were always super interesting and the yoga classes very beautiful, taught with love and to help you really get deeper in the practice. I wasn't sure if i would have been able to sit and meditate for so long but it turned out I loved the meditation in the morning.

Amazing teachers, lovely and compassionate, always there ready to listen to you or answer all the questions.

Food was also great. The staff and organisators super friendly, always smiling and happy to help.

I simply loved it! Thank you One Yoga!!

Namaste 🙏

Jessie Smith

from United States, March 2019

"Most Transformative Month Of My Life!"

Wow, it's hard to find words that will do justice to the magic that happens at One Yoga. This month was filled with delicious food, incredible classes taught by caring teachers, and a spiritual journey through the body and the mind. I think one of the best parts about this course is that you are completely immersed in the world of yoga for one month. You are surrounded by like-minded individuals, learning yoga philosophy and history, taking yoga classes every day, practicing kriyas, detoxing the body, and on an island where your neighbors also live and breath yoga. It makes spiritual cultivation much easier and the process of detox and a clean lifestyle really help aid the physical body and mind into a more mindful state of being. I can't recommend this course enough if you are looking to become a teacher, dive deeper into the world of yoga, or simply to gain greater awareness of yourself. Thank you for the amazing month One Yoga!

Ioana Bunghez

from Romania, February 2019

"A great experience!"

I liked all of it, it was an intense experience.

Great teachers, great location, great food, great everything!

Ashley Thompson

from Canada, February 2019

"Beautiful energy, thoughtful & knowledgeable instructors"

Very accommodating, so much to learn from everyone. So grateful for the group that we had, from the instructors to the students, everyone was wonderful. Food was great and mostly vegan :) Where we practiced and learned was beautiful and peaceful. The curriculum was heavy, but extremely useful! Definitely an intense course but in the best way possible. You won’t regret doing your teacher training here.

Amanda Parekh

from United States, January 2019

"Life changing experience!"

In short, my experience with One Yoga Thailand was completely and utterly life changing. I was not a very experienced yogi going into the program (I only had ~2 years of exposure to yoga and typically took 5-6 classes a month), but the amount of calm and retreat I found in yoga really had me craving to learn more and deepen my practice. One Yoga Thailand had everything I was looking for: 1) a welcoming environment for those with and without much yoga experience, 2) EXTREMELY qualified teachers, 3) a community/humanitarian based mission (not focused on profitability), 4) a beautiful yet humble location and surroundings. There was a fantastic balance between asana practice, meditation, philosophy, anatomy/physiology and the art of teaching all while allowing students a good amount of downtime in the evenings and on Sundays for time to study or explore the island. What I got out of this experience most, however, was truly exploring and assessing myself (mind, body and spirit) and determine where I am now and what path I want to go on moving forward. There is so much learning in the program and so many tools you can take back to your day-to-day life and I feel like my toolbox is stocked full for a life lead by love, kindness and respect (for myself, others and the universe). Thank you One Yoga! You will forever be my family and hold a place in my heart!


from Canada, January 2019

The quality of the teaching was absolutely fantastic from Lior, Astrid, Surya and Swami!

Amy Craik

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"There are no words that would even come close! "

This full experience has been a journey of growth, compassion and gratitude that I will forever hold ear in my heart. The full course has exceeded my expectations and so much more. The teachers are just glowing with radiance of a whole other sort, their knowledge, love and philosophy of yoga just makes you want to get to the same level and continue to spread the joy of unity all over the earth. I have learned so so much and not only about yoga asanas but about meditation, being still, and genuinely how I react to obsticles in day to day life. It is so true that yoga is so much more than physical and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I was shown this by the amazing people humans that shared their wisdom with us all. The fact that 27 strangers also came togtehr from all over the world will for Dr hold a place dear in my heart, we were definetly a family which was just beautiful! If you have the consideration and what if questions you will Not be disappointed by chossing to start your journey with one Yoga. I can not recommend enough.... This will positively change youre outlook on life and so much more.

Forever loving kindess

Amy 🌻💛

Wesley Gonzales

from United States, January 2019

"Amazing retreat in Vegan Paradise"

This experience was artfully put together, extremely enjoyable and crafted to really round you out as a yoga teacher. From philosophy, art of teaching, to anatomy this course is beautiful and thorough. Teachers are lovely although they do change from course to course, but Danny the curator of one yoga has excellent taste and provides fantastic direction, so he will put you in good hands. From the moment you get there you know you're safe on a lovely island with a vegan restaurants a plenty and vegan options everywhere! Made beautiful friendships, deepened my practice, developed as a teacher, still managed to see some of the island and connect with the local heart beat. Can I do it all over again please?

Tolgonai Temirkanova

from United Arab Emirates, December 2018

"More than a YTTC"

All I was hoping to receive from my YTTC was a quality information and knowledge on the physical aspects of yoga - asanas, sequences, correct alignments, efficient teaching methods and tools. And of course, a Yoga Teacher Certificate that is recognized all over the world.. What I received by the end of the course was way beyond of what I expected!!! All the instructors were Great Teachers of not only their specific subjects, but Teachers of Life; who shared their light and illuminated every single one of us. After the course, I have not only became a yoga teacher, I am now a happier person, who's world has been illuminated and transformed during these intensive four weeks.. I have gained the quality knowledge, and with that, the wisdom of living a quality life... Endlessly grateful for this transformation!

A very short word about teachers:

Danny - the main engine of One Yoga, so bright and kind!

Surya - the sun and light of One Yoga; her Art of Teaching classes were so efficient and yet so simple and clear; Yoga classes - every one of them was so enjoyable, submerging you into a full harmony with your body!

Swami Sachi - Philosophy is philosophy! But I still feel your bright smile and kind heart!

Astrid - Anatomy classes, challenging at times, but her unbelievable patience and love made it so interesting and enjoyable! Really useful and eye opening information!

Lior - Loved sining the songs of life with you!

Clair - The team's angel!


Owen Costello

from United States, November 2018

"The training was more than I could have asked for"

The instructors were kind and knowledgable, authentic and devoted to their practice. No phonies here. The education was thorough as it could be considering it is such a breadth of knowledge to give in such a short time. They have effectively planted a seed for further development, and personal growth as well as given a subtantial tool kit with which to start teaching.

Sandra Devik

from Norway, November 2018


I am in awe and I will be for a very long time. Personally, I got what I came for in the first week. I was looking to reconnect on my mat and boy, did I. Everything on top of that was filling me up and overflowing me with love, connection, exploration and self-discovery. The location is absolutely amazing, the food was varied every day, filled with everything you could possibly want, so delicious. Not to mention the views to die for. This is a magical little island, a magical little community, and a very, very special Yoga Teacher Training Program. I would warmly recommend anyone reading this to book and go. It´s an experience for life. It lifted me up, it shook me around and it gave me new perspectives. I am inspired and humbled. Go. GO!

Will Lee

from United States, November 2018

"Peace Be The Journey "

I absolutely loved my Yoga Teacher Training experience, I came into this with an open attitude and it exceeded my expectations. One Yoga is located on the beautiful Koh Phangan specifically Surat Thani portion of the island. This location has wonderful beaches, breathe taking sunsets, and an awesome yoga/vegan vibe. Tons of restaurants to accommodate your Vegan needs. I was extremely blessed with 23 beautiful souls from all over the world and that isn't something that we have control over but so happy for my new family. Teachers were well qualified and taught with love and a smile that's hard to forget. My accommodation was at the KP Guesthouse, a private spacious room with a bathroom and tons of natural light and air-con. Also the locals were extremely hospitable and helpful. I loved renting a motorbike during free time and just cruising around the island. I can't wait to return to this magical place ~NAMASTE

Zelie Dirand

from France, April 2020

Tout !

Le cadre paisible, la qualité des repas, la gentillesse du personnel, le haut niveau tant pratique que théorique de tous les professeurs et surtout la bienveillance permanente que l'on ressent lors de ce stage...

Tout à One yoga permet de rendre cette formation inoubliable tant elle permet de nous faire évoluer personnellement... Bien plus qu'un diplôme de professeur de yoga, c'est un véritable voyage à la recherche de soi dans le cadre le plus propice qui soit...

Merci de tout coeur à toute l'équipe de One yoga, je n'oublirai jamais tout ce que vous avez pu m'apporter durant ce séjour :)

Nora Büscher

from Germany, February 2020

"Perfekter Start ins Jahr 2020!!"

Riesen Dankeschön!

Myriam Dias

from France, July 2019


Love and kindness and much patience

Nastasia Gibert

from Australia, June 2019

"More than just a YTTC"

La qualité de l'enseignement était exceptionnel. Koh phangan est une ile magnifique où on a la chance de vivre dans environ où tout est fait pour les yoginis. Durant ce training j'ai découvert bien plus que les techniques pure de yoga ou la philosophie. C'est un vrai travail interne !

Incroyable expérience, et prête à enseigner

Frauhilde Herrmann

from Germany, January 2019

"Danke One Yoga"

Die Ausbildung ist perfekt. Der richtige Mix zwischen Theorie, Spiritualität und Bewegung. Die Lehrer sind sooo herzlich und kompetent. Ich bin einfach nur begeistert und unendlich dankbar für diese 4 Wochen voller Höhen und Tiefen. Ich habe nicht nur den Yoga verstanden sondern auch fürs Leben gelernt!

Barbara Mair

from Austria, January 2019


I loved the course and the content!

Maloe Jansen

from Netherlands, November 2018

"Amazingly loving and safe space to do your TTC"

Doing the 200hr TTC at One Yoga Thailand was definitely one of the BEST experiences in my life. What a beautiful and amazing journey on this green island. The people of One Yoga are truly inspiring, filled with love & kindness, and sharing a lot of knowledge. All of this is created in a safe space, where you can be your true self and where there's room to explore, learn and grow. The classes are of great value and on a high level. During this month I got a new family, my One Yoga family. <3 We'll all keep on learning from life, our experiences and from each other. And I know my One Yoga people (One Yoga teachers and new teachers) will always be there for me. One Yoga, One Love. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu