Ladan is a yoga teacher based in London, who also offers yoga and meditation retreats in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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Ladan Soltani

Reviews (6)

Miranda Pinder

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Reinvigorating yoga in a peaceful setting"

It was a wonderful experience!

I am pleased to say that Ladan's yoga sessions during the retreat were exactly what I needed, and I now view yoga as an essential part of my life - something I need to do to help keep me balanced and secure in myself.

I had attended yoga classes for most of 2018 leading up to the retreat, which was good in and of itself, but it also meant that I was able to get more from Ladan's classes than if I had been an absolute beginner. However, I learnt more from her in the space of a week than I had learnt over the whole year! My understanding of my body has improved and deepened hugely, and, for me, the mind-body links and meditative practices that she is so clear about, make absolute sense. I enjoyed and found useful the breathwork, and I am very grateful to her for correcting me in some of the postures. All in all the experience has been quite a profound one for me, and is definitely influencing how I live and work - in very positive ways!

The retreat house was lovely - especially the peaceful location away from all the crowds - and the food was absolutely delicious. What a treat over the Christmas holiday.

Roshan Nichani

from Great Britain, April 2017

"Wonderful retreat"

The people I met were great. The location was very nice. Ladan, the yoga instructor, was excellent. I felt pushed but it was within my capabilities as a novice to yoga.

This was my first yoga retreat and it really was an amazing experience. I am looking forward to going on my next one.

Hong D

Ladan’s retreat was a wonderful experience to me. My first experience with Laden was in Tuscany Italy in 2016. It was so happy that I could manage to book her retreat, as she is a good teacher who makes me feel refreshed, relaxed and re-energised. The guided meditation was an unforgettable delight under her gentle guidance. I am looking forward to going on another retreat with Ladan


from Switzerlands,

I’ll try to go with a friend on a yoga retreat every year and two years ago we had the opportunity to spend one week with Ladan in Tuscany. I can honestly say that Ladan was one of the best yoga teachers we ever had in our retreats. I did some real progress in my yoga practise, and Ladan coached us on personal matters as well. Besides, we spent a great week in a wonderful location with good food and interesting people. Ladan is a great teacher and really inspired us. I can definitely recommend her. If I did live in the UK I would try to go to her weekly classes as well.

Barbara G.

​The word retreat really sums up my experience: immersive yoga and meditation, lovely surroundings at Gaunts House and delicious food. I really left the normal day to day behind and felt totally refreshed and ready for the New Year. Thanks for a lovely weekend Ladan

Frank D.

An excellent retreat with Ladan. was exactly what I was looking for. Some great yoga in a lovely venue with an interesting mix of people I would highly recommend any of Ladan's retreats and hope to book another one myself soon!