Om & Flow Yoga's goal is to provide high-quality yoga education and yoga retreats to students and introduce the yogic values and principles to wider public.

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5 Day Energy-Balancing Detox Yoga Retreat in Ibiza

April 22-26, 2021 | October 1-5, 2021
    from US$1,067
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    Instructors (3)

    Sunny McGill

    Marta Selter

    Max Romano

    Reviews (11)

    Jennifer Altmann

    from Germany, October 2020

    "I had the best experience with Om & Flow Yoga!"

    The TTC was very well organized and I felt supported from the very first moment! I learned so much in only 3 weeks that I never expected. Both Marta and Max are amazing teachers. Max has so much knowledge and passion for what he does that it was awesome to listen and learn from him. Martas lessons were always fun, I can’t remember a day without a laugh. She always made sure everyone was happy!

    The place was absolutely stunning! It felt like we were in our own little bubble surrounded by nature, which we could explore during our breaks and after dinner. Also the food was simply the best! I can’t remember a day where I didn’t like the food!

    I feel absolutely confident teaching now and I am glad I chose Om & Flow Yoga!

    Jennifer Esch

    from Germany, October 2020


    Through the Yoga Teacher Training with Om&Flow I was able to evolve further mentally, physically and spiritually. There was nothing more beautiful than getting up early in the morning and meditating upon the trees of Hiiumaa. We as students were allowed to gain in depth knowledge about the philosophy, ethics, history and anatomy behind Yoga. The daily asana classes were energizing and always filled with opportunities to learn and further our personal practice. After this teacher training I gained the confidence to actually teach Yoga (which I didn’t expect beforehand)! Both Marta and Max were incredibly passionate about what they were teaching and enabling the students to grow the same passion. All meals were vegan and fabulously delicious. The beautiful accommodation was great to relax and let all the input sink in. It’s hard to even comprehend how life-changing this experience was for me!

    Mason Gates

    from Portugal, September 2020

    "Incredible Experience"

    It is difficult to list all of the ways this Yoga Teacher Training with Om&Flow helped me grow mentally and emotionally. The amount of care and preparation taken by Marta and Max was evident from beginning to end. The practices were challenging while also being accessible and inspiring. The personal attention and detail-oriented instruction helped me break down poses and find my best personal expression of each, which allowed me to find my voice as an instructor. The philosophy classes answered more questions than I knew I had; they motivated me to begin a lifelong study of the history, the practice, and the purpose yoga can have in our relationships with the world and each other.

    In short, this was a life-changing experience. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    Sam Wright

    from Great Britain, April 2020

    "Excellent and Marta was incredibly accommodating "

    Some of the best weeks of my life. Marta and all the instructors were brilliant. Interested, supportive, kind and great teachers.


    from Canada, March 2020

    "beyond expectations"

    I attended the teacher training in February in Colombia. The atmosphere and support was incredible. I felt comfortable to be myself, make mistakes and learn. The instructors got to know each of us very quickly and our whole group bonded.

    The villa by the sea was filled with bright sunshine and an uplifting breeze. I enjoyed the heat and here was always water with cut fruits to drink to keep us hydrated.

    Marta is a very practical teacher. She challenges you to teach, but also makes you feel comfortable to make your mistakes and learn from them. She also taught us a lot about the business and marketing side of yoga.

    I learnt much more than I expected to. I felt ready to teach as well as strong and healthy leaving the training.

    Julia Wolter

    from Guatemala, March 2020

    "Life changing experience! "

    I had the best training I could imagine. Our group was adorable and unit, and teachers were inspiring, warm, helpful and available around the clock. The accommodation was a dream, huge space, own bathroom, close to sea, town, etc! The food is vegetarian, and the kitchen crew is happy to cater to individual requests. There was always water, coffee, tea and snacks available.

    I have grown not only physically but also psychologically. All aspects of Yoga, not only the asanas, have been taught and internalized. Daily meditation, body practice, philosophy and history have helped me to understand many things.

    From the beginning the focus was on becoming a teacher, what I really liked! Guys, it's not a retreat, you will learn how to become a teacher and you have to invest your time. We were allowed to teach from day one. After my TTC I felt 100% ready to step into the world and teach Yoga. I have found my passion and would definitely recommend Om&Flow Yoga to others! My TTC has changed my life!


    from Switzerland, January 2020

    "Amazing experience"

    The location right at the beach was beautiful. This was my first yoga retreat and I had a great time.Marta was an amazing teacher. Everything was very well organized. The programm was very diverse and left some room for our preferences. All in all an inspiring experience and great group dynamic. I would highly recommend to do a yoga retreat with Marta!