Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center is a Rishikesh, India based yoga training center, offering traditional and professional yoga teachers course.

Instructors 6

Sanjeev Semwal

Yogi Sanjeev is the founder and director of Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center (formerly known as Shiv Shakti Yoga School) and is a master of teaching yoga teachers courses, retreats, and allied techniques. A holistic and dedicated soul Yogi Sanjeev is born in Brahmin family. He has grown up under the guidance of Swami L.R Bhatt. Yogi Sanjeev has spent his many years in the field of yoga and Ayurveda.

Yoga Alliance USA (Ashtanga Yoga)

Yogi Rohit

Yogi Rohit is a young and dynamic teacher. He is certified Yoga Teacher. He teaches. Ashtanga and Vinyasa. His passion for teaching always inspires him to gain in-depth knowledge of his subject. His teaching is based on theory, discussion, and demonstration. His students love him for his perfection in correcting the postures and for his deep knowledge too.

Swami Shivabrahmananda Saraswati

Swami Shivabrahmananda Saraswati is a Sanyasi who left his home at the age of 19 in quest of spiritual knowledge. He talks on Yoga Philosophy based on Vedanta, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, and Bhagwad Gita. He spent three years on the banks of Narmada River doing penance.Following that he joined Arsha vidya peetham, Rishikesh where he completed the three year Vedanta course conducted by Dayananda ashram from 2003 to 2006. After the course, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati sent him to the tribal belt in Madya Pradesh to start a free student home. He spent three years managing the student home.

Yogini Christine

Christine was born and raised in Austria and since childhood, she has been fascinated by spirituality and drawn to Eastern philosophy. She completed a 500 hours yoga teacher training with yoga alliance and has been teaching yoga and anatomy in different countries. Besides physiotherapy and yoga, she is also certified in trigger point therapy and craniosacral therapy. Currently, she is studying Ayurveda to broaden her skills and understanding of life. She teaches with integrity and her students benefit from her rich background in yoga, therapy, and healing.

Swami Tilak

Swami Tilak is one of the very senior & well-known yoga teachers of Rishikesh city of Yoga, India. A very clear & good English experience in teaching westerners from all around the world. He has done Master in Yoga from “Kaivalya institute, Pune, Mumbai. Experience of teaching from 1994 onwards. Soft & intensive both styles of Yoga teaching skills.

Dr. Sumit Sharma

Dr. Sumit (Anatomy Teacher) Sumit has learned yoga and an expert in the fields of physical therapy, posture imbalance, and sedentary life disorders. He teaches yoga in combination with therapy and human physiological. He has a Master’s degree from the orthopedic branch, in Physical therapy, and a diploma course in sports medicines from West Bengal. He has also done training as a Pilate’s instructor from Mangalore based Indian Academy of Fitness Training. Students like him for his style of teaching by which he conveys in-depth practical knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology to his students.

Reviews 108

Alexandra Wendrenski

from United Arab Emirates, September 2018

"Wonderful! "

Namaste,I can't even express how grateful I am to the whole team (staff and teachers) of Rishikesh YTTC. I have spend four beautiful weeks, learning & growing in my yoga journey and couldn't have asked for a better place to practice yoga and a yogic lifestyle.The yoga school has a great location, you are in walking distance to all happenings in Rishikesh yet the school is located in a quiet area, perfect if you are seeking a more tranquil place. My accommodation, especially the view onto the green from the balcony, was one of my highlights.I have enjoyed the food & could see the effort the team would put into keeping our diet sattvic, balanced and nutritious during the course.

Big thanks to all the teachers who have been sharing their knowledge and experience, you can truly tell that they are all very knowledgeable and passionate in their field. Special mention to Sonu Ji, who has inspired me so much with his great energy and Hatha teachings.The teachers all were very approachable and would take their time to help with any small yoga related questions.

All staff would always find time and go above & beyond to help further. Having had other experiences with other teacher trainings in India and Europe, Rishishesh YTTC really stands out because of all the amazing souls that work at the school. I felt like being part of a bigger family & must say they do a great job by being approachable & keen on suggestions on what could be added and improved to enhance your yoga experience.

Laura O'connor

from Great Britain, September 2018

"Excellent value for money "

I found this course perfect. I loved doing the course and everything I learnt, the course I thought was cheap in comparison to what is out there - when being in Rishikesh YTTC it tripled my expectation, the people from kitchen staff, cleaners, teachers, owners were so friendly and welcoming. On a daily basis, they all had time for your questions or just to listen to you, they even contacted me once I left to check I got home safely. Provided was vegetarian food which worked well for me and there was more then enough every day. Location was also perfect as we was just a small walk away from the shops and right next to a cafe but still surrounded by beautiful wildlife and greenery. The best part for me was the teachers, everyone of them were amazing! If you are pationate about astanga like I am, Ankit an was unbelievably motivating teacher and a very knowledgeable, very strict and made me want to learn more in every class. The same with Hatha - Sonu, Teaching and Alignment - Sachin and Dhirendra :)

Each teacher would take time on a daily basis to help me understand things over and watch if I had a question which for me was so important and they all did a fantastic job. They were also so friendly they made classes fun so you could look forward to each one and put so much energy into the classes. We was a large group and daily they would stay after class 10mins-1 hour helping.

I'd really recommend this course but remember you're in India and shouldn't have 5 star expectations.

Tunzala Hadiyeva

from Azerbaijan, September 2018


Первоначально надо сказать о красоте окружающей природы в среде которой мы находились целый месяц. Сезон дождей искупал нас как следует , не только мыл улицы и деревья , а смывал пыль с наших глаз и умов. Насколько условия комфортабельны? Это уже зависит от нас самих к чему мы готовы и как мы выходим из создавшихся положений. Мне понравилось все: как я отнеслась ко всему, интересная программа преподавания отличалась от прежних курсов, задорный . веселый , молодой, активный преподавательский состав. Отзывчивый персонал. Кухня трудилась день и ночь, несмотря на уставший вид лицо всегда в радости. Книжки вручили сразу, куда можно было заглянуть и прочесть ну худо бедно по картинкам разобраться))). О, нельзя не сказать о друзьях наших меньших обезьянках у кого свистнули что, у кого испачкали, а мне позировали))) на фото. Профессиональный подход организаторов чувствовался терпение, мудрость. Инструкторы отвечали на вопросы и после занятий, и внимательно относились к каждому. Мне понравился и тренинг и программа и учительский состав и административный персонал. Спасибо Всем и группе с которой я проходила тренинг. Все мы разные внешне, но ОДИНАКОВЫЕ внутри)))) Люблю всех! Счастья ВАМ кто создал кто организовал кто провел и преподавал и те кто это читает)))))

ПРИМЕЧАНИЕ: приехала отупевшая))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) дождь видимо смыл все)))))))) отдохнула.

Catherine Raupp

from United States, September 2018

"Best Month Ever"

This was the most beautiful and memorable month of my life, thanks to the wonderful teachers of this retreat. I learned SO much about yoga, life, and myself. The classes are excellent, the teachers are wonderful, the staff so friendly, the food delicious, the location beautiful and peaceful. Good range of students from all over the world, all ages and levels. Lots of beginners who found it challenging but not too hard. I had a ton of yoga experience, but still found it helpful to go back to the basics and then by the end learning new and difficult postures. Pick this retreat and you will not regret it!

Aiko Watanabe

from Japan, September 2018

"One of the most beautiful experience in my life."

I loved everything about my experience in YTTC Rishikesh. The staff and teachers were amazing friendly and helpful making me feel completely like family from the first moment. Also They are talented, full of love and knowledges. We learnt tons of things about Hatha Ashtanga Pranayama Anatomy Adjustment and Yoga philosophy.

I'm so blessing to be taught by them, and grateful to have met amazing people from all around the world.

I extremely recommend this place to take the 200 hours yoga teacher training course. Thank you for everything. You guys will always stay in my heart.❤️

Chelsea King

from United States, September 2018

"Amazing Experience"

Such an amazing experience. I loved the schedule. First, the hatha class was amazing to wake up to. The pranayama class was a beautiful following. The ashtanga class had an amazing and inspiring instructor. Everyone who works for this company made me feel like family. Whatever I needed throughout the course I was attended to immediately. The facility was pretty clean for India.

Luke Donnelly

from Vietnam, September 2018

"Dynos feedback"

I loved the location. The yoga teachers for both Hatha and Ashtanga Shushant and Vikas Ji were exceptional. The 1 class we had with yogi Sanjeev was also very good. The other staff at the retreat and the manager of the hill top Veer were also helpful.

Tatiana Conejo

from Spain, August 2018

Loved the teacher’s devotion/passion and location.. Rishikesh. Absolutely loved Sanjeev’s teaching! He should teach more classes.

Vicky Young

from Great Britain, August 2018

"The most amazing experience of my life. Absolutely fantastic"

The course was excellent, the instructors very informative, fun and friendly. We learnt so much about adjustments, having the correct alignments, the body, meditation and breathing techniques, the philosophy of yoga, hatha and ashtanga yoga and so much more! It is amazing value for money and I loved how you also learnt a lot about the culture and their traditions too. The accomodation was good and the location was fantastic, only a short walk to the nearest town. The opening and closing ceremonies were great fun and I enjoyed it all a lot. I will miss my time there.

Said Ismayil-zade

from Azerbaijan, August 2018

"Прекрасный опыт увидеть свои лимиты"

(Russian) Мне очень понравились инструкторы и я был поражен их столь юному возрасту и профессионализмом. Только ради Сонуджи(хатха йога) стоит сюда приехать! Администрация и персонал на самом деле очень дружелюбные, внимательные и каждый день нас не оставляли без внимания. Так что о вас здесь позаботятся не сомневайтесь и помогут в решении трудностей!!

Melisa Milli

from Turkey, August 2018

"Enjoy yourself wherever you are!"

I think the most important thing for me is the teachers and each of them has different nice qualities even they were too young, i have learnt so many things during training course. My favourite teacher was the Hatha Yoga Teacher Sonu because he always has a positive support whenever or whatever i asked him, he helped me to understand not only the intellegence of yoga asanas but also enjoying for each step of my yoga journey. I will always remember his nice smile and appreciate his big knowledge. Philosophy teacher Mohit always took care of my endless seeker questions and helped me to find out another new version of 'Bhagavat Gita' which changes my life after each reading and opens new dimension on my yoga journey:) I think he had a great quality of teaching method that makes you feel grounded and also his teaching method rises you to higher state of consciousness if you really focused on his lessons and interested in seven keys to awakening. Dhirendra taught me to understand how to help each kind of different people who has different body shapes, for me it was a nightmare to adjust one person to a rigth angle and shape but now i realise how much he supported us during classes. He always makes me smile because he reminds me one Avatar Air Bender character from an animation:), he has so pure energy and strong muladharara chakra and that helped me to get over my fears during yoga teacher trainig exam. Gopal, thank you for taking me to magical temple. Namaste and thankful..

Dunja Zabunovic

from Great Britain, August 2018


I went to India with no expectations whatsoever as I had never been to Asia before. I couldn't imagine what waited for me there. The staff, the people, everything.. was truly unimaginable. They took such good care of us 100% of the time, any question, or concern was answered with care. Sanjeev, Sandeep, Ankit, Gopal, Narinder, AJ are just a few of the wonderful people who not only made sure we were happy and healthy but became someone I can call a friend. Thank you for all your hard work! You are incredible:)

Marwa Abbes

from Sweden, August 2018

I think the biggest asset of Rishikesh YTTC is the teachers and staff! Each one is different but they are all Amazing and competent!! The students were a mixture of beginners, intermediate-level and experienced yogis and over-all it worked out great for everyone! The management team are very welcoming, helpful and they actively listened to us. The accommodation was good: a few electricity outages here and there but it's part of the experience. Expect to see a lot of adorable monkeys running around and checking you out when you're in class:) The food was vegetarian, very delicious and not hot. The school put in a lot of efforts to introduce variety (and deserts!) into our meals - which was awesome!

In short, if I were to do the 200h again, I'd still chose the same school :).

Jorden Garnaut

from Indonesia, August 2018

I came to the training with almost zero yoga experience and am leaving with the confidence to teach a class. Every single staff member in the ashram is passionate about what they do, from the teachers to the kitchen staff. There is not a moment you don’t feel cared about or tended to throughout the month. The course is rich and you will be constantly learning, but it will always be fun because everyone here loves what they do and the positive atmosphere creates a space where the learning is enjoyable. I learn more than poses, I learnt a new perspective and way of thinking from every new friend I met here. I have a new family now.

Celine Nguyen

from United States, August 2018

"Home Away from Home"

Rishikesh YTTC is truly home away from home. These wonderful people go to the moon and back for you. They ensure that your happiness is the #1 thing that comes first and will do everything to ensure that. I've been with a handful of different volunteer, training and internship programs abroad in Europe and Asia and have never experience such a blissfully beautiful group of humans in my life. They're truly a family. We never got tired of the food, actitivites are planned for you on Sundays, the yoga was accomedating to every level, the teachers were the most refined/brilliant/happy mentors to us, the staff became family and the accomendation was comfortable. Please don't hesitate to start your yogic journey with them, there's a reason why they're #1 and you can tell it's all from the heart the second you come to Rishikesh.

Rachel Calabrese

from United States, July 2018

"Felt fully embraced and cared for my entire time there!"

The standout from my experience in Rishikesh YTTC has to be the people. The staff, instructors, and fellow students were all incredible and hold a special place in my heart. I was fully supported during my time there and learned so much over the course of one month. The staff was so humble and willing to help with any and everything and the instructors were always willing to answer questions. I was able to grow in my yoga practice and feel comfortable leading a class, although I definitely think to be confident in instructing a tremendous amount of self-discipline and self-practice is required. The site is envelopes by the Himalayan mountains—an incredible feeling to recognize this throughout the day. It was so peaceful falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of nature. It’s monsoon season in July but I loved the rain there and found it calming, plus it cooked the temp down. The school is a close walk to town making it easy to purchase snacks, gifts, necessities, or go out for a meal or shake. I looked at the whole spiritual aspect and yoga philosophy with a “take what you need” mindset which allowed me to fully embrace foreign concepts during my time there yet think critically about what I would incorporate into my life/work back home. I took away more than a yoga teacher certificate, I took strength, a new found appreciation for yoga as a discipline, and lasting memories and friendships.

Jodi Oconnor

from New Zealand, July 2018

"I fell in love with Rishikesh "

The teachers are exceptional, their passion, love and ethusiasm shines through and it was a joy to attend classes. In particular Philosophy, Hatha and Alignment teachers went the extra mile in their teaching, making themselves accessible and open to helping in any way. The staff are incredible, Sandeep, Gopal, Ankit and the team were extremely caring and thoughtful and really made us all feel like family. The food was great, it got better every week, so much love went into every meal. I was very grateful for the many gluten free alternatives they organised for me. The accomodation is simple but it's a beautiful location, away from the hustle and bustle of the markets. The local organic shop had all the supplies we needed to stay happy and healthy. It was a transformational month, an opportunity to work on self love and growth and physically build a healthy routine. I would highly recommend this training to inspired yogis who want to get certified authentically and to anyone that needs a safe and special place to get to know themselves a little better.

Thank you so much for helping me find my inner light.

Valerie Saindon

from Australia, July 2018

"Simply the best"

Teachers are great and knowledgeable. Big thumb up to the philosophy teacher, who made such « heavy theory » so interesting! Classes were super, perfect balance between theory and practice. I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

Food very delicious. The kitchen staff works really hard to keep our belly happy.

Staff is friendly and very accessible. Whatever we need they have it for us.

Rooms are comfy, clean and so close to school it’s perfect.

Highly recommend this place to anyone. Month went by too fast, would start again anytime!

Mary Dimopoulou

from Great Britain, July 2018

"Feels the best choice "

The first thing it matters on a school/college is the teachers. In this case they are all incredible intelligent, approachable and so positive! The energy that they give you in every single class, how they can change your perspective about life through their speeches is beautiful. The yoga teachers are strong, knowing your limits and trying to encourage you to keep up.

The entire staff, the people who work in the office, the kitchen staff or any member who will see during your staying, are smiley, kind and helpful with anything you need. Smile to them and they will smile back, be nice with them and they will be nice to you.

Regarding the food which plays an important role on a yogi's life i have to say that it was tasty with variety of choices,. with extra surprises sometimes but always the choice of a healthy and delicious meal.

The area that the facilities are, allows you to see basically mountains, hills, trees and animals. The whole place belongs to a quite neighbourhood away from main roads. Giving you the opportunity to meditate with nature's sounds. The view from the yoga rooms, or the actual bedrooms is out of mind. Places with windows all over, helping you to stay connected with the nature every single moment.

Sundays are free days. The school though organise something every of it. Examples are rafting in the river, visit temples, waterfalls or ceremonies around city which gives you the chance to meet Indian culture much better.

Sheetal Vaishnav

from India, July 2018

"200 hours yoga teacher course"

What an amazing course. The accommodations were very nice, clean and comfortable. The food was outstanding, every meal was restaurant quality. We were served a beautiful assortment of dishes each and meal, the staff even took special requests! Teachers are well informed and very precise. Quality and safe adjustments helped me progress so far in such a short month. I had only done yoga a handful of times before coming and now feel confident in my understanding of the different asanas we learned. Finally the energy at the school is vibrant and inspiring, the management truly cares about your experience and as women we always felt safe and cared for.

Regine Paetsch

from Spain, July 2018

"Teacher, place and time and food in a very positive balance!"

This is easy because it was the timing and the excellent teaching combined with the best food ever. Healthy and really good. Nobody went out for dinner. We loved to stay there.

Varshini Kumar

from Japan, July 2018

"Incredible month in the Himalayas "

The staff is so caring and amazing, they really treat you like family here. There's lots of options here in rishikesh but if you chose this school you would not be disappointed. The food and menus are impeccable and the group of people I met this month has been amazing. The school is just a 5 min walk from some Restaraunt's and shopping!

Noah Keene

from United States, July 2018

"Best way to spend a month in India "

First off, The staff is the most amazing, caring and generous team. They will do anything they can to ensure your experience is not only memorable but also comfortable. The teaching is truly remarkable, a team of knowledgeable and patient teachers help guide you through every detail of each asana and concept of yoga. Show up with and open mind, fit body and positive attitude and your life will never be the same!

Sidney Covington

from Hong Kong, July 2018

"Love, peace, and honesty "

The location of the school is a good distance from all the chaos in the city. My favorite quote from being at the school "yoga is a work in not out". I loved the emphasis on teaching us that our students are blind and our flexibility does not matter. Sonu (hatha teacher), Mohit (philosophy teacher), and dhirendra (teaching methodology teacher) were my favorite teachers. Sonu always came to class with a smile and a positive aura. He's classes were very structured and informative. Mohit was very knowledgeable and used his personal experiences to explain concepts and techniques. Dhirendra taught us the importance of helping all students in the classroom. The support staff was amazing. Ronu was so awesome to be around. Ankit was very responsive and tried to help as much as he could. Gopal was awesome too. I wish I could list everyone here but it would be too much to write.

Cheridan Smith

from United States, July 2018

"Review! "

I loved the people I got to share this experience with. I loved learning so much about yoga and the connection to the mind body and soul.

Aleksandra Hadzi-mladzic

from Great Britain, July 2018

Always positive staff, great yoga teachers and nice location. Breathtaking view of the surrounding Himalayas made every morning Pranayama class magical. Rewarding and enriching experience overall.

Julia Bannout

from United Arab Emirates, July 2018

"It was a great experience! Fully recommend the school! "

Full yogic experience- lifestyle and food! The management was very responsive and supportive with any requests! Instructors were great and gave is the major knowledge to help us evolve through self practice!

Candice Budd

from Canada, July 2018

"Excellent experience"

The teachers were very knowledgeable and approachable- always willing to clarify if necessary. The Hatha teacher (Sonu) was amazing! Great structure to his classes. I was very well taken care of by the entire team, shout out to Sandeep, Ankit and Sonu for being incredibly hospitable! I felt welcome and supported during my stay. The teacher training is a fantastic building block; They set an excellent foundation for those looking to strengthen their practice as well. I didn't know what to expect going into it, but I left feeling that I had recieved everything I needed and more... Please keep in mind that this IS a 30 day course. So set your expectations accordingly- you're not going to leave being a yoga master... but like they say, the focus here is not what you can do, but how you teach. Keep an open mind to the constructive criticism of the teachers and students around you and you will get the most from this experience. Keep a positive outlook. Things aren't 100% perfect all the time, that's life. If you want the full culture shock, embrace that things will be different than at home. Different plumbing, different weather, different traffic.... just commit. It was incredibly rewarding in so many ways, and I look forward to coming back next summer for the 300 hour training.

Nanda Souza

from Chile, July 2018

"Great place to learn yoga while feeling at home"

The best thing about RYTTC are the people! All the staff is so kind and helpful I am still touched.

The location is excellent and the school is beautiful, surrounded by mountains (no street noise) but still close enough to the main road so you can walk around and by things easily. There are different buildings you get alocated to, I stayed at Nishant Garden itself and really enjoyed my room.

The food is very well prepared and delicious!

The teachers are very good and knowledgeable, with great experience, also very accessible and responsible.

The Sunday activities are fun and worth it to go!

In general, you will be treated like family and they will take care of you.

Victoria Ko

from Latvia, July 2018

"My yoga trip"

The amazing vibes, great people, caring staff, friendly atmosphere, an awesome experience overall. Accommodation was well located away from all the noise, the daily structure was well maintained and the whole thing well organized. Excellent service and caring people.

Alfio Zucco

from Italy, July 2018

My experience at the Rishikesh Yoga Training Center was absolutely amazing.

From the first second I felt pampered like in a big family.

All the teachers are adorable and extremely competent, their way of teaching is really effective. All the staff were great, friendly, always ready to smile and help.

I'm coming back home much richer than when I left.

Thank you all

Anna Portinsson

from Sweden, July 2018

"staff with alot of knowledge"

The careing environment, teachers with alot of knowledge.

Pranayama exersices was well explained and i could see the development in My own practice.

Ashtanga yoga with One Day doing series and the next get deep in to alignments and how to performe One or a few poses was a great way of learning.

Hatha teacher was verry Good at explaining alignments and adjustments.

Philosophy classes was intresting mostly because of how the teacher explained everything. Like heaven was reading a Book, or telling stories from someones life.

Gautam Singh

from Hong Kong, July 2018

Everything was good. I really enjoy my yoga teachers treaning thanks a lot averyone

Oliver Walker

from France, June 2018

"Namaste b"

I thought the place was ok, food was ok. Yoga was great. A very good experience 🙏

Martina Pali

from Hungary, June 2018

"A legcsodasabb élmény az életemben"

Elmondhatatlanul hálás vagyok a srácoknak mindenèrt,amit èrtünk tettek!

Fantsztikus munkát vègeztek.Rengeteget tanultam mind a tanároktól,mind az iskolában dolgozó emberektöl.

Pontosan azt kaptam a kurzus vègère amièrt jöttem.

Köszönöm család a törödèst ès szeretetet , amit töletek kaptam! Sosem fogom elfelejteni!


Liliana Mascarenhas

from Switzerland, June 2018

"more then i was expected"

I really recomend to take the yoga teacher training with them, all of them are amazing, inclued the teachers, staff.

The price is very good to, they treat us very nice, and when you need something, they are there and make the best for help us.

Costin-ionut Bucuci

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Excellent "

I had the experience of my life! I did enjoy everything in the RYTTC! from personnel, teachers, the consistency of the teaching, knowledge and the way that was presented to us. The food was amazing, location of the school one of the best,in the middle of the nature, far from the noisy streets.

Inga K

from United States, May 2018

"Amazing can’t describe more "

Very nice people, chef anil did a great job, very greatfull, amazing experience

Becky Mendoza

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Great value for money, quality teaching"

Committment, enthusiasm and knowledge of the teachers, kind and warm community vibe, peaceful and open space to learn, good range of topics covered through the month.

Ilaria Baldassin

from Great Britain, May 2018

"An amazing experience"

I came here to learn how to teach yoga and I learn a lot more than this! Teachers are qualified and passionate, staff always ready to help, they did a really good job, food was really good and healthy. In YTTC I felt like home, if you are thinking about doing a course this is the right place

Marija Sperlich

from Germany, May 2018

"Unique experience with wonderful people "

Support every time I needed it, wonderful people (teachers and students), the program, location, what I learned, the way of teaching.

Nikoleta Illésová

from Austria, May 2018

The Yoga course was a nice experience, i have learned a lot, made friendships all around the world, but also in India. The teachers, and the whole YTTC staff became my Indian family, it is really good to stay in contact with them. If you make a 200 hours course, defenetly you will plan your next one. :) The surrounding, and also Rishikesh is amazing, full of colours, tastes, smells, voices, chaotic but so calm. The people are so nice,kind, happy, full of love, they trust each other. That is total different like in Europe. :) I m glad to made that decision and be a part of it.

Caitlin Wilson

from United States, May 2018

"“Let yourself be open and life will be easier.”"

I came to Rishikesh YTTC with no yoga background and no expectations. The experience was, in a word, intense - and one which I would recommend wholeheartedly. It’s a humbling, holistically challenging endeavour that will transform you if you let it. Your boundaries will be expanded, you will be uncomfortable sometimes, and you will grow from it. You will get out of it what you put into it. And at the end of it, you’ll wish it wasn’t time to leave just yet.

The school is located in a peaceful area, a short walk from downtown Rishikesh and the Ganges river. The scenery is really beautiful, and the local fauna keep things interesting. Overall, the teachers were wonderful, dynamic, and very knowledgeable. The staff members were promptly available when issues arose. The director, Ankit, was especially helpful with everything from WiFi issues to Ayurvedic fever cures (and making sure we boarded the right bus out of Rishikesh - thanks to Sanjeev as well for that).

Justin Henze

from United States, May 2018

"Giving me all the tools and expertise I needed to succeed"

Wow, where to begin. A staff that was responsive and attentive to all inquiries and problems. Some truly experienced instructors in ashtanga and hatha and pranayama. The manual and textbook provided were comprehensive and used very understandable language and content.

Jaime Boyd

from Canada, May 2018

The teachers were very knowledgeable and kind. I learnt a lot. Staff were very nice and friendly

Mascha Coba

from Switzerland, May 2018

"Something of the best what I did for myself"

The school is very beautiful located on hill in Tapocan..it’s a young team,they all where very friendly specially the school manager Ankit,who had always an open ear;)I could profit a lot from the training it was though,but very good;)!thank you soooo much namaste

Clara Robinson

from Great Britain, May 2018

"Overall a positive experience"

The 200 hour teacher training course is an intense experience that left me changed for the positive. Undergoing this course in Rishikesh was an amazing opportunity and I would urge anyone considering it to go to Rishikesh to complete the training in the birth place of yoga.

Location - The school is set back from the main part of the city so it is quiet and peaceful.

Teachers - the majority of the teachers have a clear passion and depth of knowledge and are happy to accommodate any questions or requests. I learnt so much and relearnt things I thought I knew well but had learnt wrongly from many different yoga teachers back home.

Authentic experience - this is a chance to really live the yogi lifestyle for a month and learn as much as you can about yoga.

Syllabus - varied and extensive providing a good rounded view of Astanga and Hatha yoga as well as philosophy, pranayama and shatkarma aspects.

Opportunity to teach - lots of opportunities as well as providing feedback on the teaching of other students which you can also learn from.

Christina Stalnaker

from United States, April 2018

"Work hard, play hard!"

In life, we get back what we put in. If you decide to dedicate yourself in this course, you will receive everything you need from it. Expect to work hard, starting early each morning. Time is a precious resource and it is not wasted here. There is a demanding schedule consisting of many long days packed with asana, meditations, lectures, and study. You will be challenged by an incredibly knowledgeable set of teachers pushing you to the limits of your body and your mind. Every subject has it's own instructor, and all of them are experts in their respective fields of study (M.D., PhD, and Masters of yoga/philosophy) providing their own diverse perspectives on yoga. Most importantly, I now have the qualification, knowledge, confidence and skillset to share yoga practice in my own classes. Thank you, Sanjeev, for orchestrating an all-star team of students, teachers, and staff.

Lisa Richard

from United States, April 2018

"Exceeded my expectations!"

The management team was very caring and completely involved in all aspects of the experience. The teachers were knowledgable and competent. Accomodations were simple, but clean and adequate. The entire experience was simply fabulous and unforgettable.

Stacey Mann

from Great Britain, April 2018

"Exceeded my expectations"

I went with no expectations and was so blown away with a few of the teachers. Pranayama became my favourite because the teacher was so inspiring and I went from dreading Ashtanga to loving it. The team really do care and look after you well, they do really want everyone to be one big family.


from Russia, April 2018

"Very good experience and nice location"

The school located near the mountains, in very silent and beautiful place. Nice views from yoga halls.

The teachers were professional and supportive. Nice and healthy food.

The atmosphere was very positive, the stuff really care about students and their satisfaction. Great meditation class.

Jesse Irene Callahan

from United States, April 2018

"Excellent experience!"

Everyone is a gentle soul

Very humbling

Simona Hörstgen

from Vietnam, April 2018

"Best Place to Stay :)"

The atmosphere was incredible , I really loved it from the first second I arrived. The Rishikesh YTTC is close to the nature, which make it really special because when you need to attend classes all day long you really appreciate a calm environment, they also have a little garden to make Acro Yoga. The lesson where really good, I learned a lot and I really appreciate all the knowledge that I got. Furthermore, the whole Team is a bliss, it's just so enjoyable to be around them, they always have time for your concerns, if you are sick or just need some help they help you out and they SPREAD A LOT OF LOVE ! Mostly, I enjoyed our indian dance partys in the dining hall, by now I know more dance moves and I'm ready to attend the next indian wedding ! If you have the possibility take the time and do your teacher training in this ashram it was a awesome and unique time.

Kayla Friedrichsen

from United States, March 2018

"We love Rishikesh (YTTC)!"

My stay at Rishikesh YTTC was amazing. Sanjeev, Julia, Gopal, Ankit, and all of our teachers were incredibly knowledgeable, fun to be around and learn from, and extraordinarily helpful during every part of the last month’s journey. Whether it was asana, meditation, pranayama or your personal life, the crew at RYTTC was there with an answer, or at least a new perspective.

The rooms are basic but very comfortable, and the food is similar- basic, but delicious. The location of the school could not be better- you’re about a 5-10 minute walk to town, but when you’re at the Ashram you can’t hear the bustle at all. It’s very peaceful.

The instruction was very good- I feel like I’ve learned so much in my time there. Ask lots of questions if you have specific things you’d like to know! The yogis all know their stuff so well.

I feel like this stay was the best thing in the world I could have done for myself, and I hope anyone reading this decides to give that gift to themselves.


Keith Stapleton

from Ireland, March 2018

"Experience of a lifetime"

The people I've been surrounded with

Diana Degtyareva

from United States, March 2018

"200 hours yoga teacher training couse"

Food: Always well prepared -fresh, according to yogic diet.

Teacher: Great team of knowledgeable Teachers there to provide you with program according Yoga Alliance standards.

Accommodation : Accommodation is clean and confortable, secure , convenient location.

Staff: Very helpful and responsive to student needs ,quick to react

Over all: I had a great experience with Rishikesh YTTC program. Very satisfied with course itself, intensively of program, teachers. Rishikesh Teacher training program brought a lot of great people from different countries together to gain knowledge and to share their life experiences .

Yasmin Galal

from Egypt, March 2018

"One of the best"

Food: I had the most delicious and light food ever.

Teacher: They were so friendly and always sharing lots and lots of information and never get bored form answering our questions and sharing their knowledge.

Accommodation :I had the best comfortable accommodation ever a 3 minutes walking distance from the market and ATM at the same time it’s about a 7 minutes walking distance from the hanging bridge.

Staff: They were very helpful and cooperative all the time they were dealing with us as a family.

Over all: every single moment in that course is so precious and valuable cause you keep learning and discovering lots and lots about your inner self. It’s not only a teacher training yoga course; it’s a life changing experience and a beginning for a new journey. I feel like I’m blessed for being in that place it’s amazing how just one month can make huge change in ones thoughts and perspectives about life.

Emilia Zinko

from United States, March 2018

"50 points"

Meeting different people, having regular interactions with them. The food was excellent and workers at the kitchen were just great. Very modest and kind people.

Keity Suzana Garcia

from New Zealand, March 2018

All of RYYTC's teams are extremely helpful and they try their best to make your time in Rishikesh be the best as possible (sometimes even been too much). The school location is very good, quiet and peaceful at the same time near to the main street and shops. The food is good but without variety.

Daniela Vecchione

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Great experience "

Good place to stay for TTC. Great food. Great people. Great accommodation. Happy to have met this family along the way. Thank you very much to all of you.

Mikala Tozer

from Australia, March 2018

"Life changing experience where I could learn and grow."

Food was good, location is perfect and the teachers are special. From day one everything felt right, I knew I chosen the right school. The environment was the perfect place to grow and deepen your knowledge of yoga. The history of yoga and not the western yoga. The philosophy teacher was sooooo passionate. It was an amazing class. Hatha was good, more of a physical class where you can observe as a student, ashtanga was a constant stream of knowledge. Learned so much. Overall it was the most incredible and life changing months I won't ever forget.


from France, March 2018



from United States, March 2018

I enjoyed the opportunity this school presents to study yoga, for that I am grateful. The location is superb, away from the hustle and bustle of Rishikesh. There are mumberous organic stores close by in which have everything you could imagine for your needs. The head yogi was very willing to accommodate any issues we had, or at least acknowledge them.

Lauren Ford

from Philippines, March 2018

"Beyond what I could have hoped for. "

The location is perfect. A short walk away from the city, so it is nice & quiet. The food is amazing & they always serve many options. The teachers are genuinely the most knowledgeable & friendly people to learn from. This course has undoubtedly changed my life in a wonderful way. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back!

Ashley Wray

from Australia, February 2018


Overall the experience was such an amazing one. There were a lot of hardships. Its not an easy journey. It was very cold but that made you thankful for the sunshine at midday. It was physically demanding but it helped you get mentally and physcially stronger. India is such a unique place and culture. It's not a teacher training in your home country. It's not super structured or luxurious. But the teachers are amazing.

We were so lucky to have had our Swami,Tilak. His knowledge and passion for pranayama and the yogis way of life was inspiring. Our wonderful anatomy teacher Dr Sumit was a real physiotherapist, and Rohjit our Ashtanga master was fun and seriously knowledgeable.

The friends I made and our adventures in Rishikesh is something I'll always feel grateful for. I was lucky to have such a mix of like minded and beautiful souls to take this journey with.

The school is set a short walk from town where there are the most amazing organic stores and cafes, filled with every foodstuff you could think of.

I developed and learned more about my own practice rather than teaching during this month long training, but it was a great learning experience.

Aura Vîrtosu

from Kuwait, February 2018

Same like when you are born in a certain place, or in a certain family, the universe has it’s own way of letting you and the odds to choose your path. Being part of Rishikesh YTTC was an experience that will help shape my knowledge and future, was a step forward that I am grateful for.

I am thankful for the people I met, for the teachers kind enough to share a part of their experiences and knowledges, for the cold air of the Himalaya on the early morning classes, for the intense practice, for the tasty food, for the fact that living through this experience I can call myself a yoga teacher and that my journey has begun.

Thank you & best of luck

Marta Abril

from Spain, February 2018

"Family yoga "

The experience was super good. I learn a lot. And all beautiful souls

Monal Amin

from United States, January 2018

"Soul Journey in the Himalayas"

From the day I got to the retreat, to the day I left, one thing was very true, it always felt like home. The Yoga Family journey in itself is indescribable, but being in a beautiful setting at Nishant Garden, with amazing teachers, family like staff and all the activities included, is something everyone deserves to experience. The facilities are Nishant Garden were very clean and well maintained, along with amazing views of the sunrises and sunsets amidst the mountains.

Sanjeev and his family are very good at taking personal care of each of the students needs and the fresh food and meals prepared everyday leave you feeling satisfied.

The yoga classes and teachers are amazing designed for all age groups and fitness levels. Learning the yogi way through the blend of not just the asana practice, but regular pranayama, yoga philosophy, and understanding anatomy and postures better, helps you become a well rounded teacher through this course learning many styles, while forming your own.

I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone looking for a truly soul enriching experience.

Irina Lange

from Singapore, November 2017

"Awesome yoga school that beat all my expecations! ?"

I arrived 3 days into the course & was worried about what to expect. I was without internet the days leading up to the course & wasn't sure whether there would be anyone to pick me up. Big was my surprise when I walked out of the airport immediately into Julia’s embrace. She greeted me with flowers & big smile. It was the first of the many little things that everyone was so mindful of doing for us to truly make us feel welcome & well taken care off. There was lots of laughter & dancing but also all of us were motivated to work hard. The school is in a nice setting, away from the main road, but still super close to the centre. You learn to appreciate it when you start your day with meditation, Hatha Yoga & friendly monkeys that drop by. Sanjeev is a great yoga teacher. He is very detailed & keen to ensure that we all understand the postures & their benefits. In Ashtanga class, we had lots of opportunities to learn postures but also do lots of fun things, such acro yoga. I very much enjoyed the anatomy class, where we not only learnt about the body but also ways to make yoga practice more safe. Weekends were full of adventure - Sunset yoga on a mountain, rafting on the Ganges and waterfall. This is truly a place to reconnect with you inner self and feel at home away from home. It was an unforgettable experience, not only because of how much more confident about my yoga practice I have become, but most of all because of Sanjeev and his team of great souls. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Gorst

from Australia, October 2017

"Incredibly happy yoga baby"

The experience I’ve had over the past month has been life-changing. Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Centre has felt like home and I feel so blessed to have been part of this. The people are incredible, making my stay very memorable. This place has become an important part of my life I will always hold close to my heart. The course was challenging and I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. Everything is better than I could have imagined, including the teachers, the location and food. Yoga baby Rebecca

Raul Purge

from Australia, October 2017

I didn't have any big expectation about this school but once i got there i felt like i belong there. I met so many beutiful souls there and yoga united us perfectly. It can be quite intense sometimes, so little practice before coming to this school will be very helpful.

Alena Horackova

from Czechia, October 2017

"Authentic experience & professional attitude"

RYTT provides with a comprehensive care: before, during and also after the course. Sanjeev does his job with passion, preciseness and smile on his face. Priceless familiar atmosphere guarantees the best conditions for your (self)development. The food was just amazing.. I was hoping to loose some weight but no chance :)

Salma Sultan

from Egypt, September 2017

I liked the view from my room, the staff , the food and the overall environment

Wrien Judge

from United States, September 2017

"More than I ever expected! "

I like the amazing class structure and gow they made us learn what we needed without pressure they were very reassuring and motivated us to keep going hard!


from Vietnam, September 2017

"A great choice for the 200 hours"

There were a variety of classes; mediation and pranayama, ashtanga, yoga philosophy, teaching methodology, hatha, and anatomy. They were all very informative, the location was quiet and very nice, the food healthy and delicious. The staff was also great.

Camille Oriot

from France, September 2018

"An amazing experience with such beautiful souls"

The whole experience was incredible. The classes were very interesting and I loved the teachers. I'm going to miss all of them. I learned a lot and I hope I can apply the main principles back home. The structure of the day was perfect for me and the whole group of people was amazing. In one month you get attached pretty strongly. I will have these memories in my heart for the rest of my life.

The organizers were very caring and always available if needed.

The food was great and very tasty.

I wish I could have stayed longer ^^ Maybe for a 300hours, who knows... ;)

Thank you for this month. I'm gonna miss you guys so much! <3

Elif Agde

from Austria, September 2018

"Eine sehr schöne Zeit"

Die Location der Schule ist sehr schön und in der Nähe der Berge. Die Zimmer sind für die Verhältnisse hier ganz gut. Ich hatte ein Privatzimmer und es war ganz angenehm. Das Essen war okay, hätte aber bisschen mehr Abwechslung gebraucht oder bisschen mehr Würze. Jede Stunde war sehr interessant und man lernt sehr viel in einer kurzen Zeit. Die Lehrer waren sehr sehr gut und kannten sich sehr gut aus, trotz ihres jungen alters. Wir hatten Hatha und Ashtanga Yoga, es war sehr interessant und man lernt echt viel in einem Monat. Die Lehrer sind sehr hilfbereit und kümmern sich gut um die SchülerInnen.

Florielle Parmentier

from France, August 2018

"Perfect spiritual journey "

Happy namaste all !

Everything. The place felt like home sweet home/om.

The location is great, quiet and peaceful place surrounded by amazing green views.

The staff is truly adorable, they are helpful, if you need anything you can ask them. They took great care of me when I was sick for example.

The teachers are professional and experienced and really nice and encouraging which helps improving a lot.

Lots of positive energy in Rishikesh YTTC School. I loved it.

Franziska Schmid

from United States, August 2018

"One of the most amazing experience in my life"

The teacher training was great! I had one of the greatest times of my life!

The teachers are doing a great Job. I really enjoyed all of the classes. Also the standard of teaching is very high and you get the possibility to learn much more than the usual subjects wich are thought in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.

The area around is very peacefull and the mountains have a great energy.

The Staff is amazing! They always take care of you and want you to feel home at any time. And by the way, the food is delicious!

I can highly recommend this Yoga School to everyone who wants to go deeper into practice as most of the schools go during the 200 hours, no matter if you are a beginner or advanced in your Yoga practice.

For everybody who want to find a real family for life, but also find theirselves.

Thank you YTTC to let me be part of your family!

Kate Pearson

from Spain, July 2018

"An enriching and beautiful experience! "

The location of the school is perfect! Quietly nestled away from the hustle, the school is surrounded by nature and animals, with amazing views. All teachers were extremely knowledgeable and passionate in their subjects, and the team in general can’t do enough for everyone!

The course was well organized and put together, the schedule was perfect too, allowing us enough time to rest and self study.

The food was also Delicious!!

I leave Rishikesh with a heavy yet very full heart. A memorable and enriching month at Rishikesh YTTC, thank you team and teachers!! I’ll be back for 300 hours :)

Love & Light


Marta Moreno

from Spain, July 2018

"Really good experience "

All the staff took care of me really well since the very first day I landed in India. Due to some problems with my Indian visa I was a bit late for the course and they were very supportive and replayed to all my emails quickly. All the staff is very kind and loving. They treated us a family. I loved the amazing people I got to meet there, it’s nice to find people with the same philosophy of life as you. Would definitely recommend this place 😊 They are all adorable. May come back for the 300h teacher training.

Hereiti Seaman

from French Polynesia, July 2018

"Magic experience"

Since the day you arrive they make you feel like you are home, you don’t see the staff as actual staff because they become family, always taking care of everyone. The content is great, like any 200h course, it is pretty basic but i have learned soooo much during this month and have rectified many asanas i was doing wrong so now i am ready to align my future students. The food is excelent but a little repetitive, chef is awesome and opened to suggestions tho. The location is great, remote from the city which is super noisy, so its good to be away from all that. The whole experience is 10/10 and it was so hard to leave , but will come back for sure. I wouldn’t go to any other school now that i’ve found them.

Olga Hernandez Mejias

from United States, June 2018

"Excelente escuela,profesorado...Retiro inolvidable."

El profesorado,el personal,el servicio,la amabilidad, la acogida,las instalaciones, las actividades...Todo todo, desde el principio hasta el final, ha sido excelente. Diría que tal vez , una estancia un poco corta,puesto que, volvería a repetirla!!!!!Bravo al personal y al formidable equipo que han hecho de mi estancia una experiencia inolvidable.

Laura Gaya

from Spain, May 2018

Me sentí como en mi casa. Personal, profesores y estudiantes fuimos como una familia. Calidad humana inmejorable. Estoy muy agradecida de la experiencia. Profesores muy buenos. Comí siempre muy bien. La ubicación me encantó, una zona muy tranquila y relativamente cerca de todo. Sin duda recomiendo esta escuela.

Sabine Wötzel

from Germany, May 2018

Ich habe die Zeit sehr genossen. Die Ausbildung war sehr inspirierend für mich und habe sehr viele schöne Dinge für mein Yogaköfferchen erhalten und freue mich diese umzusetzen.

Das Team war immer sehr sehr hilfreich egal was man benötigt...Es steckt viel Herz in allem was sie tun. Man wurde immer mit einem freundlichem Lachen empfangen.

An das gesamte Team nochmals ein herzliches Dankeschön...

Stefanie Grace Falkner

from Austria, March 2018

I was really happy with the school and would totally recommend them.

Everyone is so helpful and nice and they let you feel very welcome. My single room was really comfy and had everything I need. The food is also very nice (a lot of vegetables and fruits, rice and lentils). The course itself has a big program, which is normal when you choose a 200h course in 4 weeks ;)

All the teachers are very competent and I definitely learned a lot - for my practice and for my life. Unfortunately we didn’t had a lot anatomy (there you have to do a lot of selfstudy).

The location of the school is very good! It’s walking distance to the main road but on the hill, so it’s not so crowded and loud like in the center!

I had a unforgettable time there and definitely will come back one day.

Thanks a lot for everything!

Nina Zauchner

from Austria, January 2018

Food location: I think the food is nice and healthy and I am gonna miss this food in all my life. I came 1st time in India and when I landed first time in India I was so scared but as soon as I arrived in RishikeshYTTC school, I could feel the location and the energy around. I am up seat of living this place because this has become my 2nd home in India. Every day the food was so amazing and pure healthy food. Best school in Rishikesh. Love you all.

About teachers: All the teachers are so amazing and I learned so much, each day was so challenging with Rohit and Sanjeev Ji, They cover so many things in this 1 month. I can’t expect more than this. Teachers in this school are so friendly and professional and strict when needed. In the end I will only say that this people who work in this school, they are always here for you.

Yogi Sanjeev: Can’t explain in few words that how much Sanjeev Ji love his job and look after each and every single person in school. He is a great teacher & C.E.O of the RishikeshYTTC. We learned a lot from Sanjeev Ji regarding asanas, teaching methodology, adjustment, personal development and he always give good advice. Even Sanjeev Ji Father is playing a biggest role in this school. Gopal, Sachin,

I was anxious about going to India, coz I had never been there and didn’t know what to expect. My wish was to be able to teach yoga safely and with confidence. For the whole period I was surrounded by people with positive energy and knowledge. Another benef

Bea Moreno

from United States, July 2018

"Very recommended place for a Yoga teacher training"

I liked that my room was clean, tidy and comfortable. That the teachers and everybody working there cares for you. Especially when you are sick.That is extremely helpful and appreciated. I liked the yoga instructions and the fact there is so much enphasis in doing a pose correctly. Yoga alignment is excellent.

I loved the food and the kitchen staff. They are really lovely and hardworking. I like that you can relax and be yourself and feel accepted .

Lisa Pascal

from India, March 2018

"More than just yoga training "

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to spend time at the RYTTC. It’s been an experience of self-discovery and spirituality, of physical challenge and friendship, of laughs and learnings. I met amazing teachers and friends, and it has brought me so much more than I could have expected, in yoga and in life.

The RYTTC family (managers, teachers, kitchen staff, everyone) surrounds you and welcomes you with love and positivity from day one, and the vibe is the one of a summer camp, bonding with the other students. At the same time the days are super structured, focused and varied - from daily meditation and pranayama to Hatha and Ashtanga yoga practices, mantra chanting, anatomy and philosophy. The teachers are incredible, their knowledge and wisdom is refreshing, inspiring and together they have impacted my practice and transformed my approach to yoga. Thank you ❤️

I very much recommend RYTTC to everyone with an open heart and mind, it had been a while since I had felt so inspired and felt so good in my body and mind. Enjoy!

Karla Pérez

from Mexico, May 2018

"Maravilloso! "

La comida era deliciosa. Las instalaciones súper completas, y muy limpias y acogedoras. Los maestros muy preparados. Las actividades bien planeadas y organizadas. Y la ciudad de Rishikesh hermosa en general. Ankit y Gopal los mejores guías y compañeros de enseñanzas. Una experiencia increíble!

Susana De La Garza

from Mexico, May 2018

Las actividades adicionales al yoga estaban muy buenas, las clases también estuvieron buenas solo falto hacer más práctica. Se nota que los maestros tienen experiencia y buena actitud con todos.

Testimonials 5

Jimena Mexico

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center's written paper

Being in Rishikesh for a whole month doing yoga was the most rewarding time of my life. Not only did I improve my asana practice, but found the path I want to be in, which is one of inner peace, love and happiness. I learned that doing yoga is so much more than just doing beautiful poses, it’s a lifestyle of balance, of enjoying the present moment and of being content with who you are, as well as always sharing positive energy and being good to others. Anyhow, making all those beautiful poses with complete awareness and breath control is something that I also learned in the Teacher Training, improving significantly my technique and alignment. I achieved all these thanks to my wonderful teacher Sanjeev, who always pushed us forward and motivated us to get better in our practice and break the boundaries of fear and restrain in our bodies and minds, making us believe that we can do anything we set out minds to and with practice, practice, practice anything is possible. He gave us a lot of valuable information that we can share back home and got us to learn all benefits and contraindications of each posture, so we can practice and teach correctly, all the classes were such a fun environment of learning while having fun doing what we love most. By the way, you don´t have to be super advanced in your practice to take the Teacher Training, it´s amazing how much you can learn and improve in just one month and it is all possible with teachers like Sanjeev who lead you calmly and with patience in every step of the way and who also is the one of the kindest and most caring human beings you´ll ever meet. Finally one of the best things you gain is a new yoga family, your own community of like-minded people who at the same time are all very different form each other since everyone comes from different countries, languages, ages, backgrounds, but went there in search of something and found it together, so after all that was shared during that time, you get a family that is all over the world and is always going to be there to give you their love and support. I can’t wait to go back to this magical town, a holy place full of wonderful people, delicious food, stunning nature, where you can forget your worries, troubles, stress, anger and find your way back to tranquillity, peace and spirituality. The most important part is to get all that you learned and achieved internally and apply it back home, keeping Rishikesh and all the people always in your heart.

So, thank you Sanjeev and everyone who made this experience so incredible and special.


Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center's written paper

First of all, I would like to thank you for teaching my 200ytt. I never practiced yoga before and I feel like I improved so much thanks to you. And it’s not only that: after your teachings, yoga really became a part of me and now I know that i don't want to live my life without it.

This is the concrete proof of your capability as a teacher: you are truly able to inspire your students. Also,

I have to say that every time I was trying a new or a difficult posture I felt safe because I knew you would be there to help and support me. Finally, the classes were well structured. I only wish (but I guess it doesn't depend on you) that we were less students, to have more time and the possibility to go deeper in the positions.

It was an honor to be your student and I hope we'll meet again soon.

Hari OM!

Leena Saudi Arabia

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center's written paper

Dear Sanjeev,

It was great meeting you in a wonderful magical place like Rishikesh.

I would like to express my feelings and thoughts about my journey in Rishikesh and with you specifically. From day one on the opening ceremony I was sitting in front mesmerized by the whole ceremony and the beautiful mantras. I was wondering who are the people sitting around the fire, something pulled me towards you, your energy grabbed my attention and I hoped you are one of my teachers, I knew I'll learn a lot from you. You were so passionate about your practice, passionate about yoga and its lifestyle. You are serious when its need to be, you are very committed to ur students, and very motivational. You pushed me hard but enough to my limits and that is a great skill to have. You shared your personal experiences for us to learn from, you were not only focusing on the practice of ashtanga but more than that. I will not forget the lesson you gave us about rudraksha. I learned how to have a better alignment, how to be a serious but sometimes funny teacher, I learned how to be humble, I learned how to adjust students in a gentle but at the same time a bit rough to their limits for their own good. You are an inspiring, strong, white hearted teacher. You changed a lot in me and Ill be forever grateful.

I'm practicing daily and will start teaching at my sister in law studio next week. I would love if you can consider me as a teacher at your school one day. Please keep me in mind :).

Love and peace,


Vera England

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center's written paper

Dear Yogi Sanjeev,

Thank you for your fantastic yoga training, varied and stimulative!

Day after day I felt my body stronger and more flexible and said goodbye to a lower-back pain which i was telling for months!

To meet you at Desroches Island was a beautiful surprise and also a gift of the destiny. You inspired me to pursue yoga training (even missing yours!!) and to take care of my body.

Wishing you the best in your work and life, you are doing such a great work to helping others people. I will always remember you with gratitude.

I knew that this was the yoga teacher training for me as soon as I got a reply after my inquiry. All I had to do was to make a decision about investing my money and travelling to very different land. I made the decision and the course began. I felt like I was home. The team was wonderful, very helpful. They really do care....

Yogi Sanjeev is an inspiring and genuine teacher. He doesn't pretend to be more than he is and what he is more than enough. His classes will make you laugh or cry and challenge you in a way that makes you feel that you'll be just fine in the end. Yogi Sanjeev has a very joyful and professional team. I ensure you that not only will you come away with a glorious yoga teacher training qualification but also an absolutely high experience.

A traveler France

Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training Center's written paper

Dear Sanjeev, your kind and charismatic lessons gave me a very particular fragrance in my life at Desroches Island, Seychelles. My deepest thanks and heartfelt wishes for you! My experience with Yogi Sanjeev has basically changed my life. The team support and love is beautiful and so genuine. The course allowed me to be confident and express my feelings freely through yoga, meditation, and journaling. I have grown, changed & discovered so much from within. I will never forget Yogi Sanjeev and his team for the love they have shown, their power and inspirational stories, their continuous support and friendship.

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