Lotus Nature Cure

South Goa, India

Lotus Nature Cure is a distinctive, all-inclusive refuge offering structured holistic health retreats in the comfort of a holiday home nestled in Goa.

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7 Days Personalized Wellness and Yoga Retreat in Goa, India

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Really Good 8/10

Based on 64 reviews
from US$375
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Really Good 8/10

Based on 64 reviews

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  • Alex Chiric Belgium

    January 2018, BookYogaRetreats

    I enjoyed every moment of my staying at the Lotus Nature retreat. I was surrounded by very open, smiling and wholehearted people. The yoga classes were so well balanced with the treatments, visits and the leisure activities that at the end of the day you were enjoying a wonderful and peaceful tiredness. Dr Patil and his wife are very good and patient yoga instructors. I felt myself progressing with my yoga postures every day.

    I will definitely come back!

  • Stark Manuela India

    January 2018, BookYogaRetreats

    I liked the nice atmosphere within a a small group and Iragoudas family. They drove me everyday to the beach, which is around 4km away. It was great, to have 3 meals a days, which I'm used to. The ayurvedic massage made my body feel great again. The beach is not croweded, they have chairs and umbrellas.

    In the beginning I thought, what a pitty, that the beach is not in walking distance. In the end, it was not an issue, since I had treatments in the morning and got a lift to the beach in the afternoon.

  • Kristina Kennedy Qatar

    December 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Loved the experience from start to finish. The Dr was kind and went above and beyond to meet our needs. A well structured day with time to do things alone. All the staff were wonderful and they made it a real sense of community. I would love to go back.

  • Celia Hanks Great Britain

    December 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    This is a place to learn the yoga moves as well as the principals the time goes so fast and the different therapies make this so different to other retreats


  • Robyn Irons New Zealand

    December 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Yoga classes were held in the cool of early morning and again in the early evening so that it wasn't too hot. We usually went to the beach for sunset yoga, which was just beautiful. Dr Patil, his family and staff were warm and welcoming and very helpful and attentive. The food was delicious and not too heavy. My room, ensuite and balcony were very nice, and very comfortable. Great chillout space upstairs for the guests to relax or for yoga during wet weather. Good WiFi.

    The massages and treatments were awesome! I'll definitely return to Lotus Nature Cure in the future.

    Not a dislike, just a suggestion. In the guests' chillout area upstairs it would be handy to have some small side-tables for popping our drinks on, some plants to soften the look of the area, and maybe some yoga information posters on the walls. Really though, I loved the place.

  • Anonymous

    December 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    The beach was beautiful but not walking distance in heat.

    Massages amazing. It was worth going just for those.

    Yoga at sunrise and dusk meant mosquito misery. Didn't feel instructor 'tailor made' treatment. We were all having same yoga with no attention paid to individuals who needed a little help with correcting postures or had ailments that needed addressing.

  • Michaela Frankova Slovakia

    December 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I loved the yoga lessons, the ayurvedic treatments as well as the food and incredible hospitality of the owner.

    There wasn't nothing i wouldn't like.

  • Iman Al Chaikh Lebanon

    November 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I like the treatment, the practice , the food and the very helpful and warm welcoming staff , I just felt like home .

  • Anneli Stromberg United States

    November 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    The treatments where great and the food. Interesting excursions. Nice staff. Excellent service in every aspect.

  • Sarah Gensmantel Great Britain

    November 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Truly one of the most incredible experiences ever! Wow... I have only positive things to say about this beautiful little gem hidden in Orlim, Goa.

    From the place it’s self, to the yoga, treatments, food, excursions and the generosity from all the staff is 5 gold stars from me! I will be back next year, that I do know. I was extremely sad to leave, I felt healthier, I’d lost weight and most importantly I felt totally relaxed. Dr Patil you and your family, staff are truly wonderful.

  • Izabela Milewska Germany

    November 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Dr. Patil is a wonderful person! The staff is very welcoming and friendly. Yoga at the beach was a dream come true and the massages were absolutely amazing. Far more than I initially thought this visit will be, and beyond expectations as to the value for money, the effects on overall well-being and the results on weight, shape and wellness.

    There is nothing I can list here, really.

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    L' ambiance générale de la cure est propice à la remise en forme. Yoga 3h par jour, repas réguliers, bons et très variés. L'ensemble du personnel présent est aux petits soins. Parfait!!

  • Alexandra Fressinet France

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Accueil respectueux et chaleureux

    Pays magnifique

    Yoga et méditation. Intense et riche


  • Morten Svendsen Denmark

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Doctor Patil is very helpful and have a great philosophy of life. The level of yoga was so I could follow and in just one week I felt great improvement.

    The only thing I regret is that I couldn't stay longer

  • Anonymous

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Dr. Patil and his team where outstanding. Yoga at 6.30am and 5.30pm both one hour and half sessions where soothing and rejuvenating. Also the massages where excellent. Dr. Patil was very attentive, its a true gem. Bicycles are available to use to cycle to village near by where supermarket, chemist etc. All meals where so fresh and local sourced and where cooked with love. There is a beach near by which is beautiful and Dr. Patil dropped us there. I travelled from Ireland. All I can say is Dr. Patil is brilliant and his family are so welcoming and nothing is any trouble. I could not recommend it highly enough.


  • Deven Savage Great Britain

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    + Home cooked delicious, healthy, vegetarian food with endless top-ups

    + Fresh fruit every evening

    + Relaxing massages from kind and attentive professionals

    + Dr Patil will take you to the beaches and provide information on how to spend your free time

    + Comfortable and clean rooms with very powerful showers

    + Constant hot water supply

    + Lots of cultural information

    + Beach yoga

    + We were taken to a local celebration for Diwali

    My arrival made me anxious because I was just sat in reception and nobody really informed me of the itinerary or made any introductions or conversation. I felt a little in the dark about what would happen and I only found out through other guests. A welcome drink and printed itinerary of the day's routine would be really useful for guests who arrive so they know what to expect and have something to read until Dr Patil sees them.

    The spiritual doctor appointment should be optional as I did not enjoy that nor did I feel comfortable disclosing the information asked on the sheet.

  • Julie Ly Canada

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I had a very relaxing week at the Lotus Nature Cure retreat thanks to the warm and hospitality of Dr. Patil, his staff and family. The best part of the retreat was definitely the 90 massage everyday. The yoga was great and the ayurveda food made me feel super healthy by the end my one week stay there. We also did yoga on the beach which was very nice. Overall, I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a quiet retreat to relax and unwind.

  • Eva Simakova Slovakia

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    loved the massages, excellent vegan food, yoga was very good, nice and very green place, beautiful beach some 3 km to die for

    in September there should be less rain

  • Grace Hughes United States

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    From the moment of pick-up @ airport @ 4am (organised efficiently by Dr. Patil) to my departure 7 days later it was a wonderful experience. My first time doing Yoga so I had no idea to expect. The atmosphere was welcoming, accommodation was basic but everything you needed - cleaned daily with sheets & towels changed - extra if needed. Meals were amazing and I looked forward to them - best vegetarian I have had and if food did not suit all you had to do was speak to Dr. Patil (I did not need this!!). Yoga classes were excellent and I looked forward to them each day - particularly Yoga on the beach when it was not raining. Dr. Patil did not push us beyond our capabilities although you were given encouraged to try different asanas if you could and I found that I because more flexible as the days went by. The massages were amazing - one each day which left me feeling amazing (best massages I have had). An outside Ayurvedic practitioner came and went through some history of Ayurveda and we got a constitution questionnaire to complete to see own Ayurvedic constitution which was extremely useful. Dr. Patil following up on this by taking us through a daily Ayurvedic routine...which we could adopt easily into our daily/weekly routines - I found this extremely beneficial. Dr. Patil took us to the Spice Plantation and also to a Temple and also to the market in Margao. He took us to the beach & ATM's trips! and anywhere we wanted to go. Beach @ Fatrade was beautiful for walks, & Yoga.

    The Rain!!!!! - although that only added to the serenity of the location.

    Having to leave - wished I had booked for longer....

  • Melissa Craig Great Britain

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Great food, massages and friendly staff!


  • Julia Lienhart Austria

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    The yoga lessons: challenging, diversified and very enjoyable

    The Atmosphere: you almost stay in the Jungle, very peaceful

    The staff: Dr. Patil and his staff are very good people, so welcoming and attentive

    The food: very healthy, delicious and lots of variety

    The treatments: I enjoyed every moments of the long, relaxing and oily Ayurveda treatments

    I learned a lot about how to live a healthier life and had a deeply calming week.

  • Cintia Papp Great Britain

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Me and my friend we spend a week there and we both had an amazing time! Dr. Patil and his family made us feel special and helped us a lot. The yoga classes, the treatment and the food was amazing! We learnt a lots of new stuff about yoga, health treatment as well as about ourselves! Doctor Patil took us to Spice Farm, Hindu Temple and also to the beaches or town or basically wherever we wanted to go in our free time! This is definitely a place to visit!

  • Ashleigh Wheeler Great Britain

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I spent a week at Lotus Nature Cure in September and had the most relaxing time. Yoga as the sun rose, nutritious vegetarian meals, brilliant massages and free time to wander amongst the palm-lined roads of Goa. Dr Patil and his wife are brilliant yoga teachers, taking the time to teach it properly and help you personally. The spiritual side is really great to learn about too.


  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Wonderfully peaceful setting. Dr Patil and his family go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and have everything you need, providing transportation to the beach every day and sightseeing opportunities. Delicious food and incredible massages. Yoga was great for beginners with everything well explained and demonstrated.


  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Massages were good.

    Accommodation & Facilities. Calling this a boutique resort is far fetched. It was a homestay with less than average facilties and very depressing & tasteless decor. Also the place is located just on a roadside with mo.front yard and a unusable backyard. So no place to even sit outside of your room & common dining area. The only saving grace is that the place is clean and the people are friendly. Even the yoga sessions were repetitive and basic

  • Aurore Oger India

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Nice place, clean, food healthy which was ok for me.

    Good ayurvedic massages.

    During free time, he could drive us close by to a city or to the beach.

    Yoga classes : not so deep, no corrections, meditation too long, no explanations...

    Not a ayurvedic doctor, no adaptation to our health problem. I expected to learn something about ayurveda and yoga.

    It felt odd when he watched us eating instead of sharing the meal with us.

  • Danielle Diehl United States

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Dr. Patel is so passionate about what he does. The food was fantastic, the massages were incredible, and yoga was great. He uses his own house for the retreat and it's all so convenient. It was a very relaxing but challenging (in a good way) four days. Dr. Patel drove us himself to do a few things during the afternoons. He was always willing to answer any questions or help us with anything. Lotus is just a great place to be and I would highly recommend it to friends and family.

    There were absolutely no negatives about Lotus!

  • Anonymous

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    - The place was clean

    -the food though not to my taste, was of good quality ( homemade )

    -the massages were excellents

    - i expected the instructor/owner/doctor to be an ayurvedic doctor as read on the centre's page but either i didnt read properly or I was confused , but it turned out to be a naturopath and hence, my expectations were not met.

    I thought my diet at the center as well as the massages will be according to me but there were the same for everyone.

    -the yoga classes were always the same and i would have really appreciate the instructor to focus more on helping me correcting my poses

  • Keala Morrell United States

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Dr. Patil and his team are very kind, friendly, and talented. The massages were incredible, and the yoga was the perfect balance of challenging and do-able. The accommodation was in a basic homestay style in beautiful, peaceful nature.

    If you are used to a western diet, I would bring a few granola bars along for snacks between meals.

  • Marjolein Deun India

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I stayed in this retreat for one full week in the beginning of June. They took very well care of me. The yoga was very good, at the end of the week I noticed I had become more flexible. In the evenings we could often practise the yoga on the beach, which was very nice. The massages were the best I have ever had! Every day they provided a different massage, depending on your request and/or injuries. The location and house itself were good and easy to find. Nearby the beach so everyday I went to spend some time at the beach. The food was excellent and around the house was jungle which gave a very relaxing ambiance. Thank you so much dr. Patil and all the staff!

  • Jala Daly Brazil

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Dr Patel and his staff were so welcoming from the second I arrived. Despite it raining every day and being completely out of season, I had the best time! The room was really clean, and cleaners came by every day. The yoga was great. I have only done yoga a couple of times so dr Patel adapted well to my level! The food was amazing, the surroundings are beautiful and the massages were incredible! Dr Patel really went out of his way dropping us into town during the day and having washing done for me. I was so sad to leave and I will deffinitely go back there and also recommend to friends and family. Overall amazing experience all round :-)


  • Katie Shiraishi Jordan

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I stayed for 7 days. Really enjoyed myself. Relaxing area, loads of Yoga, good food and great massages. Great value for money

  • Laura Thompson India

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Beautiful rooms in a perfect location, quiet and 'away from it all'.

    The whole family and staff there were friendly and welcoming and very professional.

    Food was delicious and massage treatments were of a high standard.

    The whole retreat was extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

    Meal spacings a bit odd - only a few hours between breakfast and lunch, and then a long break until dinner which was only soup and fruits. An afternoon snack would have been ideal.

  • Stijn Lowet Netherlands

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    De.patel was great on a personal level. I had some operations and didn't know if I would manage the yoga exercises but he took good care of me and will continue with the exercises. Overall a great healing and learning experience

  • Maria Kim United Arab Emirates

    June 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    If you are looking to run away from a hectic life, this is the right place. Dr. Patil and his staff are so kind and hospitable. Food was simple and very tasty. Yoga poses are quite simple, but the meditation followed after is great. I couldn't expect my week to be any better. Will highly recommend to all my friends!

  • Mathilde Savreux French Guiana

    April 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Excellente retraite yoga, la bienveillance du Dr Patil et de son équipe, les cours, les soins, la nourriture, la possibilité d'aller à la plage et d'y pratiquer le yoga au coucher du soleil... un moment privilégié pour prendre soin de soi, trouver la sérénité et les clefs pour prolonger ce bien-être chez soi grâce aux conseils reçus.

  • Shannon Reynolds Great Britain

    April 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    the Doctor and his wife were very kind and helpful. it was peaceful/ calming, the staff were also very friendly and kind, cant say enough about all their help! very kind caring people..

    the location was for me, inconvenient to the beach /shops , felt it was cut off to the point you had to stay there / go to bed early or use constant taxis.the meals were a little too basic and felt hungry as no milk/ fats/ or sugar just mainly rice and veg dishes.. also , would have been nice if the weeks programme had been explained and the routine as you often didnt know what was going on and contantly had to ask ? better communication needed !

  • Julia Chapman India


    The retreat is really an incredibly special experience. I arrived with the intention of staying only 3-4 days and ended up staying 7-8 (only leaving as I had a flight to catch!). The holistic attention to ourselves which we often lack in our hectic western world is wonderfully therapeutic and indeed I left feeling altogether more 'well' in every sense (mind, body, spirit). The retreat manages this by incorporating twice daily yoga, daily Ayurvedic treatment (including different types of massages & reflexology) and excellent meals. Yes these are healthy and fairly simple (I've heard others knock this a little but the food in necessarily part of the process) but equally delicious and varied.. and plenty to go around if folk want more one/two servings. In the middle of the day there is the chance to visit local places, beaches and temples and Dr Patil was kind enough to suggest and take us there (I went in monsoon so with greater numbers this may be more difficult logistically I imagine, but taxis are very cheap and many places are walkable)

    Furthermore Dr Patil, his family and all the staff are one of the most honest, kind, genuine and polite set of people I've had the pleasure to meet. The philosophy of 'love all serve all' is manifest wholly. I had a wonderful time and intend to return in February :)

  • Eglee Roddis Marbella - Spain


    My stay at Lotus Mature yoga

    Was wonderful , loved the yoga

    And the treatments were Superb

    The Dr looks after everybody with so

    Much care.

    I really recommend the place and I will

    Go there again.

  • a traveler Germany


    I loved Dr. Patil's hospitality and his dedication to accommodate all wishes and make my and my fellow retreat members' stay as comfortable as possible. Bonding with your fellow travellers is easy and comes naturally, since you all go by the same daily activities. I loved this, especially since I'm a solo traveller amd really welcomed the company. Premises were clean and organized, the wellness treatments were heavenly.

    The only proper criticism I feel like leaving, is that the retreat was overbooked several times during the days I spent there. Myself and few other guests who exceeded the guest house's capacity were put in an external holiday house, which was nice per se, but made the daily life fairly complicated since you couldn't go to your room to nap or shower during the day, since you had to be driven there and back with a car, so we ended up hanging out awkwardly with a day bag packed in the common spaces of the guest house, in between activities. This is very uncomfortable with a daily schedule that requires you to be present in the guest house quite a lot.

    Food was very clean and will work great as a cleanse type vegetarian diet, but knowing the potential of the Indian cuisine, I felt it was fairly simple. Yoga lessons with the Doctor were a bit repetitive and after few days I missed some variety, but the routine did wonders to muscles though so I thank for the workout! On my last day Doctor's wife kept us an advanced lesson which was very different, enjoyable though I couldn't exactly keep up:D

    The staff was amazing, everyone of them!

  • Sonia Higgs United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    The most relaxing holiday ever. We both really enjoyed it. Dr Patil was very accommodating and exceptionally helpful. Fatima was a brilliant masseuse, the food was tasty and I’m really back into my Yoga now. Thank you so much for a wonderful time.

    Sonia's Facebook review for Lotus Nature Cure: My husband and I have just returned for this retreat in Goa. It was a very relaxing experience indeed. The food was home cooked and very nutritious and the massage's with Fatima and Rajesh were second to none. Dr. Patil one of the kindest most honest people I have ever met and nothing was too much trouble for him. We will definitely be back next year. Thank you for everything.

  • Ilhame Ouansafi India

    BookYogaRetreats.com Website

    I just came back from a one-week yoga/meditation/detox retreat at Lotus Nature Cure, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I was a total beginner and Dr. Patil was so patient, kind and really helpful. People attend retreats for all sort of reasons and Dr. Patil customized the services and treatments to answer everyone's needs and expectations. He went above and beyond to make us feel great, and we actually all felt home, away from home. If you're still hesitating; then don't and sign up! :-)

  • Karen Rego India

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    I had a rejuvenating 3 days at Lotus Nature Cure. It is a perfect place to be if you're looking to just relax, detoxify and do some yoga.

    The centre is located not too far from the airport yet is away from the busy city life in a secluded and quite area. The day starts with morning yoga followed by breakfast followed by scheduled Ayurvedic massage sessions then lunch then evening relaxing yoga on the beach until sunset and ending the day with light dinner. There is enough time to relax yet ensuring you do not get bored or feel home sick.

    Dr. Patil is a wonderful person and is doing an excellent job at running the retreat. After I left, the only regret was that I should have come for a longer duration than just 3 days!

  • Maryna Ukraine

    BookYogaRetreats website

    I spent the week between December 20th to December 26th, 2016 with great family of Dr Patil. I enjoyed a lot morning yoga in the forest, yoga nidra on the beach during sunset. Healthy and delicious food, spiritual talks and everyday massages, that refresh your body and soul. Thanks a lot to Fatima for her golden, strong and tender hands. Smile of little Naksh made a lot of love and sun in the house. Dr Patil was so attentive to his guests. I would recommend this place for people who are looking for peace, harmony and nature cure. Energy of this family renovates you with care and love. I am so happy to have been a guest at Lotus Nature Cure.

  • Chris Deluca Canada

    BookYogaRetreats website

    We had a great stay at Lotus Nature. We highly recommend Lotus Nature Retreat. Dr Patil is kind and thoughtful - making sure we were doing yoga at a suitable level and ensuring we were getting very healthy food. The center is small and personalized, so even though we are relative beginners, we felt comfortable with the yoga and learned a lot.

  • Mona United Kingdom

    BookYogaRetreats website

    A 7-day personalized yoga retreat at Lotus Nature Cure is probably the best gift one can give to themselves. You are guaranteed to leave this place with a super relaxed mind and a nourished body (inside and out). After this experience you will be one happy soul! The service is absolutely faultless! You are so well looked after from the minute you arrive. Dr Patil and his staff are very accommodating to give you the personalized experience. Dr Patil's hospitality is second to none, he goes above and beyond and is always willing to help. The accommodation is very clean and comfortable and the room sizes are quite large with en-suite bathrooms. The home-cooked meals and the fresh fruits are delicious, you can taste the freshness of the ingredients that go in to the meals and it leaves you feeling satisfied. With these meals you get your healthy balance of nutrients and most importantly helps your system work like clock work! The 2 sessions of yoga per day are fantastic! The morning session at sunrise is active and the sequence leaves you feeling awake and energized. The evening sessions take place at sunset on the beach and focus on breathing techniques and meditation. Dr Patil is extremely knowledgeable about the subject and explains the benefits of the postures and the breathing techniques very well. The guided meditation is also a great experience. The massages I received here were probably the best massages I have ever had! My masseuse Fatima was amazing. I am an office worker so I spend a lot of time in front of the computer so this was just what I needed and it worked like magic! Always felt so good after a massage and treatment session. This was my first yoga retreat and I absolutely loved it! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to nourish their mind, body and soul. It certainly reached beyond my expectations!

  • Caroline Paull U.K

    September 2016. BookYogaRetreats website

    This retreat is fantastic value. Really good massages and incredible food is provided for 3 meals a day. I found the yoga quite traditional and a little repetitive but it was lovely to do classes on the beach at sunset. Rooms were clean and staff very friendly. Ask for a cooking lesson !

  • Frances Perez

    September 2016, BookYogaRetreats website

    This yoga retreat is something absolutely everybody should experience! My husband and i stayed for four days and the home stay feel, daily massages, yoga and meditation along with great nourishing food (oh the food is amazing!) is exactly what the mind, body and soul needs. Doing yoga on the beach with the beautiful sunset was divine. Highly recommend, for couples, singles, absolutely everyone!

  • Kanchan India


    I wanted to take my first solo yoga retreat and desired to find a place that will be safe and give me an experience that would encourage me to take more such trips. Lotus Nature Cure seemed to be the best place to meet my requirements for the 4 day and 3 nights retreat. I found Lotus Nature Cure in South Goa, a 30 minute drive from Goa Airport. The place, so calm and serene, steeped in nature, itself is a healing experience. Dr. Patil family’s hospitality is beyond words, his ever smiling family make sure that every minute is spent without any discomfort. The daily yoga sessions and Ayurveda massages were excellent and probably among the best one can experience in India. I also learned the different meditation techniques from Dr. Patil. The Satwic food prepared by Mrs. Patil was very tasty and helps in detoxification. My visit was during off season and not a single minute I felt lonely or bored, the beach being quite near, one can cycle to the beach and relax there. Lotus Yoga Retreat provided food for the Body, Mind and Soul and the memories of the place still keeps flashing. I would highly recommend Lotus Nature Cure for anyone looking for a perfect yoga and Ayurveda retreat in India. I absolutely loved it. I would give 11/10 :)

  • Jennifer Chain OR, USA

    BookYogaRetreats Website

    The 4 day 3 night yoga retreat at Lotus Nature Cure in Goa was amazing. Dr. Patil and Mrs. Patil were the most accommodating, welcoming and graceful hosts that I could imagine. The ride from the airport and to the train station was arranged without extra cost. Dr. Patil helped me book a train ticket to Kochi before I arrived. The house was beautiful and spotless. The room was comfortable and I loved sitting outside the balcony to read and relax. The yoga classes were taught by both Dr. and Mrs. Patil, with slightly different styles. The daily massages (yes, daily!) were heavenly. In our down time, Dr. Patil arranged for outtings to the beach, to town and to the spice plantation. Mrs. Patil's home cooking was delicious. I had such a relaxing and rejuvenating experience here. I learned so much about ayurvedic medicine and treatments. Highly recommended! I will come back again!

  • Sarah

    August 2016. BookYogaRetreats website

    I cannot recommend Lotus Nature Cure enough! From start to finish the trip was brilliant. It could not have been more perfect. Dr. Patil, and his lovely wife and children were so welcoming friendly, very kind, humble and intelligent people. The whole house was pristine, rooms were cleaned daily and were spotless. And the food was exceptional! Amazing Indian food! I could have not have asked for a better week. The two daily yoga sessions were very enjoyable- split between Dr. Patil and his wife and a mix of both Ashtanga and Hatha yoga. And the daily Ayurvedic treatments were amazing, and exceeded any expectations I had. Plenty of things to do in the area with lovely beaches and day trips. But also an excellent place to just relax and chill out. Dr. Patil went out of his way to ensure I had the best possible trip- between dropping me off and collecting me from places, organizing trips and taking me to a local ceremony. I can't thank him enough. In terms of quality, price and overall experience 10/10 all the way! A brilliant week! You will not regret staying here!

  • Jeremy Eaton United States

    June 2016. BookYogaRetreats website

    My trip with Lotus Nature Cure was fantastic. Dr. Patil is one of the most compassionate people in the world. His treatments are top notch and his yoga lessons are not only relaxing but educational. He even recommended a book, Living with Himalayan Masters, for me to further my knowledge in my yoga and meditation practice. The rooms are fabulous!!! They are cleaned everyday. There is relaxing music that plays in your room and in the treatment rooms. His wife cooks all the meals and let me tell you it is some of the best food in India. I cannot even put into words the amazing experience Lotus Nature Cure is. You have to experience it for yourself. Goa also adds to the beauty of this experience. The area was very safe and many smiles and "hello's" were had every time I went for a walk which was 2-3 times a day during our free time. I strongly recommend some sort of bug repellent as some yoga sessions are in open air (which I wouldn't give up in the world) but during the rainy season mosquito's are quite annoying. Iragouda Patil's family, home and entire experience is something I look very much forward to experiencing again with friends in the VERY near future. I highly recommend this to any traveler needing some solitude or a group of friends wanting to experience a life changing moment. I took so many beautiful photographs. It seems everywhere you turn is the perfect picture, even in the rain.

  • Richelle Deaves

    June 2016, Bookyogaretreats.com website

    I absolutely loved staying at the Lotus Nature Cure and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to improve their everyday lives with yoga and meditation.

    Dr Patil and his wife go above and beyond to ensure your stay is comfortable and happy during your stay. Set in a stunning location, a 15-minute walk to the closest beach, so quiet and full of nature, spacious rooms with en-suite and toiletries, locally sourced food that is unforgettable and massages that are second to none!

  • Olga Netherlands

    April 2016, Bookyogaretreats.com website

    I was looking for a place to relax and to do yoga on the beach. This seemed to be the perfect ‘ambiance’ with warm and welcoming people around me! Thank you for the magical experience. It was the perfect relaxation in the perfect place; particular attention was paid to wellbeing and the human body through yoga, retreats and deliciously nutritious and healthy ayurvedic food. Often discovering new kinds of treatments; intense and satisfying. I felt liberated, loosened and released. I am full of energy! This is certainly worth repeating! I give it a 10 out of 10!

  • Cristina Diez Spain


    Mi semana en el retiro de yoga en Lotus Nature Cure ha sido realmente increible. El profesor y todo el personal han sido tremendamente amables. Esta semana ha sido una de las mejores de mi vida. Las clases de yoga y los masajes eran muy completos y realizados con mucho amor. El doctor se preocupaba en todo momento por nosotros, nos llevaba en coche a la playa, e incluso un dia nos llevo a visitar un famoso templo. La comida era ilimitada y muy sabrosa. Ademas el clima que se genera en el retiro te hace sentir rapidamente en un ambiente muy agradable y familiar. Recomiendo a todo el mundo que quiere ser un poquito mas feliz este retiro de paz, yoga y desintoxicación. Mi nota para este retiro es un 10.

  • Dominique France


    De retour d'un séjour au lotus nature cure de Goa plus que merveilleux.. Je tenais à remercier toute l'équipe et la famille du Dr Patil pour leur gentillesse et leur professionnalisme. La prise en charge fut plus que magique..!! Je ne pourrais jamais oublier tous les bénéfices apportés. J'ai déjà hâte d'y retourner !!

  • Pierrette Pallanca France


    J'ai finalement réussi à passer quelques jours au Lotus Nature Cure et tiens à vous apporter mon avis sur ce lieu d'un rapport qualité/prix exceptionnel. Maison au milieu de la nature au calme, le lieu est bien entretenu aussi bien a l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur. Chambre agréable avec ventilo + A/C et grande salle de douche et balcon.

    Repas végétariens 100% indiens et délicieux, (ne pas attendre son café au lait + tartines le matin) Et bon massages ayurvediques pour repartir en pleine forme (et pour moi quelques kilos en moins) !

    Et n'oublions pas les séances de yoga données pas le Doc en personne le matin sur le shala au milieu des cocotiers et le soir sur la plage jusqu'au soleil couchant!

    Les points négatifs sont difficiles à trouver , peut-être la distance de la plage, 20 minutes à pied, mais le transport proposé par la maison pour y aller dans l'après-midi compense largement ce fait.

    Aussi manque-t-il encore un lieu de retrouvailles pour les personnes séjournant là-bas mais il semble que ceci soit prévu dans un futur proche. Je n'ai qu'une envie, y retourner bientôt !

Testimonials 7

  • Dani Serra

    Lotus Nature Cure's Facebook page

    One of the best weeks I've ever had thanks to Dr. Patil and everyone at Lotus Nature. They made my stay feel as if I was at home. Best place to relax, release stress and learn more about yourself through yoga. Thank you so much looking forward to seeing you next year!

  • A traveler

    Lotus Nature Cure's Facebook page

    Recently I have done 7 days yoga retreat in Lotus Nature Cure. And it was one of best relaxation and nice days ever. Mr.Patil and his family are amazing people who making you feel like at home. The vegetarian food which Mr. Patil's wife was cooking for us was more than delicious. Rooms are very clean. Yoga lessons in the garden under the squirrels and birds sounds and sunset beach yoga are just mesmerizing! My body so stretched and feeling healthy! Aurvedic treatments awesome and make you feel so rejuvenating! I am still under excitement after this vacation! Thank you Mr.Patil and your family for your great home and for our amazing stay!!

  • Austen Todd United Kingdom

    Lotus Nature Cure's Facebook page

    We spent seven days at lotus nature cure with Dr Patil and his lovely family. The entire program had us feeling both rejuvenated and energized. This started with yoga twice a day, with the evening session held at the beach. The food was fantastic and held more meaning behind it which Dr Patil explained to us one night. The treatments included were very relaxing and varied. They helped us iron out any tired + tight muscles. Dr Patil and his family were very accommodating. He helped with transport and any other queries we had. Could not recommend more highly a stay here. Enjoy!

  • Nanna Larsson


    Lotus Nature Cure is a perfect place for those who want to take care of his body and soul and just relax for a while.

    The morning starts with yoga in the early morning sun, in the backyard surrounded by greenery and palm tree. In the background, I hear the sound of a rooster and dogs barking. I can also hear children playing. It is beautiful and vivid which make me feel a part of nature. After 90 minutes yoga and meditation, the breakfast is waiting for me. After that, it´s time for the massage, which is fantastic and makes me feel very relaxed and refreshed. After lunch, Dr. Patil drive those who want to the beach (5 minutes) where we also have our evening yoga to sunset and the waves. Back home awaiting a fruit plate and the. The day ends with supper. All the food are ayurvedic, very good and I feel that it will keep me healthy.

    It´s really nice to stay in Dr. Patils house together with his family, it makes me feel like a part of the Indian family-life. The family is extremely friendly and Dr. Patil is moreover willing to drive you if you want to see something in the neighborhood. I can really recommend Lotus Nature Cure and I am happy that I booked two weeks in this place and my dream is coming back and bring friends with me.

  • Yosra Abdel Rahman

    Lotus Nature Cure's Facebook page

    I've spent 4 days at Lotus Nature Cure and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. I experienced the typical simple Indian Yogi life with Dr. Patil & his family & I must say they were extremely hospitable. They made me feel at home and Dr. Patil always went out of his way to make us comfortable. He drove us around Goa as long as he was free even though this was not something he was obliged to do. It was like having your own private tour guide. He was also very knowledgeable & explained to us all the history of the different types of yoga & answered all our questions about the Indian culture, traditions and religions. We did yoga on the beach at sunset which was just mesmerizing & we took such amazing pictures of us doing different types of yoga poses at sunset. I would definitely recommend this place

  • Dixie

    Lotus Nature Cure

    I was looking for a place to go to get far away from everyday stress and demands, and needed physical healing for my body. After coming across Lotus Nature Cure online and the description of their program, even though getting to India from the USA on short notice would not be easy, I decided that I needed to at least try. I did get there and the experience was even better than I had hoped for. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Patil and his program that includes sharing meals with his family in a very serene setting. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to find serenity, stress relief, and physical healing

  • Kim

    Lotus Nature Cure

    When I looked into visiting Goa for this retreat, I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect. When I got there, I immediately got into the groove and enjoyed every minute of it. The days are filled and focused on meditation and health. I came during the monsoon (off-season) but still never felt bored, and enjoyed my free time reading a book. I came in search of a solution for my eczema, which flared up, and leaving I had a fresh renewed hope that with yoga and healthy eating my skin can improve. I have returned home a couple days ago, and I am still eating healthy and continuing to do yoga. I only went for four days but I feel as though that was enough time to set me on a path of healthy habits! Dr. Patel works very hard to run this business, and I also highly recommend his acupuncturist, Dr. Rita Marita Dsouza e Vaz, who was amazing and provided advice that was enormously helpful. If you are planning a trip to India, give this place a try you won't regret it!

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