Mimamsa is a Sanskrit word meaning 'reflection' or 'revered thought'. At Mimamsa, we believe that self-reflection is the only way to get higher clarity in life.

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Swami Mahendra Ji

Swami Aatma Ji

Deepa Mira

Kushal Bisht

Manoj Rawat

Direndra Ji

Swami Amarna Ji

Rupam Pundir Ji

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Padureanu Andreea

from Romania, March 2020

"Amazing yoga journey "

What a beautiful journey we had there.. I will never in my life forget this wonderfull people, wonderfull teachers. We book as a couple at Mimamsa school without no expectation but...from start to finish this training was by far the best thing I have ever done for my mind, body and soul. Stunning and huge garden, fantastic service, amazing food and the yoga practices were lead me through a journey that left me centered in every way.

Thank you also for all your suport and kindess during the restrictions cause by virus Covid-19 that appear in the end of training. You are the most kind and beautiful people that I ever meet in my life.