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18 Day 200-Hour Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Crete

Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan | Feb | Mar, 2021–2022
    from US$2,109
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    Instructors (2)

    Eva Kirmizaki

    Irene Spiropoulou

    Reviews (17)

    Nikhil Dubey

    from Ireland, August 2021

    "Great Experience. Recommend it"

    Overall I loved the experience. Teachers were excellent along with the company of fellow inspiring yogis. We were pushed to get up and teach right from day one. It really helped building confidence and the vocabulary to become a teacher. All topics were covered and explained chronologically and I liked the teacher's ability to give all of us individual attention in every class.


    from Germany, August 2021

    "Nourished with Knowledge, Practice and Experience "

    The YTT was very fruitful, loving and I learned a lot.

    Eva is well organized, the forms we needed to fill out in the beginning were very important and what I wrote there was met by 100%.

    Although outer circumstances Eva was always eager, kind and helpful to support us with everything we desire - which was a very great experience.

    The training itself was intense, but that's exactly what I wanted. I learned beyond expectations and increased my own practice.

    Imposant parts like, Anatomy, Kinesiology and the analysis of Poses came not too short - and at least in my opinion that is so fundamental!

    Eva is very empathic and has a rich knowledge and she shares as much as she can, not holding back anything. this should be highly valued!

    In combination with other teachers we had a great overall experience provide with a 360* plate of insights.

    Our nutrition was excellent, vegan, fresh, changing daily and always exactly enough. Clean and whole foods, gluten-free, rich in proteins.

    Futhermore, Eva provided us with excellent yoga mats and all other stuff we needed.

    The location was central, close to the beach! Despite some problems in the communication with the owner, the stay was pleasant and we had a lot of space!

    Justine Nespoulous

    from France, July 2021

    "Amazing yoga experience and teachings"

    Eva's teaching has allowed me to gain confidence in myself as a yoga teacher. She has great knowledge about yoga philosophy, anatomy, mantras, asanas, breathing techniques and much more.

    She was always available for questions at the end of the class and her teaching technique is precious: eveyday we would teach a small flow and a meditation class. The progress were great from day 2 to day 17!

    The extended access to her online trainings is so valuable and helpful.

    The small group of 9 students from all over the world allowed to learn from each other and to pratice eveyday in each other styles and cultural sepcificities.

    I can only be grateful and cherish those days in Greece in a beautiful, amazing location by the sea and great food from Eva's family.

    It's just the beggining :)


    from Germany, July 2021

    "amazing teacher training"

    Eva is an amazing yoga teacher, we really enjoyed the time during the YTT. the lessons were very instructive, varied and personal. the accommodation in the villa was great, the beach and the sea were really beautiful. I will also remember the great experience of sharing a home with participants from many different countries and the very good food cooked by Eva's mom. I would definitely recommend it, thank you for everything, Eva!

    Sara Martínez Comesaña

    from Netherlands, July 2021

    "Amazing experience"

    Stunning location, transformative experience with inspiring people from all over the world.

    The training materials are complete and self-study is required in order to get the most out of it.

    Eva is a brilliant teacher and wonderful person who made me deep dive into the yoga journey and self-reflection path of transformation and discovery. This training made me more self-aware and I will definetely keep exploring this path. Apart from the lovely moments and happy memories in the best company, I got a full set of teaching techniques, alignment, cueing tips and yoga fundmentals which give me the confidence to teach and to spread the love and healing light of yoga. Namaste.

    Estelle Rémy

    from France, July 2021

    "Incredible experience : highly recommended YTT !!"

    Eva is a very knowledgeable and passionate teacher ! She teachs with her heart and she is full of positive energy. I have learned so much during this YTT : on yoga practice, alignments, philosophy, meditation, teaching methodology and self development. This YTT will be for sure the start of a new journey in my life ! I’m so grateful to Eva for all this incredible experience and recommend it 100%!

    The villa where we stayed during the YTT was very pleasant, we could practice outside, on the terrace and in the garden. We could also enjoy the beach just in front of the villa. The food was also very good.

    Many many thanks Eva for this amazing experience !! 🙏

    Valentina Romano

    from Italy, July 2021

    "Beautiful location and amazing skilled teacher! "

    I loved the location, every night I would fall asleep with the sound of the waves in the distance. The beach was right in front of the location and we would go for a quick swim during breaks.

    Eva is an amazing skilled teacher. Her knowledge is so wide! She would always make sure that all of us understood and she would give us super detailed instructions about alignement and hand-on-assist.

    She helped me going deeper in the meditation practice through beautiful breathing techniques. Every thing I learnt from her was so so interesting. We also had so many laughs together with her, which I believe is very important too during an intense ytt.

    The food was fantastic and very very very healthy.

    I am very grateful for being part of this wonderful experience.

    I would definitely recommend it! :)

    Shadé Gubbels

    from Netherlands, January 2021

    "Beyond expectations"

    I am very happy to have followed this course. The teacher was full of wisdom. She gave me the support needed to improve my teaching every day and feel comfortable teaching. All the topics discussed were very interesting and would definitely recommend this training to anyone who is eager to learn.

    Eloïse Candau

    from France, December 2020

    "Amazing online teacher training"

    Eva was really involve during the whole process of the training. She gave me precise feedback every time and it really helped me evolve in my practice. The training was full of practices and classes, which was so great, I had so much things to learn from and introduce in my own yoga classes ! The training was online but I still learn so much and grow thanks to Eva. The zoom meetings and the exercises were such good tool to take in all the teaching! Thank you for this amazing experience Eva!

    Elika Ansari

    from Greece, November 2020

    "YTT in rodia highly recommended!"

    This retreat was a great value for money. The best thing about it for me was that we started teaching from day 1, and that really helped me overcome my nerves of teaching a class.

    Meroula Hondrou

    from Great Britain, October 2020

    "The most amazing and special experience and training"

    I loved every part of this training, from the beautiful scenery to the food to the training, I couldn't fault anything. Eva's passion for yoga and teaching is amazing and she taught us everything we needed to know in such a short space of time. It never felt rushed or too much. Her calm and caring attitude made us feel at peace and welcome. I learned so much about myself and my love for yoga grew more and more each day. Choosing this course was the best decision I've ever made. I highly recommend for all levels.

    Sarah Guinot

    from Greece, October 2020

    "A fantastic experience "

    Eva is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable, talented and fun. She puts her heart and soul in her training. She really cared about us and made sure we all had a great learning experience and a great stay in general. Her yoga sessions and teaching methodology are diverse and interesting. We started teaching from day 1 and after that every single day, and we all agreed we benefited a lot from this method. Eva also provided us before the training with an online library where she compiled a huge amount of valuable material. This was very valuable to me and will be in the future as Eva is giving access to her graduates.

    The location was stunning, just on the sea. Morning meditation at sunrise by the sea was a nice way to start the day. The sea was clear and clean and we loved swimming in it. We spent all day outside in the fresh air, which I enjoyed a lot.

    Accommodations were comfortable and clean. The food was incredible. Breakfast was huge, with so much healthy items to choose from. Lunch was absolutely delicious, with typical Greek dishes made with local ingredients. Everything was vegan and healthy. Vegetarians had option to add cheese or yoghurt.

    I really enjoyed all aspects of this program which exceeded my expectations. I hope to be able to attend one of Eva’s program again on the future!

    Fanny Halftermeyer

    from French Guiana, May 2020

    "Feedback for online training"

    This training was amazing! Because of the world situation, it was online, but it was a great experience like this, an exceptionnal quality of presence. We spent 8 hours a day during the whole training and that the way of quality! Training intense and progressive which gives wings to start teaching!

    Georgia Rodman

    from United States, May 2020

    "Wonderful Experience"

    I love Eva! What a beautiful energy. Passion for the practice and deep wisdom.

    So grateful for this experience. Feel I emerged with new approaches and insights.

    Nicole Corris

    from United States, February 2020

    "Incredible Experience!"

    Eva is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga. She presents an immense amount of material in a manageable way and in a kind and encouraging environment. I especially appreciate her knowledge in many different schools of thought, offering us varying beliefs in contemporary yoga for us to understand traditional practices as well as modern trends. The villa is beautiful and remote, but still within walking distance from a small, friendly market and taverna. Food at the villa was fresh and well prepared. The camaraderie between the women participating in the training was a lovely perk - a perfectly-sized group of 5 students with varying backgrounds, each bringing their own unique personality to our shared practice while being very supportive of each other. I highly recommend this training!!

    Daniela Keis

    from Germany, July 2021

    "Warmherzige und effektive Yogaausbildung"

    Einblicke in viele verschiedene Yogarichtungen, kein Schwarz-Weiß-Denken, kein dogmatischer Unterrichtsstil.

    Eva ist eine warmherzige und liebevolle Lehrerin, die dennoch ihre Rolle als Lehrerin professionell nimmt. Sie stand uns stets mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, war unvoreingenommen, hat uns alle fair und gleich behandelt und war zudem noch ein tolles Bewegungsvorbild.

    Auch die Unterbringung in der Villa war toll, ich habe es sehr genossen in einem nicht übermäßig touristischen Dorf untergebracht zu sein.

    Neben der Yogaausbildung konnte man das Flair des "richtigen" und wunderbaren Griechenlandes genießen.