Nepal Yoga Academy & Retreat is a superb, purpose-built academy and yoga retreat founded by Dr. Chintamani PhD, focusing on teaching the classical Sanatan yoga.

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Dr. Chintamani Gautam

Krishna Dakal

Dr. Subodh

Reviews (20)

Courtney Nigro

from United States, February 2020

"Comforting, welcoming, enlightening experience "

I am so grateful for my stay here. The whole staff and community were welcoming and helpful on my yoga journey. I got sick my last evening there from food outside of the retreat..I paid for an extra night and was taken care of by the staff the whole time. They made me feel so safe and taken care of. I am very grateful to of been there during such a physically hard time. Thank you guru chi and all the staff for the wonderful experiences!

Eduardo Enrique Meza

from Singapore, January 2020

"Authentic. Lovely. Unforgettable."

Everything about this place is genuinely fantastic... The food, the facilities, the classes... And Dr. Chintamani, his family and the staff will make you feel at home from day one. I took the 3-day pre-trekking warm up program and my trekking experience wouldn't have been the same without it. I can't wait to have more time available in my hands to spend more time at the center.

Duyen Nguyen

from Vietnam, October 2019

"Amazing time among nature and wonderful people. "

Our group of 7 people from different countries were brought together by Nepal Yoga Academy. We had an awesome month learning about yoga philosophy and practice, which helps turn our lives into a positive direction more or less. We couldn't expect better adventures. Thank to Dr. Chintamani, we know what it means to work with all our hearts, and learn to accept and understand rather than judge what happens in life. Beautiful nature, interesting tracks, and life-changing lessons are guaranteed.

Sue Dhami

from United Kingdom, February 2019

"Lots of helpful tips for your practice "

Dr Chintamani is so so knowledgeable and has lots of helpful tips for your practice, he also brings a sense of humour to the course and is passionate about what he does

Charmain Kwong

from Hong Kong, November 2018

everything was great , excellent training and people , can't ask for more !

Raluca Vintila

from Romania, June 2018

"Let life surprise you "

I really liked the schedule, the workshops and the food.

Another aspect would be the context set up, like each of us has its own limits and we should be aware when practicing, instead of comparing each other.

Ultimatelly, I think that what you see depends on what you are looking for, so the experience here will be the way your mind would prefer to see it. If you want to complain, you'll find the excuses to do so; if you want to see the beauty in every situation, you will be able to do so. Either teaching, food or accomodation - it's up to you how you'd prefer to see it. My suggestion is to embrace the experience and make the most out of it. Let it (positively) surprise you! :)

Amauri Santini

from Nepal, February 2018

"Great experience "

Amazing food, easy way to pass the message, amazing staff, great fisolosofic part

Louiza Roux

from South Africa, November 2017

"Review of Nepal Yoga Academy"

The program was clear and we kept to it. I would suggest more class excursions for instance on Saturdays.

Geoffrey Thebe

from United Kingdom, October 2017

Both Academic and Physical training was good and at excellent level. Am happy I chose The Nepal Yoga Academy. All trainers and assistant trainers were very knowledgeable and I felt well supported in all challenges


from Vietnam, August 2017

"Fantastic 200h ytt in nepal"

The location, the staff, all the courses about philosophy, asana, pranayama, practicum, .... Be in Nepal,

Kim Thomas

from Australia, August 2017

"Do yourself a life changing favour and book a stay here"

Everything, it has been the experience of a lifetime

Denise Miller

from Canada, August 2017

"Nepal Yoga Academy, Bliss and Love, Namaste"

Everything. The hours for the training make sense. The food is fantastic. The accommodations are clean. The staff are kind. The grounds are beautiful. The learning is amazing. The tea is plentiful. And, it's in the birthplace of yoga.


from Thailand, July 2017

"Classical yoga, classical teaching style"

Nepal Yoga Academy has two nearby locations and during my course there were over 20 students who took all philosophy classes together though we had separate asana and pranayama classes which each had around 10 people, plus any of the retreat guests who were there (those who arrived at the beginning of our training had easy classes and retreat guests staying toward the end attended our more difficult classes, which was great for some and frustrating for others. It seemed to be random which of the locations we stayed, I felt lucky to be in the one that feels more in nature that is actually pictured online. The accommodation in both are still lovely and the days schedule filled but with appropriate amounts of business and rest. The support staff are kind and helpful. Dr. Chintimani is exceptionally knowledgable about parts of yoga philosophy and gave a good foundation for many of us who only knew about the asana part of practice. Because of and in spite of many areas of improvement, they offer an opportunity to practice mindfulness, patience, and personal growth. It can be a very spiritual experience if you allow it to be.

Jane Gayral

from Australia, July 2017

"I loved it!"

Great vibe. Chintamani is a good teacher and has a really good, fun and enthusiastic energy. The team is really sweet and caring. The place is beautiful and the rooms are great. The food is delicious. I really enjoyed and loved my time there, thanks as well to all the beautiful people sharing this great experience with me. Thank you.

Femke Brinckman

from Belgium, August 2018

"Amazing and intense experience"

The yoga teacher training is one of the most intense things I have ever done, I think. My body feels stronger and more flexible than ever and I feel ready to start teaching yoga. The people I met there where amazing. I expected the food to be only rice and vegetables, but it was nothing like that. The food was amazing!

Dr. Chintamani knows so much and it is wonderfull to listen to him, he is a very good teacher.

Mila Hechfellner

from United States, February 2018

Yoga Nepal Academy bietet einen wundervoll familiären Rahmen für tiefgehende Erfahrungen mit Yoga, sich selbst und der sozialen Gruppe.

Eintauchen und genießen!

Ich wünsche allen viel Spaß dabei!


from Germany, January 2018

"I stayed for the certificate and the people "

Small group (8 people, usually it's around 20), so the teachers could walk around and help and we had a pretty close relationship to the volunteer teachers Sara and Warren.

We had some really amazing yoga classes. Particularly likedhow Dr. Chintamani sequenced the classes and Sara's holding and feeling the poses.

The white house is like a small parallel world, with a beautiful garden, clean rooms, sauna and nice dining hall. We had almost all day sun and a beautiful valley view. The best milk tea and cookie supplier in Talkot was in only 10min walking distance.

The breakfast was lovely.


from Canada, July 2017

"Gens extraordinaires, cours très moyen "

Les gens rencontrés ont fait de mon expérience un mois unique et fort en émotion. La nourriture est bonne bien que très redondante.