Wonderland Healing Center

Wonderland Healing Center is a serene, relaxing, lush tropical environment to enjoy the ancient practices of yoga, meditation, detoxing, and fasting.

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Ali Hazel

Originally from London, Ali Hazel has been studying mindfulness, metta, and Buddhist meditation since 2009, spending the last three years living and volunteering in intentional mindfulness communities throughout South East Asia. Ali's philosophy comes from a place of beginners mind, where one can explore for oneself the truth of who we really are. In teaching meditation and yoga, Ali joyously chose to follow the heart-summons of Rumi who wrote, 'Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.'

Paula Huolman

Paula Huolman is an international yoga teacher (RYT-700), trainer and somatic movement educator from Lapland. Her passion for ancient yogic science and seven years of dedicated self-practice led her to study Ashtanga yoga across Europe and Asia, where she was blessed to study under Indian yogis and spiritual teachers. Change is constant in all levels of life, and Paula supports a practice that allows embodying yoga to the fullest; from physical health to self-transformation.

Naama Peled

Teacher, Guide, Therapist Naama has been a yoga practitioner since 2001, teaching since 2005. She is the direct student of Dharma Mitra, Sean Koren, and Richard Freeman. She intensively practices over the years in Iyengar yoga, Alignment yoga, Ashtanga-Vinyasa, Feminine yoga, and Therapeutic yoga. She established, ran, and taught in a yoga studio for over 10 years, running workshops around the world, and guided many yoga festivals and conventions. She graduated Reedman College five years course in touch therapy. She is a senior therapist in deep tissues and Thai yoga therapy.

Connie Ng

Connie has over a decade of experience and training in various styles of Hatha yoga including and inspired by Dharma, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Forrest, Katonah, AcroYoga, and more. The more physical aspects of the practice are complemented with extensive training in Thai yoga massage, which are brought into the class through adjustments and yang-yin style sequencing. The physical practices are supplemented with the intelligence and technology of the chakra energy system and include self-study, meditation, breath work, visualization, and connecting with layers beyond the physical body.

Ewa Ji

Ewa Ji views yoga as a life journey practice of art, philosophy, and Science. Personally, she follows the dictum that to be a teacher one must be first the student (practice since 2000) and knows the greatest lessons as a guide can come from experience with a variety of situations and students. She worked with a wide range of professionals as dancers, athletes, climbers as well as take part in academic yoga research projects. With a strong background in Sport Science, Massage, Reiki, Intuitive and Transformational Healing Techniques, Ewa makes sure that all aspects of your being are connected.

Reviews 218

Erin Neely

from Canada, October 2018

"A magical experience "

Everything here was absolutely amazing! I would recommend wonderland to anyone looking to explore themselves and get in some relaxation!

Sasha Bk

from Switzerland, August 2018

"12 days in paradise"

I came to Wonderland for 12 days with no prior yoga / meditation experience and absolutely fell in love with the place.

Everything was perfect, from the staff, food, to the instructors and facilities. The pictures honestly don’t do this place justice!

I met amazing people, friends for life! :) I will definitely be back.

Vienna Malko-monterrosa

from United States, August 2018

"Amazing ❤️"

Wonderland feels like home. It is the most unique retreat I have ever experienced. This serene environment is run by genuine and loving people offering a variety of yoga and meditation classes and an array of phenomenally delicious and nourishing foods. I would recommend this beautiful place to everyone.

Vienna from Canada

Chloe Flint

from Australia, July 2018

"Amazing experience on all counts"

What didn’t I like!

- The food was incredible (plentiful, delicious, varied)

- The staff were so kind and caring

- The other guests were wonderful people and I have made some lifelong friends

- There were plenty of classes and they were varied. Not only was there 2-3 yoga classes each day, there was also 1-2 meditation classes plus ‘specials’ (lectures, inner healing therapies etc.). This place is more than just a yoga retreat!

- Relaxed atmosphere - no set itinerary so you do as many or as few classes as you like.

- The rooms - spacious dorms with the most comfortable beds, good air con and big bathrooms.

- The resort - the pool is amazing, as is the steam room. There are plenty of chill out areas (hammocks etc.) dotted around the resort, which are perfect to relax with the sound of the river flowing nearby.

- Amazing free smoothie or coconut everyday, plus unlimited tea and coffee (proper, fresh coffee - rather than instant - made how you like it - I loved cacao and coconut milk coffee!!)

The fact that most people either extended their stay or at least considered extending their stay is proof of how amazing this place is! I will be back one day for sure.

Jessica Sands

from Thailand, May 2018

Such a great atmosphere and the food is so good! Really good value for your money.

Eliska Palkova

from Germany, April 2018


I liked that I could try many kinds of yoga and meditation, busy program, food was great, people were friendly and the whole setting with hammocks, pool and nature was very nice. Even the location in the middle of nowhere was great because then you really have to do the retreat and not go for the drink or something like that (like of course you can take a taxi but is not that accessible and you have events all the time)

Tom Pardhy

from United States, April 2018

"Definitely coming back"

Everyone I met here was incredible. All so different but with the unifying factor that we had all come here to look after ourselves and in doing so, had something very special in common. The yoga teachers were all fantastic, very intuitive and supportive.

Carole Cardinal

from Thailand, October 2018

"Je recommande sans hésitation"

Tout était parfait...Le site est magnifique et la nourriture excellente....Les lieux sont très propres...Et le staff vraiment gentil...Les chambres à partager sont très bien et permettent de se faire des amis de partout dans le monde....

Miriam Michaels

from United States, November 2018


This was a truly special experience. I came after a very hard two months of work in China hoping to reset, and this turned out to be the perfect place to do so. The yoga was perfect for me and the variety between instructors kept me looking forward to every class. I learned tons in the other activities and seminars and LOVED the Ecstatic Dance! And the food. The food was amazing.

I also didn't expect to meet people at Wonderland, but everyone there was so incredibly welcoming, warm, non-judgemental, and grateful to be there. I left with friends from all over the world who I hope to see again. The communal dining lounge really helped to foster that and was one of the highlights of my stay.

Jess Smith

from United Arab Emirates, November 2018

"An absolute must if you’re coming to Thailand! "

As a newbie to yoga and meditation, I was a little apprehensive about coming along but this was quickly put to rest when I entered wonderland. The staff were so welcoming and it really helped me relax.

As a meat eater, it was quite a big jump for me to go to vegan but it’s honestly changed my view and considering becoming vegan for a week of the month. The food is incredible - there is no other word to describe it. The variety and flavours were amazing. Friday lunch was my favourite! Hummus, falaphal and cous cous.

The classes were excellent, very relaxed but pushed you on others. There was a very relaxed vibe to attendance so if you didn’t want to go and relax by the pool, that was fine too.


from Thailand, October 2018

"Great Experience!"

Loved my time at Wonderland. I really loved the facility - beautiful setting in the jungle with mountains around and a stream going through the property. Facilities are all new and in great condition, so even if you are staying in a dorm, you feel like you are getting your moneys worth. Food was AMAZING - obviously, as almost every review is about the food. Some people were even at the retreat only for the food! Staff was really nice and helpful as well. Steam room was great!! Also great wifi (if you need to work while there, which I was). I was very relaxed while there, and will most definitely be recommending to others!

Nadia Le Fer

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"Truly amazing if your looking for healing and great yoga!"

Wonderland is ran by the most thoughtful healers that will support you on your journey to a lighter you! Whether that be though yoga, reiki, meditation and with where you are in life they are there to help 💚

Rose Lo

from Hong Kong, October 2018

"Nice and relaxing stay "

I had been staying for 5 nights and there were different food variation for lunch and dinner. The room is clean and spacious.

Laura Di Salvo

from Germany, October 2018

"Magical Wonderland"

The yoga classes are perfect for beginners and high level practitioners as well. The vegan food was so yummy and nutritious that I would love to get all the receipts. Most of all I loved the range offer of spiritual techniques and courses you can practice the whole day and which are included in the package! Choose a longer stay you will enjoy! I loved all the teachers: Pilates with Jess, Yoga with Mika, meditation & Reiki with Aly, Reiki with Ella, all the wonderful classes with Cheryl ❤️❤️❤️ The funny and always nice kitchen team, the guys who build the new part of the resort, the lovely ladies at the reception and the taxi drivers! Kapkunka to all the founders for their vision! You made your dreams come true! I love Wonderland

Guia Vismara

from United States, October 2018

"one of the best experience of my life"

I couldn't have asked for more: definitely one of the best choice I made for my self, I am so grateful to have lived this experience.

it was the first time I was travelling solo outside EU and Wonderland was like a dreamy and safe place.

It is a place for soul healing and self-care. There are no words to describe the amazing people who I shared the experience with: the other guests, the people who work and live there. I did 8 days there and I wish I could have extended it- thank you, thank you, thank you to all!

Darlene Torey

from United Kingdom, October 2018

"An Oasis"

The tranquil setting allowed me time for peaceful reflection. Yet if I wanted to be around people that was also possible without leaving me feeling conflicted.

Caitlin Carroll

from Australia, October 2018

"Amazing place "

The atmosphere is indescribable, just pure positivity and growth. The instructors are very helpful and I felt that I was able to discover a lot of areas for change in my life. The food is incredible!!!

Brooke Nolly

from United States, October 2018

"Amazing spot, especially if you're a yoga retreat newbie!"

The food, the place, the people, the pool, it's so dreamy!


from Hong Kong, September 2018

"Definitely going back"

I loved everything there the place is magical.

Keiti Kull

from Thailand, September 2018

The food was better than expected especially the variety! Dorm rooms were nice but I would take a separate room the next time. With an experience like that you value your privacy :) It was so nice of them to pick me up from my hostel rather than the port and I also appreciated that they took me to the currency exchange before dropping me off to the pier!

Michaela Kubova

from Czechia, September 2018

"An amazing experience !"

I would recommend the Wonderland stay to everybobody - doesn’t matter if you are looking for 7 hours of full yoga and meditation program ( intense) or just relaxing by the pool..

It is perfectly fine for any yoga level from absolute beginner to the advanced...

Food is amazing and plenty/ buffet , staff-ladies in the reception super pleasant and helpful..

Wonderland just radiates love and positive energy . Set in the local jungle, lot of green trees, little river ..100 places “to hide” and meditate.. hammocks, little shalas...


Also people / guests... not a “hippie” place to my surprise .. I was in wonderland for 30 days and all people I met were super nice and pleasant educated.. just super nice people.

Location: hidden gem a bit out of town - but taxi to the town ( all the shops, amazing night markets, secret beach etc are between 3-4$ usually one way one person/ more people - you share the cost... so you pay half or less ..easy;)

Villas for 2 are beautiful but there is nothing wrong at all with the shared ( dorm) acomidation.. ( that’s where I stayed) clean, comfortable , always plenty of cold water in the fridge..

What I also liked- you can refil your bottle with fresh cold water on every corner in wonderland ..pretty awesome ..

Everything you need for yoga provided- mats, blocks , belts...cushions.. same for meditation..

I can 100% recommend and I am definitely going back soon.


Kerry Arnett

from United States, September 2018

"3 siblings stayed for an extra 2 weeks!"


3 siblings all who have gone to yoga retreats all over the world - this is BY FAR the best and the most affordable, the food is top notch they do not sacrifice flavor although its vegan. The property is super clean and the rooms are comfy. The best part is the family that owns it is welcoming and so sweet. I cant recommend this place enough.

Jennifer Misko

from United States, September 2018

"Great place! "

I loved that I was super comfortable there traveling alone. The food was excellent, as well as the yoga and pilates classes. The staff was very polite, helpful, and spoke great English. The massages were also amazing! Would definitely recommend to a friend. 😃

Caitlin Jordan

from Thailand, September 2018

"Wonderland exceeded expectations! "

I really enjoyed the sound healing, inner dance and yin yoga sessions with Melissa. Pool and herbal sauna were great too. The food was amazing! Dorm beds were comfortable. The site is well kept and everything is very clean. Overall great value for money.


from China, September 2018

"Wonderland Retreat Pre-Yoga Teacher Training "

The accommodation, facilities and food were excellent.

Shaneen Kirby

from Cambodia, August 2018

"Wonderland is wonderful "

Amazing place, welcoming and friendly staff and guests, super tasty vegan food, eye opening classes and clean and well maintained accommodation. This place is truly beautiful ❤️❤️

Ana Szitas

from United Arab Emirates, August 2018

"Can’t wait to be there again"

Staff was friendly and very helpful all the time, the program was great - and fantastic optional extras.

The food was just amazing.

Susan Dunford

from United Kingdom, August 2018

"Paradise on Koh Phangan "

Everything was fantastic, wonderful programme of yoga classes, meditation and lectures, all the staff were excellent, the food was out of this world, we had an amazing room for 2 of us close to the nature and steam room. Loved every moment spent at this incredible retreat. Would definitely return and recommend.... thank you Wonderland

Amelia Ahring

from Denmark, August 2018

"wonderly wonderful"

I have been through my entire emotional spectrum during my stay at wonderland. I've felt tired, overwhelmed and at times unsure - but also calm, reflective, happy, peaceful. and I'm pretty sure that is kind of the point; getting to know yourself better, figuring out what it is you actually want and need from your life.

the staff was absolutly fantastic: everywhere from the instructors to the reception. I was unfortunalty unlycky and had to go to the hospital, and even there i felt really well taken care of by the staff at wonderland, where they came to see me at least twice everyday. the second I left on the ferry i felt a longing back, and I am sure that i will visit again soon.

Julia Strasser

from Austria, August 2018

"Great experience"

the vegan food was sooo delicious and also suitable for Europeans, who are not so used to the spicy Thai kitchen ;)

The dorm was good and quite spacious, but be careful when booking a 4-bed luxury dorm. We initially did that too, but didn't get it. We slept in a 6-pax dorm with most of the time not more than 4 pax in it, but still..

The pool and relaxing areas with hammock are beautiful, the oil massage I tried was great!

I really liked the evening lectures and discussions and we got to know many nice people there who are all very open and from all over the world. The staff is also very nice.

Luiza Rosinska

from Thailand, August 2018

"Heaven on earth "

It was definitely an amazing experience. Only 4 days, 3 morning got for me but it felt like much longer, filled in with so many fantastic yoga sessions and meditations. Really well skilled, wonderful teachers. Food is beyond amazing. Facilities perfect. And those that come over create a great group of people, easy to connect with. Highly recommended, at any time of the year, for any length of stay.

Thank you so much!!!

Molly Thomas

from Thailand, July 2018

"An Insightful Weekend"

WOW, such skilled instructors. Wonderland provided such a wide variety of meditations and yoga styles, so there was something for everyone. The food was TO DIE FOR I was in vegan heaven. Very friendly and accommodating staff. The atmosphere is so peaceful and genuine. The grounds are gorgeous, providing lots of little pockets for solitude and relaxation, or community with other retreat goers.


from Ireland, July 2018

From the moment I walked in to Wonderland I was met with kindness, courtesy, great facilities, perfect accommodation, amazing food and top quality classes and instructors. My fellow retreat buddies were the icing on the cake. We shared many chats, classes and meals together and they really contributed to my time there. The owners are very approachable and willing to help. Whilst there I did a transformation healing session which I can only describe as life changing. If you're even considering a retreat I would highly recommend this one without question. A beautiful 9 days well spent. Thanks Team Wonderland, you guys rock!!

Adnan Music

from Australia, July 2018

"Serene retreat"

I loved the communal atmosphere created by owners and guests. Quality and variety of yoga and meditation session was great and the food was excellent

Mia Nyhuus

from Denmark, July 2018

"Safe haven in paradise "

Really really high quality of classes and diversity in them so something for everyone. The energy of the place, food, that it is easy to socialize but also to be private and retreat . The flexibility and the beautiful people:)

I extended my stay 5 more nights and am grateful!

Thank you beautiful wonderland people and all of my new friends.

Ella Burns

from Australia, July 2018

Incredible classes, yoga teachers and healers. The place itself is paradise and feels incredibly relaxing. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The dorms are super comfortable and I also stayed in a private room for a night which was very nice also. The food is the best I have ever eaten! I would highly highly recommend.

Oriane Rosenthal

from France, July 2018

"Amazing stay! "

The location, facilities, classes, food and customer service were all amazing. We had a great stay and hope to be able to return in the not too far future!

Gill Harrison

from China, June 2018

"We loved every single second here, pure paradise"

The food is phenomenal. We're not normally vegans but the variety of food and flavours have made us very keen to continue a plant-based diet. There was so much variety in yoga styles, different types of meditations, special workshops and additional therapies and services. The reiki was an amazing experience and journey. We met so many lovely people of all different ages, nationalities and life styles. A very peaceful, rejuvenating experience... We didn't want to leave!

Camila Sanchez

from United States, June 2018

"Lovely stay "

I loved every minute of my time at Wonderland. The classes, the food, the staff, the guests! It was a great experience not only physically but mentally as well. I feel like my stay gave me essential tools to move forward in my life and for that I’m greatful.

Mira Koivuniemi

from Thailand, June 2018

"Lovely Experience <3"

Just amazing place. Food is excellent (I am not a vegan but didnt miss meet at all!). Yoga teachers are great and lot of different classes to try. Staff is friendly. Lectures and special things were interesting. All the facilities are clean and fresh. Good vibes only and I really hope to go back someday.

Alma Rewi

from Australia, May 2018

"Wonderful experience "

Wonderful staff, instructors, facilities, accommodation, food, atmosphere, other guests and surroundings. Was sheer bliss, thank you

Nguyen Élise

from France, May 2018

Le personnel, la qualité des cours, la nourriture, la piscine

Sara Kas

from Indonesia, May 2018

"This place is absolutely wonderful"

First off you will love the food even if you are not vegan I PROMISE, Secondly, the yoga teachers especially Alon and Mika are amazing. Thirdly, the people who work and run this place have good intention, live healthy lifestyles and are really there to support and guide the guests in their journey. I highly reccommend this retreat, everyone that I made friends with there ended up extending their stay and many people were coming back from after a month or so. Its a really special place. Oh and the steam room! and you get a free massage if you book for one week! i can go on and on.

Joanne Lawrence

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Life changing, amazing, positive experience!"

I loved all aspects of the retreat, from the classes to the accommodation, to the food and the lovely staff. I stayed in a form and although sharing a room still felt I had plenty of time and space to myself. The yoga and meditations were top class and I am so grateful i had the chance to experience this beautiful place. I am already thinking about when i can come back. Thank you!

Tam Shuk Ha

from Hong Kong, May 2018

"Quiet satisfied and good master training"

Yoga class is very good ,Variety kinds of food on daily),Atmosphere is good,

Carissa Rose

from Thailand, April 2018

"The best week ever ever!! What a special place! "

Unbeleivable place. Exceeded my expectations. The food was beyond incredible, the classes were awesome (I've been practicing yoga forever and I still feel like I learned so many new awesome things) and their ceremonies or classes in the evenings were really special and unique. Staff and shared dorms were awesome. Literally not one complaint- incredible value!! would have stayed for another week if I had the time. Already can't wait to go back.

Maya Franks

from Vietnam, April 2018

"Paradise "

The general atmosphere at Wonderland is ideal for a relaxing yet revitalising holiday. There's the option to do as little or as much as you'd like, in the perfect serene setting, with some of the best instructors I've ever been taught by. The food is incredible and I've been craving it every day since I left! Many thanks to all the staff who made me feel so at home during my week here.

Arlene Angeles

from United States, April 2018

"Yoga classes"

I like the fact that the instructor work individually and show the right body mechanics for inversion.

Danielle Smith

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Amazing relaxing stay"

All so good - staff were so friendly and helpful. The instructors were all great and different too. The food was so good, completely above my expectations!! Amazing stay and I would love to go back

Valerie Branch

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Fantastic retreat, excelled in every way"

You will not get a retreat better than Wonderland the yoga instruction is of the highest degree. The vegan food is amazing, rooms lovely, basic but clean and everything you need. The guided meditation is brilliant- you just need to go see this little peace of paradise for yourself 🧘‍♂️😎


from United States, April 2018

Yoga, mediation, and vegitarian food was excellent.


from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Perfect in every way"

Lone traveler; Food, location, instructors, facilities, classes, meditation were all perfect.. this magical place is healing to the soul and a great way to revitalize and reset your body & mind.

- Omar

Jacquelynne Tan

from Singapore, April 2018

Relaxed and flexible. Like minded people. A lot of single travelers which is good. Less couples and no children was great. Standard of yoga was very impressive as this is fairly remote place but all the instructors were experienced teachers .. Even visiting ones. Catherine.. Nancy and Jess on Pilates all were real proper teachers and not fly by nite Traveller teachers. Most impressed with that. Food was good quality and vegan. Rooms were clean but inadequate on little things like bedside lamp or more clothes hanging places etc. but overall great. Only thing is you cannot choose yr rooms. So while I was happy to pay more for a villa for privacy.. I was told upgrades were random and on availability after you arrive. Oh well. I had a good quick yoga meditation weekend from corporate life so am good ! Can't have everything you want in life can u. Btw one good thing.. Despite being in jungle Little to No Mozzies !!! Jacq

Lukas Beran

from Czechia, March 2018

Recepcion absolutly amazing and friendly! Amazing food! Friendly staff.

Karin Stossel

from Australia, March 2018

"Wow! I want to go back! Now💞"

The people that work there are amazing & the friendships I have made. Great yoga classes every day. Vegan food!! Yum! Activities every day.

Antje Hughes

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"A truly unique and amazing place"

The food was out of this world and I say that as a non vegan. The rooms are clean and the classes are well organised giving even beginners of yoga the opportunity to enjoy them. The staff is the best I have met, always friendly and so so helpful. It's not a resort or retreat like you qoukd expect, it's a community with people from all over the world making you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive and sharing their experience with you. A home from home. I miss this place already.

Carol Feinstein

from United States, March 2018

The yoga instructors were great, positive, encouraging, and helpful with alignment

Deborah Rouleau

from Canada, March 2018

"My trip to Wonderland was more than I could have hoped for!"

I am honoured to have met the amazing people that own Wonderland!! They have created a beautiful, loving environment in which people can go and learn so much as well as feel like family. They are kind, generous people who are changing people's lives in such a profound way!!

Sophie Avis

from Thailand, March 2018

"Amazing week with amazing food"

First of all, I really liked the fact that I didn't have to worry about what I could eat as of everything is vegan over there. There's always a big salad bar and different types of curry's, rice and more. I really liked the classes of Mika with the alignment flows Level 2. It really felt like a good work out, which I sometimes missed in other classes. Spend an amazing week here with lovely people. Next time I definitely want to do a detox!

Kaya Peters

from Turkey, March 2018

"Amazing place"

I really love the community feel and people working with passion and care for others.

Diana Goodinson

from United Kingdom, March 2018

Beautiful location, peaceful. Vegan food and healthy salads. Helpful staff . Lovely pool

Yarsha Marchini

from United States, March 2018

"A taste of freedom"

Everything, most of all the people, but also the food, the place, the love and the community.

Jaycee Janier

from Laos, March 2018

"Better than expected"

Oh my goodness the food. I am not vegan but the food was spectacular. I wanted to try everything in the buffet every meal. The steam sauna was the best way to star and end my day. The pool was clean and the perfect temperature. The teachers all brought something special and different each day. There was plenty of variety in classes and special events every day. I had such a lovely time.

Val Herlihy

from Sri Lanka, February 2018

"A wonderful experience! "

I loved the positive, nurturing, supportive atmosphere of Wonderland, which was a perfect space to heal or grow spiritually and emotionally. And the food ..... what can I say! I am a vegan anyway and I was in complete heaven. Every day the choice of delicious food was amazing, and you felt it wasn’t only feeding your body, but your soul as well. The staff were all very considerate and quick to attend to any requests, but never intrusive. I loved my stay! When I met up with my husband after the retreat he said I was positively glowing! Thank you. 🙏🏻

Doreen Arnold

from Thailand, February 2018

"It‘s a Wonderland! "

I loved the vibe there! I just stayed 3 days and it felt already like family! Best food ever and Ewa is a great teacher! Thank you!

Ana Shima

from Albania, February 2018

" A real wonderland!"

Wonderland is a very well thought out yoga retreat center. The space is welcoming if you wanna socialize or if you wanna retreat to yourself. If you do a short term retreat(3 nights) make sure you check their activities list on the website so you get the best out of it.

The food is amazing, a great combination of local thai food with other vegan options. The location is a bit far from the beach, but I enjoyed that part.

Amy Duncombe

from Thailand, February 2018

"A little oasis! "

Wonderfully set out, with a great communal area. I am not a vegan but the food was unbelievable, so tasty! The instructors were very good especially Ali, a great meditation class.

Antoine Brossard

from United Kingdom, February 2018


This is a fantastic please! Located in a quiet part of the island, the facilities are spotless. I thought the yoga teaching was perfect for a multi-level environment, and the good was just incredible. I had a great stay and I will definitely go back.


from Hong Kong, February 2018

"Amazing, amazing, amazing"

Food was excellent. I can easily be vegan if i am provided this food everyday. The program was great. The people working there are very humble and friendly. The people staying there are so amazing feom all over the world.

Caitlin Valentine

from Thailand, February 2018


Absolutely love you guys, thank you for my little escape from reality

Craig Rishworth

from Thailand, February 2018

"Amazing value for money! "

The food was incredible and the atmosphere was really nice and welcoming. You get to meet new people from all over the world every day.

Siran Arzumanyan

from Canada, February 2018

"A perfect escape to recharge "

I really liked my stay at Wonderland. Everything including beautiful location in magical island Koh Phangan, delicious food, great yoga and other classes, the friendly staff and people around made me relaxed and happy. Will definitely come back and recommend to anyone. Pack your bags and head to Koh

Susanna Hansen

from Denmark, February 2018

"the wonderland bubble"

Being at wonderland is like staying in a bubble, away from the real world, a place where everyone is truly friendly and open. I would like to give a special thanks to Cho, whom (amongst more) runs the drawing classes. They are an awsome form of meditation for people who otherwise have a hard time meditating. More artclasses please ☺

Idwal Phillips

from United Kingdom, February 2018

"First Class Yoga Retreat"

The food was exceptional.

Tara Couts

from Thailand, February 2018

"Delightful, Healing, Rejuvenating"

The food, the pool, and the people really added to my stay. Each evening I would hang out with new friends in the sauna and then head to the pool before bed. The staff was so supportive and caring, and waking up to delicious banana pancakes and a delicious vegan menu for the day was amazing. Don’t miss Inner Dance! It’s emotional and magical.

Sophie Stevens

from Thailand, February 2018

"Magical "

Wonderland is the most insanely beautiful, magical place filled with incredible energy and amazing people. Coming here will change you in ways you can’t imagine. It was one of the best weeks of my life and i can’t thank the amazing staff and yoga teachers enough!

Christine Ortiz.

from United States, January 2018

"Amazing Experience!"

The staff is extremely welcoming and so helpful with anything you need. Every guest is treated like family and I couldn't have asked for better hosts! Also the food was some of the best I have ever had and I consider myself a pretty strict vegan/vegetarian. The classes were all taught by top notch teachers who were all extremely knowledgeable in their particular area. I will absolutely be back and will recommend Wonderland to anyone I know that is looking for a memorable experience while abroad

Charlotte Hockin

from Laos, January 2018

"A life changing experience..."

Wonderland was exactly that... a magical place which takes you on an emotional, physical & spiritual rollercoaster. My partner and I had never tried yoga before the retreat & within days we were completely hooked. The staff & teachers were amazing and within a week we found improvement in our posture, strength and flexibility. The variety & quality of the classes were 5*... We particularly enjoyed the Hatha & Alignment classes and have continued our practices since leaving the retreat.

Now onto the food ... what can I say, just wow! We are not vegans or vegetarians but honestly the food was incredible. A huge variety of cuisines which changed daily alongside fresh salad, fruit & shakes... so healthy & so good!! So good in fact we have since been inspired to cut down on our meat & dairy consumption.

Next are the extras... Reiki - also new to us - was an incredible & personal experience for both of us. Melody was wonderful! We also had Thai & Oil massages which were Devine!

Last but not least the accommodation & facilities... we stayed in a 4 bed dorm & after months of travelling & staying in hostels this was a complete luxury for us. The beds were so comfy, the room was cleaned everyday & a good size for 4 people... just Heaven! Facilities such as the pool were also great and never too busy.

I know this is a long review and I wouldn’t normally write so much but Wonderland really deserves it. A life changing experience for us & we can’t wait to return.

Sharon Gillette

from South Korea, January 2018

"New Year Reset"

Wonderland provided a great selection of yoga and meditation classes at different times each day. I was able to practice twice a day and really enjoyed the styles and vibes of the instructors especially Renata who went out of her way to make me feel welcome. The food was also incredible. I met some wonderful new friends and appreciated the opportunity to start 2018 focusing on my practice. My room was spacious, clean and comfortable and I really enjoyed relaxing in the hammock on the porch.

Anya Supik

from United Kingdom, January 2018

This retreat exceeded my all expectations! The hosts very very nice, friendly and always helpful. The food always fresh, delicious and there was always variety! As well as there was such variety of activities throughout all day! I had unforgettable experience here and would definitely recommend it to anyone! Thank you very much for your hospitality!

Ray Marangelo

from South Korea, January 2018

"excellent place, loved it"

the food was amazing, the classes were great, the community was the BEST

Lisa Fleming

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"Fantastic value for money Yoga Retreat "

I loved the whole idea of the Retreat from the ethos of the Community to the type of food served, very unusual and unique experience.

Maya Moore

from Thailand, January 2018

"Absolutely Wonderful"

The food was amazing, delicious, healthy and filling. The location where you eat is amazing and the fellowshipping was always wonderful. I stayed in a dorm which was very well taken care of. Very comfortable and clean.

Diana Chung

from Thailand, January 2018

"Great workout plua getaway"

The community was full of love and the vegan food was really good. Full of classes to keep you busy all day. The outdoor yoga shala was so amazing. Overall the environment was relaxing and good worth for money

Sally Tan

from Malaysia, December 2017

The instructors are all very good. Clear and easy to understand guidance with options for beginner/intermediate/advanced positions to follow. Makes us feel welcomed.

Aram Behbodi

from Thailand, December 2017

The vibe there was perfect. I feel like a different person after 3 weeks. I don't know how to thank this place ! The yoga was very good, teachers there are really going to help u to do better and will give u lot of advice ! I would recommend to stay as long as possible, I'm sure u are gonna love this place.

Kerehi Ruaine

from Cambodia, December 2017

"Recommend staying at least 5 days"

Everything! The staff, the food, the facilities, the lush surroundings.. I also had an additional energy healing treatment which was beyond my expectations.

Monika Mazus

from United Kingdom, December 2017

I loved tha community in wonderland. Every one was very nice, professional and helpful.

I joined a detox program for 10 days. It was modified to my special needs. The detox team was very supportive and ready to talk about any concerns regarding the program and not only😊. The every day detox meetings were very helpful in terms of giving mental support. I felt that i wasn't going through the process on my own.

The choices of classes were great, i learnt about different types of yoga, breathing exercises and could also join dancing, a shamanic journey and listen to some interesting lectures.

In the package there were massages and some treatments included which helped me to go even deeper into my healing process.

I had some great experiences with Melody.

My favourite classes were yoga with Alan and meditations with Ali.

Alan is an amazing teacher and Ali is very open, warm and always sharing her personal experiences which gives her teaching authenticity.

I tried food only for two days but it was always fresh and tasty.

I shared accomodation to make it a bit cheaper and It was also a good experience. I met a lot of great people, it was safe and the bathroom was nice and clean.

I generally love Wonderland❤.

Erica Nilsson

from Ghana, December 2017

Inliked the food, the people working at Wonderland, the lther guests, the yoga teachers especially Naama!

Wendy Tobler

from United States, December 2017

" "

I had a great experience overall and would recommend wonderful healing center to anyone looking to find out more about the yoga philosophy to those wanting to deepen their practice.


from Poland, December 2017

"Just great"

1. yoga - diverse, all difficulty levels, great teachers, many classes during the day;

2. food - fresh, delicious, diverse, very tasty, shakes and fresh coconut juice available every day;

3. facilities - clean, everything working fine, good wifi, sauna; everything located in beautiful natural surrounding;

4. location - peaceful and quitet, separated from somewhat chaotic villages around;

5. extremely helpful staff - always willing to facilitate even strange requests, exceeding expectations;

6. atmosfere - likeminded, open people, fantastic vibe perfect if you want to disconnect from the world and enter a safe, kind environment.


from Hong Kong, December 2017

"Amazing experience"

The location, my room, the instructors and the variety of classes

Maryna Poliatska

from Spain, December 2017

"It is wonder in the jungle"

The atmosphere is so nice there, instructors are very different and it makes this place very special and unique. All facilities for practice are perfect! Food is amazing! People who are working there are so kind and helpful. There is no any kind of ideology, but being healthy, everything is relaxed and it is up to you the way you spend your time. I enjoyed a lot! Would love to come back! You creat real wonderland! Thank you!

Henriette Petersen

from Denmark, December 2017

"Very beautiful and peaceful place"

The vegan buffet was outstanding. A really nice touch with the complimentary juice everyday

Ana Ukich

from United States, December 2017

"Ali was great;) "

This was my first yoga retreat and it was fabulous!

Amelie Ferrer

from United Arab Emirates, December 2017

"Wonderland paradise "

Variety of yoga and classes throughout the day at all time

Events or talks in the evening

Diversity of meals everyday

Amazing customer service and friendly staff

Superb experience I recommended highly !

Rachael Thompson

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Wonderful yoga in a wonderful place"

Fab retreat far exceeded my expectations.Im not vegan but the food was delicious didn’t miss meat or diary at all!!

Adored the yoga classes with Alon and Paula - superb!

Monique & David Shalit & Short

from Australia, November 2017

Everything was better then expected. Absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend.


from United States, November 2017

For me experience was really good. Enjoyed my time in wonderland. Community team is so kind and helpful, like a family here. Classes and workshops are really good. I found for myself new interesting yogastyles. Healers here doing very good job. It´s hard to describe all good and beautiful here is. You have to experience yourself. I really want to come back, do detox again and see how much you have grown.

Randi Scheidler

from United States, November 2017

"Nothing short of wonderful "

Everything about this place is sincerely healing. I've rarely encountered such an open community centered around such profoundly good purposes. The food is perfect (how can I ever be happy eating anywhere else now?) and the people are nourishing and it's every tiny detail of kindness that actually makes this place a real wonderland.

Emma Hassan

from United Kingdom, November 2017

"Fantastic and tranquil "

The resort was wonderful and the food was outstanding!

Victoria Holmgren

from Thailand, November 2017

"Meditation "

My retreat at wonderland was so much better than I ever could expected. I was suppose to stay for three nights but I liked it so much that I stayed for another two night. The best thing is the atmosphere, it's so friendly, warm and easy going. You can come and go as you want to and it's easy to make new friends since a lot of people come their alone.

The staff is really helpful and hang out in the same area as the guesses so it feels like a small family.

The food was the best thing during my stay, everything is vegan, fresh and they offer a big variety so there is something for everyone.

The level on the yoga classes are for beginners so you don't have to be a pro.

Go, go, go! You get so much for the money you pay, food, fresh juices, massages, pool, sauna, yoga, meditation etc. Treat your self.

Aleksandra Romantshenko

from Ireland, November 2017

"Way better than expected."

I really liked the vibe and facilities of the place. Variety of yoga classes offered daily is very impressive. Daily meditation sessions and healing procedures are fab. I was lucky enough to catch kundalini yoga, TRE, embryonic yoga on the top of more traditional yoga schools. Food is fantastic and I'm not even vegetarian. I managed to quit smoking and get myself together in this place.

Nicole Yeong

from Malaysia, October 2017

Great facilities. Very patient and knowledgeable instructors. Loved that we had a free coconut everyday and free massage included. We had a wonderful time! Will definitely recommend.


from United States, September 2017

"Great place to get away and relax"

Loved the private bungalow with the private pool. All the food was great. Yoga and meditation where great also. The community was very lovely and kind everyone went out of the way to make sure we were doing well. It's a great place to get away.

Rosemary Lemans

from United States, September 2017

"Best place to get rest and energy"

The schedule of different practises , like different yoga forms and meditation.

The super delicious food

The very comfortable room

The relaxed, easy going contact between the people.

Great for beginners especially as we did 5 different types of yoga and on top of that meditation and even Pilates.

Owners are just roaming around always available to give tips and help with questions and travel plans. Everybody was super nice and helpful.

Thanks! Couldn't have been better.

Renata Grebliauskaite

from Lithuania, September 2017

"Well Balanced"

There are few places I’ve been of that are as restarting as the Wonderland healing center is. I went there for a 12 days detox retreat in September, and honestly, I was blown away.

The thing I liked most was truly dedicated healers & yoga teachers. Detox program was thoroughly made up, so I fell perfectly at ease there right away.The range of yoga classes you can choose from is perfectly well balanced: 3 times per day, from sweaty Ashtanga to relaxing Yin Yoga. All healers in this center are genuine masters of what they do. Apparently, it’s nothing like what we’re used to seeing these days in such type of places full hyper-spiritual things or fanatic ideas. On top of it all, the environment itself is absolutely sublime. I’ve stayed at Pool Villa, which is quite private and with a infinity pool just in a step from the bedroom! I can’t wait to come back to Wonderland soon!

Meiyen Tan

from Malaysia, September 2017

They trip is worth the value. The vegan Bridget is surprising perfect! All the staff are friendly and helpful. It is a calm and relax place. Offering great yoga section with professional Yoga teachers.

I feel refresh throughout the 6 days yoga retreat.

Varkha Sadhwani

from Hong Kong, August 2017

The fact that I could fast for nearly 6 days gave me a feeling of empowerment.

Lidija Urbas

from Thailand, August 2017

The food was amazing! Yoga and meditation classes were great. I also took an EFT treatment with Ali that helped me a lot.

Michal Lefkowitz

from Thailand, August 2017

I liked the autmospire that was very caring and quite.

Sadia Labonno

from Bangladesh, August 2017

"Truly a wonderland,best thing I have ever done for myself. "

This place is truly a wonderlan, Serene and beautiful. I met some amazing people there. Met so many like minded people from all over the world and made some really good friends. Explored the island with them. It's a beautiful island. You should definite try Victoria and Nancys Yoga classes. The rooms are very clean and nice. The pool and restaurant us beautiful and cozy. All the instructors and staff are very kind & supportive and looks after all your needs. I absolutely loved their food. Best vegan food I have ever had. I was on a detoxfpr 4 days but did get to try the food on my last day. Their massages are also very high standard and I enjoyed them thoroughtly.

If you can get your reiki treatment with Eyal. He is one of the most calm and spiritual person I met in in my life. Wonderland has truly changed me. I fell in love with my body and skin aftet the detox. I understood the true power of just being and not letting anything external disturb the peace of my mind. I was really sad to leave. This place can bring this strange peace and happiness in you. I am definitely going back.

Sarah Rogers

from Australia, July 2017

"Amazing island, amazing retreat"

Everything was wonderful, the retreat was above my expectations, heaps of choice with yoga classes, the room was lovely and clean, the food was actually really good- I was nervous about eating vegan as I'm normally a big meat eater but I loved it. So nice for every meal! But the thing I liked about it most was the people, there was heaps of solo travellers coming through so everyone was up for a chat and to hang out, but I also loved my new big Israeli family that work at and manage the retreat. You guys are legends! Can't wait to see you all again.

Erin Kodama

from United States, July 2017

Wonderland is an amazing place. I initially came for a 3-night stay but ended up staying longer. First off, the food is phenomenal, some of the best vegan food I've had. The resort is tucked away from the noise of the island and very peaceful. Nearby you can go to the beautiful beaches and hike waterfall trails. Varying yoga/meditation programs and treatments are offered every day, and teachers are great. Staff are welcoming and very helpful. The rooms are nice and clean, and the pool is a perfect alternative to the beach. This is an amazing place to relax and recharge - would definitely come back here.

Kaitlyn Wegman

from United States, July 2017

The accommodations were superior! So clean and comfortable and the air conditioner worked well, the room was cleaned everyday and new towels were given whenever needed. It was fantastic

Connor Bell

from Thailand, July 2017

"Do yourself a favor and book this now!"

Ali's meditation was amazing! All the yoga instructors Sky, Veronica, Victoria, Leon all had unique and powerful aspects to their classes. The variety of yoga was exceptional. The staff were friendly and helpful. Book this now you won't regret it!

Sigridur Bylgja Sigurjonsdottir

from Thailand, June 2017

"Wonderful stay in Wonderland! "

The classes, the food, the staff, the pool, the athmosphere, the massages... everything was amazing and I highly reccommend it!

Sarah Mcnally

from Thailand, May 2017

"Amazing 8 days of relaxation & health"

I had such a special week at Wonderland. It has a very welcoming and chilled atmosphere. Although I was alone, it didn't feel that way all week because of the kindness and generosity I was treated with by the staff and the community. My visit was during low season so for most of my stay I had a dorm room to myself - making the cost of the retreat amazing value. All the yoga classes were challenging which allowed me to improve my fitness and my technique. The treatments included in the package were superb and added to the luxury of the stay. Between classes, I enjoyed reading by the pool and relaxing in the room - which was beautifully air conditioned. The food and the free juice everyday had to be my highlight! I couldn't eat enough with so much variety at every meal.

Wonderland provided me with everything and more to break up my 5 months of backpacking.

Benjamin Sebban

from France, November 2018

"super expérience "

lieu magnifique. super ambiance. nourriture extraordinaire. certaines classes excellentes, notamment celles de medicina yoga

Matthias Wolfram

from United States, October 2018

"Kompetente Lehrer, leckeres Essen, aber..."

Jeder der 6 Lehrer hatte seinen eigenen individuellen Stil und hat mich mit seinen Tipps vorangebracht. Am meisten beeindruckt war ich von Alon. Sein physisch betonter, wissenschaftlicher Stil hat Yoga die verdiente erdige Tiefe gegeben. Zudem war das Essen äußerst abwechslungsreich und gesund.

Annika Timp

from United States, September 2018

"It was a pleasure to be with you!"

Das Retreat war wundervoll! Ich habe mich direkt in der ersten Sekunden wohl gefühlt! Es gibt nichts, was Dir in deiner Zeit im retreat fehlen würde! Neben einer wunderbaren Sauna, einem Pool und einem schönen Stundenplan mit abwechslungsreichen Angeboten, bleibt genug Zeit für quatschen und relaxen! Ich würde für immer wieder kommen! Ihr seid großartig! It was a pleasure to meet you! Thanks for everything!

Chuy Nguyen

from Netherlands, August 2018

"Everything was perfect"

I like the place really much. The food was the best vegetarian food ever! The schedule was nice with 3 yoga classes and meditation in between. I love also the steam room!

Miriam Schober

from Thailand, August 2018

"experience of a lifetime"

everything was awesome! this quite and peaceful place is surrounded by palmtrees, in the middle of the island, away from all of reality, with open minded people & you get the best food ever here. the whole food is plant based 🌈 everything is so yummy I miss it already!

If you are such a foodie & yogi like me - you definitely have to go there and don’t forget to try the coconut balls 💯 #addicted🙌


from Thailand, August 2018

"Truly a place to relax "


Christine Glen

from France, August 2018

"An extremely harmonious week"

Everything! The kindness of the staff, the quality of equipment, food, teachers, the richesse of the classes and lectures...but overall, the humanity behind everything.

Fränzi Pfeil

from Switzerland, August 2018

Die Anlage ist sehr schön und ruhig gelegen. Die Mitarbeiter sehr nett mit einer Ausnahme, aber die gibt es immer. Das Essen war immer super fein. Die Lehrer sehr nett und aufmerksam.

Cristina Diez Gomez

from Thailand, July 2018

"Amazing experience"

Everything was perfect

Denise Dietrich

from United States, June 2018

"Oase der Ruhe"

Tolle Yoga und Meditationsklassen und interessante Vorträge.

Das vegane Buffet ist unfassbar gut!

Camille Vincent

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Retraite 8 jour sur yoga "

Cadre idyllique et ambiance familiale. Je recommande fortement cet endroit incroyable où tout est fait pour votre bien être. Un grand merci a wonderland pour cette expérience unique !

Christiane Ahlheim

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Thanks for this nice place"

I spent 12 wonderful days at the Wonderland Healing Center and came home with a nice energy.

The complex is very nice and quiet, you can hear the sound of nature, watch, marvel, enjoy. Everything is very clean and has a peaceful energy, just right to relax.

The program is packed full of yoga, meditation, pilates, and special sessions from 8am to 8pm. You take great experiences, experiences and inspirations home with you.

The applications are very diverse, the food vegan and fantastic, the staff very warm and helpful - thank you ladies :-) - the teachers and therapists very competent and motivating.

I decided spontaneously for the detox program and since then I am full of verve and energy, feel-good level from 1-10 to 10.

As an extra I booked a spiritual counseling session with Oxana. Through her wonderful gift and empathy, Oxana has been able to answer open questions I've had in my life for a long time, support my intuition, get me to the detox program, and help with my healing process by solving old patterns and beliefs , Many thanks to all the people who accompanied me these 12 days, it was great.

Yvonne Meschederu

from Australia, April 2018

"Very good"

Very good Yoga and Meditation with lovely teachers and stuffs. I felt so happy after my week full of interesting people and very good athmosphere. Thank you!

Stephanie Breslauer

from Thailand, March 2018

"Wonderland touched my heart"

Wonderland was absolutely magical.

Everything was just perfect.

I would definitely recommend it to everybody

Sébastien Tolosa

from United States, March 2018

"Repas d'une qualité remarquable "

Les chambres, les buffets étaient succulent, les cours étaient presque tous très bien.


from United States, March 2018

Yoga classes

Yoga teachers





Vivian Gonzalez

from Thailand, March 2018

"Excelente estadía"

Personal muy amable. Excelentes profesores de yoga, muy preocupados y cuidadosos. Múltiples actividades preparadas para no aburrirse en todo el día. La comida increíble. Muy recomendable.

Naomi Velissariou

from Thailand, March 2018

"Magical place of rest and reflection. "

Wonderland is een bijzonder plekje midden in de "jungle" van Koh phangan. Je ontmoet er jezelf en tal van kindred souls. Je wordt erg goed begeleid in alle lessen, van yoga tot meditatie tot reiki en ga zo maar door. Doe zeker ook de avondactiviteiten zoals inner dance en fire ceremony. Je maakt daar kennis met de commune, waar wonderland deel van uitmaakt. Een hele bijzondere groep mensen die zelfs de meest rationele geesten kunnen openbreken. En neem een massage natuurlijk, en ga in het stoombad. Het eten is overigens absurd lekker. Ok doei.


from Austria, March 2018

"Very nice class!"

Nice calm voice and great lesson

Peter Ingwersen

from Germany, March 2018

"Einfach nur super!!"

Es war das erste mal, dass ich in einem Yoga Retreat war und es war wirklich toll! Die Menschen, die Stimmung, die Anlage, das Essen... Es war alles perfekt und ich habe mich während dieser Woche körperlich so gut wie selten zuvor gefühlt.

Es werden jeden Tag mehrere Kurse angeboten, zu denen man gehen KANN. Die Lehrer sind alle gut ausgebildet und ich bin zu jedem Kurs gerne gegangen. Die Anlage ist noch neu und das ganze Projekt erst gut eineinhalb Jahre alt, es ist also alles noch recht neu und in guten Zustand (Zimmer, Restaurant, Pool, etc.)

Das allerbeste war allerdings das Essen!!! Drei mal am Tag gibt es ein veganes Buffet, das so so lecker ist. Es war einfach der Wahnsinn.

Ich würde jederzeit wiederkommen und kann das WHC nur wärmsten empfehlen.

Sandra Cargnelutti

from United States, March 2018

"Just perfect"

If you are looking for a relaxing place, yoga, meditation and alternative healing methods this is your place. It s for easy going people, perfect for solo travellers. A nice community. The Yoga classes are for all levels and their level at the time I was there was beginners/intermediate

Katherine Mackenzie

from Netherlands, February 2018

"The most relaxed I've felt in years"

Wonderland is exactly the right name for this place. From when I arrived I felt at home and welcomed. The yoga shalas have everything you need for your practice, the restaurant is cosy and nicely decorated. The food is incredible, it always smells and tastes amazing, I need to find some of those recipes! The pool is the perfect temperature and always clean. The steam room is amazing, the herbal oils used are changed every day to make it a whole different experience with each visit. The massages and treatments offered are a great addition to the yoga and always made me feel great and ready to go for the next classes.

The yoga classes were varied in style and level, it would have been nice to have some more advanced classes for alignment of more challenging postures, but the ones covered while I was there have really helped me improve my practice. The vinyasa and yin classes were always lovely. All the instructors are very helpful and have their own styles of teaching. Special thanks to Ewa and Connie who have really improved my understanding of yoga from different perspectives and my asana practice.

I stayed in a dorm and wasn't expecting much, but it was so much nicer than I expected. The beds were wide and comfortable, it was always clean and the shower worked really well. I met amazing people who were all there for a similar relaxing time, so it was really perfect!

Kristina Epp

from Cambodia, February 2018


Die Community ist großartig, hilfsbereit, entspannt und strahlt eine gewisse Wärme und gute Atmosphäre aus. Dieser Ort hat etwas magisches. Die Kurse sind vielfältig und jeder findet einen Yogastil, der einem persönlich zusagt. Für mich waren die Yoga-Kurse von Ewa,Naama, Nancy und Alon besonders ansprechend. Pilates mit Jess ist einfach nur toll und macht riesig Spaß! Die Massagen, Reiki-Anwendungen und Meditationen sind ein Traum. Ich habe ein 12tägiges Detox Programm ohne Essen absolviert! Die Betreuung durch Chou und vor allem Gonen war sehr gut und hat mich stark motiviert. Ich habe nicht nur aufgehört zu rauchen und meinen Körper und Geist entgiftet, sondern ebenfalls 8kg verloren. Wer etwas für seine Gesundheit tun möchte, zur Ruhe kommen möchte und eine wundervolle Zeit erleben möchte, der ist hier genau richtig. Ich komme definitiv wieder! Großer Dank geht auch an die Ladies in der Küche :Nice und Mimi, die täglich einen super Job machen. Ein Ort der Inspiration und Besinnung.

Helene Griesslehner

from Austria, February 2018

Ich bin ohne Handy angekommen, da ich es in Bangkok verloren habe. Die wundervolle Rezeptionistin hat mir eine Uhr besorgt (!!!) und es waren sowieso alle Leute so hilfsbereit und liebevoll und das hat sich auf die Kurse und das Essen übertragen und dadurch wieder auf die Teilnehmerinnen. Wir kamen ganz schnell ins Gespräch.

Die Meditiations-Klassen waren toll.

Inga Afman

from United States, February 2018


De mensen daar zijn onwijs lief, super prettige plek om te verblijven en geweldig goed eten.

Marcus Braun

from Thailand, February 2018

"Entspannung Pur"

Das umfangreiche Kursangebot, die Sauberkeit und Hygiene der Unterkunft, das Essen, das Ambiente und die Leute :)

Andrea Kahland

from Germany, January 2018

Wonderland ist ein wundervolles Retreat, das mit Herz und Qualität geführt wird. Es herrscht eine familiäre, herzliche Atmoshäre, um die Gäste wird sich gekümmert und keine Mühe scheint zu viel. das Essen ist ein Traum. Die Zimmer sind neu, gemütlich schön und vor allem ist alles sauber. Das ganze Resort ist liebevoll hergerichtet.

Besonders hervorheben möchte ich die unglaublich gute Qualität an Kursen! Ich hatte viele Kurse besucht und jeder davon war ein Highlight! Es wird eine Riesen Auswahl an Möglichkeiten geboten.

Kinder sind in wonderland willkommen! Wir haben uns rundum wohl gefühlt und können die Einrichtung absolut weiterempfehlen ❤️


from Germany, January 2018

"Detox und Yoga in Wonderland- 100% Weiterempfehlung"

Sehr hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter, Yoga und Meditation haben mich sehr gut durch meine Fatenkur geleitet. Ich fühle mich sehr gut nach dem Detox und kann das in Wonderland weiterempfehlen!

Kinga Salacinska

from Spain, December 2017

"Yoga paradise:)"

A truly unique experience:) my stay at Wonderland exceeded all my expectations!I never practised yoga before and now I feel like I need it in my life.

The food they serve is simply delicious, the rooms are clean and comfy, the nature around is amazing!Also you are never alone here...I met some incredible people from all around the world:)

Nicole Denker

from Thailand, November 2017

"Alles war super😊"

Das vielfältige Bewegungsangebot mit den vielen Yogastilen, die Zusammenstellung des Programmes. Sowohl Yogaanfänger als auch Fortgeschritten kommen in den Genuss des vielfältigen Angebotes. Man kann an allen 5 täglichen Veranstaltungen kostenlos teilnehmen. Das freundliche Personal ist extra erwähnenswert :) Das vegane und rohe Buffet 3x täglich und das ganze Ambiente dort mit dem neuen Essensraum ist besonders schön. Die 20 Besitzer betreiben das Wonderland als Vision, um die Menschen einfach glücklich zu machen.

Ich habe während meines Aufenthaltes noch ins Detoxprogram gehen können.

Bei der Buchung Bucht man automatisch die Massagen dazu und kann sich dann aussuchen, welche man haben möchte.

Es liegt etwa 5 km vom Strand entfernt. Man kann sich dort Fahrräder und Roller ausleihen oder sich dort Taxifahrer bestellen, die Ausflüge mit einem machen. Für ca.3 Stunden bezahlt man ca. 20€.

Der Vorteil, dass man außerhalb liegt ist die Idyllische Ruhe eines Urwaldel. Die Geräusche der Tiere Nachts ist super. Auch das schlafen ist sehr ruhig, da keine Autos Nachts stören.

Englisch sollte man schon gut verstehen können, sonst gibt es Verständigungsprobleme ;)


from Thailand, November 2017

Wunderschönes Ambiente im Resort, nette Menschen, super hilfsbereites und freundliches Personal, ... fantastisches Essen!!!!

Schöne Yoga-Stunden und Abendveranstaltungen

Laura-sophie Lattauer

from Thailand, November 2017

"Wunderbare Seele!"

Am Anfang dachte ich noch, dass hier etwas der Spirit fehlt.

Nachdem ich dann aber erfahren hab, wie frisch das ganze Projekt geboren ist konnte ich mich viel besser darauf einlassen.

Die Yogaklassen, die Meditation, die Sauna, das unfassbar geile vegane Buffet 3xtäglich, die netten Menschen und Bettnachbarn und diesen wunderschönen idylischen Ort..Ich werde es alles vermissen!

Ein großes Danke auch nochmal an Alland (?) Der miCh durch seine Reikibehandlung ein gutes Stück näher zu mir selbst gebracht hat. Das werde ich auch nicht mehr verlieren und dafür bin ich dir sehr dankbar.

Danke für deine gute Energie und deine netten Worte!

Ich umarme dich!

Ich wünsche dem Projekt und allen Menschen dort nur das Beste, macht weiter so.

Kahina Medjnah

from Thailand, October 2017

"Just great "



from United States, September 2017


Everything ! Amaziiing food, oWner, teachers everything was more that I could expected! Thank u so much

Alice Van Der Lijcke - Hiraki

from Netherlands, August 2017

"Wonderland truely was Wonderland to me"

I was lucky to spend 14 wonderful days at Wonderland and took the Yoga Retreat package.

The resort is just 6 months old and the promotion video and pictures don't do the place justice, it's even more beautiful in reality. I stayed at a private pool view room and had a nice hammock on my balcony. All the staff members are great (especially Ham and Aly) and the Vegan food is delicious and very diverse. I am not a Vegan or Vegetarian, but I have not once felt the need to eat outside.

There is a big variety of Yoga classes and meditation classes and all of the teachers were great. I came to approve my own yoga practice and have learned so much from all the teachers. The tiny Thai lady that massaged me every other day kicked my butt and managed to fold me in ways I never knew possible, but she was awesome! So thank you Wonderland for my beautiful Yoga Retreat, I will hopefully come back again and bring my family


Alice in Wonderland

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a traveler Thailand

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I am so sad to leave this amazing place after a 7-day yoga & meditation retreat. It's a unique place, with lovely open-hearted management. The Yoga & Qi Gong instruction was excellent, very varied classes which the teachers adjust to your level. I particularly loved the meditation classes with Ali who is so warm and compassionate, and very knowledgeable in many different styles of meditation. She even put together a long list of free resources for us to take home. I have asked her to record a guided meditation because she has such a soothing voice!

The food is AMAZING btw.. I was surprised! The rooms are very comfortable, clean & spacious. My only complaint would be the water which occasionally runs out at busy times, but you only have to wait a few minutes before it comes back on. Water shortages on islands are common and for me it was a good reminder to have shorter showers.

I would love to come back in high season when there are more activities. Fantastic place.

Anat Nevo Israel

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Wonderland is a beautiful healing center! I enjoyed the delicious vegan buffet, the variety of yoga and other classes and holistic treatments... The room was tidy and clean and the atmosphere is so unique!!! .... if you are looking for a life changing experience in the tropical island of Koh Phangan - this is the place!!! And most important- super nice stuff!!!! Highly recommend!

Matt B.

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The yoga retreat offers at least two classes every day, in different styles from a variety of teachers. I was impressed with the quality of instruction and definitely was able to deepen my practice here.

The property is lush, with stunning views of the river and mountains. The center's facilities are well-maintained, clean and pleasant. I stayed in the dorm room but it was very spacious. In low season you may be fortunate enough to get the place to yourself!

The staff is a team that works harmoniously, going above and beyond to make your stay hassle-free. I was really impressed with the hospitality demonstrated throughout my stay.

Best of all - the food! It was a total vegan buffet. Very flavorful dishes. Every day was something new and delicious!

Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Eyal Z.

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Yoga & 7 days of fasting? no food /coffee/cigarets and alcohol! This was one of the best experiences ever. If you want to change your lifestyle to a healthy one- you must go there.

The staff is very supportive and helpful.. view from my room was extraordinary. I liked sitting on my balcony and hear the river ...

Highly recommended!!

a traveler

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I love Ko Phangan. I come here to relax almost every year. In my last visit, I wanted to relax away from the crowd and decided to stay at Wonderland. The place is Amazing... It in the middle of the jungle surrounded by green tropical forest mountains. The highlight of the place are the guys that run the place. They were super friendly and helpful and made me fill at home from the second I arrived. I also really enjoyed the buffet restaurant which serves the best vegan food I had in Thailand. It was so good I didn't miss any meal and still lost a couple of pounds in the week I was there. I really recommend the place, it's a very high-end facility with Amazing service for the very reasonable price. I don't think I can get better value for my money in Phangan at the moment.

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