YOGA ANANDA is a haven of peace within the reach for anyone who wants to deepen their yoga and meditation practice in the tranquility of Navarra's countryside.

Instructors 1

Jon Kepa

Jon Kepa's love for yoga began in college. He is the Hatha yoga teacher for Alboran and GFU, and Ashtanga yoga by International Association of Yoga Teachers Sadhana. He is a transpersonal therapist by the Spanish School of Transpersonal Psychology, gestalt therapist by Ananda Psychotherapy, trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by IPH, and Systemic Therapy Psicogestalt, and he graduated in psychology from Saint Louis University in Missouri, USA. Jon is also a Usui Reiki Master.

Testimonials 5

Emilio Martin Spain

Yoga Ananda

I have been practicing yoga for years now, but staying in Yoga Ananda Retreat Center is a totally new experience. They are genuine, motivated, patient and inspiring people who master their lessons and daily practice. This yoga retreat has changed my life and health. It helped me create a positive attitude towards life. They are quiet and patient devotees who are still passionate about what they teach. The time that they devote to their students is beyond the time spent on postures and breathing techniques. It is a real reminder of what "lived a life true to oneself" feels. I cannot thank you enough for the gift of leaving Ananda with pure joy.

Sean O'Sullivan Ireland

Yoga Ananda

The mountains and nature have always attracted me. They elevate my spirit and fill me up with joy. However, that state was forgotten once I was back in the city. After this retreat, I have been able to maintain that state in many moments of my life. Thank you for sharing with me the tools I needed to meditate in my daily life.

Raphaël Dubois France

Yoga Ananda

I thought that vegetarian was boring and tasteless. However, after getting the vegetables I was going to eat from the plot 16 feet away from the door of the house and having them cooked by Isabel, has lead me to know that vegetarianism is an option and that good food can be prepared. Thank you Isabel! Eating your dishes has been a religious experience.

Jessica Williams England

Yoga Ananda

I really enjoyed my time at Yoga Ananda Retreat Center. The team is amazing, good daily practice but not too much so you can still enjoy the next day. I really liked the hikes, the beautiful landscape, and the food was excellent!

Laila Fernandez Spain

Yoga Ananda

I had a great stay. The staff was super helpful, accommodating and always available. The food was very good and the location unbeatable. The daily program was well managed in terms of quantity of activities. We had some yoga, meditation, pranayama and great hiking. However, one negative point was the food itself. There servings were not limited and you could eat as much as you wish, I ended up earning a couple of pounds!

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