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Amber Serene

Valerie Watkinson

Lula McGill

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Jet Maal

from United Kingdom, September 2021

"Great escape to the countryside"

loved the location, the accommodation, the yoga/movement/sound

the weather helped so much, as we did some sessions on the lawn. Amber is great teacher and a wonderful soul. Hollie prepared some amazing food throughout my stay.

Abbey did a wonderful massage which complimented the whole stay

Meeting like minded people, trying new types of yoga. All in all great fun, felling totally Zen'ed out

Beena Josgray

from United Kingdom, September 2021

"Relaxing and Enjoyable "

Welcoming and relaxing escape from every day life. Went for 3 days and got value added benefit of being away for 3 weeks!

Nina Fowler

from United Kingdom, September 2021

"Amazing experience "

This was my first yoga retreat and I absolutely loved it. From the accommodation in the peaceful countryside to the lovely group of people and the amazing, fresh food, everything was incredible. Amber and Holly are both so lovely and really made me feel welcome. Thanks lovelies I’ll be back!

Kate Slater

from United Kingdom, August 2021

"Good experience"

Lula was a great instructor. She offered different approaches to yoga and other experiences such as quigong, and was open and gave a lot of herself, which I really appreciated.

Tom Grimsdell

from United Kingdom, August 2021

"Relaxed & Renewed "

A truly amazing experience for me. Wonderfully lead by Lula, I left feeling so much lighter than when I arrived. Everything from the food to the accommodation was above and beyond. I will treasure my time there and look forward to coming back.

Debby Andrews

from United Kingdom, July 2021

"Relaxing Retreat"

Lovely tranquil setting, different styles of Yoga to try and lots of meditation. Absolutely amazing food.

Kate Francis

from United Kingdom, July 2021

"Peaceful weekend retreat"

This retreat was a peaceful weekend getaway! The food was incredible and the yoga was accessible to everyone - we had a mixture of abilities in the group from complete beginners to yoga teachers. Everyone was friendly and welcoming and our teacher was lovely Lula - she was super knowledgable in health & nutrition and the mechanics of the body and she guided us though many different types of yoga and meditation techniques so every class was different and interesting. My accommodation was perfect - I had the fluffiest bed all to myself and felt like I was literally sleeping on a cloud! I woke up to the sound of the sheep outside and it was dreamy. The massage was also excellent :)

Simran Bhatia

from United Kingdom, July 2021

"Pure bliss!! Came back empty with empty mind"

After pandemic from last year I have been working from home and was looking forward to rejuvenate and this retreat was just perfect for anyone who is looking to relax and empty the mind.

The weather turned too hot but its good to have this heatwave. Fortunately we had awesome weather during the retreat and enjoyed every bit of it.

The sessions were amazing with different styles of yoga. For me the highlight was the sound bath meditation and the vegan food was sumptuous and the place was like heaven.

Appreciate our instructor Lula , Amber and the chef Vanessa for giving us everything we needed. Highly recommend this place. I can assure you will forget all your worries and anxiety and return back with empty mind and learnings for more yoga practices to follow.

Thanks a lot for making my first retreat experience amazing.

I even went to Hastings (near Battle) to a beach by myself on 3rd day afternoon which was amazing old town by the sea. Thanks Amber for recommending.


from United Kingdom, July 2021

"Amazing wellness escape - close to London"

The quality of professionals one can learn loads from, lovely country side surroundings, the ability to enjoy a massage session on the premises, proximity of the seaside for the stunning sunset views and swimming. Highly recommend!

Elodie Milne

from United Kingdom, July 2021

"Great yoga retreat with Lula and fab chef, Vanessa!"

Very good classes, patient teacher. Great food and lovely accommodation. Lula was very patient , encouraging and caring. She helped me to discover ew techniques and to work on my poses.

Demet Ogutler

from United Kingdom, June 2021

"Most relaxing weekend"

After a very challenging year, this retreat was the best gift I could have ever given myself. The house we stayed in was beautiful, surrounded by nature. Amber's teachings were marvelous. One of the biggest highlights of the weekend was definitely trying many new styles of yoga and meditation. I especially enjoyed the free movement workshop. Holly's nourishing vegan cooking was a treat for both the body and the soul. Abby's massage was excellent and revitalizing, I have returned home feeling re-energized and so much better. Thank you so much for a wonderful break!

Carly Rhodes

from United Kingdom, June 2021

"Wonderful weekend"

It was so fantastic to get away from it all, to meet new people, to eat delicious food and to be immersed in yoga and mediation for the weekend. Lula was a great host and her knowledge was so impressive. Although I’ve done yoga for years, I learnt so much from Lula. I left feeling both rejuvenated and rested and also very inspired. It’s been just over a week since I returned but the positive effects are still with me. I very much recommend going on retreat here.

Inge Schneider

from United Kingdom, June 2021

"Yoga Retreat Bliss"

This was my first yoga retreat and definitely won't be my last. The classes were so varied and introduced me to different forms of yoga and meditation, qigong, etc. The food was absolutely incredible and the venue was so secluded and serene. Val and Lula brought the most amazing energy to the weekend, and the other attendees were so warm and welcoming. Everything was amazing and this was just the reset that I needed!

Carolina Cubria Bacre

from United Kingdom, June 2021

"Such a heart blowing experience :) "

I am not sure where to start! This to me was a heart blowing experience. I was struggling for the past couple of months and needed some space and time to help me find myself and find some peace within. Well, this retreat gave me that and so much more. As an introvert, I was a bit apprehensive to going into a place where I do not know anyone, but this changed the moment I met such lovely and welcoming people. There were no expectations or judgments from anyone; I loved being able to sit in the sofa reading a book with some lovely music in the background and listening to the sounds and smells of Lula's cooking (brought me great memories from my childhood!).

Valerie's Nidra, flow and yin sessions were something else, same with Lula's wholesome food and flow sessions.

All of this topped up with gorgeous surroundings, a so much needed massage from Abby, lovely sunsets and such beautiful people. Just thinking about the weekend brings warmth to my heart :)

Thank you Valerie and Lula for all your kindness.

Joanne Mellor

from United Kingdom, May 2021

"Yoga with Amber "

This was a fantastic restorative experience. Wonderful teaching, in a relaxed, friendly, cosy space. 100% recommend this retreat!

Abigail Dawn Jones

from United Kingdom, May 2021

"Calming and wonderful! "

Amber's sessions were the perfect balance of calming and energising. The food was wholesome and delicious, and the location was beautiful - it was just perfect!

Reggie Hooke

from United Kingdom, September 2020

"Lovely weekend"

The space, the teacher, the food, the ambience and great guests. Overall, excellent.

Valda Lape

from United Kingdom, September 2020

"It was amazing experience. I absolutely loved it."

The building is so unique and beautiful. Lula was not only amazing instructor, but also very interesting women to speak to. Gemma, cooked delicious food. Everything was absolutely perfect. We cried and didn’t want to leave.

Alberto Plaza

from United Kingdom, August 2020

I did like almost everything about this.

The location is beautiful. You really feel in the middle of nature.

The environment that Amber creates makes you feel like you are in a different reality. It allowed me to relax like never before.

The food is awesome. I haven't eat so well outside my home in months.

The yoga and meditation classes are comprehensible and easy to follow. Perfect for beginners.

The overall experience has been awesome. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Louise Modis

from United Kingdom, August 2020

"Fabulous weekend of relaxing, reflecting and self care!"

Amber was so calm and lovely- her energy permeated the whole weekend. The diverse yoga styles, the calm pacing, the magnificent vegan meals and beautiful house made it a real treat. Our group of strangers gelled together beautifully and shared wonderful stories and ideas and many laughs. Bonds of friendship and understanding were built! Heart warming 😍

Kamini Patel

from United Kingdom, March 2020

"Great experience "

We like everything. There was good balance of different yogas and meditation.

Excellent food. This was supplemented with nutritional advice.

Very good company.

Louise Sullivan

from United Kingdom, December 2019

"Great food but room was poor"

The food was amazing, Kate the instructor was good and welcoming


from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Perfect recharging weekend"

The location was easy to get to. Set in the beautiful Kent countryside there was lots lovely scenery to enjoy on a stroll during free time. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. The yoga was paced well, not too strenuous or intense, with a good balance on meditation.

The food was excellent.


from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Came away relaxed and happy"

Loved the friendly welcome, great food, excellent classes and relaxing ambiance.


from United Kingdom, September 2019

The house in Kent was beautiful and had everything you could need for a relaxing weekend. Amber was very accommodating and the yoga practice was adapted to the needs of all- I am beginners level and Amber made sure to include alternatives for me where necessary. The food was extremely delicious and nourishing and I have come away with lots of inspiration to try new recipes.

Emma Davenport

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"A complete immersive experience"

This weekend is the definition of a yoga retreat weekend. Wonderful accommodation - luxurious and restful with spectacular sun sets viewed from the veranda across the open field land and horizon in the distance. Yoga and meditation sessions provided by a very knowledgeable coach (Amber) including calming scents and sounds to accompany the yoga. Introduction to vegan foods - a showcase of the best flavours and recipes. Like minded people making great company and new friendships. Wonderful, enjoyed every minute.

Gemyogalife Gemyogalife

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"Beautiful nature restorative retreat"

I loved Amber's style and all the classes she taught. I love the space in between classes. I loved Amber's soft gentle approach.


from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Yoga and meditation retreat "

Beautiful place and people, great to relax, unwind and focus on yourself.


from United Kingdom, July 2019

the food was excellent; the overall yoga sessions were well-thought out giving the whole body a stretch during the 3 days; small group of attendees.

Phoebe Gauntlett

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Simply beautiful "

The whole weekend was exactly what I needed and more than I could have hoped for to help me to reconnect amongst wonderful people and in a stunning location. Amber is an incredible yoga instructor and a warm and lovely person. With her help the retreat brought me back to myself and has equipped me with tools to maintain my peace during my daily life. The food was to die for too. Highly recommend.


from United Kingdom, July 2019

"More emphasis on retreat than yoga"

Surroundings, house, location, food, cooking workshop.


from United States, June 2019

"Absolute heaven"

Relaxing atmosphere, good balance between yoga practice, mindfulness and relaxation, and inspiring food.


from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Beautiful place, lovely people"

Really enjoyed the time and space to connect to nature, relax and unwind. The yoga was quite varied, so good if you want to try a few types. I really enjoyed the yin and partner yoga. Food was delicious and light- lots of fruit and vegetables. Thanks from Ele


from Netherlands, June 2019

Nice group size (10), variation in yoga classes, lovely house, very nice and caring instructor and chef, being surrounded by nature and lots of scheep :)


from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Kent - June 2019"

My sister and I found the whole event flawless...the warm welcome, delicious food, beautiful spaces including bedroom & communal areas. We loved the homely feel created by the lighting, plants, wood burner and the AGA. The hot tub and neighbouring sheep were an added bonus. We appreciated the thoughtful balance of the yoga sessions, massage, nutrition workshop & free time to ‘just be’. We enjoyed a pleasant walk into the town centre and had time to explore the local museum (Maison Dieu). We found Amber and Kayleigh so engaging and accommodating and came away feeling fully refreshed.


from United Kingdom, June 2019

"Restorative Yoga weekend "

Lovely interiors to property and location.

Fabulous food


from United Kingdom, May 2019

"Pure Rejuvenation "

Lisa Cook

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Faversham Yoga Retreat Review "

From the second we arrived we were welcomed warmly and introduced to the others. We were shown around and clear instructions were given on the format of the first evening.

The soft nature of Amber, the excellent food and the yoga was amazing. It didn't matter that I wasn't very good as instructions were given and all levels were catered for.


from United Kingdom, April 2019

"A wonderful experience "

My friend and I had such a wonderful time. We met amazing people and enjoyed the different yoga sessions very much - Amber is a talented teacher and a warm host. The food by Kayleigh was delicious too! Thoroughly recommend.

Teresa Hoskins

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Wonderful experience"

Whole experience

Pamela Ilgaz

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Perfect retreat to de-stress & recharge "

This retreat was all & more than I ever expected. I’m not a vegetarian however the food was some of the best I’ve evet eaten. The host, Amber, was one of the kindest,calmest people I’ve ever met & the variety of yoga was great. The group for me, was perfect as we were just ladies & I felt so relaxed & easily bonded. The retreat itself is set in fields so could go for a walk or just sit & read in your spare time. The itinerary was set out perfectly & if there is a massage available definitely take one, it was very good. I wouldnt hesitate in booking again.

Yolanda Szymanski

from Tunisia, March 2019

"Yoga retreat in Faversham"

The yoga and meditation sessions were great - whether calming, invigorating or a bit challenging - the yoga teacher clearly knows her stuff!

Food was awesome - fresh, healthy & very tasty.

Comfortable, clean accommodation in a beautiful, serene location.

Fiona Parlby

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Incredibly needed "

I loved all of it. Amber was such a beautiful person to begin with and her yoga style was great. The food made by Kaylee (sorry if I've spelt it wrong) was incredible, I have already given some recipes a go and loving them! The house was stunning and felt like home instantly

This retreat has set the standards for the ones to follow but I will be going back with Amber <3

Thank you for the time you gave us and the space for being able to let go :)

xx Kayla


from United Kingdom, March 2019

"A tranquil and restoring weekend away at Syndale Lodge."

I loved the accommodation. Everything was thought and planned out meticulously for the comfort and satisfaction of every guest. The attention to detail was amazing , from the organic, freshly made food to the teas, massage therapy and must importantly the yoga sessions. The yoga sessions consisted of a good balance of training for beginners to more intermediate yoga for the more experienced. The availability of homemade solution to clean the matts after each session just showed the care and effort put into this retreat. A big thank you to Amber and Kayley for their amazing effort and planning.

Melissa Skelton

from United States, February 2019

"Just what I needed.....Perfect!"

The weekend was the perfect mix of a variety of yoga, meditation, group activities and me time. The house is beautiful with various places to relax including a hot tub with stunning views. Amber is a great teacher making you feel at ease and relaxed, yet refreshed and empowered. She is extremely knowledgable. Kayleigh's food is so tasty and her patience with all the questions I asked was great. It has defiantly made me change my cooking habits. Just perfect thank you.

Jo Vass

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Beautiful house with beautiful people"

The lodge is beautiful and all activities are geared towards calm and nourishment of the body and mind. Group activities are encouraged but never forced and there was ample opportunity for quality "me-time". The yoga instructor and the chef were both so friendly and always happy to chat. I had countless questions about health/diet and they were great with their advice and support!

Claire Bourne

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Claire B"

This was the best retreat I have ever been to. Accommodation was incredible. Beautiful house with great facilities. Really warm and cosy. Lots of places to sit and read, peaceful location and a hot tub! The Yoga was a perfect blend of Hatha and flow, with excellent breathing sequences and relaxation and meditation. The food was outstanding. It was a perfect weekend.

Siobhan O'leary Donkin

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Fantastic holistic retreat"

Amber's warm approach and calm demeanor created the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and well being. Great yoga, meditation and variety. Food was amazing and really gave me the motivation to eat more healthily.

Sharon Blatcher

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Very zen weekend"

Meeting like minded people. Very peaceful environment.

Alex Burn

from United Kingdom, November 2018

"A weekend of calm,peace and fun!"

Beautiful, clean homely, tranquil setting with an amazing view. Was fortunate to be accompanied by interesting, friendly, considerate, unpretentious women.

Amber is serene in nature and name setting.the tone for a very relaxing w/e. Food vegan-tasty and intersting cooked relentlessy from scratch by the industrious Kayleigh-feeling lighter as a result! Combination of yoga, chi gong and meditation including a wonderfully effective gong bath made the w/e a very special experience. Thank you so much. 😊

Sue Weston

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Fabulous weekend, highly recommend. "

very welcoming, lovely accomodation with lived in, cosy 'good vibes only' feel.

guests were delightful and Amber and Chef Kayleigh were super.

Ricardo Maza

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Good overall weekend wit nice people "

Yoga & Food

Davorka Herceg-lockhart

from United States, October 2018

"A little piece of heaven on Earth"

What an amazing weekend! Fantastic location, with a stunning sun porch and views of endless sheep-strewn fields. Accommodation in a gorgeous house infused with an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Delicious, healthy food prepared by a professional vegan chef. Fun yoga and meditation classes suitable for all levels, especially enjoyable open air activities. A deep tissue massage out of this world, the best I’ve ever had. Friendly, welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, quality time spent in the company of like-minded people. Thank you Amber and Kayley for making us all feel truly welcome and well-looked after, for creating this little piece of heaven on Earth.

Carol West

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"A great weekend"

As soon as I walked through the door I felt at home with a group of friends, as if we all knew each other before. The energy was warm and positive all weekend. The vegan food amazing. Good variation of meditation and yoga classes.

Loved it.


from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Amazing 3 day Retreat "

Beautiful country lodge set in a lovely location, had an amazing weekend. Amber was warm, welcoming and friendly and instantly made us feel at home. The yoga sessions we brilliant and the food was beyond delicious. We were truly spoilt.


from United States, October 2018

"Lovely place, yoga could be better."

Lovely, healthy food, a beautiful venue.

Amber gave everyone a warm welcome, and is a good facilitator. Had a lovely massage.


from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Overall good . Warm and friendly environment . "

The food and accommodation was amazing . Amber was a warm and friendly host who made all guests feel welcome and attached .