Suryamuni Healing Center is a spiritual healing center to help with physical diseases or mental disorders and for transformation of body, mind, and spirit

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Eve Poongert

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from United States, January 2020

"The next phase on my spiritual journey, leveling up!"

Truly an honor to have the opportunity to share space with such an enlightened and radiant person like Eve. She has devoted a lifetime of service to healing through the Divine. The retreat was personalized exactly to our needs; meals, detox, powerful energy work, mantras, yoga, massages, spiritual guidance. All the staff were supportive, welcoming, warm, loving & caring souls.

Many Koh Samuians live humbly - it was so lovely to be able to experience the beautiful natural environment and detox on so many levels.

I consider myself blessed for the synchronicity that brought me to Suryamuni Spiritual Healing Center. The experience was priceless, a testament to how far I have come on my spiritual journey. An acknowledgement that I was more than ready for the next level.

I invite you to take the time to view Eve's page and follow your inner guidance. Are you ready to commit to your holistic healing and spiritual growth? Come with an open heart and mind.


from Great Britain, March 2019

"MUST read the website first! "

Eve was very pleasant and the two others there were lovely

Tim Sandock

from United States, January 2018

"Treatment for your body but mostly for your heart and soul"

I was looking for something real and authentic, spiritual but not commercialised and in a simple environment. Well, Eve offered exactly that.

It might not be for everyone but it was exactly what I needed. I had looked through all the ads from other schools/retreat centres but all sounded too commercial and too "unreal".

With Eve's way of teaching and talking, healing and joy I feel so much gratitude. I am not sure why and how but for some reason this place found me and I found this place. It feels to me that there is a "before Eve" and an "after Eve" for me now. She offers you her heart if you are honest with yourself and with her. She offers a lot, has a lot to give, is very humble, open, direct, warm, generous, and is so funny and just wonderful.

I did the detox for 6 days/5 nights. Trust her method, listen, be open and focus on yourself and you will feel the impact on you....from a physical point of view but also very much from a spiritual and mental point of view.

The accommodation (10 minutes walk from Eve's place) is simple and could look nicer with a little bit more care but as it was mentioned before me, this is not a spa in a luxury resort. The pool is fantastic though!

The focus is on you as an honest and authentic human being. Any luxury would just take the focus off of what's important during the retreat: YOU!

A big thank you to Eve and her helpers for an unforgettable caring attitude.

You will be forever in my heart!