Globeseekers organizes outdoor and yoga retreats for anyone who just wants to let go, recharge energy, be active in nature, and relax with a good mix of time.

Instructors 2

Denise Dieling

Denise is a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. She has been teaching Yoga around the world for the past years and together with Chris built up their idea and passion to share with others through globeseekers. She is also a certified health coach, incorporating her knowledge and passion during the retreats in the areas nutrition, healthy cooking but also balance & mental health, looking at your individual balance in life, learning and growing with each other in group talks during Yoga Philosophy and Health Coaching.

Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)

Christian Mitterer

Chris is a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. Being born in Austria, the mountains are his playground. He loves nature and outdoor sports, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, bouldering and surfing. The self-practice and sharing different Yoga Styles and Acro Yoga, combined with mindfulness and healthy eating are important to him. With globeseekers he’s able to share his passions with people from around the globe. As unique memories for the participants he is creating video- and photo material during the retreats.

Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)

Reviews 24

Roberta Aldeghi

from Monaco, September 2017

"Best yoga retreat ever!!"

The surroundings are just amazing, the chalet is super cosy and every day we were doing a different outdoor activity.

Perfect holiday for those who want to escape the routine and get back to nature and meet like-minded people.

Rikke Hovgaard

from Great Britain, August 2017

"Stunning and relaxing scenery "

I expected good yoga and relaxation - I definitely got that! What I didn't expect was the huge influence the amazing scenery had on the experience! Waking up to the sound of the river and view of the mountains were absolutely stunning. Loved the combination of yoga and outdoor activities. Thanks to Chris and Denise for being lovely and welcoming hosts.

Susan Danskin

from Great Britain, August 2017

"A really wonderful and special retreat not to be missed!"

Denise and Chris have created the perfect retreat - whether you are seeking thrill and adventure, peace and restoration, new friends and experiences, you are sure to find it on a globe seekers retreat. The schedule was full of exciting activities, with plenty of really unforgettable moments like the bonfire under the stars and meditating on a suspension bridge above a glacial lake, but was also flexible and adaptable to how you were feeling each day and what level of activity you were wanting. The location is truly stunning - every view looks like a postcard! The food must also be mentioned - I've never seen such a varied spread of delicious, organic vegetarian food for every meal, and I can't wait to take some recipes home to my friends. Accommodation was enchanting in a gorgeous, traditional mountain house complete with wood burning stove, a climbing/bouldering room, a beautiful sunlit yoga barn and a wellness area including a sauna, hot and cold tubs. Denise and Chris have a wonderful ability to unite everyone on the retreat across languages and cultures, so that I felt really connected to the wonderful people I met on the retreat.

Chiara Lagostina

from Republic of Italy, July 2017

"Wonderful experience"

Denise and Chris are very kind and prepared people, every activity we did was great, and I had a chance to meet lovely people from around the world, with different stories and background. Lot of positive energy, super healthy food, wonderful nature all around; I recommend it!


from Great Britain, July 2017

"Highly recommended.... don't think twice!"

Lot of activities to embrace with like minded people in a safe and relax environment.

Denise and Chris put efforts, love, passion and support in what they do.

Zita Metzger

from United States, September 2017

Die kombination zwischen Yoga und den Aktivitäten war sehr gut gewählt

Hannah Danke

from Germany, September 2017

"Abschalten im Zillertal"

Fernab von Großstadt und Lärm liegt das Yoga Camp, geleitet von Globeseekers, in Ginzlingen im Zillertal. Eine volle Woche Ausspannen mit verschiedenen Yogaarten, Thai-Massage, wunderbarem eigenen Saunabereich mit Alpenblick und vielen Möglichkeiten sich zu entfalten. Darunter Wandern, Klettern in der Natur, Acro-Yoga und Health-Coaching. Jedem der einen Moment innehalten möchte und sich seiner selbst bewusst werden, kann ich ein Retreat mit Denise und Chris von Globeseekers wärmstens empfehlen.

Amarinder Bindra

from United States, March 2018

"Great break in an ideal locale "

The hosts were absolutely great. The location is idyllic. Carefully thought out plan for everything.

Gemma Brewer

from Germany, March 2018

"Fantastic, unique and uplifting"

What's not to like!? Everything from start to finish was so great. Denise and Chris were the most excellent hosts, I cannot praise them enough! So passionate, warm and friendly, they are absolutely wonderful people. Yoga every morning with a beautiful view of the mountains and snow activities throughout the day were incredible, everything was organised extremely well. It was my first time doing some of the activities such as tobogganing and snow shoe hiking, and the support and guidance throughout was absolutely five star. The food was amazing! Delightful vegetarian, healthy home cooked meals, you never go hungry! The service that Denise and Chris provided was above and beyond. I would definitely love to join another retreat with them again. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a unique retreat with a loving, fun, friendly atmosphere. An amazing trip that I will never forget. Thank you so much!

Bibi Todaro

from Great Britain, March 2018

"Dream break"

Literally...everything! From the minute I stepped in the house and was welcomed by Denise with a huge hug I felt at home. The chalet is super cosy, and so quiet you sleep like a baby. The group was lovely - everyone with such diverse background and experiences yet with so much in common - spending the evenings together talking about life, adventures and stories was so beautiful. The activities are great, I really wanted to snowboard a lot so I skipped one day but joined the group for lunch. Snowshoeing was a first for me - tough as hell but I really enjoyed it. The yoga is done in a nice room overlooking the mountains and Chris and Denise are wonderful teachers. They provide clear instructions and teachings about yoga philosophy, giving a much more holistic view. Last but certainly not least the food.. Oh my! - the best organic food cooked with love to nourish your body throughout the week. Basically I can't wait to go back!


from Great Britain, February 2018

"You won’t regret - 6 days of bliss!"

Chris and Denise are absolute sweethearts. I’m really happy I decided to go for this retreat and happen to meet this 2 beautiful souls. Go with an open mind and the experience will blow your mind. There’s something about the whole experience that will make you feel like you are in a familiar and safe space with people from different phases (and age) of life and ofcourse the activities which would probably make you discover something new about you. I’ve learned so many interesting things/lessons so quickly, they would show the right tricks to get started and had an amazing story telling power to guide you, yet they were calm and humble - Thank you guys! The food was organic, delicious and surplus, so no one will ever go to bed hungry. I was joined by 2 other lovely ladies in this retreat and we all were synced from the very first time we met. The stay was very comfy. The transport was very well-connected without any delays. Denise and Chris took care of every small details, they arranged and coordinated with the other 2 ladies in the group to offer me a ride to/from Mayrhofen station. I am grateful that I had the chance to experience this and no wonder even after being home now and writing this review, all past week memories are fresh and I miss them. I will cherish them for rest of my life. Thank you!

p.s. To anyone who would like to take a quick break from their daily personal/professional life and connect to themselves, go for it you won’t regret. It was 6 days of bliss

Nurzat Myrsalieva

from Bahrain, September 2017

"Perfect combination of active sport with yoga"

I liked pretty much everything about this retreat. It was a really nice combination of active sport with yoga and relaxation activities. Every morning we started our day with yoga, then had really great breakfast followed by hiking in the mountains and enjoying spa in the evenings. One day we did rafting, which I really enjoyed. The food was amazing. Thank you Chris and Denise for putting your heart into making this retreat friendly and special :)


from Germany, September 2017

"Lush nature location & super international guests!"

An absolute nature oasis!; variety of interesting and passionate international guests; stunning hiking and climbing spots; having two Yoga different instructors; wellness with sauna, hot tub, and message; absolutely delicious dinners!

Zachary Wright

from United States, September 2017

"What an incredible 7 days"

Wow, after 7 days in the beautiful mountains of Ginzling, all I can say is that Chris and Denise have really got something special going on with their yoga retreats. From the very second I arrived, I was welcomed as if I were a long-time friend and was immediately immeshed in a group of wonderful, loving people. A couple of highlights:

1. Location was beautiful

2. Food was incredible, and they went out of their way on a few occasions to account for my vegan diet.

3. Activities were just as described, with complete flexibility (like a pro yogi) to sit out or do something extra when desired

4. The people - oh man - the people that Denise and Chris draw in are really what made the trip go from phenomenal to life-changing.

I'm sitting here at home two days after the trip ended and wishing I was back with the family I made there. It was truly a wonderful time.

Sarah Burman

from Great Britain, August 2017


Atmosphere, lots of yoga and activities with like minded people. Flexible approach.

Carolin Kielwagen

from Germany, March 2018


In Ginzling ankommen, heißt abschalten, wohlfühlen und genießen. Und zwar mit allen Sinnen, die Euch geschenkt sind.

Die Natur - gewaltig schön. Das Haus - ein nachhaltiger Traum. Die Yogalehrer Denise und Chris - absolut herzlich und liebenswert. Das Essen - sau gut und gesund. Die Ausflüge im Schnee - grandios und Garantie für Riesenspaß. Die Gruppengröße - optimal. Die Yoga-Sessions - vor allem Acro Yoga top. Das Angebot auf dem Grundstück - Sauna, Bouldern und Hot Tub, was will man mehr. Kamin im Haus - check.

Meine Highlights: 7km downhill rodeln & Thai Massage Unterricht & Lagerfeuer-Sauna-Abend im Vollmond mit Chris und Denise.

Suchtpotenzial - immens hoch!!!! Ich komme wieder!

Ich danke Euch von Herzen!

Daniela Riedel

from Germany, February 2018

"Mehr erholung geht nicht"

Liebe Gastgeber, die souverän und herzlich auf Ihre Gäste eingehen - schon mal die halbe Miete!

Der Aufenthalt in einem urigen ursprünglichen Holzhaus mit Kaminöfen, frische Luft, bequeme Betten - lange nicht mehr so erholsam geschlafen. Gemeinsames verbindendes Kochen, vegetarisch, lecker und regional typisch .

Noch nie habe ich in so kurzer Zeit soviel erlebt und neues kennen gelernt - Bouldern in der "Scheune" nebenan , Sauna mit dem Kaltwasserbecken im Schnee, sehr genial und nicht zu toppen der Hot Tube - wer hat sonst schon die Gelegenheit unter Sternen bei Pulverschnee zu baden ?

Die Schneeschuhwanderung war großartig - der Ausblick am Ziel mit 360 Grad Alpenpanorama das i-Tüpfelchen. Rodeln - perfekt - und selbst Abfahrtski wurde auf unseren Wunsch noch eingebaut.

In der Woche gab es einen prima Überblick über verschiedene Yoga-Arten - das Highlight am Ende der Woche eine Kostprobe Acro-Yoga, wir haben heute noch das Strahlen in den Augen - ja, wir können fliegen, Giggi. danke !

Spätestens nach der Thaimassagestunde vorm Kamin war dann auch die letzte Körperzelle tiefenentspannt.

Mehr kann man aus einer Woche nicht mitnehmen - einer der erlebnisreichsten und erholsamsten Urlaube meines Lebens .

Es ist von Vorteil, wenn man etwas Englisch versteht, Denise und Giggi unterstützen aber auch mit Übersetzung. Kein Grund sich dieses Event entgehen zu lassen.

Diese Woche hat mich glücklicher gemacht.


Eva Ganzenberg

from Germany, February 2018

"Yoga and Snow - perfect fit"

The Idea to go on a yoga retreat and to do winter sports in Austria in the same week caught me immediately. And it was even better than expected: The great winter nature, with all the snow, the impressive Mountains and the great mixture of (mostly) ashtanga and yin yoga were just perfect. You do not need to be a winter sport professional, this is a retreat for everyone who loves being in nature and do yoga.

Many, many thanks to Denise and Christian who made this week unforgettable for me. They are not only great yoga teachers, hosts, cooks and organizers but also fantastic people, and I am very happy that I have met them!

Ramona Rundel

from Germany, October 2017

Die ganze Atmosphäre war einfach prima! Super entspannt, trotzdem aktiv! Tolle Menschen! Yoga war sehr lehrreich und auch gut für Anfänger.

Jessica Walter

from Germany, July 2017

Die herzliche und sympathische Art der Gastgeber, die wunderschöne Landschaft, die gemütliche und sehr gepflegte Unterkunft, die abwechslungsreichen Aktivitäten, das leckere und gesunde Essen und nicht zuletzt die fantastische Gruppenatmosphäre haben diese Woche zu einer unvergleichlichen Erfahrung gemacht.

Testimonials 5

Laura Germany


The globeseekers retreat in Austria was just an amazing experience fulfilled with so much love from Denise and Chris! The place in Austria is a charming hut with a nice view on the mountains and a great playground to try slacklining and bouldering, relax in the sauna, hot tub and all the little corners in the garden. But more important was meeting so many great people from all over the world and connect to like-minded who just love the nature, be active and heaving lovely and deep conversations. Denise and Chris organized everything very well and we did so many great things like amazing hikes, climbing and yoga classes where I could really improve my yoga practice and also try and learn new things. It was just an inspiring retreat where people connect to each other and I just went home with a lot of positive energy and motivation for new things to come in life. I am even sure now that I also want to do a yoga teaching! Thank you for everything and I will definitely come back to Austria or maybe to Sri Lanka!

Sophie New Zealand


Wow, where to start?! I was a little bit nervous coming into the retreat in Austria, because although I had heard from a friend that attended an earlier retreat that it was amazing, I was unsure I would have enough experience. However, from my very first meeting with Chris at the train station all my fears were dispelled. I felt so welcomed and accepted by everyone . The Diggl is the perfect location for the retreat – cosy & set in beautiful countryside. I couldn’t stop looking at the surrounding mountains and the view helped to inspire me throughout the week. I really loved the mix of yoga, outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, slack-lining), yoga philosophy and relaxation time (spa and sauna). These activities compliment and balance each other so well and enable you to get the most out of the retreat. Denise & Chris are such wonderful people and a great team. I learnt a lot from them and they went above and beyond to make my experience so special. The food on the retreat is excellent – tasty and healthy.

I met so many fantastic people during my retreat & although the my retreat was less than a month ago, I have travelled with and visited 3 of the people from the retreat already. It’s great to make connections and have fun with supportive, like-minded people.

Overall, the retreat exceeded my expectations & really inspired me to make some positive and exciting changes in my life. I cannot recommend Globeseekers enough – attending a retreat is one of the best gifts you can give yourself (or someonelse!). Thanks for everything Denise, Chris & all my wonderful ‘retreat-mates’.

Tobias Germany


A retreat in a small village in the Austrian Alps that combines Yoga with other outdoor activities? Me as a mountain lover I was sold immediately. I truly enjoyed the week with Denise, Chris and an amazing group of inspiring people. The positive energy and the relaxing mountain environment allowed me to disconnect from the daily stress, to reflect and to recharge. I especially liked the introduction to acro-yoga, I really have to try this again! And the yoga sessions in an old barn to the gentle murmur of a stream were the best that I’ve experienced so far.

Thank you so much Denise and Chris for this unique time that felt like a vacation with old friends!

Anna Spain


Ahhhh! Wish I could do it all again!

Hanna Austria


Arriving to Mayrhofen I picked up some guys and just from the beginning we had a connection and interesting talks. Coming to the house Denise & Chris were already waiting – the whole ambience was familiar and cosy. It’s an amazing place! I think our group fitted well together – so on 1st day we had already deep and open group talks. Thank you for that guys! I really enjoyed preparing the food together – we ate healthy and delicious things every day! It felt more like being with friends than being on a retreat with people you don’t know. On our last evening we had an amazing barbecue with bonfire – the stars above us! Just magical!

Our days were full of activities – Yoga, some climbing, Thai massage, Acro yoga, talks, hikes,… Denise & Chris were aware of the groups needs the whole time and tried to complete all wishes. They even organized Paragliding for some of us which was incredible and a wonderful adventure.

I just can say THANK YOU for this fantastic week. In the end every corner of my body, every cell was filled with amazing experiences. I had so many inspiring talks, learned new things and went to extraordinary places. Thanks for sharing, Denise & Chris! I would recommend to stay at least 6 days – I could have stayed longer and Ginzling and its surroundings has to offer for months. Denise, Chris, I had a wonderful time! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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