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Samasti Yoga provides a unique opportunity to study and practice yoga, while going through a deep personal transformational process.

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29 Days 200-Hour Transformational Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Apr 5-May 3 | Jul 3-31 | Aug 9-Sep 6 , 2018

Instruction language: English

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29 days / 28 nights

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Tomer Weiss

A trained psychotherapist, and yoga teacher since 10 years working in Europe, India, Thailand, and Israel, Tomer teaches a unique blend of yoga and psychology, hosts workshops and retreats, and conducts healing and therapeutic sessions. His thirst for knowledge and dedication to his personal practice has given him an abundance of experience that will guide you through each class with an open heart and great awareness.

Sean Goldberg

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200, RYT 500 (Hatha Yoga)

Sean bases his teaching style on a deep understanding of yoga anatomy, yoga physiology, and traditional Hatha yoga. He has taught on yoga trainings for various schools all over the world, including Mexico, Thailand, Brazil, Bali, and Australia. He is a registered physiotherapist in Australia and continues to work and treat clientele there. Sean regularly teaches meditation courses, workshops, and retreats for people that suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Angela Peres

Angela has been passionately and joyfully dedicated to the yogic path for the past 15 years. With a blend of Spanish born fire and deep love and gratitude for this life, it is equally her joy and honour to teach, study and share yoga and Tantra. Angela’s teaching style mirrors the way she practices – with complete joy and commitment to the path. She truly embodies the understanding that practice is a gift and holds firm to her intention to be a radiant example of the true joy, power and potential of yoga. Angela is completely devoted to her daily practice and her role as a teacher is a natu

Testimonials 36

  • Misaki Ota New Zealand

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    For those who are looking for a yoga teacher training to attend but feeling a bit lost because of how many yoga schools are in the world,and don't know which one to go with, I was the same not long ago but I was lucky enough to meet samasti yoga, the time I spent with samasti yoga teachers and other students are so precious, it was so much more amazing than I had expected it to be. Sean is a physiotherapist and he makes his anatomy classes interesting and easy to understand. Tomer's knowledge is mind blowing and i really loved his Asana classes. Taryn is a great asana teacher, she help everyone with making our own sequence. This heartwarming yoga school brings lovely people from all over the world, we had shared laughs and tears together.

  • Shamini Rajah-Kot Hui Tze Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Blessed and grateful. The two words that I feel so stronly through my life changing journey with Samasti.

    Taryn, Tomer & Sean are the most well knowledged, passionate and humble teachers. They were always there to assist unconditionally.

    I stand strong with highly recommending these three brillaint educators that unselfishly impart all their years of gathered knowledge.

    Thank you for always making me feel comfortable, safe and motivated to keep excelling forward in both Yoga and life xx

  • Vanessa Belem Portugal

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Sean, Taryn and Tomer make the perfect team! Taryn's knowledge of the asana practice blew my mind... there wasn't a question that wasn't answered and her classes were always so beautifully presented, with so much enthusiasm, a focus or a goal and attention to detail - her corrections, adjustments, benefits and options were sooooo helpful and allowed me to go deeper into my practice.

    Sean and Tomer made Anatomy and Theory classes to be so fun and interesting. Their classes were presented in many different ways to keep us interested, curious and allowing us to be part of it rather then sit there and just listen.

    Their efforts for creating an environment where everyone felt safe, included and cared for result in having a group of people who knew nothing about eachother to become close as a family throughout the 4 weeks of the course.

    Deeply grateful.

  • Tara Campbell Western Australia, Australia

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Really cannot relay in words how truly incredible my 200 hour YTT with Samasti in Rishikesh was - The three teachers Sean, Taryn and Tomer absolutely broke my mind with their passion, knowledge and love - three very inspiring people and I feel so lucky to have gone through this experience with the three of them at my side! Not only will I take with me my certificate but and abundance of knowledge and tools to further self-develop all areas of my life not to mention a new amazing yogi family! Thank you again everyone for this unique experience; I rate Samasti 100/10 - I highly, highly recommend and looking forward to a possible 300 YTT!

  • Royce Hunter

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    What a very unique and life changing experience this was. Words will never be enough to describe my experience and journey. I initially went to deepen my own practice I had no intention to obtain my teaching ticket but after the journey Tomer, Taryn and Sean took me on it would have been selfish of me not to. The attention to detail for this fresh new school was incredible.

    I can't wait for our paths to meet again, and I look forward to seeing the amazing things you will do with this incredible one of a kind brand. 300 hours 2018.

    thank you for touching my life in the most profound way.

  • Beate Kristin Parnemann

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    I went to Samasti yoga school in Rishikesh with an open heart. The TT was very well prepared and the team of teachers amazing. They complemented each other in a good way. As a student I feel safe and they took good care of us. The doors was always open if someone needed to talk or ask something. It's amazing when the teaches lives and eating with the students. I feel that we all share so much in this group and we are friends forever I think. Good luck everyone. Namaste.

  • Anita Mae

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Led by three hugely passionate, experienced, ever humble and supportive teachers, Samasti Yoga School offers a comprehensive, challenging but thoroughly engaging TTC, designed to produce highly skilled, knowledgeable, professional and well-rounded yoga teachers, versed in both traditional Hatha and more modern styles of yoga (including vinyasa and yin yoga). Covering asana, anatomy, pranayama, meditation, mantras, mudras and philosophy, this TTC further guides students in developing their own voice and style of teaching, while encouraging them to explore areas and aspects of their practice that lie in the borderlands of their comfort zones, furthering and deepening their own yoga journeys, and readying them to be confident, compassionate and proficient teachers of others. There is little doubt that a TTC qualification from Samasti Yoga School will fast become much sought after by those searching to expand their practice of yoga, obtain a quality preparation to be teachers of yoga, as well as by those looking to employ quality yoga teachers who will inspire and energize students in any class.

  • Stephanie Dey

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Sean from Samasti yoga is an amazing teacher and human! So inspiring to learn from people that are truly living their passion!

  • Katie Louise

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    I was lucky enough to learn from Taryn on my Yoga TTC training in July 2016. She truly teaches from the heart and makes yoga accessible to all, offering a diverse range of styles - from restorative yin yoga to powerful vinyasa flow. Her passion shines through her practice and influences everyone around her with energy and life. Thank you Taryn for teaching me how to teach and for inspiring me to pursue a path into yoga! Hopefully one day our paths will cross again!

  • Starr Smythe

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Taryn Weggelaar is absolutely an amazing yoga teacher. Her personality is magnetic, which inspired me during my 200 hour yoga teacher training course. Taryn's dedication, professionalism, wisdom, and love of yoga shone through on a daily basis! She certainly modeled the type of yoga teacher I would like to become. She is a true yogi.

  • Marty Mc Nicholl

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    I really enjoyed the Yoga TTC with Taryn Weggelaar!

    She's got true experiential knowledge and I could feel she really loves teaching!

    The energy in her classes was wonderful and I felt amazing!

    I highly recommend her to everyone

    Thank you very much for your dedication and love on the entire course!

    Elisangela Paes - Brazil

    I recently had the pleasure of attending Yoga teacher training in India with Taryn Weggelaar. The experience was amazing from start to finish, Taryn is an extremely knowledgable helpful and loving teacher. Her style and energy is infectious and I learned a great deal in a short period. I am very grateful for everything and feel like I have made a friend as well as a mentor.

    Martin McNicholl - Ireland

  • Erin O'Mara

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    There is not enough room here to say how much gratitude I hold to the instructors of Samasti Yoga School.

    Taryn is a kick ass instructor and all around rockstar on and off the mat. She didn't just teach me how to be a good instructor - she showed me by example. She focuses on the student's strengths and personalizes her teacher training for every individual in the program (which is not the norm and means the absolute world to me). She allows her love of yoga to dictate her teaching methods and never hesitates to share some of her wealth of knowledge on all things yoga with any of her students. She is an amazing instructor, and the thing that sets her apart from others is the fact that she lives and breathes the yoga life. This is not only inspiring to up and coming yogis and instructors, but highly educational, especially during an intense teacher training. I now teach ten classes a week and there isn't a class that I don't hear her Aussie accent in my head reminding me of all the little (and big) things she taught me about yoga - of which I am then thankful to be able to share with my own students.

    Sean is also a kick ass rockstar and very knowledgable about all things yoga and anatomy. My favorite part about Sean's anatomy classes were that they focused on anatomy as it pertains to yoga. Trust me, this is important, considering the other trainings I had been involved in prior to this were introductory anatomy classes in which the students were expected to figure out how the different functions related to yoga. Sean, like Taryn, never hesitates to share his own wealth of knowledge and that is immeasurable to aspiring yogis like me.

    Basically, these two run a phenomenal show and anyone training under them should consider themselves very lucky. Like Rocky and Goldmill, Karate Kid and Miyagi lucky. These two are like peanut butter and jelly. Or better yet- peanut butter and chocolate. Like yin and yang. Do you get it yet? Stop thinking about it and enroll, you're not going to get a better education anywhere else. Or make better friends. I promise.

  • Claudia Nieweg Da Silva

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Sean and Taryn are amazing teachers. Sean makes anatomy sound so interesting. You really want to pay attention and i believe that because of his dynamic and fun teaching, you remember the lessons so much better. Taryn is an amazing yoga instructor. If i would ever do a teacher training again, i would most def. do it with her. She puts a lot of emphasis and focus on postural alignment and correct technique, teaching people how to teach yoga but also takes care of the heart and soul. She finds the perfect balance.

  • Paul J Llewellyn

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    A fantastic teacher training. Excellent staff with a personal interest in all their students. Taryn Wegelaar especially brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to all teachings. I would highly recommend to all.

  • Carolina Granger Bolivar

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    I'm so excited to see that Taryn Weggelaar is part of Samasti Yoga. She was one of my teachers as I just finished taking my 200 hr ttc and she was amazing! It is evident that she has extensive experience not only as a Yoga teacher herself, but also in training people in becoming teachers. Taryn also knows many styles of Yoga, which helped me decide what route to take as we were exposed to Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, partner Yoga, Iyenga and more! Her knowledge in these styles is extensive and the best part is that she is a kind and compassionate human being. Taryn is a gem!

  • Adam Williams Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    I have been practicing yoga for just over 2 years now. My first class was a long time coming as I put it off and put it off but finally I committed to a class which Taryn was teaching. As it was my first class I was nervous and a little shy, not knowing what to expect. All of which was pushed aside with Taryns warm and welcoming nature. She made me feel welcome straight away, which made me feel so much more comfortable, from this moment I knew I would be making as many of her classes as I could. Besides her gentle, caring, lovely nature Taryn has been the most diverse teacher I have had over my 2 year yoga journey. Each class was filled with new positions and new teachings which always kept the classes fresh and exciting. After every class I always felt like I had improved my yoga. I always looked forward to seeing Taryn and participating in her classes, cant wait till I can participate once again.

  • Dr. Victor Gomez Columbia

    Samasti Yoga website

    I met Taryn during my TTC in Rishikesh. I have met other yoga teachers but Taryn is the type of teacher that you really are looking forward to meet. She is so dedicated and so skilled that really makes your practice unique. She knows every different variation of each asana and while performing the asanas, she does it with a rhythmic pace that you will not loose the fluidity of the movement. Her knowledge in Sanskrit it is a plus. you don't have to go on a notebook or book to find out the meaning. I found that very helpful during my training. Besides the teacher perspective, Taryn is a great person, always smiling and willing to help you in every aspect. To go to India requires a physical and emotional effort. Taryn is always there to guide you in your Journey. I am grateful that I met her and I really hope to practice again with her.

  • Anne Smith Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    Sean was my Anatomy and Philosophy Teacher during my 200hr YTT in Canggu last year. Sean's passion for teaching this subject material was evident and his knowledge and insight was profound. Sean's approach to teaching was an authentic mix of laid back and enthusiastic. He managed to always engage the 40 yogi-to-be's through his calming nature, knowledge, experience and kind heart. Sean's background in physiotherapy was extremely helpful when it came to understanding the body and working on forming and correcting postures. My one on one yoga therapy session with Sean was rewarding to say the least. He helped me understand my body in ways I've never understood before and this deeper connection led to a deeper understanding of self, which has now translated into a deeper sense of self compassion which I needed and now love. Sean's desire to learn and grow as well as to teach is inspiring and anyone who meets him and works with him I know will be better off and blessed for it.

  • Cathleen Jean Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    In 2016 I joined my first committed yoga class with Taryn, who ignited my flame back instantly after a long time break from yoga! I felt this inner peace and happiness again, even on the first class I did with her. Within a few classes of learning from Taryn, my body was feeling so relieved and I was a lot calmer. Taryn informed me that she would be moving to India to run teacher training courses and I did feel a bit sad because I thought I had just found my yogi teacher again! And then she was moving on, but seeing the beautiful message in this, was that she actually helped me get back onto my path. I am now practising yoga as often as I can, at least 3 x a week. I was feeling also so excited for Taryn. Moving to India to teach, how amazing! I also want to go on and learn to be a yoga teacher and to be taught by Taryn, which I will be committing to in September this year 2016. I’m so excited about what the future holds and this yoga journey I’m (back) on. Thank you so much Taryn!

  • Erez Dayan Israel

    Samasti Yoga website

    I have known Tomer Weiss As a senior yoga teacher for a decade now; Tomer showed great professionalism, sensitivity, gentleness and knowledge of yoga and many related aspects.

    This knowledge has created the ability to deliver lessons where the practitioner witnessed the results of the practice in various areas of the body and this ability allowed practitioners to evolve their understanding of the practice and its impact on them. As a matter of fact, Tomer has the ability to match custom individual yoga practices even in a group exercise environment. His vast experience can enrich yoga teachers and practitioners as well. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience a genuine and profound yoga activity.

  • Sinah Soffia

    Samasti Yoga Facebook page

    Definitely my next YTT... Wouldn't want to miss that! Sean is a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from him I notice in every class I teach!

  • Virginie Bibeau-Novert Quebec

    Samasti Yoga website

    I met Taryn in Rishikesh in India where I did my Teacher Training Course in January 2016. I had such a good impression when I first met her. I instantly felt good straight away, she has such a great energy! I have not met many people in my life who are as passionate as Taryn is about her profession. She is very confident in her teaching and she always strives to help achieve the best out of her students. I feel really grateful, lucky and proud that I had the chance to be taught by Taryn.

  • Shane Rowles Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    I was always impressed by Taryn's knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how she connected with her students on both an individual level and a class level. I found her teaching methods fun, very easy to follow and motivating to try the next level of difficulty. Taryn's Yin & Yang classes were so enjoyable (even though I left looking like a drowned rat haha!). Her classes provided me with an opportunity for personal, physical and mental development, leaving the classes feeling like I was walking on a cloud. This complete centred feeling has left me totally addicted to yoga! :)

  • Sharon Rotem Israel

    Samasti Yoga website

    I participated in several courses that were taught by Tomer. I enjoyed his dedication and the his totality in his teaching. I found that I could trust him and follow his clear and interesting lead. I very much recommend his classes. I wish I could join you as well.

  • Elissa Sundman United States

    Samasti Yoga website

    I had the pleasure of having Taryn as my teacher during my 200-hour TTC in Rishikesh in March 2016 and I'm so glad that I did! She exudes passion and is extremely knowledgeable. The energy that she brings to the studio is contagious and I found myself wanting to work harder because of it. Taryn was always encouraging, always available if you needed her and always smiling! What I learned from her I will carry with me for the future of my yoga journey.

  • Anna Serotin Arizona

    Samasti Yoga website

    I had the pleasure and honor of learning from Sean anatomy and physiology during the summer 2015. Coming in with a physical therapy and yoga background already I wasn't sure what to expect. However, Sean was able to open my eyes to different layers of the body in a different perspective and deepen my knowledge even further. You can tell he is extremely passionate and well versed about such a great topic. To be able to connect this topic to yoga in an authentic and applicable way was truly beautiful and profound.

  • Fernando Baptista Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    Taryn’s energy and passion for what she does is contagious. I found her knowledge and commentary delivered a greater focus in my poses and my practice in general. My favourite element of her teaching style is the knowledge Taryn shares with students on the yoga mat. I found myself becoming curious about how I practice yoga and the benefits of regular practice. I recommend yoga to anyone looking to explore well-being. I highly recommend Taryn as a passionate and knowledgeable yoga teacher that can guide you on your own journey.

  • Laura McDonald United Kingdom

    Samasti Yoga website

    Sean's dedication to yoga is inspiring. Filled with insights, knowledge and questions, his teachings are thought provoking, engaging and clear. His holistic approach shows passion about the role of yoga in our daily lives, and as a healing tool for the body and mind. He always had time for individual advice and support; listening,discussing, setting personal exercises and practises,and suggesting opportunities for further reading and study. I found Sean to be kind, genuine, humble and passionate about yoga. Sean you were an important part on an incredible and ongoing journey. Thank you for helping me on my way. I am truly grateful.

  • Sophie Joyce Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    I started yoga about 2 years ago with Taryn. I had never tried anything like it before so I didn't know what to expect. I was used to high intensity workouts, weight lifting and running. I barely made time for stretching and was always sore and had a lot of problems with my hip flexors. So bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night in agony from the pain and the cramping - being so young, I knew I needed to do something to make them better. As soon as I started yoga I told Taryn the problems with my hips and she taught me a lot of poses that were specific for hip stretching and opening. I have never looked back since starting yoga, I have noticed such a difference not only in my Body and flexibility, but in my frame of mind. I would walk into a yoga class stressed and frustrated and walk out of there feeling amazing. Taryn has so much love and care for her students and for that I am forever grateful.

  • Bonnie Blewitt Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    Taryn is such a passionate and inspirational yoga teacher and practising with her has had such a positive impact on my life. I walk out of every yoga class with Taryn feeling lifted, happy within my self and ready to take on the world. No matter the class size or range of abilities, Taryn meets everyone where they are at and guides them to push past the limits they set upon themselves. It is clear Taryn loves what she does, and that love and passion is felt amongst everyone who is lucky enough to practise with her. I am very grateful to Taryn for inspiring a love of yoga within me.

  • Tracey Harding Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    Taryn has a lovely energy about her, she leads classes that flow well and encourages me to try challenge myself within my own practice. Taryn has a knack for helping everyone, regardless of how experienced they are. She understands that each body is different and requires different techniques. Her gentle encouragement and friendly demeanour is a delight to be around.

  • Gina Caruso Missouri

    Samasti Yoga website

    With his background in physiotherapy and devotion to his yogic lifestyle, Sean is very knowledgeable in his field. His delivery of the material in class is very organized and well-presented while Sean welcomes questions and discussions about the topics. He teaches in a direct yet playful manner, allowing for time to work collaboratively with our peers gaining hands on experience about the situations with which we are learning. Sean also shares all of his notes and videos with us to have as resources of our own. He is very genuine in his approach to teaching, to sharing what he believes and encourages us to find our true path and be the best version of ourselves. I was blessed to have Sean as one of my instructors on my 500 hour YTT and he has continued to be an amazing part of my support system along my yoga journey ever since!

  • Kate Campbell Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    Taryn’s art of teaching is something I had never come across before and her classes quickly became one of the highlights of my week. She encourages a style that makes you feel both challenged yet comfortable on all levels. From absolute beginner to advanced; with Taryn’s guidance you can stretch yourself – both mind, body and spirit – to heights you never dreamed possible. She’s yoga’s new wonder woman.

  • May Khoo Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    Taryn is the most positive and beautiful yoga teacher I have met to date. I enjoy her fun classes where I always come out of feeling energized and refreshed. She is always so encouraging and helpful to her students. I am always happy and feel safe to learn and try new poses with her around! Her knowledge really shines through during her classes. Her guidance is very nurturing and I personally benefit so much from it. Thank you Taryn for sharing your love of yoga and positive energy with me!

  • Ido Amihai-Abraham Silverstein-Meir Israel

    Samasti Yoga website

    Since the First time I met Tomer, 5 years ago, returning from a long Spiritual voyage to India, to his Homeland Israel (As he did and does for Years and Years). I instantly Knew this is a special, great soul. Authentic in his quest, in his wish, in his request, in his demand, for the Truth, For Highest Ideals, for Love, For God. Tomer has a true Devotion (Bhakti) Of a devotee to Truth bringers, And A Sharpness and Quickness Of Wisdom (Gyana) to sense and rebel against Those who in the name of Spiritual truth, misuse, Bluff and lie. Ever since a Very early Age Esoteric Wisdom, Hidden Knowledge and The Great Meaning of it all, was What was On Tomer's Mind, Focus, Heart and Soul. Tomer Curiosity and Amazing Intellectual Capacity, Made Tomer Knowledgeable in depth, in Many fields that surround the Spiritual Realm and Encompass it. It was a Short time after I met Tomer, That I had the honour and Privilege to Help Tomer organize a workshop, Under his sole Guidance, And Participate in it. My Verbalizing skills, Fall of Short of Describing the Amazing, Life Changing, Deeply Touching Experience I had there. When I Broke Down and Lost Control (Because of my challenges and struggles in a very Difficult time in my life) in the Middle of The Workshop, Tomer Was instantly Ready to Help Me, And guide me as if this was a private session. Tomer Is a true Y-o-g-a Teacher in the Holistic all encompassing sense of the Word, Tomer is a true Hu-Man, and Friend With an Amazing Mind, Heart and Soul. Please do not miss this opportunity, Join him in studying What makes a True Y-o-g-a Teacher, What makes a True Yogi, What Yoga really is.

  • Renae Bedells Western Australia

    Samasti Yoga website

    Taryn is a thoughtful and nurturing teacher with a zest for life and a positive outlook. Her classes have a lovely balance. You feel challenged but she always leaves you feeling centred and contented. Her teaching comes from the heart and includes everyone.

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