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Flexible Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga and More School from the heart of Greece has designed a virtual yoga teacher training program, so you can learn and train from the comfort of your home and self-paced. Adopting the policy that yoga starts from the inner peace, the self-doubt of approved beliefs, and the constant need for self-exploration, you will explore deeper and find a practice that suits your mind and body. The teaching is Vinyasa-based with a focus on Hatha and Restorative yoga.

The training is functional focused and the methods you are learning will make you a very well informed yoga instructor upon the latest trends in yoga practice, assisting, cueing, sequencing, cueing, as well as in the modern understanding of the energetic theory based on the modern science and the ancient observation. With the embodiment tool of yoga, you will be able to act not only as a yoga instructor serving multiple needs and communities but also as a spiritual coach moving beyond boundaries.

You can choose also the offering of the Livestream Training. If you are interested to know more about this form of training, feel free to send an inquiry to Yoga and More today or visit here the school offerings!

Meet the instructors

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  • 200-hour Online Yoga Teacher Training
  • Certificate eligible to register with Yoga Alliance USA as RYT200
  • Partly archived, partly livestream
  • 120 self-paced hours: 15 livestream sessions of 2 hour duration (lost hours are send via email to download, days and hours are arranged with the participants in EEST/Eastern Europe Summer Time) and 90 hours archived training hours via an Online Training Library
  • 80 self-study hours via an Online Training Library
  • Archived content: tutorials, anatomy, philosophy, ethics and psychology, hands-on assists videos, guided meditations, full-length classes with foundational, intermediate and advanced yoga classes: solar, lunar, drills, hatha & restorative
  • Functional-based and accessible training
  • Free downloadable resources
  • Everyday enrollment
  • One-on-one guidance via email
  • Exclusive graduates Facebook group

Yoga styles

15 days with instruction
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How the training works

200 total hours:

1. 15 zoom teaching sessions (2 hours long each), which you can attend at your own pace referring to your availability and are held in Eastern Europe Summer Timezone, Athens. The available days that you can attend must be communicated by Sunday 12 pm to arrange the week schedule.

2. 90 teaching hours archived via the Online Training Library

3. 80 self-study hours: complete the lectures of the Online Training Library, record and upload your flows and techniques teaching, create sequences online, record and upload meditation audios using training scripts or your own, complete self-reflection exercises like on book chapters and articles, complete quizzes, keep a journal of your self-reflection, etc.

Self-paced learning is supported via an Online Training Library with 10 modules in Practicum with Video Practices (trainees choose from various videos to record a self-practice and send for feedback, helping them to work towards their teaching evolution, like Solar, Lunar, Drills/Conditioning, Real Class Practices), Hands-on Assists, Asana Tutorial, Asana pdf in up to 40 sections of analysis, Bandha, Mudra, Circle Chants & Mantra, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology, Philosophy & Energetic Anatomy, Modern Yoga Ethics & Psychology, Marketing. Important: All of the livestream and archived videos teach how to be a teacher, so they are not merely typical practices as the numerous online yoga sessions out there. They help trainees deconstruct the poses, the sequences, to understand how themes and phases are chosen, how poses can be variated and adjusted, etc. All modules assist in lifelong learning. Past students refer they use the training material even after completion, as it has ignited their passion for knowledge and self-evolution.

Requirements to participate

Wi-Fi connection, device to connect online, yoga props (yoga mat, strap or scarf, two or more blocks or big stable books, pillow or bolster, blanket, wall, and chair for assist to the exercises), wireless microphone or Bluetooth for phone to be clearly heard at your recorded sessions


Expected outcomes

By the end of the training program, participants are expected to be able to

  • Teach confidently and with safety at the basic level to mixed level Vinyasa classes
  • Design Vinyasa, Hatha, and Restorative yoga classes and courses based on knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and philosophy of yoga and feel able to develop their knowledge and practice in the future
  • Feel awakened to apply the principles of yoga in their personal lives and to awaken those around them on this path
  • Have ignited their inner fire of truth-seeking by researching individually on yoga and offer their own research work according to their scientific background if existed
  • Know how to offer yoga-related services to their communities
  • Know how to advertise their work and maintain a steady group of practitioners
  • Combine other alternative methods they may be familiar with their work in yoga
  • Offer retreats, workshops and alternative events to their communities
  • Collaborate with teachers of other yoga systems to spread the yoga worldwide and locally


Theory & Practice via Livestream Training and an Online Library with digital material, videos, and audios

The content is divided in 10 modules that communicate with the practice

Each of the 10 Modules includes:



  • More than 100 asana covered with the different variations they appear in the modern practice. Finally, there is a really extensive number of asana that will be covered. Kinetic exercises from modern functional theory with experiential analysis
  • b. PRANAYAMA- traditional breathing techniques and modern breathwork exercises
  • c. MUDRA- pranic hand gestures and sealing poses, benefits, and circumstances to use them
  • d. MANTRA - signing for meditation practice
  • e. BANDHA - internal locks, main, and secondary


Benefits, finding the personal voice for meditation guidance, and types of meditation (theming guided meditation, visualization, yoga Nidra, positive affirmations, non-guided meditation, etc.)


Muscular system, skeletal system, planes of motion, types of movements, joints actions, etc.

Yoga applied anatomy: anatomy knowledge that serves the yoga practice, eg. muscles and joints that work in each asana


  • Sequencing
  • Theming
  • Cueing
  • Fascia
  • Hands-on Assists
  • Class Plans
  • Teaching Styles
  • Teaching Communicability
  • Teaching Efficiency
  • Sacred Space: sacred offerings, altars, smudging, presence of a teacher, Sankalpa, etc.
  • Art of Voice
  • Art of Vinyasa


  • Energetic airs/Vayu system
  • Energetic bodies/Kosha system
  • Energetic qualities/Guna system
  • Energetic centres/Chakra system
  • The model of the Eight Limbs Yoga/Ashtanga path
  • Yoga history


  • Serving in teaching with love. Live, love, and learn from a pedagogical point of view
  • Critical thinking
  • Trauma-Sensitive yoga
  • Positive language and non-violent communication
  • Transformational leadership
  • NLP
  • Theta Healing
  • CBT
  • Mind reprogramming and self-regulation for negative beliefs as Yoga teachers


  • The professionalization of yoga teaching in the western world
  • Yoga teacher as a professional
  • How to title the yoga sessions
  • How to give a yoga title to yourself as a teacher according to your qualifications
  • How to write a yoga teacher CV, resume, and personal sign
  • How to price yoga services
  • How to seek a job
  • How to set a yoga brand



Can I enroll in Online Training without attending Livestream sessions?

Normally not because Livestream and self-paced training require Livestream hours attendance following the rules of Yoga Alliance. It's ok to skip few sessions in extreme need and get them recorded, but you will be advised not to skip the Livestream sessions and attend new Livestream sessions whenever these are offered. We want to prevent the chance that when you get the online recorded sessions with links you will not attend them.

What is the difference between the Livestream to the Self-Paced training in terms of Requirements?

None! Both trainings now have the same requirements!

Does the in-person training have these requirements?

Yes, every day are given hours to read and complete tasks outside the teaching hours!

Can I change the form of training?

Yes, but you must adapt to the price of the preferred training paying the difference.

If you move from in-person to online, there's no refund!

Do I have to read books?

Yes, you are required to read 2 ebooks (free downloadable, no need to buy something), the 350 pages Training Manual and at least scroll the >1000 pages DETAILED ASANA MANUAL, plus to read passages of various books to complete the finishing requirements for the modules (free downloadable as well, no need to buy something). Also, you will read anatomy from extra ebooks and online.

Will I learn anatomy?

Yes, the anatomy is provided with self-learning via books, plus the teacher will explain detailed the Kinesiology, the muscles and skeletal in the Online Sessions and in pre-recorded sessions.

How many hours do I learn Restorative Yoga?

1 teaching day is only for Restorative Yoga. You are given 2 ebooks with restorative poses and one free for download.

Will I learn Yoga Philosophy?

Yes, the philosophy is part of the whole training. You will read via the manual and the downloadable ebooks the philosophy. Most importantly, you will be offered access to attend yoga philosophy by PHD scholars.

Will you align my poses in the training?

Yes, verbally and with written assessment.

Will I uplevel my practice?

The training has as aim to train you how to offer mixed-level yoga classes. For the most part, you learn to adapt and variate the poses for adapting to various needs. Also, you will be given chances to challenge yourself in your asana & other techniques practice with the modules 5, 6, 7, 8 that reflect more intermediate to advanced level (but also beginners with appropriate adaptations or alterations). If you choose the solar pre-recorded flows for your self-practice, they will be more dynamic and more intense. Many students believe teacher training is a chance to learn high skills, but the truth is you must also learn to teach all levels classes and teach the exercises correctly and inspirational with an anatomy and philosophy background.

What you will experience

  • Everyday enrollment. Completion of the program depends on trainees learning pace, style, and commitment
  • Functional-based training: get trained in innumerous asana variations and modifications, knowing not just to cue them, but why you use them from the anatomical, functional and energetic point of view. Primarily, you will be taught non-lineage/functional modern style Vinyasa, and secondarily Hatha and Restorative. Focus is on original alignment as established by 20th-century schools & teachers, as well as on variations, modifications, drills, conditioning, props, hands-on assists, and more. Beginners are welcomed, and also more advanced students
  • Online Training Library access with rich archived content. The training material supports trainees in lifelong, deep learning. Graduates refer they still use the training material even after completion, as it has ignited their passion for knowledge and self-evolution
  • Blend of synchronous and asynchronous teaching, which means partly archived, partly live stream, or self-paced learning and real-time learning as well
  • Free resources for immediate download: important yoga tutorial books, energetic theory yoga books, articles, mandala painting, themed journaling, 220 yoga theming ideas, free templates to use in your classes, such as class plan template, student intake & health form, proposed bibliography, mantra book, yoga class plans for 10 modules
  • One-on-one coach assistance answering trainees' questions and preparing them for real class teaching with supportive, honest, and pedagogy-based feedback making suggestions on weaknesses for improvement and strong aspects to focus on, answering in possible questions, and allowing trainees to learn upon their real needs.
  • Exclusive Graduates Facebook Group as an online space designed for graduates to share information, resources, and experiences and develop meaningful personal and professional relationships
  • For more testimonials from the training graduates, visit yoga alliance official site under the section 'schools', ID: 243380


Eva Kirmizaki

Retreat location

This teacher training is held online. Yoga and More is based in Greece (GMT+3) and they will live-stream yoga classes via zoom or skype, which you can participate from the comfort of your home by just using your phone or computer.

Things to do (optional)

Possibility to take this training again in person in Greece for free and pay only for food and accommodation upon availability. For more information, send an inquiry to Yoga and More.

What's included

  • 15 livestream sessions, 30 hours total
  • Archived training via online library for self-paced learning
  • One-on-one coach assistance via email
  • Digital training material
  • Certificate eligible to register with Yoga Alliance USA as RYT 200 upon completion before December 31, 2021

What's not included

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Yoga props

Cancellation Policy

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 100% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

Value for money
Accommodation & facilities
Quality of activity
30 days / 29 nights
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Possible start dates

You can start the course at any time, and you can finish at your own pace until December 31, 2020.


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