Comunidad OmShanti is a home providing yoga retreats, where families meet and share their own beautiful being contributing in this way to make a better world.

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4 Day Yoga, Meditation, and Relaxing in Barcelona Mountains

October | December | January | February, 2020–2021
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4 Day Yoga and Detox Retreat in Barcelona Mountains

Available in December, January & February
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Boris Carrol

Floris Adriaenssens

Romina Tidoni

Sarah Mullins

Reviews (268)


from Netherlands, February 2020

"This place has some issues and is overpriced"

I deeply respect the yoga lifestyle and I love going on a pure, simple, yet delightful retreat after some earlier good experiences with bookyogaretreats. Omshanti advertises itself as delightful destination. Just note that this might not be as professional as you would like it to be. The place is not a business, but a community run by volunteers, some of them kids and not all of them qualified or certified. So if you go there do not expect customer service, nor a professional vegan chef, nor a professional cleaner and no nice garden, but rather someone who asks you the first minute you step in "did you bring the money?" If you do not mind paying 20 Euro's extra for a 5-minute ride tothe station before 10 a.m. this is a good place for you. Also, if you do not mind drinking tea from nondescript cheap teabags and Nescafe (bah!) and wash your own dishes in dirty water in the kitchen - go for t! This all enhances the commuity feel they say at Omshanti. This might be okay if they charged you 30 bucks a night. However, they make you pay 150 Euro at least for a private room with shared bathroom. If you like that: go for it! What is more, if you like the "garden" to display unkempt (not charming) plants and grass, smelly compost, tents and caravans and dry toilets for the volunteers - give it a shot.


from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Wonderful retreat!"

The house was beautiful and spacious, and the people friendly and welcoming. The food was absolutely fantastic - wholesome and delicious. The whole atmosphere of the retreat was peaceful. Each yoga instructor had their own style and I loved the variety and exposure to different types of yoga. Really excellent value for money too!


from France, January 2020

"Overall good experience "

The community is very welcoming and the quality of the sessions and food were good.

Natalie Collins

from Denmark, January 2020

"Relaxing yoga & meditation in beautiful location"

All the teachers are fantastic, super friendly and welcoming and they really know their stuff! I was really able to deepen and expand my practice whilst here.

The food was nutritious, delicious and made with love, I really liked how much food there was for vegan and gf people, it made my life a lot easier.

The house is incredibly beautiful and set in an amazing, mystical location overlooking the mountains. It was a great place to get some welcome winter sun.


from France, January 2020

"I would love (and planning) to return to Omshanti...Namaste"

1. The overall atmosphere of kindness and benevolence.

2. The food is generous, healthy and tasty

3. The location: In the nature but with the security of not being completely remote


from United Kingdom, November 2019

"The retreat itself was amazing!!! "

The workshops were fabulous as was the morning meditation and yoga sessions. All of the staff are incredibly beautiful people and every meal was delicious!!!

Annegret Arnold

from Germany, November 2019

"feels like home"

they wrote me welcome to your new home, and it really feels like. I had very good experiences with this nice people there, with yoga and meditation.

I loved the delicious food, healthy with lot of thankful respect to mother nature. Will come back !

Alana Smythe

from Australia, November 2019

"Awesome location friendly people new experiences"

I had a terrace room and it was amazing! So beautiful to chill in the sun and stare at the mountains. Interesting to learn different yoga practices. Everyone so lovely and friendly! No pressure to do everything and participate if you don’t feel up to it. Lovely retreat to de-stress. Thanks 🙏

Andrew Stevenson

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"An unforgettable experience, in a good way"

The location is so peaceful and the classes are really diverse and very well delivered. Super superfood. Lovely people. Plenty of downtime for walking.

Rachelle Foster

from Spain, October 2019

"Transformative experience "

The instructors are teachers of the highest degree. They are gracious and patient in their teaching of the practices and I feel like I've been spiritually born since staying with Omshanti. The community environment is also tremendously healing. Recommend to everyone. My mother is even going in a month's time because she cannot believe the tranformation that has occurred in my wellbeing as a result of being with Omshanti. These types of places will be the saving grace for humanity.

Lucas Desmurs

from Germany, October 2019

"A wonderful place to do your retreat"

II loved everything about my stay. The content of the classes, the atmosphere, the rooms, the people, the food, the instructors... I really had a blast and would totally recommend it.

Isabelle Jacquemart

from France, October 2019

"The second time I come and I enjoy it a lot !"

The place, the food , the people , the fact that if you do not want to join a class you can skip , having the freedom to do what you want .. I came back with lots of energy !


from Spain, September 2019

"Yoga Break in a quiet spot in a lovely house"

I really loved the location and the house was beautiful. The yoga instructors were friendly and helpful in general. The classes were good.

Nina Sharma

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Brill place"

Everything was great at this yoga retreat, the lovely people the yoga the food and location


from Netherlands, September 2019

The location is amazing. Gorgeous views, the house is excellent. I cannot think of a more beautiful house to stay at for a yoga retreat. I stayed in the canvas tent in the garden, which was a beautiful experience. The beds in the canvas tent were comfy, the mattrasses were good. The outdoor shower was beautiful with that view!

The surroundings offer a good opportunity for some hiking.

Our group was great, we had beautiful bonding experience.

Instructor Davina was an excellent teacher. She was able to connect with the group, and make the group feel very safe: something that allowed us to open up and be vulnerable. She has great energy and gives it her all to make it a special session. She also is a great massage therapist.

Volha Zhuk

from Belarus, September 2019

"Magical place and beautiful souls"

It is an amazing place full of good vibes and beautiful souls. I like everything: yoga & meditation practice, friendly people, delicious vegan food, discovering surroundings, beautiful masia with wonderful views to the mountains. I enjoyed a lot to stay there and I felt like a member of a yoga family. Hope to be back one day and see you all :) Thanks a lot!! Muchas gracias tor todo!! Pura magia este lugar :)

Abrazos, Oly

Daniel Danielsson

from Sweden, July 2019

"Real people offering a real experience with real yoga"

What impressed me the most was the teachers and staff. How genuinely engaged they where in the practice and deeply rooted in the spiritual tradition of yoga. This permeated their teaching and their being in a way that made my stay in OmShantiBacelona and practicing yoga and meditation a restful, supportive and rejuvenating experience that has stayed with me since. The food was wonderful, tasty, rich, fresh and made with love. I had a wonderful big room with balcony and mountain view that I enjoyed very much.


from Norway, June 2019

Beautiful place right outside Barcelona. High quality yoga teachers, excellent vegan/vegetarian food. Had a couple of very relaxing days here. Will be back.

Hayley Harrison

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"This is a special place for transformation"

The teaching is a really high standard. The community is coming from the heart. I felt supported and nourished. The food was great and perfect to support the practices. As soon as I arrived a felt a shift starting and left feeling much lighter when I left. The birdsong and quiet was also lovely. The people are really nice and it’s the first community I’ve come across that’s coming from the heart. The teachings offer something for everyone and it’s very varied. Theres so much on offer that if you don’t feel like doing something it felt ok to miss it. There’s a lot to be learned here whatever level your practice is at. I would suggest trying to do it all to get the most out of it if only going for a few days. After just 4 days I feel fit and my energy was really high when I left. I felt connected to the place and the people and I’ll be going back again for sure. Thank you everyone at OM Shanti 🙏🌈😊

Elliot James

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"I haven't been so relaxed in years! "

Excellent Yoga classes, meditation, activities, walks AND time to just rest.

Excellent food.

Beautiful surroundings.

Fellow guests were lovely people and meal times led to great conversation.

Lyndy Jacquot

from France, June 2019

The food was excellent, great variety and well prepared. The yoga room was airy and spacious. Even with a fairly full room it didn’t feel too crowded.

The people were obviously very nice.

Julie Settle

from United States, June 2019

"Beautiful Barcelona "

The gorgeous views from our balcony,

The tasty food

The fantastic Yoga sessions

The Cave Trek

The Massage

Lovely People


from Croatia, June 2019

"amazing experience"

Om Shanti is a magical place. such an incredible experience. time seems to slow down almost immediately and relaxing seeps into your bones quickly. everyone that works/volunteers there was so warm and welcoming. the food was surprisingly amazing. the meditations, breath exercises, and yoga classes were top notch. I will definitely be back. only thing they need to continue working on is the small details such as more furniture for sitting and relaxing inside, plumbing fixtures, etc. this is minor issue and doesn't take away from the overall once in a lifetime experience

Natalia Anastasova

from Germany, May 2019

"perfect place for self-reflection, a harmonious atmosphere"

Location of OmShanti home is wonderful, away from the city noise. House was spacious, full of light and kind energy, surrounded by the forest - a perfect place for self-reflection, detox, a complete recharge with sunshine and love. There were few yoga and meditation instructors, so everyone of us could find a common language for guidance to inner self and to balance of self with the outer world. A big part of the experience depends on yourself, but OmShanti made me feel at home and at peace with myself very quickly, i left with more light and love in my heart. I hope to be back one day. Thank you, Peace and Love to everyone.

Duygu Tarhan

from Ireland, May 2019

"Best Decision Ever!"

It’s a magical place with magical people.

The quality of the yoga and the meditation sessions is so good. Highly recommended for the ones who are willing to relax, chill and looking for more self discovery.

Patricia Eve

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Bonding with my daughter"

My daughter and I were looking to spend some time together before she is off to Singapore for a gap year. We chose Omshanti coz of its location easy to get to and arrival/departure dates were flexible. We both felt in love with the place instantly when we got there as well the staff around us were very warming and welcoming. My daughter is not 100% into yoga but she enjoyed the nature, fresh air and delicious vegan food. As for me, yoga classes were great , a big gratitude to Boris, Davina and the lovely lady ( sorry forgot her name) they all brought something amazing to the class. I learnt new techniques/spiritual side as well and love the meditation before bed time. Also a big thank you to Rashid and Evan for taking us to and from the station. Thanking Evan for the trek showing us the old church and waterfall . Lastly I love the delicious moreish cacao balls made by Boris. I highly recommended it. It was so popular that it was gone so quickly. Also thank you Davina for the wonderful massage. My daughter and I spent a precious quality time together. We did not argue at all which was great ha ha ha

Hazel Ansell

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"So glad I’ve found this retreat!! "

This was the 2nd time I have been as I love it so much! The house is so peaceful and relaxing, the staff are just so lovely and kind people and all the yoga and workshops are great! I don’t do yoga normally so it’s able for everyone!

I’ve been through a very stressful time and needed some me time and it was life changing as I gained a new perspective and let go a lot so I would highly recommend this place!


from Portugal, April 2019

Adorei a comida, apesar de não ser "Allan you can eat" pois a comida é dividida entre os hóspedes e funcionários e por vezes é pouca quantidade. A qualidade do yoga e dos workshops é muito acima da média, vale a pena pelo yoga.

A casa esta numa localidade linda, e é possível fazer passeios a pé muito divertidos.

Karly Moore

from United Kingdom, April 2019

"Can't recommend Om Shanti enough"

Stunning people, location, food, everything was beautiful. It's a little loving community, amazing teachers and workshops, can't wait to go back

Eimear Hannigan

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"A wonderful experience in every way! "

The beautiful location, the kindness and commitment of the teachers, the variety of the classes and workshops... I am so grateful for my time here and I left feeling renewed, energised and peaceful.


from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Very warm and peaceful experience "

Lovely pace, warm and welcoming, plenty of space as well as structure. Very much appreciated the spiritual / self connection focus of the yoga, and also challenging enough physically.

Truly fabulous massage from Alba. Again, a great mix of technical and spiritual.

Davina also excellent as yoga teacher - not on the list so may not be qualified ? but really very good.

Paula Street

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Four Day Stay March 2019"

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... I've been practicing for six months and found the yoga and workshops excellent. The accommodation setting is beautiful, the food divine and all the instructors marvellous.

Gretha Brandt

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Just what I needed! "

What an amazing experience to have been able to spend a few days in this piece of paradise. Everything from the welcome, to the beautiful food, surroundings, yoga and meditation classes was just perfect. I'll definitely be back to recharge my batteries again in the near future. Thank you each and every one of you that made it so very special.

Jamima Grossett

from United Kingdom, February 2019

I cannot put into words, how grateful I am for the days I spent at OmShanti. I have been guided to Light, the light within myself and in everything!

How beautiful, beyond words. Healing and cleansing. I'll never forget my days here.

Follow your heart! If your heart is drawn to OmShanti, come!


from United States, February 2019

"I had an amazing time out for my brithday."

I have spend almost 4 days at Omshanti and had a beautiful experience there. Not only it is located just under a forrest, and i could have a hike everyday but also the food and the staff are very welcoming and giving. I decided go there for my birthday and the staff and my super nice co-retreaters baked a cake for me. I just came back and feel restored and happy that I went.

Sharon Kieran

from United States, February 2019

"Wow from an Irish Girl connecting with her truth"

I had the most wonderdul 4 day retreat with Om Shanti in January 2019. The location is absolutely stunning,the house and surroundings are amazing and well maintained. Its so peaceful and quiet. Staff were super friendly and helpful with an abundance of experience with yoga and meditation. It really is a lovely community of like minded people. The food was out of this world. There wasn't one meal I didn't like. Plenty of options for food,vegan, vegetarian and dairy/gluten free. There is plenty of yoga and meditation classes but there is alot of free time allowed to explore or to have your own quiet time and do as you like. English spoken to very high standard. Well worth the cost. I learned invaluable lessons that I will take with me forever and I will definitely visit again. I am closer to being at one with my true nature and my heart is wide open. Thank you to all and om shanti, I had a wonderful time. Ommmmmmmmm.


from United Kingdom, January 2019

"A wonderful, peaceful, kind break"

Om Shanti is the most wonderful place and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to go there. The landscape is beautiful and the owners and volunteers are so kind and attentive. The food was incredible, colourful and plentiful. The schedule was perfect, allowing plenty of time to work on yoga and media techniques as well as free time to relax or hike around the beautiful area. The house is gorgeous and has lots of character. The highlight for me was the daily workshops which were so special.

Chloe Scott-moncrieff

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"Mind blowing"

I booked this place on a whim. Wow, I'm so grateful I stumbled upon it. For anyone wanting to reconnect with yourself, or nature - the surrounding mountains and walks are incredible - this is heaven on earth.

Rather than dynamic western practice with 2min meditation tagged on at the end, there was a heavy emphasis on spiritual, holistic yoga. I didn't miss the former as this nudged me into new territory. I've returned home so relaxed and happy. It’s been the most intense, beautiful experience.

Then there's the house itself. I'd come here alone for it. It's all lofty ceilinged rooms with sunlight pouring in, rugs, and grandiose brown antique furniture.

The place is 400 years old and oozes character. Even the doors are handsome and ornate, I couldn't stop admiring them!

The beds are comfy, heaving with duvets. Everything so clean. There were cosy wood burning fires and radiators humming away. I didn't need my hotwater bottle.

To me, the experience seemed generous & “value for money” compared to other places I looked at. I could easily have spent similar on accommodation at a B&B - without the nonstop flow of food and yoga and meditation workshops.

Finally, those vegan meals - LOVED every single one o them.

My review is gushing, I know, but I can’t give this place and these brilliant people who run it a bad word. They’ve moved me to the core, they're fabulous. I'll be back.

Huge thanks Om Shanti xx

Sandra Nam

from United Kingdom, January 2019

The workshop and the healing.

Patricia Terrer-perez

from United Kingdom, January 2019

"A peaceful gem in the Catalonian mountains "

We just finished a 4-day retreat with Comunidad Om Shanti over the Christmas period. We have been amazed at how welcoming all staff is there, and want to thank David, Romina and all the hard-working volunteers for all their efforts to make our stay a very memorable one.

The house is very picturesque and full of old Spanish charm, with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The location is quiet and very convenient for trekking activities and reconnecting with nature.

The food provided daily was varied and delicious, as well as quite creative. There wasn't a single meal where we didn't want to try everything!

There was a daily activity programme including yoga, meditation y other workshops and crafts, and we loved to participate in all of them, due to the enthusiasm and kindness of the teachers. The last day we decided to have a massage as well, and we are very thankful to Joyce's kindness and professional massage, she's a very accomplished masseuse.

Overall it was a fantastic experience and we would love to return in the future. Highly recommended to anyone seeking inner and outer peace and serenity, in beautiful surroundings, and within a very nurturing community.

Thank you Comunidad Om Shanti!

Hannah Teare

from United States, December 2018


Everyone was very friendly, it was very easy to get to from the center of Barcelona. The house and the surroundings were beautiful, the food was AMAZING and so tasty and healthy and catered for my veganism. The workshops were life changing, omshanti has a very big place in my heart and i will be returning very soon!


from United Kingdom, November 2018

"My treasure memory❤❤❤❤"

I loved absolutely EVERYTHING❤❤❤

I do not do yoga normally so it was quite intense to be honest but I think I will follow my yoga practice after this AMAZING experience at Om Shanti.

Loved food (super yummy and healthy), loved nature around, loved the people high spirited joiners of this retreat, loved the cozy and super clean house, loved the program and loved the kindness and care from staffs in Om Shanti.

David, Romina thank you so much for everything and my friend and I have had such a wonderful and lovely time with you all😃😃😃

Till see you next time!!!


Thank you


James Ash

from Turkey, November 2018

"Lovely retreat feeling content"

The peace and tranquillity. People were lovely and schedule really nice

Votu Eruotor

from Spain, November 2018

"Don't be afraid of change"

The aura of the like minded people who were there the same time as me. I instantly felt like I was with my family. I was very appreciative of the opportunity to meet so many people.

I will also never forget the yoga session with Romina. It was invigorating. It was so 'out of the box' different


from Israel, November 2018

"Recommend strongly for all ages"

I found everyone in the home to be open, warm and very respectful. The classes were inclusive for all types and the location and accommodations were beautiful! The volunteers and staff were very attentive and friendly. I have allergies and they were super accommodating, helpful and made my stay at Omshanti relaxing and pleasant. Will def visit again!

Lorri Considine

from United States, November 2018

"Glad I went would not go back"

The people were lovely both those running the program and the other guests. The setting was magnificent. The yoga classes and workshops were very good, much to offer there.

Anu Harila

from Sweden, November 2018


Wonderful people, exellent food and warm atmosphere!

I would definitly go there again!


from United Kingdom, November 2018

"Wasn’t what I thought it would be but took some positives "

I was looking for a break from work as Work has been super stressful, pushing me beyond my limits. The main things for me was to relax, re-energise and get back to myself.

At Omshanti there were many things I loved:

- the food was fresh,healthy, vegetarian/vegan, delicious and abundant

- David stood out to me as an instructor, he led my favourite meditation and yoga experience of my stay and I thought he had lovely energy.

- the scenery surrounding the house was unbelievably beautiful, and there are opportunities to go for peaceful walks in the sunshine.

- I would never have visited this town if it wasn’t for this resort and it was really a treat and so different to the fast paced city life I am used to in London

- I loved the workshop where we were paired up and used each other’s bodies to do the poses. I realised it had been some time since I’d connected with anyone in that way and it broke down a few barriers for me.

- it was surprisingly warm because of the heaters despite reviews that had said otherwise

- comfortable bed


from United Kingdom, October 2018

"An excellent 4 day yoga retreat "

Everything was wonderful- the house, the community, the food and the teaching. We had a really great 4 days and would love to return one day!

Elle Neilsen

from Netherlands, September 2018

"4 days of bliss."

A beautiful home filled with the most positive, caring and loving energy. The food prepared by the team was delicious and refreshing. I slept away from the house in the Yurk, was a rewarding and truly accomplishing stay. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thankyou you to every beautiful soul I met here, from teachers to other guests, my short time was everything i needed for that moment in my journey. I will be back for longer next time, 4 days wasn't nearly enough. Love and happiness, always.


from United Kingdom, September 2018

The location was amazing, the people (other guests) were very friendly and the majority of staff were very friendly and welcoming. The yoga classes were very good.

Denisa Marinescu

from Spain, September 2018

"A wonderful, peaceful experience"

Everything was just wonderful, communication seamless and the activities were full of positivity and great energy, On top of all this, the food was divine, vegan, healthy and cooked with love, the house is very clean and welcoming. There's hammocks, books and nice trekking trails. Wholeheartedly recommend Om Shanti. Will definitely go back.

Becky Houlihan

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"A place to find peace"

Everyone was so helpful and friendly. The classes were excellent. The food was amazing. Please send a million thankyou’s!

Sarita Devi Nahar

from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Om Shanti is a Beautiful place to help re-set yourself"

This was my first yoga retreat and I was really pleased!! The accommodation is beautiful, the ambience is tranquil and the location breath-taking, words can’t really do it justice. The whole energy in the house is grounding and the staff as a whole are very warm, welcoming and helpful, I loved the schedule its perfectly planned; initially I thought it was going to be too much but it wasn’t at all, you can take part in as much as you need to, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience; the food is fresh, wholesome and nourishing and every meal time was a delight!

The vision and dedication of the Om Shanti community is admirable, they’ve created a very special place indeed!! I think I’ve found my re-set place in Europe!! I’ll definitely be returning!!


from United Kingdom, September 2018

"Peaceful & rejuvenating experience"

The environment, the people and the food.

Rhonda Mccutcheon

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"My frist yoga retreat experience"

I would defiantly recommend it! The staff/teachers was friendly and welcoming.The food was prepared from scratch for every meal. Location stunning !

Victoria Victoria

from United Kingdom, July 2018

Clear instructions were really helpful. Going at my own pace and capability was really emphasised.Being able to take walks in the beautiful forest and swim in the lake was such a bonus. Staying in such a beautiful monastery was very special too. It was really helpful to be picked up and dropped off at the train station.

Emily Ellery

from United States, July 2018

"Beautiful rustic location and wonderful hosts"

Warm welcoming hosts who make you feel like part of a family. Breathtaking scenery and an amazing building to stay and practise yoga in.

Carmen Alcañiz

from Spain, July 2018

"Amazing retreat "

From the moment you arrive at the station they make everything in their hands in order for you to feel relaxed and connected with yourself and nature.

The food is incredibly good.

Mari Oliveira

from Netherlands, May 2018


I loved the atmosphere in the place. The volunteers welcome you with so much warmth that you immediately feel at home.

Yoga classes are only in the mornings, but it's quite powerful and a great way to start the day. The morning follows with free time to go hiking and discover the beautiful locations in the surroundings. Afternoons are chilled, with different workshops taking place, which was nice for diversity.

I absolutely adored the volunteers, the other guests, the house (super beautiful, clean and well maintained), the food (which is made with so much love!)...

The only down side was having to leave :)

Umakant Dave

from United Kingdom, May 2018

Wonderful positive atmosphere with very supportive staff.

Lucy Ledger

from Australia, May 2018

"Peaceful Om shanti retreat in sant Martí de centelles"

I loved how welcoming the karmic yogis were (special thanks to joe for helping me out with my jammed lock on luggage!) and I loved the peaceful spaces in and outside the house. The views were amazing and added to the serenity.

Paul Crudgington

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Om Shanti. A haven you need to visit!!"

All of the staff at Om Shanti are extremely kind and welcoming, I felt at home straight away! The food is amazing, fresh every day. But the best thing for me was the perfect balance between the yoga and meditation and free time to explore the surrounding area, or simply relax in a hammock. I have never felt more relaxed!!

Christine Verheyleweghen

from France, May 2018

The schedule was on point and the quality of the teaching was excellent, the handmade food was out of this world!

Karen Barclay

from United Kingdom, May 2018

Wonderful experience in a beautiful setting . Yoga and meditation excellent , great teachers each had their own style making it equally enjoyable . As were the workshops , interesting and informative

Joyce provided me with an excellent massage

Such a welcoming environment with lovely people David & Romina and the volunteers , nothing was too much trouble .

Really enjoyed the food , great selection of home cooked vegan/ vegetarian food so fresh and healthy

Cassie-ann Craik

from Ireland, May 2018

Pros: Great Location, complete nature cliff surroundings.

Great Food - Veggie options

Great Meditation Education & Yoga

Alyssa Mac Donald

from Spain, May 2018

"An Absolutely Amazing Experience "

This was my first yoga retreat and I must say my experience at Om Shanti was better than I could have ever expected. From the moment I walked in the door I felt a wave of love and peace wash over me. All the volunteers there are amazing and accepting people. You are treated as a family member from the second you arrive. The house was old and beautiful. It felt very peaceful and there were many places to relax and hangout. Everything was sparkling clean and I felt very comfortable. The food was incredible. Everything homemade at the house. I am vegan and they were happy to accomodate my dietary needs. The yoga and meditation sessions were very healing and relaxing. The workshops were informative and very useful. The house is surrounded by mountains and there are many beautiful hikes, such as a cave and waterfall. I spent one of the sunny days laying in the outdoor hammock and hiking and the rainy day I spent in the amazing living room reading and painting. I connected instantly with the other guests and felt like a big family. This experience was incredible and will stay with me forever. I wish I could have stayed longer than 4 days. I hope to return to Om Shanti in the near future!

Yana Karadjova

from Spain, May 2018

This place was magical. The scenery was incredible and the people were magical. I have never felt more at home. I really enjoyed the yoga- I typically practice a power vinyasa style but here I learned a lot more about yoga Nidra a slightly slower and more purposeful flow. I really enjoyed learning and I was exposed to far more meditation than ever before which I am tankful for.

Scott Dropinski

from United States, May 2018

"Amazing! And the food is even better!"

Really great place. The food was sooo health and sooo good! Beautiful location and easy to get to from BCN or Barcelona! You will love it

Samir Patki

from United Kingdom, May 2018

"Excellent retreat"

Superb place, Supern teachers, awesome experience. As soon as you enter the house, you can feel the positive energy. David was exceptional. I had few walks wirh him. It was really good chatting to him. Food.. unbelievable simple, made with lots of love...very tasty. All classes were great. Overall top experience. Will surely go back.

Samuel Nixon

from Norway, April 2018


Everything was great! Worth every penny and will go back in the future

Paulina Gacek

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Lovely Experience!"

I absolutely enjoyed my 4 days at OmShanti and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reconnect with yourself in a beautiful place with beautiful and loving people around! We started our days with a session of yoga and meditation followed by a delicious breakfast. After breakfast or lunch we normally went for a 2-3h hike in the mountains (amazing views and so much to discover!). In the afternoon there was always a very interesting workshop - every day it was different - relaxation, yoga anatomy, meditation...

I met some amazing people, the atmosphere was great and all homemade meals were delicious. I really hope I will be able to come back again soon!

Thank you so much for this lovely experience OmShanti Team!

Paula Dixon

from Spain, April 2018

"Loved loved loved it"

From arriving at this most spectacular buildings in a breath taking location, this when experience was fantastic. I an new to yoga but that didn't matter, there was a mixture of abilities but as you are told this is your own personal journey. The team are welcoming, warm and very experienced. It literally feels like home within a few hours. I met some fantastic people I will stay in touch with. I have to mention the food. How they managed to produce such high quality, tasty, healthy food in abundance everyday I dont know. Never had a bad me and we all couldn't wait to eat and refuel on the healthy offerings. I told Sarah and Boris on many occasions they must write a cookbook, I know we would have all bought one. I will continue with my yoga and meditation journey and have since I left a few days ago. Totally inspiring, experienced, welcoming lovely people in a setting that will literally leave you staring in disbelief. I can't wait to return but for longer next time.

Sarah Gallacher

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Short relaxing break "

Fantastic location, beautiful surroundings, once we found our way it was very easy to get to from the airport, everyone was very inviting, yoga classes were fantastic always very different and meditation was also great (however a little early to start!), food was home cooked everyday and always different with was lovely!

Nadia Berrouayel

from United States, April 2018

"Highly recommended "

The place is nice, the hosts are very welcoming , the nature is great. The workshops are very interesting ... Great break !

Nanna Keeling

from Sweden, April 2018

"A little paradise "

Tranquil and soulful. Kind and heartfelt service. Much love and care for nature and its creations. Clean and tidy. Simply amazing. I will be undoubtedly going back. Located in the heart of nature with a great many paths to hike, walk and run along. Perfect.


from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Amazing retreat"

This was my first experience at a yoga retreat and I didn’t know what to expect before coming here.

I had the most incredible time. The food was delicious, very comfortable beds and lots of great chilling out areas meant I was able to completely relax and connect with myself on this trip. The morning yoga was amazing and I really enjoyed the workshops. The surrounding nature is beautiful and there are lots of walking trails to explore. We had a lot of free time between organised activities which suited me.

Nicky Case

from United States, April 2018

"Life detox"

One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. The team were incredibly warm and welcoming. It was really well organised, with the daily schedule in reception, but still chilled. I enjoyed the great selection of veggie dishes for every meal plus the lovely company and roaring fire.

Although there different teachers each day, it was always Hatha and each extended it uniquely. I learned more breathing and meditation techniques, like yoga nidra. Best part was the Spring Equinox celebration, loved it!

Bridget Mclemore

from Spain, March 2018

"B McLemore"

The energy of the home was fantastic, as well as all the staff. Everyone was so kind and made me feel right at home.

Corey Schuster

from Spain, March 2018

"A life reset"

OmShanti for me was not a retreat, but rather a coming back home. From the moment I arrived, I felt just love, compassion and acceptance by both the fellow guests and volunteers. Love just oozes from all corners of this place via the classes, food and talks. It was the perfect place to embrace the inner and outer stillness that I was looking for. The volunteers are real people who work continuously with grace and devotion for the home and the community. I didn't know what I was looking for when I booked the retreat, but most definitely found it while I was there. Thank you, OmShanti, for the work you're doing in our community by spreading love and peace. I truly hope our paths cross again soon.

Sonia Fleming

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Excellent yoga and guided meditation"

Great instruction and supported practice.


from France, March 2018

"Exactly what I needed"

The people living there are beautiful and welcoming

The visitors where also great

The place is cozy clean and beautiful

The food was amazing

Christian Murguia

from United Kingdom, March 2018

"Perfect retreat for yoga and relaxation"

- The people: the instructors and everyone in the house were so kind and always willing to help, very welcoming. It really felt like I was home!

- The location: this was an incredible highlight for me, the house is a fantastic place, always clean and very spacious, common areas had fireplaces and one could simply enjoy the views and the nature around the house or go for hikes with great nature all around!

- The food: an amazing array of delicious home made vegetarian food. I couldn't believe when I tried so many different meals, I was really surprised by the variety and most importantly the quality of the food, ranging from soups, home made bread and fruits. I simply loved it!

- The yoga and meditation classes: the amount of time spent on yoga and meditation were absolutely on point. We practised different types of yoga and this made the experience really enriching.

This has been the first time I participated in a retreat like this and I felt the time I spent was incredibly worth. With no hesitation I recommend Omshanti to anyone who wants to experience a unique retreat that combines yoga, meditation and free time, always surrounded by great people and nature. A massive thanks to Boris, Sarah, Ana, Ivan, Joyce, Janneke and April for being so amazing. I'd love to come back!


from United Kingdom, March 2018

Fantastic staff, fantastic weather, delicious food, lovely accommodation and a lovely location. Exactly the sort of break I was after!

Thanks again :)

- Clare. T

Penny Brook

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"Bliss "

Never have I felt so welcomed by people I have never met. Felt like coming home to a family. Fantastic location, amazing food, calming atmosphere, lots of options of things to do.

Stephanie Gibb

from United States, January 2018

"A loving & welcoming home away from home :) "

This retreat is the perfect place to relax and recuperate - As soon as I arrived at the beautiful house in its stunning surroundings I felt at home. This house is bursting with Love and joy, you can feel it straight away.

The community of people that run this place are just beautiful humans inside and out and are extremely accommodating. The yoga and meditation sessions were very attentive as the group was small. The food delicious and with great variety and the walks into the forest were just perfect.

This is the ideal place to come to get away from it all, take some you time and connect with nature. The schedule is enough but not full on so plenty of time to nap/read/walk/chat ect.

Overall a great experience and amazing value for money!

Thank you OM Shanti for your warm hospitality! :)

Tore Rørbæk

from Denmark, January 2018

"Great! "

Beautyful surroundings! Nice people and VALUE FOR MONEY!

Marcela Paladino

from United Kingdom, January 2018

"The place is magical "

Everything was perfect. The house which is from the 11th century (!) is just so beautiful and it makes the whole experience even more special. The location - in the middle of nature - is just a blessing. Everyone is extremely nice and they make you feel as part of a family. Yoga practice is great but it’s beginners levels (which for me was perfect) but if you’re a pro you may find it too easy. The food is vegan and super delicious; they cook with love. The workshops are very interesting.

Overall just perfect experience. Highly recommend this place.

Emily Bliven

from Germany, January 2018

"A good retreat from the the world, not too yoga-heavy"

The meditation sessions were good, house was amazing in the middle of nature, loved going on hikes everyday. The food was delicious. Very positive and warm friendly energy at the house. I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


from United Kingdom, January 2018

"Lovely people but cold!"

People all super nice and friendly. Food lovely and well prepared. Location beautiful. I did have a wonderful time as I was expecting a low frills experience. Cave meditation was a lovely bonus! Also liked evening activities of singing and painting etc

Shannen Li

from United States, December 2017

"Omshanti is pure bliss 🙏"

It's such a beautiful retreat, everything is amazing, truly positive and loving vibes all round

Caitlin Grey

from United States, December 2017

Beautiful house, warm volunteers, nice meals, nice rooms, good yoga room, pretty setting

Katia Muscat

from Malta, November 2017

"An retreat that opens the heart "

The daily morning and afternoon workshops were perfect for healing.

The delicious meals were prepared with love.

The house itself is beautiful plenty of nature and fresh air.

The community living there are all so nice it was like being part of a family x


from United States, November 2017

"Retreat lacks experience design and professionalism"

I had a nice vacation at OmShanti. Location was beautiful, and the old house is stunning. Staff were mostly friendly and nice, although they seemed a bit undercommitted.

Anne Valerie Soler

from France, February 2020

"Paix intérieure et énergie"

L'accueil très chaleureux, la qualité des cours, l'emplacement avec une vue magnifique sur la vallée et la nourriture qui était délicieuse! Je n'ai rencontré que des gens adorables et j'ai également pu profiter de moment de solitude en me baladant dans la très belle nature qu'offrent les alentours.

Raquel Jimenez Castillo

from Spain, January 2020

"Experiencia gratificante "

El retiro superó con creces mis expectativas, tanto la masía, la comida como los monitores fueron excepcionales.

Esther Thomsen

from Germany, November 2019

"Reset für Körper und Geist in fantastischer Umgebung "

Das exzellente Essen. Morgens, Mittags, Abends. Immer mit Liebe zubereitet. Das Ambiente in der Anlage. Due zeitnahe Beantwortung von Anfragen. Die Nähe zur Natur. Kompetente und vielfältige Charaktere aus den verschiedensten Ländern der Welt als Yoga Lehrer. Im gesamten eine sehr herzliche Community. Die Vielfältigkeit im Angebot des Yoga. Es gab viel Neues für mich zu Erfahren (Devotional Singing,...). Die Möglichkeit auch Privatstunden zu nehmen, sowie das Angebot von Massagen und Extra Yoga Lektionen (Kundalini-Yoga).

Sophie Arzel

from France, November 2019

La découverte de différents types de yogas.

Le calme du lieu et la bienveillance de ses occupants.

Sophie Grandchamp

from Spain, November 2019

"Parfait pour déconnecter"

J'ai appris plusieurs techniques de méditation et découvert des styles de yoga que je ne connaissais pas. Les professeurs et les volontaires sont tous très gentils, l'ambiance générale est calme et agréable et les repas sont délicieux !

Dirk Reimold

from Germany, October 2019

Tolle Umgebung , sehr gute Kurse, toller Spirit

Marie Scheid

from United Kingdom, June 2019

"The perfect place"

Amazing location, lovely staff, great yoga and workshops, fantastic food and nice company. I simply loved it!

Eva Thomasz

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Beautifull place"

Really enjoyed my stay at the retreat, the house is very special, nature is beautiful and the people are friendly. The house is clean and there are a lot of nooks and crannies to relax. Also walking in nature is nice to do. I eat like a queen, all vegetarian/vegan, the food is cooked from fresh herbs from the garden. I enjoyed the yoga classes and meditation. they are accessible, but also knowledgeable.

Sonja Mueller

from Australia, June 2019

"Most beautiful house in an amazing location with lovely ppl"

I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the house and around the property. The building is huge and located in a remote area. There are plenty of hiding spots when you don't feel like socialising and plenty communal areas if you seek company. The vibe in the home is pretty relaxed and everyone seeks to have a good time. The food was excellent. Ever day the yoga and meditation sessions are run by a different person so you get to experience different teaching skills.

Arjen Tillema

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Lovely and great"

David has managed (together with his wife) to create a real nice environment for a great yoga and meditation experience. Beautiful setting. Many different trainers, which is nice. Positive attitude and atmosphere. David is a humble soft spoken person who radiates wisdom, although he would not acknowledge that. Fact that they also organize walks, have massage etc adds to the experience.

This is a basic place, do not expect luxury. The luxury is the setting and the people. And the beds are good enough :-)

Rosa Guerrero

from Spain, March 2019

"The perfect retreat to look after your body, mind and soul"

I liked it very much that each of the volunteers running the practices have their own style so that makes every experience very enriching and diverse. They usually focus in the spiritual side of yoga which for me was eye-opening and very much appreciated.

The food is amazing, so nourishing, you can tell is prepared with so much love every day.

The schedule is also perfect - you start the day with meditation and yoga before a delicious breakfast. Then you have time to either chill out or go for a hike in the surrounding area - there're different routes to the river, to a small waterfall and the caves. Lunch is again amazing and you can have it in the sun if the weather is nice. Time for a nap, or perhaps you want to treat yourself to a massage. There's always a workshop before dinner, and the evening meditation afterwards.

It's a big house located in a hill with view to the mountains in the opposite side. The town is a 20 min stroll in case you need to buy something.

I totally recommend this retreat.

Milagros Reyes

from Spain, March 2019

"Retiro para volver "

Me gustaron muchas cosas, la clases de yoga, cada dia haces con un profe diferente, la comida es riquisima!! y la cantidad perfecta, nunca me quede con hambre todo lo contrario, comi mucho!!! y todo muy sano, la casa y el entorno es muy lindo, las gente tambien.

Anais Valls

from Spain, March 2019

"Perfect place with The perfect people "

La vida en comunidad, el hecho de compartirlo todo y respetarse mutuamente. También la comida, yo no como carne y me encantó el menú de cada día.

Becky Mendoza

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Peace "

I can't select and review one instructor as they were all wonderful, they all had something different to offer. I felt comfortable from arrival, the rooms were clean and well kept. I truly got to disconnect, I didn't have to charge my phone for 3 days, it's a little haven. Totally enriching experience to be surrounded by a group of supportive and open minded people immersed in nature. The schedule was perfectly balanced and I left feeling renewed and restored. Thank you Om Shanti!

Elena Mayoral

from United Kingdom, February 2019

What an amazing experience! Thank you Omshanti. Brilliant house, brilliant location and a great team. Amazing classes and workshops. And what to say about the food!! Always so so good! There are not enough words to describe it. THANK YOU

Hanna Levy

from United States, January 2019

Fue una experiencia muy rica, estoy muy contenta.

Mireia Pascual

from Spain, January 2019

"Recomendable 100%"

Experiencia de 4 dias fantastica. Casa limpia, acojedora. Con espacios muy grandes (sala de yoga, comedor, sala lectura etc). Comida exquisita cada dia!! Fue un verdadero encuentro. Muy muy recomendable!!!

Myriam Fichter

from Spain, January 2019

"Experiencia enriquecedora al máximo"

Todo. Desde las instalaciones y sus espectaculares vistas, hasta las grandísimas personas q viven en la casa y se encargan de que te sientas en tu hogar, pasando por la extraordinaria comida y las clases de varios tipos de yoga donde experimentas contigo y con tu mente-cuerpo y aprendes a estar agradecido. Volveré sin duda alguna, es un lugar donde es taaan fácil permanecer, que no me hubiera ido.

Soraya Aguilera

from Spain, January 2019

"Ha sobrepasado mis expectativas."

El lugar, la casa es muy acojedora, la comida, la buena energia y motivación de todos, la profesionalidad de los profesores, todas y cada una de las actividades propuestas( con cada una he aprendido mucho. )

Nadège Morandi

from Switzerland, December 2018

"un havre de paix pour se retrouver et se remettre en forme"

méditations, yoga et workshops délicieux et variés. adaptés à tous et axés aussi bien sur le corps que l'esprit les émotions et les énergies

Maria Fernanda Spadini

from Spain, December 2018

"Todo excelente!! "


Olivia Lattmann

from Switzerland, November 2018

"Wonderful retreat"

Lovely people, wonderful house and the perfect atmosphere to totally relax and take some days off from your normal life! I loved the yoga classes twice a day and fell in love with the nature around the house


from Germany, November 2018

"Eine rundum wohltuende Erfahrung"

Mir gefiel tatsächlich alles gut. Es herrscht eine achtsame Stimmung, die Lage ist wunderschön zurückgezogen mitten in der Natur - sehr entschleunigend - das Essen ist unglaublich gut und mit viel Liebe gemacht, die Tagesstruktur ist gut ausbalanciert zwischen Aktivitäten und Freiraum, Meditation und Yoga wurden toll angeleitet, jede_r wurde gesehen und zu guter letzt, alle die dort arbeiten sind einfach sehr lieb, hilfsbereit und mit viel Herzblut dabei. Ich habe es sehr genossen! :)

Florence Monty

from France, November 2018

"excellent séjour"

j'ai passé une semaine très relaxante, dans une ambiance joyeuse, détendue et cosmopolite. L'équipe est très efficace, les cours de yoga de très bonne qualité, la maison pleine de charme dans un environnement très propice à la détente.

La nourriture est très bonne et en quantité plus que suffisante.


from United States, October 2018

"Very nice experience"

I really enjoyed my stay at Om Shanti. The environment invites to forget about daily life back home. The people are very nice and open-minded. There is an relaxing atmosphere. I didn't have any yoga experience. I enjoyed the classes. They explain the concepts of yoga and they pay attention to perform the asanas in a good way. They correct you, if needed. They give advise to make the poses more comfortable or more intense. I liked their approach. It didn't matter which level you have. The house is very cosy and in a beautiful environment. I only stayed for a few days. It was actually to short to return totally relaxed. Now I know what to expect, I would go back and stay for at least a week to feel more benefits of it. Yoga is nice! Right now, I'm looking for a place to practise it at home.


from France, October 2018

"Détente et sérénité"

Le lieu est magique en pleine forêt entouré de vert et la maison est magnifique.

Les activités et les cours sont variés et s'enchainent bien.

La nourriture est très bonne et faite avec amour par l'équipe.


from Spain, October 2018

"Perfect get away to be surrounded by calm and nice persons"

The people, The double room with mountain view was nice! Bathroom were clean, Food was really good. The masia was increible with river, waterfall in the surroundings. I really appreciate the yoga classes!

meryem Berkane

from Morocco, October 2018

The whole stay was great , a great place to be when looking for good yoga classes and meditation , good food , nature around for walks and relaxation . Aldo , The whole stuff are amazingly nice . Thank you all!


from United States, September 2018

"An overwhelming experience"

I had such a great stay at the masia of David and Romina. It was my first yoga retreat and the atmosphere, the food, the classes and the people who stayed could not be better and nicer. Thank you!

Eva Pospisil

from Switzerland, September 2018

"Calme, reposant, propre et bonne ambiance"

Les cours étaient super, les profs doux, bienveillants et efficaces. La salle de méditation/yoga est belle, grande et propre. L'entretient du matériel est nickel, neuf, propre et bien entretenu comme tout le reste de la maison. Pleins de détails tels que, changement quotidien des linges pour les mains mis à dispo dans les différentes salles de bains. Shampoing, savons et crèmes à l' aloe vera sont mis à disposition gracieusement et les aliments / nourritures sont de bonne qualité et très bon en général. Ils très sont ponctuel ce qui confère un vrai cadre de travail et de repos. Un tout grand merci pour tout et pour cette super organisation!!

Alfonso Caparros

from Spain, September 2018

El staff. Gente maravillosa. David, Iván, Igor...Es imposible no sentirse a gusto con gente así.

Laurélie Di Filippantonio

from Belgium, July 2018

"Very good retreat"

The house was very nice, the team really good, excellent vegan food. The teachers have a good experience and give lots of different techniques. It was a silent retreat, which is quite an experience. Even if you cannot talk during 3 days, you share something with the group.

Silvia Untch

from Germany, May 2018

"very nice yoga retreat"

the food was delivious and the people (especially the volunteers) were so nice! the rooms were also nice and very clean! the volunteers clean every single day.

the yoga and meditation classes were also really good, especially Annas.

Cécile Linel

from France, May 2018

"Perfect stay !"

The place was awsome : beautiful, clean, peacefull...

The food was delicious (and i'm not vegetarian)

The team was very caring and kind.

The classes really good.

Mireia Puig

from United States, May 2018

"Retiro increíble que repetiría muy buenas vibraciones "

La comida deliciosa, los instructores, la casa

Olaf Bohn

from Germany, May 2018

"very nice - very nice - very nice"

very nice people, very nice yoga

Larysa Kandrashova

from France, April 2018

"It's was great transformation experience! "

This house is very beautiful, authentic, in quite place, you hear birds signing all the day and night long. Room is very spacious, bathroom comfortable and clean and people are like your loving family even better, food is amazing.

Verena Müllner

from Germany, April 2018

"ॐ perfect "

I loved everything about the Comunidad Om Shanti!

The spacious maisa and its beautiful garden, the mountain with its adventurous hiking paths and wonderful waterfalls, caves and forests, the caring and loving teachers, the incredible healthy and colorful food, the other guests with whom I had so many great conversations with, the energy and love we all shared.

Judith Polak

from Netherlands, April 2018

"Amazing short stay at OmShanti"

We really enjoyed our stay here! With no or little expectations we got here and were really surprised by the loving atmosphere at the house, the great food, the beautiful house and surroundings, the good yoga and meditation classes and the nice people working and staying here. Would definitely come back and recommend it to others!


from Spain, April 2018

"Genial desconexión/reconexión en medio de naturaleza."

La amplitud y el encanto de la gran casona antigua de piedra y sus vistas al monte desde la zona común, donde poder descansar o socializar.

El entorno natural, para recorrer de paseo en los ratos libres.

La abundante comida vegetariana/vegana preparada de forma casera y con amor.

La sensación de familiaridad y armonía con los miembros del retiro y con otros huéspedes.

Dorrit Stender-petersen

from Denmark, April 2018

There was a really nice and light - and at the same time serious - atmosphere in the group as well in the staff. They are building up the place at the moment, and it was nice to experience the enthusiasm among them - most of them are volunteers. There were really nice walks. A few wonderful terraces with a nice view. The house was very clean. A beautiful building, beautiful rooms with furniture which fits. It was far better than the price for the 4 days. Also nice that it is easy to reach from Barcelona - everything worked fine with whatsapp and picking up and so on.

Johanna Binder

from Switzerland, March 2018


It was lovely to get away from the busy working life. The house is at a perfect location, nice and quiet in nature!

The house is quite cold at this time of the year. They give their best to make it warm with gas heaters and fire, still bring warm clothes. For the night they have hot water bottles which is awesome!

The yoga is really good and intens! I‘m recommend people who just want to do yoga and don‘t want to dive in the the spiritual part of yoga look for something else. At Omshanti it is really spiritual.

The staff is loving, caring and really helpful, make you feel very welcomed and loved!

Thank you for this experience!

Sandrine Foldvari

from United Kingdom, March 2018

Les cours tres bons l endroit magnifique

Baptiste Jst

from France, March 2018


les enseignants, tres sympathiques, a refaire des que possible !!!

Emma Vloeimans

from United States, February 2018

"Fijne retreat met heerlijk eten"

Ik voelde me erg welkom bij Om Shanti. De begeleiders zorgen goed voor de groep, gaven goede yogalessen en de sfeer was fijn.

Nichapat Savigny

from Switzerland, January 2018

"Like a resort for relaxation"

Beautiful location and lovely staff

Anne Nguyen

from Germany, December 2017

"Quiet place, people who make you feel like coming home"

People who made me feel like home were really positive, open and calm. Old charming castle-like house in the woods directly beside national park, beautiful house and rooms, fireplace always running during winter. Fresh and creative mostly vegan food. Really lifechanging meditation, yoga and daily workshops.

Elisabeth Vergara

from Spain, November 2017

"Muy recomendable"

Me ha encantado compartir estos días con la gente de OM SHANTI, gente muy agradable y cercana. Ha sido una experiencia muy positiva que nos ha aportado mucho bienestar y seguro lo hará en el futuro gracias a las herramientas aportadas.

Dorien Groenen

from Netherlands, October 2017

"Perfect Place to slow down"

Omshanti is a place in the middle of the nature, totally peacefull and full of love. The people living there are very friendly and open minded, so you can totally be yourself. The yoga/meditation classes and workshops were a real blessing, given with so much dedication and profession. Also had a lovely massage. The environment, the atmosphere, the people and the classes were the ingredients for a lot of new deepening insights.

Gaetane Callens

from Belgium, October 2020

"What a gift"

This experience was amazing. I learned so much about yoga, the philosophy, about myself.

The house is beautiful and the food delicious. I made friends for life.

I would recommend this to everybody!

Florian Schmid

from Netherlands, October 2020

"What an Experience "

After one month in the beautiful mountains in Barcelona my view on Yoga has changed dramatically. Not only Asana Practice, Meditation and Pranayama but all aspects of yoga have been taught in detail and holistically. I can highly recommend this Teacher Training especially to get a basic education on all the aspects.

The team is doing an amazing job where everyone contributes to different aspects with passion and devotion. I believe that it is important for all teachers to bare in mind that yoga is not only physical practice but much more!

Also for people who want to get into meditation more, this is an excellent approach!

Thanks you so much for changing my life and I trust that you will light the fire in many more yoginis and yogis.

As a plus the Staff if putting a lot of love also in the food that is prepared super healthy and with all the variety you can imagine 💙

Einat Strizevsky

from Israel, March 2020

"Can't wait to come back!"

My 4 days at Om Shanti were much too short. I enjoyed every minute of my time there from the daily hiking, meditating in a cave, amazing food, and of course the wonderful volunteers who make you feel so welcomed!! The house was also very well kept and clean. I left feeling so refreshed, enlightened, and craving more. I also learned so much from the amazing instructors about yoga, meditation, and the community life. In short, my experience was magical and I can’t wait to be able to go back once the craziness of covid19 is behind us.

Claire Bauler

from Luxembourg, March 2020

"One of the best experiences in my life"

The moment I arrived at Om Shanti, I felt at home. I felt like being part of a beautiful family. It was really difficult to leave that place. Being surrounded by people of heart in a beautiful location and nature, having good conversations about life, being served with amazing healthy food made with love, learning & experiencing about yoga and meditation more deeply, what it can bring to your life, and much more... All this gives you an incredible life experience that you will never forget and that you want to share with other people. Thank you again for everything Om Shanti♥️

Love & Peace,

Claire 🌞


from Spain, March 2020

"Overpriced for such a low quality "

The pick-up and drop off to the station

Matilda Von Bahr

from Sweden, February 2020

"Amazingly peaceful and loving!"

The atmosphere and people were fantastic; so welcoming, gentle and genuine. And the food was amazing - especially for me as a vegan and therefore not spoiled with such wonderful dishes and such variety at all meals of the day.

If you like people who not only teach yoga, but LIVE yoga, then this is the right place for you. I have learnt so much about the practice and my body feels so strong and clean now! If you are searching for a high-end fitness trip however, then perhaps look somewhere else. It's good to be open for things that you may not normally do, such as meditate and chant mantras (which naturally is voluntary!), since that really lifts your stay to yet another level of greatness. :) I also highly recommend Sarah's massage.

Cara Stott

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Great way to reconnect with yourself "

The welcomingness of the instructors and guests. We felt like an odd little family. Most people go alone so it's quite easy to make friends. I was nervous before going but it was so powerful doing 5.5 hours a day of yoga, meditation and workshops. It taught me that I am more than my thoughts and my emotions and how to meditate for longer periods of time. I feel much lighter after the retreat. Also the location is simply stunning and so cleansing. There are always hikes or chilling in the sun/ reading to be done. One hike we went to a cafe and lit candles and meditated - it was so calming and beautiful. I loved May's sessions.

Suzanna Moir

from United Kingdom, February 2020

"Wonderful place! "

I had a wonderful time at Om Shanti. I spent a week here and I would definitely recommend it. I was made to feel very welcome. The house and countryside are simply breathtaking, the food was healthy and delicious and I met some really great people. Apart from doing yoga and meditation, I also went on walks every day. There is a really nice cave close by and waterfalls. I will definitely be returning later on in the year. The community here really are amazing.


from Sweden, January 2020

"I would like to come again"

The friendly straff and excellent food. The silence and the teachers

Aydan Dincer

from Turkey, January 2020

"Transforming experience"

I like the place, owner and all classes

Adriana Olarte

from Ireland, December 2019

"Differents teachers but I loved Maria "

I enjoyed the dynamic of the retreat. The nature and the food were amazing.

Lesley Hickmott

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Out of this world"

The location was stunning. The teachers were all amazing and really skilled to get us all into a meditative state. Even though I battled with some poses they helped me through in the true spirit of Yoga.


from Netherlands, November 2019

David has created a wonderful community at Om Shanti. You feel cared for , and amongst family. The location is gorgeous and along with the yoga and meditation, gives you a great backdrop for relaxation. healthy, organic food prepared with love.

Chris Baynes

from United Kingdom, November 2019

"Tranquility just a hop from the city"

Beautiful place and surroundings , lovely people, wholesome healthy food, community vibe, plenty of yoga variety. What’s not to like?

Emma Laing

from United Kingdom, October 2019

"Wonderful people "

Welcoming, tranquil and a fabulous inclusive atmosphere. Could have stayed forever

Daren Huntley

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Great place"

The classes were very good and the teachers knowledge was excellent.

Ingrid Canudo

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Relax and piece "

Location was very nice and easy to access. The house was very big and with character. Diversity of places to visit around the area. The food was delicious an. The Yoga was the expected level And the meditation as well.

Emma Charlton Kemm

from United Kingdom, September 2019

"Totally Amazing!!"

Wow, where do I begin? I cannot fault the whole experience -from the very first moment to the very last. The Omshanti family are incredible souls, sharing their knowledge, love and wisdom 24/7 throughout the entire course. The lectures were very in-depth and covered so much, from the 8 limbs, to anatomy, to meditation, to name but a few.

The yoga classes (accessible to all levels) and other workshops were fantastically wonderful, including the Bhajans. There is so much more, but I don't want to spoil the magic for you all by mentioning it on here!

I can talk about the food though :) It was plentiful, healthy, wholesome and made with love; with every allergy catered for. In between meals you could help yourself to fruit and homemade bliss balls (which were delicious), but to be honest, I rarely did as I was still full from meal times :)

The accommodation was just gorgeous. I shared a room with 3 others and really loved it - even on a bunk bed!! It was sooo comfortable and I slept the best I have slept in years! Each room was allocated a bathroom to share with other rooms and this worked perfectly. There are many bathrooms located throughout the property - with two outside (beautiful) -so it was never an issue to use one.

I am so grateful to everyone at Omshanti for everything. I am so blessed to have met them all and to have completed my yttc with them. I feel like me again, and I have gained a new big family. Thank you so much. OMMMMMM

Jesi Matthews

from United Kingdom, August 2019

"My Teacher Training Experience"

Om Shanti feels like a second home to me now - a place I am already desperate to return to after just one week back in England! The course was brilliantly executed, all of the teachers and karma yogis are incredible, supportive and beautiful people and the atmosphere in the community was perfect. I healed a great deal and overcame many issues during my 31 days at Om Shanti, and I learnt so much more than just how to be a yoga teacher. I have grown as a person and found support, guidance, kindness and understanding from everyone around me on every step of my journey. I will never forget my experience - everyday was a special day in which I discovered new things about myself and was surrounded by compassion, love and authentic words of advice. The food was incredible and I can't express how grateful I was to receive such amazing meals three times a day. The house is beautiful and the grounds are a haven. Not to mention the weather! I felt completely safe, secure and at home in Om Shanti and truly part of the community - I would love nothing more than to return and serve as a karma yogi to give back some love to say thank you for all that was sent my way. I enjoyed the small amount of time we spent doing karma yoga each day as this allowed me to give just a little back to the community - whether I was scrubbing toilets or enjoying gardening with the heat on my back, I longed to serve in any way that allowed me to show my huge gratitude towards everyone at Om Shanti <3

Florentina Paturca

from Romania, August 2019

"Best experience "

It was the best place I lived so far, better than I expected.

This is exactly how I imagine heaven on earth : people dancing, hugging, singing, amazing food, gratitude towards life, peaceful place, lovely nature, love circle, no judging attitude, no violence towards yourself or others, accepting differences, patience for everything, not rushing, silence, yoga and meditation...celebrating life.

A place where being YOU is enough.

Here I felt right away ,,I am in the right place,,.

My favourite joke was :who do I need to kill so I can stay here longer?🤭

I am definitely coming back. 🙏🤗

Vanessa Kelley

from United Kingdom, July 2019

"Yoga retreat"

I cannot praise all of the experience enough. A beautiful location. The people were warm and extremely friendly, felt like one big family. The yoga, mediation and food was more than excellent. One of my best experiences ever. Didn't want to leave.

Dèlia Caballero

from Spain, June 2019

"Will definitely return!"

The house, its surroundings, the activities and workshops, THE FOOD!!!, all the people, and the rhythm and pace of it all were just perfect...

Sanne Van Der Heijden

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Life-changing experience"

Paradise on earth. The moment you walk in to the gate of this beautiful commune-based-retreat-castle, you feel completely welcome and at ease. I thought the schedule had quite some free-time, but it fitted perfectly. The food was absolutely perfect, always plenty vegan options and fresh (sometimes from there own garden), perfectly cooked. With special thanks to Joktan <3. Every teacher had there own energy and they complemented each other, with fun, spirituality, asana's, mantra's and other forms of meditation. You receive as much growth and love as you let through, this loving space makes you want to come back every year.


from Spain, June 2019

"Life changing experience "

Enjoyed everything about the retreat, was a added bonus there was a kundalini weekend workshop on while there.

Quality of the teachers was first class and the food was amazing everyday.

Only booked 6 nights but stayed for 8.

Would highly recommend to anyone

Margaretha Stolten

from France, May 2019

"Thank you! "

I did my Yoga Teacher Training at comunidad Om Shanti in Barcelona. Thank you David and Romina for the most beautiful experience. So much respect for you both! Your perspective on how to live is inspiring. You made me a happy yogi on all the aspects of yoga. The location is also just lovely and I cannot be more grateful. Hope to see you again.

Iga Pielichowska

from Spain, March 2019

"Spiritual and heart-opening"

Om Shanti is a special retreat centre as it provides with more spiritual guidance rather than yoga classes only. It is much more like a family, meditating and sharing spiritual practices together. It is definitely recommended if you are looking to connect with yourself and others through those practices. Food was absolutely delicious!


from United States, March 2019

"Beautiful place close to Barcelona "

Omshanti is a lovely community, everybody was super nice and relaxed. Yoga was great, and the food was simply amazing. The surrounding are nice to explore, and there is plenty of free time to go for a walk or relax. This will be very different from many other retreats, as you will live in a community, there's really no privacy and you'll feel completely detached from your everyday life. It was a little bit of a shock at the beginning, but in a couple of days my brain just switched into "relax" and I loved the experience. I think it's something everybody should try at least once. All in all, a great experience, and I would be happy to come back.

Patricia Stear

from United Kingdom, March 2019

"Yoga retreat"

The warm welcome and instant feeling of being part of a family and community.

Caitlin Shapiro

from Portugal, February 2019

"Great experience!"

The retreat was well managed, relaxing, wonderful food, and provided moments to grow and learn.

Johanna Caton

from New Zealand, September 2018

"A perfect place "

I loved the location, to be a 15 minute walk away to a small town, 20-30 min walk to a train station and an hour by train to Barcelona was perfect for a yoga teacher training. The mountains around us, so many nature walks you can do and the building is truly perfect. It felt like my home and it always will. I learnt a lot, the instructors are very kind knowledgeable and truly love what they do. the food is the best food you’ll eat!

Priscilla Perez

from Australia, July 2018

"An experience to remember "

Being part of a family that loves and supports you.. A place I will always remember, and hope to visit again. I have learnt so much in the month of the teacher training. The teachers are filled with endless amounts of knowledge and compassion. They strive to see you grow which I found very important in such an intense course. The food which was made by the karma yogis on a daily basis was always amazing.The location is exactly what you want if you want to have time to yourself and be still. I am very grateful to have had experienced this course with such amazing beings. I will always have a place in my heart for all the teachers, karma yogis and sisters that were on this journey with me. I highly encourage you to take your yoga path at OmShanti =]

Hazel Watson

from United Kingdom, July 2018

"Life changing"

Doing my 200 yttc with comunidad om shanti in Barcelona was one of the best decisions of my life. Over the month we became a real family and om shanti was our home. The training was exceptional, the teachers are full of knowledge and were constantly inspiring us. The location is stunning and the food is healthy and delicious. I would highly recommend for anyone to go there.

Patrick Gill

from Ireland, July 2018

"Omshanti retreat"

The instruction and guidance of both teachers. A lot of thought and care had gone into the structure of the retreat. The overall environment and vegetarian meals was excellent.

Nathalie Palermo

from Switzerland, July 2018

"Wonderful time, the best"

I did my 200hrs YTT in June 2018 here in comunidad om shanti in barcelona.

I liked everything. The food, the training, the people, the location, the program, all I learned, the support and kindness of everyone- i really can recommend doing your YTT here. I am so happy i decided to come to comunidad om shanti barcelona. I also I made wonderful friends here.

Anna Goddard

from United Kingdom, April 2018

"Just go!"

If you're thinking about going, go. If you're thinking about going for 4 days, go for 8!

Everything about this experience was bliss.

The building is so beautiful, with plenty of spots to relax and unwind.

The meals are delicious, filling, nutritious and inventive.

The yoga space is on the top floor with great light and views into the trees.

The people at Omshanti are highly skilled, passionate and generous with sharing their knowledge.

Thank you Omshanti xx

Sue Latham

from United States, April 2018

"Om shanti"

Beautiful people and beautiful location. If you want to experience a real yoga retreat i strongly recommend omm shanti. David and all the volunteers are warm and give so much to the whole experience.

Viola Kostina

from Russia, January 2018

"Magical place full of love and light "

Om Shanti is a home away from home, where you will be surrounded with unconditional love and extra care from all the teachers and yogis there. The house is amazing - it’s a big medieval house dating back to 16th century in the middle of rustic nature, full of incense aroma and Ganesha paintings. Food is so amazing that you can eat your fingers off, and followed by some nice chat in front of the fireplace. Carlos is always up to show you some lovely treks in the neighborhood, so that you can go for a walk on your own as well. This place is highly recommend for all looking for peace, harmony, love, deepening yoga practice and enjoying high quality veggie food, and life in general! I still remember the taste of mijo bread that Xenia cooked for us - Yammi! Guys, miss you all and hope to have a chance to meet one more time! Sending much love!

Stella Norval

from France, August 2020

"Superbe expérience"

Le séjour est bien structuré, les professeurs de yoga ont chacun leur style, on apprend beaucoup. Les ateliers et les cours théoriques permettent d'appréhender le yoga plus largement et nous font parfois pousser les limites de notre zone de confort, prérequis pour progresser et évoluer dans la vie je pense.

La vie en communauté est également une expérience intéressante même si inconfortable par moment (quand on est plutôt solitaire), on se sent tout de même dans un cocon de bienveillance, c'est vraiment relaxant.

La nourriture est très qualitative et fraîche. Enfin, l'environnement est magnifique, calme, verdoyant, totalement propice à ce genre d'expérience et à l'introspection.


from Germany, March 2020

"Eine schöne Erfahrung "

Alles ist sehr gut organiziert und passt die Meditation- sowie Yogaübungen zusammen mit der Umgebung (im Mitte der NAtur).

Die Menschen, die da teilnehmen sind alle liebevolle Menschen. Es gab eine schöne Stimmung und viele Liebe.

Gerne werde ich die Erfahrung wiederholen.

Shanti Shanti Shanti :)


from Spain, December 2019

"Uno se siente en el paraiso"

Los paisajes, los espacios comunes de la casa en los que uno puede tomar el sol y descansar. El bueno ambiente con el equipo, que te hace sentir en familia. Los horarios son equilibrados y te da tiempo a disfrutar de las actividades, explorar el entorno y tener tiempo para mi.

Emmanuelle Lecointre

from France, November 2019

"Une belle expérience dont je me souviendrai"

Besoin de m'isoler, de réfléchir et de me retrouver un peu... Ce fut parfait, aucun jugement... Les lieux sont exceptionnels et les hôtes bienveillants, experts de leur champs de connaissances, ils savent transmettre pour tous les niveaux

Verónica González

from Spain, June 2019

"Magia "

Desde que pones un pie en el retiro puedes notar la maravillosa energía, un mundo paralelo dejando el estrés de la ciudad atrás. Hemos ido mi marido y yo embarazada de 8 meses, y creo que no hay mejor manera para prepáranos para este momento tan mágico. Gracias por formar parte de el, y hacer que fuera más mágico todavía. Sin duda volveremos con el pequeño. Namaste 🙏🏻

Carmen Alcañiz

from Spain, June 2019

"The best retreat in Spain"

The location, the yoga instructors and volunteers, the activities, the food... everything

Chantalle Nühn

from Netherlands, May 2019

"BEST place for 200hrs Hatha yoga teacher Training!"

When I first arrived at the community center I must have been sleeping, because after 4 weeks of the yttc I am awaken and aware of all the beauty life has to give us. Being able to be present at all moments. Comunidad Om Shanti is truly the most amazing place I have ever been to. All of the teachers are beautiful souls, are extremely qualified and speaking and listening only from their hearts. I have learned so much during the hatha yoga teacher training, more than I could ever wish for (and I cannot even begin to explain, you have to experience for yourself!). I instant felt a deep connection to every heart and soul during the yttc and now I feel part of this beautiful family. Really a lifetime experience, thank you! Hari Om!!

Janka Nölle

from Germany, May 2019

"Most amazing experience I've ever made!"

The YTTC at OM Shanti was an unforgettable experience! All the people who live at Om Shanti are so amazing, warm hearted and nice. I felt welcome fro the moment I arrived and it didn't change. There was such a strong feeling of community, love and being a family that I have never experienced before! Every meal, every activity we did was feeling home.

The house and its location are incredibly beautiful, couldn't believe it for the first few days. There is so much space, beautiful nature and a vibe that couldn't be more positive.

The classes were really nice, well organized and structured focussing on all the most important topics. I learnt so much in these 4 weeks that after them I actually felt ready to teach, which seemed impossible before I started. You feel that they really put so much thought and love into the YTTC!

I feel like I grew so much at Om Shanti, on every possible level of life! I would really recommend this YTTC to anyone who wants to have an excellent experience getting deeper into the world of Yoga, Meditation, community living!


from Netherlands, January 2019

"De positieve reviews zijn echt waar"

Ik had het nieuwe jaar niet beter kunnen starten. Lieve mensen, geweldig eten, mooie locatie en heerlijke yoga en meditatie lessen. Vanwege alle positieve reviews was ik bang dat het alleen maar kon tegenvallen, maar niks is minder waar.

Tiphaine Cosnier

from France, January 2019


Une vallée superbe et calme, entourée de montagnes et parsemée d'oliviers. Une atmosphère bienveillante, des professeurs compétents et attentionnés, des repas délicieux, des ballades dans les alentours, bref j'ai passé une très belle semaine, très reposante mais aussi très intense sur le plan personnel. Je recommande vivement.

Irina Timm

from Germany, January 2019

"Wonderful Yogaretreat"

Everything was just more than perfect! :) Everybody there is just so loving and nice, the food is amazing, yoga, meditation and the workshops were of high quality and lead with a lot of knowledge and the house and the surroundings are just stunning! If you want to have a beautiful and relaxing yoga holiday - you must go there! I enjoyed my stay there so much and it was so rewarding in all means. Lots of love and thank you! Ina :)

Margit Laurs

from Netherlands, January 2019

"Amazing! Expectations were exceeded!"

Very very knowledgeable staff

Food is super delicious

High quality yoga lessons and workshops

Beautiful environment

Anne Cocquerelle

from France, January 2019


- nature around

- great food

- yoga lessons / teachers

- diversity of activities proposed during the workshop

- very clean

- very kind "staff"

Margarita Marti Febrer

from Spain, October 2018

Hola, mi nombre es Marga, quiero compartir mi impresión respeto al retiro en Om Shanti , ha superado mis espectativas, la casa es preciosa, la comida buenísima sana y de calidad el personal muy atento, i agradable. Han sido unos días de relax total, conocer gente muy interesante provienentes de muchas partes distintas, seguro repetiré .


from Netherlands, October 2018

"Definitely recommended"

Really nice yoga, really nice food, really nice people, really nice place. Very clean. Easy to reach by public transport. Everybody who arrived was totally relaxed within the first hours and sad to leave. You can chose for every activity if you like to participate or not. Good balance between activities and time to spend by yourself.

Jessica Van Der Meij

from Netherlands, September 2018

"Beautiful and amazing place in the Spanish nature "

Everything was amazing, from the food to the people giving the classes (very professional and nice) to the environment (beautiful nature, easy to go on long or short hikes and the village nearby) and the house itself which has a lot of places to relax, read and write. I would definitely recommend going to this place and than go for a week! I also read a review before going that said I should go for the 8 days instead of 5 and I really did not regret it! After a few days you start to get into it and become more relax, so if you are in doubt; I definitely recommend going for one week! Enjoy! :)

Susanna Garcia

from Spain, September 2018

"felt at home"

the energy of the place

Kevin Dallaporta

from France, September 2018

"Une belle retraite et une belle formation"

- Professeurs à l'écoute et ayant une expérience solide

- Programme riche, diversifié et cohérent

- Nourriture idéale pour découvrir les repas végétariens

- Environnement propice aux retraites (dans la montagne, très belle vue, très belle maison,...)

Mirela Matic

from Germany, March 2018

The people at Om Shanti are amazing and we feltvery welcome. The food is amazing and the house (an ancient 1100 years old one) simply beautiful. The team was cleaning on a daily basis and it was never dirty. We enjoyed the stay very much and would come back any time.

Agata Boguta

from United States, March 2018

"After only a few days OmShanti feels like home, try it out!"

I loved the yoga classes and workshops - challenging but very informative and conducted in a loving atmosphere (thanks to hugasanas ^^) The food was beyond any comparison 100+/10.

Ilse Raps

from Belgium, March 2018


I'm so grateful for everyone involved in OmShanti for making this wonderful experience possible. The location is absolutely stunning and well taken care of. The rooms, bathrooms and living areas are very clean. The morning meditation and yoga are the best way to start your day. And if you want more than that, there were lots of workshops with extra yoga and/or meditation class like Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama,...all at your own choice and speed. What I can't forget to mention is the food: always delicious, creative, fresh,... absolutely great! In between all that you can relax, go for a hike, read in the hammock,,... everything your heart and body desires. All day you will be surrounded by lovely and warm people both staff and visitors. From day one it feels like a home, like a family.

Ivan, Anna, Joyce, Janneke, April - I will not forget you. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Lots of Love - Ilse

Marjan Muylle

from United States, February 2018

"Een echte aanrader voor een weekje ontspanning"

Yogalessen toegankelijk voor elk niveau met zeer goede begeleiding. Lekker eten drie maal per dag. Zeer propere badkamers. Warme sfeer. Afhaling aan station.

Nia Vogel

from Switzerland, December 2017

"A holiday home full of love"

Every single member of the staff at om shanti is very loving and generous with their time. They all showed sincere interest and helped make my stay as wonderful as it was. It felt like being in a big family, where respect and love are ruling.

3 times a day they prepared a fully homemade meal, which was always (!) delicious.

There were different workshops in the evenings and I enjoyed learning all those things and connecting with the people here.

Thank you so much to everyone at Om Shanti!

It was a very beautiful and healing week for me with you.


from France, November 2017

"N'hésitez pas, dépaysement, déconnexion et relaxation !"

La grande gentillesse de l'équipe, la qualité des cours de yoga, le cadre magnifique et les très bons plats !


If you are searching for a month of room for yourself, for your own development and something different during a long trip and additional a yoga teacher training with warm and very open-hearted teachers, you are at the right place here. You will not only learn how to teach yoga. Even more you'll learn how to look after yourself, after others and how to be family with strangers. If you are searching for a luxury, very high quality yoga teacher training, I would say this is not your place. I guess there are more strict places with more focus on yoga teaching, but maybe less on yourself as a part of a community. Living at Om Shanti you are connected to nature with your mainly wooden and with love furnitured accommodation. You'd be sharing 2 showers and 2 toilets with about 12 people or another place with single or double rooms for about 7 people with 1 Toilet and 1 shower. Except you book an extra accommodation not connected to Om Shanti - could also be cheaper all together. Every morning there is breakfast together, which each week makes another group of students. This is also in a very open kitchen space. I loved my stay at Om Shanti and I would do it again! Enjoy, Value for money: 5 Accommodation and facilities: 3 Food: 3 Location: 4 Quality of activity: 4 Overall impression: 5