Rishikesh Nath Yogshala brings a wide range of yoga retreats, teacher training programs, certification, and other programs that benefit the health seekers.

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Ajay Uniyal

Ganesh Negi

Harmindra Singh

Yogi Ajay Bijalwan

Yogi Raghav Khantwal

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from United States, March 2020

"Good teachers and staffs"

The teachers are the best in this school. The classroom is not full. Just 12 students, like this we can enjoy the course better than a full classroom. The staff in the kitchen are very kind to serve us. My favorite classes were: hatha, anatomy, alignment and methodology and asthanga vinyasa. The teachers from this classes gave me the best experience that I could expected. Aqeel from hotel is very helpful and offers a good hospitality always.


from India, July 2019

"The staff is really hospitable and welcoming"

I loved my 100 hour training at Rishikesh Nath Yogshala recently. Although there were few things lacking here and there in terms of quality of the teacher that taught us however I could see that 200 hour batch has better teachers. So it is not that RNY does not have good teachers but may be they chose teachers with less experience for 100 hour batch.

Irrespective, the hospitality of the staff makes up for everything you may not be happy with. Gitansh, Palesh, Kamal - they all go out of their way to help with whatever is needed to make your stay more comfortable.

Infact most students chose to stay 3-4 days after the course was finished and someone reached a week before the course was going to start and they did not charge them extra at all. Infact they served them 3 times food for all of their stay. This really speaks for how well they take care of the guests.

I wish we had better teachers for Hatha and Philosophy however their hospitality just makes up for it all.

I am happy I chose RNY for my TTC. Thanks!

Madlen Maher

from Egypt, March 2019

"Life changing experience "

I loved the YTT experience overall..

Teachers are all awesome and really want you to learn and progress, always there for any questions.

Many thanks to teachers Rajesh (Hatha Yoga) and Saajan (Paranyama)

Special thanks to Peeyush, our great Ashtanga teacher ❤️ Not only a great teacher, but also helped us with books and YouTube recommendations to learn further.. Can't thank U enough :)

The school felt like home. The food always tasty and fresh, we were constantly asked "Everyone happy?!" :)

Special thanks to Palesh :) 🙏

The massage and excursions provided were also so good.. Overall a life-changing experience, with all I learnt and the nice people I met.

Tanushree Pai

from United States, July 2021

"Wonderful Online learning Experience"

Yogi Ajay is a superb asana teacher, he directs as well as motivated very nicely to perform even the difficult postures smoothly.Yogi Raghav is very good knowledge of philosophical aspects and inculcates the sense of questioning and thirst to know more by the way he explains everything nicely.

Helena Zahrte

from Germany, June 2021

"Great experience "

I took part in a 300 h multistyle online yoga teacher course.

I was really happy to be able to follow a course online, especially because of the current situation. The two teachers were very great and enriched us with their enormous knowledge. I am looking forward to being able to travel again very soon and to be able to take part in a course offline in Rishikesh.

Hope to See you soon


from Greece, June 2021

"A solid tradition-focused 300-hour TT"

I liked the fact that the philosophy classes were very focused on the traditional texts like the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the teacher was really using the texts to explain in detail the topics we discussed. I also liked the sequences we learned in Hatha yog class and the emphasis the asana teacher put on synchronizing breath with movement in asana. Pranayamas and satkarmas were very clearly explained and we were encouraged to practice n a daily basis together with mantra chanting.

The classes are exclusively live, and you will be provided the recording if you cannot attend, but it is recommended you take time to be part of the live interactive classes if you really want to make the best of this training. The books for the training and a series of pre-recorded videos with the primary series of Ashtanga yoga and sequences of asanas for Hatha are sent further to the students for self study.

Overall, this is a very good program for someone who already has a basis in yoga and wants to deepen it. Thank you so much and wishing you best of luck! Cosmina.

Joey Cox

from India, June 2021

"Life changing experience "

Yoga Teacher Training Couse conducted by Rishikesh Nath Yogshala is a very fine opportunity for me to start my yoga teaching career. As a beginner-level yoga student, I got the chance to get in touch with the art of yoga from one of the best yoga schools in the world. The management and teachers are very helpful and always ready to help in eradicating doubt. I am feeling so much lucky that I got the opportunity to learn so much about yoga (the whole). Its not just about Asana, its beyond that….

I am feeling much more confident about myself. This is the magic of yoga….

I will definitely visit again once the lockdown will over.

Waiting to see you all guys and I will learn much more for sure with you.

Best Regards

Peter Bell

from India, June 2021

"Go for it............"

Rishikesh Nath Yogshala is the great yoga school in Rishikesh. As I had completed my 100 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course from the school, I eventually add skills to my yoga knowledge. After completing the TTC from Rishikesh Nath Yogshala, I found myself very confident in teaching students. They not only sharpen my yogic skills but also build up my class conducting confidence. I really miss the beautiful morning with the sun rising from the Himalayan mountains. Moreover, the river Ganga flowing near our yoga school helps in putting the touch of spirituality in my learning. The teachers, ambiance, learning methods, books, school campus all are just mind-blowing. I really feel lucky to kick start my yoga career with Rishikesh Nath Yogshala. I will continue my 200 hr YTT course very soon.

Abigail Jacobs

from United States, May 2021

"Transformative Retreat!"

I really loved this meditation retreat! I had such an amazing three-day experience. A truly transformative experience; I learned a number of effective and valuable meditation techniques. The meditation teacher provided guidance and knowledge for me to develop meditation skills for inner healing. The teachers are experienced and their breadth of knowledge is impressive. Always courteous and respectful, I have only good memories from my time spent learning with my teachers. The yoga and meditation practices are accessible for all bodies and levels. The food and accommodation were also quite nice. The food was fresh and the rooms are spacious and well-appointed. The staff was happy to help with accommodating any requests I had. I would be happy to recommend this Yogshala and would be confident in their YTT trainings as well.

Nádia Lima

from Portugal, May 2021


Very good teacher training. Anamika was excelent in the backstage, Raghav is a wonderful teacher with a Great knowledge, and Mukki is a great Asana teacher.

Bryndis Helgadottir

from India, May 2021

"Wonderful! Worth it! "

The place was good, yoga teachers and staff very friendly. I had a good time learning. Recommend this place!

Karen Montiel

from Mexico, April 2020

"Bad experience for life"

The people that I knew, the experience and the good teachers that share with love

Elyse Madeiras

from United States, March 2020

This school was amazing and it was seriously hard to leave. The food was delicious, thank you Deepak! Anuj and Dheeraj were so attentive when it was mealtime and very caring to us all. Our Ashtanga teacher, Ajay was very knowledgeable, always smiling and you felt safe with him as if you were in the care of a parent. Our Hatha/Alignment teacher Ashish was very inspiring when you'd watch him do challenging asanas. We all really loved his alignment class, he was very good at teaching us how to safely align people. We had a lot of fun in that class. Akhil, our coordinator did not have an easy job working around the clock to help us all but he did it wonderfully. He felt like an old friend who would always be there to support you. And then there was Raghav, he was our shatkarma, philosophy and meditation teacher. He reminded me of a great sage himself. We would often linger after class to fill our minds with the wisdom that poured out of him. He also had the most soothing voice so meditation class felt like a gift. I will miss this school, the teachers and amazing friends I made there. Go here if you want a life changing experience.

Monica Kruger

from South Africa, March 2020

"Highly recommend TTC"

This has been a truly amazing experience , all the teachers and support staff were truly dedicated to making the experience perfect and unforgettable. A special mention to Ragni, Akhil, Dheeraj and Anuj for taking so good care of us from the moment we arrived.

Sai Cht

from France, December 2019

"Simply beautiful, very rich and formative training"

All the staff of the school were very attentive to the students.

They always looked after our well being, in many ways.

Courses are well structured and progressive.

Since I have always practiced yoga on my own, many instructions were new to me and very benefit in this way.

By choosing to do a yoga school, I obviously wanted to progress my practice, but it was also very important for me to learn the philosophical and spiritual side of Yoga.

In this way, the teaching really reach my expectation.

Now I can speak about what is Yoga, I can put words on it, I know precisely what this philosophy is base on.

I can see the huge progress I have made in 1 month.

I discovered my strengths and my weaknesses.

Which I wasn’t very aware before.

It is very encouraging in term of progressing my practice.

Now i know how to make my practice better, in proper way, because they taught me the tools.

I feel million time more confidente.

It was definitely beautiful experience in term of self-discovery and self-improvement and humanly speaking, the relationship with the teachers and the classmates.

I sincerely had wonderful time here.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ajay, Mukesh, Rahul, Shiva (teachers) Vaibhav, Geethansh, Dheeraj (intendance) for all the good things they brought me.

Lot of Love and all the best to Nath Yogshala School

Tomiris Ilyassova

from Indonesia, August 2019

"Grateful for my experiences, however, that is my inner state"

I have loved the way hotel staff members were taking care of us. They treated us just like 'gods' which is a part of their culture, but nevertheless, it is greatly appreciated. Hospitality and their attention to details, as well as their kind heart, was impressing me each and every day. The hotel manager, Palace, Raunak and the cooks were very helpful with our adaptation.

I have become friends with all the teachers and liked each one as a person. They are all unique in their own way and bring a valuable perspective to each subject. Although knowledge was not absorbed through the subjects, it was taken from experiences, conversations, mistakes, observations and everything else.

All staff members were fun to be around.

The course subjects were originally quite well put together(looking at the schedule), but with some issues. I enjoyed all but learned most in Philosophy, Hatha and Ashtanga along with Alignment. I have also enjoyed the invited teacher for lectures about chakras and energy.

I have returned home with more knowledge in my head and more peace in my heart. I will definitely come back to India and contact my dear friends.


from Philippines, May 2019

"Wonderful Instensive Teacher Training"

I had a wonderful 26 days at the Rishikesh Yoga Teacher Training. The teachers were knowledgeable and I learnt a lot from them. In particular Peeyush, our Alignment and Ashtanga teacher did a fabulous job at ensuring we had as much knowledge as possible so that we could continue our journey as students and teachers of yoga. The accomodation staff were incredible. In particular, Palesh, was very accomodating. Anything we needed, they would get for us. I was sick and Palesh drove me to the doctors multiple times and ensures I always had plenty of ginger tea. The course leader Ghatan was always available and made sure we were well looked after and had fun activities for us to do on Sundays.

Nika Ajdovec

from Slovenia, April 2019

"Amazing experience on YTT course at Rishikesh Nath Yogshala"

This course was one month of learning in many aspects. I loved all the care that was provided by amazing staff and coordinators. Schadule was divided very toughtfuly so all the students were able to follow busy routine. Teachers shared their knowledge and lots of positive energy and were open for all the questions and our doubhts. I'm very happy that I choose this place to do my YTT.

Greta Schaaf

from India, March 2019

"this is the place (:"

Wow. As soon as I arrived here, I felt most welcomed. Everyone who works here is beyond friendly and will accommodate you in any way they can.

Geetansh is so funny and really caring. You just have to keep pushing at him.

Palesh will make sure you are okay constantly. If you're happy, he's happy. He immediately makes you feel like family.

Everyone is very hard-working and some are shy; you got to just keep talking to them to get them to smile.

All the instructors were knowledgeable and super personable. Swami G was superb and it was an honor learning philosophy from him. He is so wise and quite funny. I learned more than I thought I would about yogA as a whole.

Peeyush took great care of us and gave us so much of his time to make sure we understood the ashtanga series and the alignment for each pose. He also worked around our needs and varying yoga levels.

Our pranayama teacher also shared great stories with us and our hatha teacher was so friendly and open with us.

We had a group of 9 and everyone connected so well and we all supported each other and balanced each other out.

I enjoyed coming up with and teaching a hatha class and preparing to lead the ashtanga class.

There are no stresses or worries and we always did something fun on our off-day!

This was an amazing experience for me and you get out of it what you put into it.

I always know I can come back to Rishikesh and be with my family.

So beyond grateful to have picked this place 🙏🙏😌

Danika Sinram

from United States, March 2019

"Amazing experience "

I loved everything. The food was delicious. The staff was fantastic, especially Palesh who was the best host one could ask for. The rooms were spacious. The teachers were great. The extra activities were fun. I have no complaints.

Lourdes Goldez Cortijo

from Peru, March 2019

"It was meh, not good neither that bad"

I liked the people I met but the teachers were ok.

Keianna Flowers

from United States, March 2019

"An amazing experience "

Ive never been anywhere where the employees cared so much about my well being. Not even in a 5-star hotel. We were constantly asked if everything was okay, were we comfy, are we happy, and if a problem ever came up, they worked diligently to fix it and accommodate our needs. The teachers were amazing. Peeyush is the sweetest instructor you’ll ever meet and by far my favorite. Harri, the anatomy teacher was also a fave of mine. Every single instructor we had was very kind and extremely knowledgeable. I feel that I learned much more than I could’ve at home. Very grateful for the team there. Especially Gitansh and Palesh who took care of our every need. So glad I chose RNY.

Macha Molloy

from Ireland, January 2019

"Wonderful experience!"

I would highly recommend. Very simple living but everyone will take such good care of you, it really does feel like a family! The teachers are all fantastic and there is loads to learn regardless of how experienced you are.

Huynh Vi

from Vietnam, January 2019

"Good journey "

I love the place where we lived, high in the hill, next to the forest, have perfect view over Rishikesh and Ganga River. It's very quiet here. All the teachers really care and support all students. They teach us how to conduct a yoga class, explain and give alignment knowledge for many poses.

Khatera Hakimi

from France, November 2018

"Home Ambiance and Discipline with Love "

Firstly, I absolutely loved the warm welcome of each and every staff member of Rishikesh Nath Yogshala who treated us like their own family. Geetanj and Palesh to name a few were always there for all our needs during our stay of 28 days. The next most important factor of the school was the unbelievably knowledgeable and kind teachers in every single subject. My personal favorite classes were Philosophy with Sadhu Sri, who I wasn’t able to blink for even a second, not to miss a thing he teaches! Followed by anatomy with Harry, Ashtanga was a joyful experience with Peeyush and Hatha with Rajesh!! Actually each and every subject and teacher deserves a 10 out of 10! I learned so much and so grateful for this wonderful experience full of knowledge, discipline and self discovery into this vast world of Yoga.

Roos Steigenga

from El Salvador, October 2018

"Excellent experience"

My favorite teacher was for sure: Peejush. He was the ashtanga and alignment teacher for the September batch. He's very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and he pushes and inspires everyone around him. All the other teaches were very friendly and fun as well. The philosophy teacher was hard to follow because of his Indian accent and I didn't feel too comfortable to ask questions. But overall, I learned a lot and would recommend this school to everyone. The facilities are basic but the enthusiasm of all the people involved is worth every penny. They are very much involved with the well being of all the students. They will make sure that all the students will feel comfortable. And the classes aren't big, which is a big plus!

Nicole Jacobs

from Great Britain, October 2018

"Beautiful experience, beautiful people"

So many beautiful souls in one place. From the teachers to the organizers and even the wait staff, everyone took care of us with so much love. If ever there was anything that we felt we needed, weather it be to do with what we were learning in classes, food, health related issues, or suggestions for things unrelated to the school, all that was required was a conversation and they were happy to help an anyway they could. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable about the topic being studied (and also about India if you are planning travels afterwards) and very approachable. The rooms were lovely, air conditioned, and Nath Yogshala provided everything you may need (bedding, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, and soap). The food was always delicious, organic, and healthy. Dietary restrictions were taken care of. The yoga hall was an amazing space, always available to us and with beautiful views of the Himalayan foot hills. Overall I am SO SO pleased with my choice to do my 200h YTT here and I hope that the 300h is available soon! So many stories and memeories shared between us all. I leave a little piece of my heart at Rishikesh Nath Yogshala.

Ann Soe

from United Arab Emirates, October 2018

"An amazing month with new family "

I absolutely enjoyed my one month in Rishikesh Nath Yogshala. There wasn’t a single dull day there. The school is great, the staffs, the teachers are amazing, and I’ve made so many new friends from all the around the world. It was really eye opening learning more in-depth about yoga from the traditional point of view, and to be able to do the pranayama cleansing and practice asanas every single day while also learning about anatomy and philosophy, and meditating too. It may sound intense but it was a really nice routine that you would get use to after a few days. Also, I would like to mention that Gitansh (our big brother!) goes out of his way to meet all of our needs while we were there so our stay and experience was really pleasant. The weekend excursions were great too! We were also lucky to have had three birthday celebrations in our short one month (yay!!). I seriously recommend Rishikesh Nath Yogshala to anyone who’s reading this and I assure you, you will not regret your decision. Thank you Gitansh, thank you Rishikesh Nath Yogshala and all the staffs, teachers, and fellow batch mates for the wonderful months. I love my newly found Indian family!

Cecilia Mesina

from Chile, March 2019

"Experiencia de Chilenos"

Fue increíble, mejor de lo que esperaba. El staff del hotel siempre atentos a nuestras necesidades, las actividades organizadas maravillosas. Los profesores (son varios) excelentes, siento que me llevo una enseñanza muy completa.

Miriam Cosentino Malheiro

from Switzerland, January 2019

"A Truly Memorable Time..💭🌷💕🌸"

The experience I had in Rishikesh Nath Yogshala school was so, oh so unique...💭🌄

How could I explain it?

It felt like a blink of an eye, yet it left the knowledge of centuries..

It went by so fast, yet it will stay for so long..

It passed, yet it remains inside..✨💫🌻

I came with no expectations, and I am going full of inspiration now, motivation, and a fundament to continue with what I have always wanted to do.🌱🍃🌿

Thanks to whom?💐🌷

Thanks to all the teachers, namely Sadhuji, Peeyushji, Rajeshji, Hariji, Saajanji, Yogshri, Swamiji Muktananda, who beautifully, patiently shared their knowledge. Who had words to speak, and ears to listen.🌊

Thanks to the workers of Rishikesh Nath Yogshala - Krishna, Palesh, Geetansh, Anup, Ashish, Radha - who made me feel most welcomeand who had a great, big heart to feel.🌹

And to all the students, who had one hand to share and the other hand to help.🌎

I recommend Rishikesh Nath Yogshala to everyone who

...carries warmth inside and wants to share it

...feels cold inside and seeks for heat

...loves the sound of silence

...knows that silence is the loudest sound

...feels thirst for information, be it anatomical, physiological, philosophical, spiritual or technical

...enjoys nourishing, colorful food made with love.

I thank everyone for the beautiful time we’ve spent together. For making the magic happen, together. And living what I call life.✨💫

...Be sure that you’ll be mentionned to my grandchildren, one day.😉

Paloma Marina Guzmán Avila

from Mexico, November 2018

"La experiencia más cálida, completa y auténtica en yoga."

La escuela es asombrosa. Todos los maestros son muy calificados y se nota el amor que tienen para compartir su conocimiento. Las clases de Ashtanga, Hatha y Pranayama con muy completas y te enseñan teoría y práctica aplicada todo el tiempo. El coordinador (Gitansh.) del grupo fue muy atento en todo momento y se aseguró de que nuestra estancia no tuviera inconvenientes. Las excursiones de fines de semana fueron muy divertidas y culturales. Asistimos a ceremonias y templos y nos explicaron cada cosa para que viviéramos una experiencia auténtica. La comida es vegetariana y muy rica y nutritiva, con ingredientes locales.

Definitivamente recomiendo Rishikesh Nath Yogshala si quieres llegar a un lugar y sentirte como en casa. Todos nos convertimos en una familia y los tendré en mi corazón por siempre.