La Casa Shambala is a dynamic healing space for therapies, yoga teacher training, workshops, and yoga retreats in a picturesque location, Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand.

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Sara Ramalho

Karen Lumi Tanaka

Jessica Charlotte

Eda Tutkun

Anna Kintsugi Kay

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Linda Hao

from Malaysia, March 2020

I really enjoyed my entire time here being at La Casa Shambala, meeting extraordinary people from all over the world, all here for the same purpose- to learn and grow, sharing our stories and differences and the best thing yet is for it to happen during this Corona Crisis. Magic happens here 💞🤸 This place will always have my heart 🙏 x Linda

Emily O'shea

from United States, December 2019

"Supportive and integrative experience "

The instructors of La Casa Shambala were amazing. They were knowledgeable, kind, flexible, and compassionate. I received a much better than expected education of yoga—asanas, philosophy, history, pranayama, anatomy, etc. The management team was also great. I found them to be supportive, helpful, and caring. Management went well out of their way to assist me when I needed it. Not only management was supportive, but the volunteers as well. Such an amazing team of individuals that created a great community atmosphere. The location of La Casa Shambala was beautiful, both inside and outside of the property. The property itself is gorgeous and peaceful, and kept clean. The views from the Shala are phenomenal, and the sounds match the view. I loved the waking up to the chatter of the jungle, and the steamy sunrise over the mountains. If anything, I just wish that the beach was closer, as well as access to the main town. But on days off, the beach and town are very accessible.


from Hong Kong, December 2019

"Unforgettable yoga training experience ever"

Everything...💕teachers are nice, staffs and volunteers are helpful! The most beautiful thing is to contact with nature everyday!!! Food is wonderful especially breakfast, I miss it sooooo much! I am so glad to select this school, if you are hesitate, just book this and go! You will not regret!!:)

Giorgia Cavallari

from Italy, November 2019

"A magical place I will never forget ✨"

I had the best time. It is true indeed, a yoga TTC really does change your life. The way you look at the world and yourself shifts and I’ve learned so much this past month. It was all made possible by the incredible staff at La Casa, the food was delicious, the volunteers are amazing, the teachers have been a blessing, their knowledge makes me feel well prepared and ready to start and they truly became friends. I have all the tools I need. The management worked so much to give us difference options for extra activities and the island has so much to offer. The vibe here is incredible ! And above all I’ve found my family here. I’ve found friends for life and I could not be more grateful for that.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Callum Jones

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Beautiful experience"

The teachers on the course had a fountain of knowledge and taught in a way that was constantly engaging and exciting. The managers and volunteers working behind the scenes of the course made everything run super smoothly. All in all a magical experience and a beautiful way to start my journey as an instructor.

Marina Ertl

from Germany, September 2019

"An experience "

I‘ d liked the idea of community. I really enjoyed the lessons in the morning and evening surrounded by the tropical environment.

Jeanne Lemba

from Thailand, January 2019

"Life-changing experience at La Casa"

Where do I begin? An amazing experience with amazing people. The accommodation was modest and cozy, food was healthy and colourful, the crew + teachers were friendly and supportive. Special shout-out to Mica, he really dug the diamonds out the mud and was sooo generous with his teaching, his time, his knowledge... There are no words really. If you’re lucky enough to study under him, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about at the end of the training. Sara and Joe were super friendly and knowledgeable as well, just great people. The staff + crew at La Shambala were all like-minded individuals who were supportive and super zen. I will miss the view from the yoga deck almost as much as my group of girls! Just grest times.

Marilyne Schafer

from Switzerland, January 2019

"Amazing teachers at La Casa Shambala"

The shala is beautiful surrounded by nature, the classes were amazing, the teachers were so lovely and teaches us with all their passion.

The ambiance and the community were very nice, the owner and the volunteers, very friendly and always helpful.

I would go back.

Eliza Dunn

from United States, January 2019

"A beautiful yoga community"

Great food, options to change to order thai if we wanted. The Yoga shala has an amazing view over some mountains. Karen and Jessica were wonderful teachers and Rikel the owner was also very welcoming and really made you feel at home. The best thing I found was that we only had 15 students which allowed us more one on one time with the teachers.

Barry Wicksman

from Guam, January 2019


The instruction was excellent. The instructors instilled confidence and provided details in the practical and philosophical aspects of yoga. Individuality was encouraged and respected. The program was well organized. The supporting staff were friendly and extremely helpful. The vegetarian meals were delicious and nutritious . We all became one family by the end of the training and will carry this bond forever.

Bernice Chen

from Singapore, December 2018

"18 days of yoga teacher training "

the people, the staff, the environment, the location, the common area, the huts everything! everything is literally; what you see is what you get. super eco-friendly and backpacking style. the teachers were phenomenal. i wish the course was longer so i could learn more from the teachers we had. food was amazing because it was catered from outside. im not vegetarian or vegan but if someone were to cater me vegan/vegetarian food from the same restaurant. i dont mind! it gets really noisy at night as there were many nights that was raining and heavy thunderstorm, so many little creepy crawlies and creatures came running out seeking for shelter. the toads and frogs were extremely loud at night. it was hard to sleep. but i mean, you are literally in the middle of a jungle. it was expected :)

Giorgia Butt

from Australia, July 2018


The people, the teaching, the food, the accommodation, the locations,... could keep going but there’s a word limit.

I can HIGHLY recommend this teacher training!!! The teacher training was very informative and practical. I especially loved the philosophy and history classes. It gave me such a different appreciation for yoga.

If you’re looking for a serene atmosphere, yummy Ayurvedic and Thai food, funky bamboo hut accommodation and excellent teaching, all for an extremely reasonable cost, then this is the place for you!

Alicja Mendel

from Vietnam, May 2018

"Amazing course in a beautiful place:)"

I loved everything about this course. From the beginning until the end our amazing teacher Akari put so much energy, not just into teaching but also to make us really understand what Yoga really is about. I feel very grateful for my teacher and for the people I had around me during the course, I learned so much from each of them. The location is really nice, we were surrounded by nature which really made this course even more special. La Casa Shambala is a unique place run by a wonderful couple Rahel and Hector who really want you to feel like home. Apart from TTC group you can also meet fantastic volunteers from all over the world and that's why this place is full of positive and loving energy. Also, the food was really good, very healthy and Ayurvedic which helps you feel light and healthy during the practice. I feel very lucky that I've chosen this course and although it was intense I enjoyed every moment there:) Thank you very much for everything!!

Maja Kaminska

from Great Britain, April 2018

"A magical place "

Hector and Raquel are beautiful people - inside and out. They have created something more than just a yoga teachers course, with their love, kindness and compassion they have created a home for all. It’s a beautiful community, where like minded people get a chance to live together.

The teachers are wonderful, knowledgable, wise and dont make you feel like they are above you. Jessica will take you on a yoga ride which you will not forget and will be forever grateful, she will shake your heart and bring peace to your soul; Emily with her peacefulness and radiating smiles will relax your mind and flex your body like never before and Joe will make you understand the complicated structures of anatomy with down to earth language.

I will never forget this month with those beautiful souls. Raquel and Hector really make you feel comfortable and help you in every way possible, they try their best to comfort everyone and make everyone happy. I wish them to keep on expanding their love with this community of yoga they’ve created.

I am forever grateful to them for creating this little oasis where I have met people that will stay in my heart until the end of days.

Ashley Joseph-young

from Canada, April 2018

"More than your textbook training"

My experience at La Casa Shambala was life changing. Despite last minute hiccups with instructors the facilitators adapted smoothly. Jessica, Emily and Joe were all amazing teachers. They geared their teaching to our group perfectly. At the end of the program I truly felt equipped to tecah. Rakel and Hector were super accomodating and present the entire time. We truly formed a beautiful family over the month.

If you're looking for a by the book in and out training then this is not the place for you. All of the instructors not only gave us hands on experience, but helped us to connect with ourselves and eachother in a deep and lasting way. I loved every moment!

Anne-karine Knigge

from Switzerland, August 2019

"Wonderful place"

When you arrive at La just can feel and see how this place is amazing! The decoration everywhere is fantastic and made with eco materials! The tipies are so cute and very confortable! Food was excellent also. The volonters are doing a very good job too and take completly part of the team. Managers were so kind, helpful, smiling people. We had teachers during this months and all of them were very professional and amazing!

We went 2 or 3 times doing yoga or meditation on the beach which was great! My stay was a success for my all life long...

Many thanks to Raquel to had done this wonderful, human, peaceful place.

Alina Rösken

from New Zealand, July 2019

"Home "

La Casa is a wonderful place that got my heart straight away. The lovely people make you a part of the family, the beautiful surroundings make you feel at home immediately. We learned a lot, shared even more. Expect more than just yoga. Community, personal growth and deep connections come naturally. Leaving this place is hard, I will definitely come back as a volunteer one day. Raquel, the owner, created a place that will change you to the better and make you spread this positive energy all around the globe. Highly recommend La Casa ♥️

Joaquin Giménez

from Spain, December 2018

"thanks, it was a great experience!"

Beautiful place and beautiful people!


from Canada, December 2018

"Price is good but this place needs more work "

I loved Victoria, who was another teacher we had. Her knowledge was beyond what I expected. She has this amazing energy. Just for her I would recommend this place.

I liked the rooms, which I thought made you really connected to the nature.

I loved the ayurvedic food and they were also nice to make it a change with some thai food as well.

Everyone loved the volunteers. They were so nice.

Eve-marie Fournier

from United States, November 2018

"More then a simple TTC"

I first thought that I ended up doing my TTC at La Casa Shambala by pure coincidence. I soon realized that there are no coincidence when it comes to the magic of this place.

Be ready to deepen your technical yoga practice and anatomy/biology knowledge, but even more to find openess, grouding, family, emotions, connections, unconditional love, and way more than I can put on words.

This place is like a hidden intimate paradise surrounded by the jungle life (and Funky the magic cat), and you'll find yourself calling it "home" by the end of the month. Our teachers were professionnal and competent as well as compassionate, open and sensible. The owner and the volonteers are part of the group too, which creates a strong community life and feeling.

I am very grateful and I definitly recommand this place to everyone who feels like experiencing something deeply authentic. 🌼

Eider Urrate Garmendia

from Spain, October 2018

La formación resultó ser mejor de lo que esperaba. El contenido y el enfoque, y la manera de enseñar me gustó mucho. La convivencia en la casa con el voluntariado y compartir los momentos junto a personas de todos los lugares del mundo fue muy enriquecedor.

Carole Casadei

from France, July 2018

"Super formation de yoga"

Sara, la prof de yoga est tout simplement géniale, accessible, passionnée, à l’ecoute... La formation est complète et très bien organisée. Le lieu de formation est très agréable et calme, les repas sont sains et très bons.

Magali Schulz

from United States, May 2018

"A life changing experience offering you a new vision"

Before coming to the training I was expecting only to learn how to teach yoga and the anatomy of the body but it was way more than this. The philosophy teacher made us go through some intense experiences and taught us the origins of yoga and the philosophy of practice. It has been an amazing journey of self-discoveries!

I recommend this training for people who do not want to be a yoga teacher right after but want to get a first approach and understand better the yoga practice.

The 2h30 of yoga in the morning are perfect to work on the body and the mind (through the meditation) et the Yin yoga at the evening allow us to relax and rest from the day and assimilate all the learnings.

The strengths of the teachers are their ability to stay grounded in the modern world and teach with precise examples of life.