Home to traditional Balinese Watukaru yoga and Balinese Pencak Silat martial arts, they are a healing sanctuary located in the spiritual village of Sesandan.

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Krisna Ketut Suarmini

I Gede Arya Adiwiguna


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Špela Koželj .

from Myanmar [Burma], March 2020

"Eye-opening and so motivating for my yoga practice!"

I enjoyed everything there! It is a perfect place to relax in tranquility as there is noone but the rice fields and local village people. The staff is too friendly! I made some good friends there. They really make sure your stay is as pleasant and possible. Regards to Dian, Dewi, Aya, Andri... and Madeyoshi - he is too committed to this job! A driver, activity manager, photographer and an amazing man!

However the yoga journey itself really exceeded my expectations. I thought it's gonna be a week of yoga practice - but it was so much more. I reached asanas that I thought were not possible for me. I reached states of mind that I thought I was too weak to achieve. I learned so much about chakras, moon and sun salutation, mantras, mudras and so much more about the traditional Watukaru yoga. Thank you Giri and Krishna! They are always ready to share new knowledge... I was so inspired I even took notes in between of postures. I took a lot from there. The next day I bought own yoga mat and saluted the sun, just as they tought me... THANK YOU!

Annie Morgan

from Australia, February 2020

"True Off-the-Beaten Path Adventure Retreat"

Really loved my stay at Baligrass. The cultural experiences were very hands on and really quite unique. As a long time yogi, I really appreciated getting to learn the Traditional yoga they do in Bali. Not an experience you will get anywhere else! Thank you so much to the staff and teachers at Baligrass and the entire village of Balitrees. So very welcoming and happy to share their culture.

J.j. Jones

from United States, February 2020

"Very interesting experience"

I enjoyed the discussion on the background and history for Balinese yoga traditions and Pencak Silat. I also enjoyed the different Pencak Silat movement drills.

Sara Shields

from United States, January 2020

"Best Solo Spot in Bali "

Balitrees is the number one location for solo travelers in Bali. The picturesque scenery, the food, and the team really made it feel like you were visiting a friends home. There is daily yoga/meditation as well as daily trips to a nearby waterfall, town, or shaman- you choose! Grab a massage down in the relaxation area, or do nothing but read on terrace all day overlooking the rice fields. There is also a nearby shop with ice cream for a night time treat! I will be going back for a much longer stay as I met the best people and made some great friends!

Carlos Chang

from Australia, January 2020

"Great experience"

Great place to see the local culture, food and people. The majority are solo travelers from Europe, Asia and Australia.

Patrice Limpoco

from United Arab Emirates, January 2020

"Genuine Hospitality and Great Value for Money"

Dewi - was the over all in charge, Made Yossi organized tours and August were assisting us. All of the team of Balitrees Retreat has made me feel like a part of their family.

Dewi is wonderful yoga teacher and thanks to Krishna and Adi for explaining us details regarding the chakras.

I was planning to spend my birthday quietly but they busted me and surprised me with magic candle 😂

The food were mostly veggies which are all delightful. I dont mind gaining two kg of weight because I am surrounded with lovely positive people.

The place is so serene. The sound of nature is perfect for solo travellers who likes to seek tranquility.

The dogs accompany you and acts as your protector whenever you take a walk. So much positive energy!

Kudos to Balitrees! Looking forward to another retreat hopefully the soonest!

God bless you all and your team! Matur Suksama for an amazing experience I will always remember!

Sandra Barra

from East Timor, December 2019

"Like a Family Hug"

The way each one is lovingly received and treated, with respect for their individuality and uniqueness. My biggest respect for the Balitrees Retreats family.

Julia Jost

from Germany, November 2019

"Heaven on earth ❤️"

We booked the retreat for a 5day stay and were overwhelmed by the beauty of the surroundings. A few hours after arriving we already knew - we will stay another night!

In the middle of the rice fields we did yoga, meditated, had the opportunity to do a lot of activities and get to know the locals. We were welcomed like a family member and when we left (we didn't want to but we already planned the following days) it felt like leaving our second home. Everyone there is so kind and tries their best to give you an unforgettable experience there.

In these 6 days we had an amazing experience, progressed so much in yoga thanks to the hard working instructors, and grounded ourselves in mother nature.

Thank you so much, Bali trees Team, we will come back as soon as possible!

Trent Pye

from Australia, October 2019

"Escape to a place like no other "

If you need some time away and a place to relax Balitrees retreat is the paradise that's a home away from home. The yoga classes give you a fantastic insight on the traditional Balinese style and the staff could not have been more accommodating and treat you like one of the family.

Kasu Velasquez

from United States, July 2019

"Heaven in Heaven "

Words can’t explain my experience . This is the best retreat ever, the host are very welcoming, loving and caring. I felt at home and loved.

Made lots of unforgettable friends which we keep in touch, we were all solo travelers. The yoga and the activities were beyond my expectations. I was very fortunate enough to be present with the village for the ceremony Galungan.

I can go on and on .. Of just a wonderful experience of heaven to me which i hold close to my heart. Will be going back as soon as possible. Thank you so much

Jeanine Jones

from United States, February 2019

"Amazing experience "

Such a cultural, spiritual and energising experience. Balinese yoga, friendly happy and helpful staff, simple but tasty food. Stunning and serene setting

Lyndsey Morris

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Little peace of heaven hidden away 😊"

I had the most amazing time at this retreat they have everything you need and more I spent 6 days here and didnt want to leave the yoga was great 2 a day and so many activities included I cannot wait to come back will definitely spend longer there

Natalie Mak

from Hong Kong, January 2019

"A Lovely Experience"

People there are very friendly and helpful. Food was also excellent, having a good real taste of Balinese traditional food every day. Perfect teacher and yoga classes for beginners. Program was well planned and cultural activities were interesting as well. Thank you for the superb hospitality during our stay.

Laura Gattinoni

from United States, November 2018

"The best part of my Bali trip! Amazing 4 days at Baligrass"

I've spent 4 amazing days at Baligrass retreat and I'm so happy that I chose to go there! For sure, it went all beyond my expectations!!

The balinese yoga lessons were great, even for a beginner like me, and they are held in a wonderful location, with the view on the rice fields.

The dining area is simple, but it has everything you might need (view always included). The food is delicious and it's different every day, served by all the lovely people working hard everyday there.

The cultural activities were always very interesting and fun to do. You get a choice between 2 or 3 activities, after each yoga session. I tried rice farming, trekking, preparing hindu offerings, balinese lessons and a visit to the waterfall and I loved them all!

This program is the perfect mixture of yoga and of cultural/traditional activities, that allows you to discover the real bali life, away from crowded tourist places. During these 4 days I learnt so many things, I took my mind off all the stressfull thoughts I had before and discovered a big pleasure in just being in contact with nature.

But most of all, I found out how amazing Balinese people can be.. they're welcoming, smiling, curious and they made me feel part of the village. I now have a balinese family!

If you want an even deeper cultural immersion in the balinese life, I'd suggest you to choose the homestay option.

I stayed at Bali Red Roses, with Mr. Wayan's family and I enjoyed it so much!

Suksuma Pisan Baligrass!


from Indonesia, September 2018

"Amazing experience all in all, food could have been healthie"

Staff and location (amazing view!!) was incredible!:) they made us feel welcome and were very helpfull. Staying in local fam was a nice experience!! Some tips what is the code of conduct would have been usefl though :) everyone and everything was relaxing, it was nice that things were so flexible. Learning about local coulture was facinating! The fact that we could choose the daily activities together with others was fun!


from United States, August 2018

"Wonderful Experience"

Everything from the accommodations to the excursions to the yoga classes to the organizers to the other participants was wonderful. This was not a tourist area, which lended itself to an authentic experience that one cannot get from just exploring on one's own. All the people from the village who opened their houses to us were lovely. This is very much an immersion in traditional Balinese culture, so please do not come here expecting the "Western" idea of a yoga retreat. Truly an unforgettable experience and I hope to return again!

Heini Bacich

from Australia, August 2018

"Peaceful and unwind "

I loved everything. It was our mum’s trip to sleep n relax (we both have small kids) and it was perfect for that. So great to see how the village keeps n work together. The activities was interesting (u can choose what to do : make coconut oil, swinging on the swing over the rice fields, rice farming, swimming on the waterfall and so on..)

It was totally unique and unwind place. I would come again!!

Carole Graic

from Indonesia, October 2018

"cette retraite tres bien pour decouvrir le yoga et les locau"

l ambiance, l acceuil, les activites


from Indonesia, September 2018


Lieux magiques, personnel/ gens du village super gentils. Ils font tout pour vous faire découvrir leur culture, surprises, nourriture végétarienne excellente servie sous format de buffet. Il faut s’attendre à une expérience rustique et non pas dans le lyxe, mais vous sortez avec l’impression d’en avoir telliement appris sur la vraie vie balinaise, cours de yoga adaptés à tous. Plutôt spirituels quêtes sportif. Axés sur la méditation et les chakras. Une de mes meilleures expériences à Bali! Si vous y allez,vous allez être occupés par toutes les activités tout en vous reposant.

Marina Burkhardt

from Thailand, August 2018

"Great Stay, I learned a lot"

The retreat is on such a beautiful place. All the Staff is so friendly and symphatic. I enlongerd my stay for 2more days because I liked it so much. The whole village works together so you can do so many different cultural activitys. The whole concept allows to have a very authentic experience in bali, compared to the majority of places on the island. The yogaclasses were so interesting, and everybody could take part, from experienced to beginner. The teachers were so nice and i learned a lot. Absolutely recommendable!