Tambo Ilusion is a beautiful Amazon nature reserve worth discovering. It caters to wellness seekers and nature lovers.

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8 Days Amazon Nourishing Detox and Yoga Retreat in Tarapoto, Peru

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    4 Days Amazon Reiki Level 1 Initiation & Yoga Retreat in Tarapoto, Peru

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      5 Day Vegetarian Cooking and Amazon Yoga Holiday in Peru

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        5 Days Amazon Yoga Retreat in Peru

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        5 Days Horse Lover's and Yoga Holiday in Tarapoto, Peru

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          5 Days Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga and Meditation Holiday in Tarapoto, Peru

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            Johanne Delisle

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            Cathy Hitchin

            from Peru, February 2018

            "A haven of peace and tranquillity"

            My husband and I took Johanne's 8-day detox and yoga retreat at Tambo Ilusión and have come away as new people. This retreat is serious business - Johanne takes care of all of the details to make the detox process as smooth as possible. And the results are palpable: I have a fairly stressful job and was doubtful that 8 days would be sufficient to completely relax, but I truly feel like new.

            The tambos are lovely little havens, with comfortable beds and space out front to hang out in the hammock. The food is delicious, there is plenty of it, and it is so well-thought out and well-presented (and tasty too) by Johanne that it rivals any vegetarian restaurant I have ever frequented. There are supplements to help the detox process; natural teas, juices; we never felt hungry at any point in the process - even during the final one-day juice fast. I suggest purchasing Johanne's cook book too, for when you inevitably have to leave you can recreate the healthy dishes back at home. I learned so much about how diet plays a huge role in one's health in general, including mental health, and have changed some of my less healthy habits as a result.

            The location is spectacular - Armando has been caring for his land for over 30 years and is a wealth of information of the plants, trees and animals that inhabit the area. The information he provides regarding the medicinal properties of the trees and plants is fascinating.

            Leonie Garbe

            from Germany, December 2019

            "Einzigartige Erfahrung/ Once in a lifetime experience "

            Johanne and Armando welcomed us very kindly into there peaceful and beautiful oasis.

            The Yoga lessons started out basic, relaxing and stretching, to see our level and train healthy and mindfully. Each day we advanced to more difficult and challenging poses on the SUPs. Johanne always put an emphasis on the right posture and movement, to be gentle to our joints and never feel pain or hurt ourselves. We loved the experience of being in the nature and connected with nature whilst practicing. On the lagoon we could see little monkeys, kingfisher, herons and a lot of other birds an insects, it was unbelievable. The food just perfectly fit into the whole concept: first of all it was super delicious, as well as healthy and vegan. We always felt satisfied but never bloated or heavy afterwards. That’s why we bought Johannes lovely cookbook. In our room we could find a guidance to write a journal, which we did. There were also pencils and Mandalas, which I enjoyed doing a lot.

            In total I would recommend this retreat to anybody because it felt like balm for my body and soul. I love the holistic approach of the retreat and we learned a lot. In the end, the 6 days went by flying and we didn’t want to leave. Johanne and Armando where the greatest hosts and we left leaving behind friends. Thank you, we hope to see you again. Namaste

            Jade Van Putten

            from Australia, October 2018

            "I was humbled, and welcomed like part of the family. "

            The retreat itself is nestled in a perfect part of Tarapoto, not too far from the city but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of motor taxi’s and the plaza. I was welcomed with open arms by Johanne, her husband Armando and Daniel and Gabriela who looked after the meals and additional services. I travelled from Australia and wasn’t sure what to expect. But my time there was relaxing, rewarding and I feel I left with a great sense of clarity that I had been searching for. I completed the Level 1 Reiki initiation which was informative and really helped me understand the principles to go forth and practice on myself, friends and family. I can’t wait to return!

            Heather Switzer

            from United States, January 2018


            Wow! I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this gem after searching through tons of other options. I chose Tambo Ilusion because it was within my price range and I received a beautiful, life changing experience. Johanne and Armando have created a beautiful sanctuary in the middle of the Tarapoto Jungle. The property is wonderful and the cottages are very comfortable. Waking up to the sound of rain in the night was soul soothing! Johanne was dedicated to yoga twice a day for two hours, her style encouraged further relaxation, her meal choices are AMAZING! I was able to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and simply reflect while detoxing with her DELICIOUS vegetarian options. Johanne is an amazing chief, she even shared her cookbook with me. In between yoga Johanne showed me how to cook some of her favorite recipes, including super food smoothies. Her knowledge of food and the psychology of why people eat the way they do is very impressive, she sat down with me and offered great pointers on how I can better improve my daily eating habits. Armando took me on an amazing nature walk of the property where so many amazing animals and plant species call home. He so humbly referred to it as his “garden” when in fact it is a beautiful piece of earth that he has spent over 30 years growing and caring for. His love and dedication to his “garden” is inspiring and admirable. Joehanne and Armando scheduled additional events that were fun and entertaining, including site seeing

            Lauren Gallo

            from United States, August 2017

            "Tambo Illusion Reiki Level 1 Certification"

            I just wanted to leave a review in saying that I had a great time. The grounds were beautiful and the cabins were very spacious and comfortable. The food was amazing! I'm normally not a vegetarian, but I didn't miss meat at all that week. It was all so healthy and very satisfying. Joanna did my Reiki certification and I'm very glad that I did it. I have a friend that is sick, and I can't wait to try it on him when I see him next month. She sent me home with all the tools and literature I need to continue practicing. We did a few yoga sessions as well, and I appreciated her correcting my form since I don't practice yoga regularly. All in all, I had a great time relaxing, reading books, and enjoying the company of Johanne. I would recommend Tambo Illusion to anyone looking for a few days of serenity! Namaste


            from Sudan, July 2017

            "Amazon Jungle Oasis"

            I had a fantastic yoga retreat with Johanne! I learned so much from her and was able to unwind in the beautiful Amazon jungle. The food was spectacular and everyday had a perfect balance of down time and activities. I highly recommend this retreat and thank you Johanne for everything! I will be definitely visiting again!

            Natalia Kress

            from Germany, May 2019

            "Amazing Tranquil Paradise for you to reset!"

            A_mazing location offering relaxation close to nature and its purity

            W_ise Reiki master & yoga instructor fully adopting to your needs

            S_weet and incredible inspiring host with her life stories

            O_mmmm, here and no where else

            M_ost incredible food with its variety of herbs and fruits, you will heal through meals

            E_nergywise an adorable place allowing you to connect with Reiki and yourself

            For me it was a highlight of my trip and thank you Jo and Alberto to give me that experience. I will be back! Loveliest regards from Hamburg!

            Sylvie Larose

            from France, April 2018

            "Parfait pour une retraite bien être"

            Les hôtes m'ont mis a l'aise, et Johanne est une mine d'informations pour ceux qui cherchent un mieux être du corps et de l'esprit. L'endroit est parfait pour méditer, et il y a une "piscine" naturelle rien que pour vous. Les activités et les repas sont de qualité. Et le plus pour moi, c'est que ma professeur puisse me faire les cours en français.

            Kristina Englund

            from A Traveler,

            Thank you for introducing me into this beautiful magical place. I have spend 5 nights and six days melting with soothing sounds of nature, connecting to my inner light and enjoying super healthy and tasty food participating in the vegan culinary & yoga retreat. I am grateful for all the tools that Johanne has taught me and I feel very inspired from her to continue learning and practicing meditation and yoga. I will be recommending this retreat experience to all the fellow travellers I meet along my journey.

            Anja Plagemann

            from Australia,

            I was at this beautiful sanctuary in February 2017 and did an 8 day detox with Johanne. Everything went smoothly and Johanne has always been available and very thoughtful about each step of the program. The food was very delicious, yet simple and made with lots of love and care. Johanne has tons of knowledge on nutrition and health which she enjoys sharing during meal times. The place has a very homely feel and the land is very beautiful with no disturbance or pollution. Though possibly the best thing is the lagoon. It is great fun to jump into and to swim on a hot day. As a result of the detox, I have been feeling an improvement in my metabolism and while I had done liver gallbladder cleanses before, this time I had actually quite a lot of stones coming out. It was a relatively easy and certainly freeing process. Since Johanne provides extensive material on the detox, it will be easy to redo the procedure every now and then by myself. Overall, I am very grateful for the experience and want to thank Armando and Johanne for a very beautiful and unforgettable time.

            Roxanne Genier

            "What an amazing week at Tambo Ilusion where I have learned so much about myself, about my body and about life. Detoxing for 8 days is much more than just removing gallbladder stones from your body. I feel reborn and ready to live my life in a new healthier way. It is amazing how taking a simple pause can make you so much stronger.

            Tambo Ilusion is a great little secret hideaway in the Amazon. The cabins are adorable, the beds are five stars and the hammock is great for napping or daydreaming. The land is just what you imagine the Amazon to be, minus the scary insects and animals. The natural pond is breathtaking and perfect for an afternoon dip. Johanne just told me that she is getting certified as a SUP yoga instructor. I can't wait to return to Tambo Ilusion to try it.

            Johanne was much more than a host. I found in her a new friend as well as a new yoga/wellness/nutrition coach. Her style is one of peace and serenity with no judgment making it easy to open up. Since Johanne also offers virtual consultancy services, I am keeping her in my life to ensure that I always stay healthy.

            Armando was also very nice. He guided me for an afternoon walk along his property, showing me medicinal plants and trees that he has planted for his kids and grand-kids to enjoy in 30+ years. His love for his land is truly inspiring.

            All in all, my retreat changed my life and I am sure it will also change yours. And this is coming from a successful travel blogger (luxeinacity.com) who has been to over 70 countries in the span on 170 months, staying at hundreds of luxury hotels along the way. I am a nomad, and I am sure to return to Tambo Ilusion next time I need to take a pause from the rest of the world. "

            I hope this review will help Johanne stand out as one of the best in her field. If you have any questions, do let me know.


            Roxanne Genier

            Jessica B

            I arrived for a detox retreat and had anticipated significant hardship and sacrifices for the process of it. Holy Smokes, how mistaken I was! Cabins were spacious and clean, I rested in the most comfortable beds of the entire Amazon (yes, I have tried many...), hammocks just outside each cabin were the perfect spot to watch the sunset in between the trees, and the lagoon just added to an incredibly enjoyable and successful experience. The vegan food, its combination and flavors, just blew my mind on a daily basis and melted some extra pounds away, too. It totally changed my relationship with food and has inspired me to start some serious experimentation in my own kitchen. Johanna´s passion, compassion, dedication to her guests, her open ear and Yoga classes are both fun and priceless. Her Reiki sessions are exquisite. The setting in a legally recognized private conservation area that offers so beautiful and relaxing surroundings managed by Armando just adds to the whole experience. For me, this is the place to go in Peru if you are truly committed to reconnect with yourself and nature.