We take you a step closer to meet a new version of yourself that sees past materialism and focuses on achieving pure bliss by the means of multi-style yoga.

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Viraj Puranik

Arushi Negi

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Beppi Aspácher

from Austria, October 2019

"worth it"

The main intuition to do this trip was to get in deeper touch with the indian culture and the physical aspect of yoga. I always loved different kinds of workout but whats making yoga so special is, that its so holistic. its not only stretching or postures, its also building your muscles and effective alignment of your whole body. Even if you suffer from past injuries yoga can help to recover or even heal and acts preventive for future ones.

its very challenging whether you are beginner or have already practised because the asanas matches on every level. I really did go beyond my limits, but thats also the reason why i did process so much. This involves also your mental body, which gets as strong as your physical body does.

It’s a journey which is not easy all the time but very fulfilling.

- there are not bad days - there‘re only character building days -

(source unknown)

you got great guides which are leading you trough your journey of selfexperiance. In my opinion, one of the most important member, is our cook inder. He literly is lifting our energy level with the soulfood our body needs everyday for positiv exponential development.

Also your training partners are so important. There where people from all over the world and we were so close after only a few days. You lough together as hard as you struggle together. I really appreciate meeting every single one of them.

All in all I really got a step closer to myself again and for me thats the best lesson you can earn.

Hannah Saunders

from Sri Lanka, April 2019

"Worth every second "


The course was so amazingly set up- morning asana, afternoon anatomy and alinement, then evening philosophy, asana and meditation- each class benefitted the other and you have chance to practise the theory you’re learning.

The teachers have so much knowledge and experience, each one providing a different outlook on Yoga.

Food was incredible, so fresh and healthy, it’s perfect to keep you sustained throughout your long day.

Couldn’t recommend more!

Natasha Jordan Bush

from Great Britain, March 2019

and we completed it. 24 days with Tapas doing our 200 hour Yoga teaching Course. They took us on a journey and treated us like family. It was a wonderful experience, You will most definitely learn a lot!

Monica Andrade

from United States, January 2019

"I got everything I didn't know I needed"

Everything about this experience was amazing. My heart was happy the moment I arrived in the jungle. I stayed in a hut. I felt so comfortable and peaceful. Being immersed and surrounded by wildlife was incredible! All of my teachers were passionate beautiful people. I think just being around them made me a better person. Their drive and dedication is inspiring. My personal asana practice has improved immensely. My knowledge and understanding of yogic life has grown even more and I can't wait to share the philosophies that I've learned with not only my future students, but anyone who wants to learn. Thank you so much Tapas for an unforgettable and invaluable start to my journey as a teacher.

Nicky Lewis

from Great Britain, January 2019

"Excellent Course in a Perfect Location"

I was privileged to have the opportunity to study in a small class with such well qualified and approachable teachers. The setting of the course could not be better; peaceful, beautiful jungle Retreat Center just a short walk from the gorgeous Agonda Beach.

Nawal Boukhari

from India, March 2019

"Expérience incroyable "

Tout de A à Z ! En commencent par le lieu, on est en plein milieu de la jungle coupé de toute distraction et en même temps seulement à 20 minutes de marches de la plage où nous avons passé tous nos dimanches 🙂 la qualité et la diversité des cours, la patience et la qualité d'enseignement. Je suis arrivée avec le niveau des plus basiques et ma progression à été impressionnante, ils arrivent à nous pousser au au-delà de nos limites. Bref je recommande vivement Tapas yoga !!

Romana Kozáková

from Czechia, January 2020

"Perfect experience"

What a lovely time did I have in Tapas Yoga. Perfect location of Goa, located just a few meters from the beach just added the top to the overall experience. I spend 2 weeks in Tapas yoga for 100hrs yoga teacher training and it was unforgettable experience. Everyone working there is very warm and willing to help, they are great professionals. Among plenty yoga schools in Goa it is difficult to find really authentic place, that is not commercial and offers high quality education - Tapas yoga is one of them! We had a small group of 5 which allowed very personalized approach and quick growth to each of us. I don´t think I will ever meet better teacher than Arushi, she is just amazing. Strict, demanding and great teacher who will help you grow incredibly. It is not a fancy place, but you will not care about not beeing in 5* hotel because the value you get in classes in unforgettable. It was intense, painful, amusing, full of emotions and definitely worth it!!!