Tyrol, Austria

Globeseekers organizes outdoor and yoga retreats for anyone who just wants to let go, recharge energy, be active in nature, and relax with a good mix of time.

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6 Days Snow, Outdoor and Yoga Retreat in Austria

Available in January, February & March

Instruction language: English

from US$887

Great 9.7/10

Based on 18 reviews
from US$887
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6 days / 5 nights

Great 9.7/10

Based on 18 reviews

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Denise Dieling

Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)

Denise is a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. She has been teaching Yoga around the world for the past years and together with Chris built up their idea and passion to share with others through globeseekers. She is also a certified health coach, incorporating her knowledge and passion during the retreats in the areas nutrition, healthy cooking but also balance & mental health, looking at your individual balance in life, learning and growing with each other in group talks during Yoga Philosophy and Health Coaching.

Christian Mitterer

Yoga Alliance International (Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga)

Chris is a Yoga Alliance certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist. Being born in Austria, the mountains are his playground. He loves nature and outdoor sports, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, bouldering and surfing. The self-practice and sharing different Yoga Styles and Acro Yoga, combined with mindfulness and healthy eating are important to him. With globeseekers he’s able to share his passions with people from around the globe. As unique memories for the participants he is creating video- and photo material during the retreats.

Reviews 18

  • Ramona Rundel Germany

    October 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Die ganze Atmosphäre war einfach prima! Super entspannt, trotzdem aktiv! Tolle Menschen! Yoga war sehr lehrreich und auch gut für Anfänger.

    Das Wetter... weniger Schnee am Stausee wäre toll gewesen ;-)

  • Nurzat Myrsalieva Bahrain

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I liked pretty much everything about this retreat. It was a really nice combination of active sport with yoga and relaxation activities. Every morning we started our day with yoga, then had really great breakfast followed by hiking in the mountains and enjoying spa in the evenings. One day we did rafting, which I really enjoyed. The food was amazing. Thank you Chris and Denise for putting your heart into making this retreat friendly and special :)

    I truly enjoyed this retreat, and would definitely recommend it to others. The only thing that can be maybe improved is to start communication prior to the event with participants a bit earlier to allow enough time for people to coordinate the arrival plans.

  • Zita Metzger United States

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Die kombination zwischen Yoga und den Aktivitäten war sehr gut gewählt

  • Hannah Danke Germany

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Fernab von Großstadt und Lärm liegt das Yoga Camp, geleitet von Globeseekers, in Ginzlingen im Zillertal. Eine volle Woche Ausspannen mit verschiedenen Yogaarten, Thai-Massage, wunderbarem eigenen Saunabereich mit Alpenblick und vielen Möglichkeiten sich zu entfalten. Darunter Wandern, Klettern in der Natur, Acro-Yoga und Health-Coaching. Jedem der einen Moment innehalten möchte und sich seiner selbst bewusst werden, kann ich ein Retreat mit Denise und Chris von Globeseekers wärmstens empfehlen.

  • Anonymous

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    An absolute nature oasis!; variety of interesting and passionate international guests; stunning hiking and climbing spots; having two Yoga different instructors; wellness with sauna, hot tub, and message; absolutely delicious dinners!

    Sometimes the schedule was a bit too organised and not relaxed enough; dining area in cabin was too small for the number of guests so mealtimes were often loud and at times stressful; lunch was not included on most days and came at an additional charge, which was surprising; Yoga was not held on every day.

  • Zachary Wright United States

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Wow, after 7 days in the beautiful mountains of Ginzling, all I can say is that Chris and Denise have really got something special going on with their yoga retreats. From the very second I arrived, I was welcomed as if I were a long-time friend and was immediately immeshed in a group of wonderful, loving people. A couple of highlights:

    1. Location was beautiful

    2. Food was incredible, and they went out of their way on a few occasions to account for my vegan diet.

    3. Activities were just as described, with complete flexibility (like a pro yogi) to sit out or do something extra when desired

    4. The people - oh man - the people that Denise and Chris draw in are really what made the trip go from phenomenal to life-changing.

    I'm sitting here at home two days after the trip ended and wishing I was back with the family I made there. It was truly a wonderful time.

    There was nothing about the trip that didn't exceed, let alone meet all the high expectations I already had set.

  • Roberta Aldeghi Monaco

    September 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    The surroundings are just amazing, the chalet is super cosy and every day we were doing a different outdoor activity.

    Perfect holiday for those who want to escape the routine and get back to nature and meet like-minded people.

  • Rikke Hovgaard Great Britain

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    I expected good yoga and relaxation - I definitely got that! What I didn't expect was the huge influence the amazing scenery had on the experience! Waking up to the sound of the river and view of the mountains were absolutely stunning. Loved the combination of yoga and outdoor activities. Thanks to Chris and Denise for being lovely and welcoming hosts.

  • Susan Danskin Great Britain

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Denise and Chris have created the perfect retreat - whether you are seeking thrill and adventure, peace and restoration, new friends and experiences, you are sure to find it on a globe seekers retreat. The schedule was full of exciting activities, with plenty of really unforgettable moments like the bonfire under the stars and meditating on a suspension bridge above a glacial lake, but was also flexible and adaptable to how you were feeling each day and what level of activity you were wanting. The location is truly stunning - every view looks like a postcard! The food must also be mentioned - I've never seen such a varied spread of delicious, organic vegetarian food for every meal, and I can't wait to take some recipes home to my friends. Accommodation was enchanting in a gorgeous, traditional mountain house complete with wood burning stove, a climbing/bouldering room, a beautiful sunlit yoga barn and a wellness area including a sauna, hot and cold tubs. Denise and Chris have a wonderful ability to unite everyone on the retreat across languages and cultures, so that I felt really connected to the wonderful people I met on the retreat.

    I have no critiques and truly couldn't fault the experience.

  • Sarah Burman Great Britain

    August 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Atmosphere, lots of yoga and activities with like minded people. Flexible approach.

  • Chiara Lagostina Republic of Italy

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Denise and Chris are very kind and prepared people, every activity we did was great, and I had a chance to meet lovely people from around the world, with different stories and background. Lot of positive energy, super healthy food, wonderful nature all around; I recommend it!

  • Jessica Walter Germany

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Die herzliche und sympathische Art der Gastgeber, die wunderschöne Landschaft, die gemütliche und sehr gepflegte Unterkunft, die abwechslungsreichen Aktivitäten, das leckere und gesunde Essen und nicht zuletzt die fantastische Gruppenatmosphäre haben diese Woche zu einer unvergleichlichen Erfahrung gemacht.

  • Anonymous

    July 2017, BookYogaRetreats

    Lot of activities to embrace with like minded people in a safe and relax environment.

    Denise and Chris put efforts, love, passion and support in what they do.

  • Timo Müller Germany


    The yoga retreat was a really nice holiday in a stunning and unique landscape. Our accommodation was a cosy farmhouse which I loved. Denise and Chris are super friendly and welcoming and took good care of us all the time. They also granted extra wishes and tried to make everything possible. Many different activities were offered, such as climbing, yoga, hiking and even a sauna and spa. We were a bit unfortunate with the weather but Denise and Chris, again, made the best out of the situation and took us swimming in a swimming pool instead of the lake. They even covered the fees for that. I can well and truly say that they were fabulous hosts and organisers. Our group was also awesome and I enjoyed meeting new people from different countries. Usually I am a little bit shy so I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in, but all my concerns vanished on the first day after meeting everyone. The week past by so quickly, and I returned home in the most relaxed state. I learned a lot during the week and I took home lots of food for thoughts. I can wholeheartedly recommend the yoga retreat with Denise and Chris.

  • Anne Hornes Germany


    Have you ever come to a place where you really felt welcome and you met people with whom you felt connected even if you had never seen them before?

    I was attracted by the fantastic setting of the place that Denise and Chris have chosen for the globeseekers retreat, Diggl Climbers and Freeride Farm. This soulful place with its hot tub under the Alpine stars and steep mountains in its backyard it is made for a peaceful and fun retreat. It is the perfect setting for energizing Ashtanga yoga and boulder sessions.

    I enjoyed that Denise and Chris took care of me from the very beginning to the very end, checking in how and when I would arrive and helping other participants with transportation.

    It was inspiring to be exposed to their never-ending positive energy and I enjoyed a lot that I was able to combine my passion for climbing in a great spot with yoga. The place and also the group inspired reflective and deep conversations. Thank you, Chris and Denise, for your work and care to make this happen. The retreat broadened my horizon with the introductions to AcroYoga and Thai massage.

    I highly recommend the yoga and outdoor retreat for others that love nature and waking up to the sound of a wild mountain river. It was not the last time for me to come to Zillertal.

  • a traveler New York


    Chris and Denise, a power couple, worked hard as a team to make this a positive experience, including listening to our requests, picking us up or dropping us off at station, and offering rides to town as needed. The unique program combined Ashtanga yoga, AcroYoga, health coaching, and yoga philosophy with excursions. They are good yoga teachers, I just wished they offered it much more often.

    The location chosen was a hidden gem-beautiful spot off the beaten path. A cool feature is they took and will provide lots of pictures from the trip, so I did not even have to think about it. It is a new program that could use a few changes but has the potential to be great because of who Denise and Chris are as people and their passion for the program.

Testimonials 32

  • Laura Germany


    The globeseekers retreat in Austria was just an amazing experience fulfilled with so much love from Denise and Chris! The place in Austria is a charming hut with a nice view on the mountains and a great playground to try slacklining and bouldering, relax in the sauna, hot tub and all the little corners in the garden. But more important was meeting so many great people from all over the world and connect to like-minded who just love the nature, be active and heaving lovely and deep conversations. Denise and Chris organized everything very well and we did so many great things like amazing hikes, climbing and yoga classes where I could really improve my yoga practice and also try and learn new things. It was just an inspiring retreat where people connect to each other and I just went home with a lot of positive energy and motivation for new things to come in life. I am even sure now that I also want to do a yoga teaching! Thank you for everything and I will definitely come back to Austria or maybe to Sri Lanka!

  • Sophie New Zealand


    Wow, where to start?! I was a little bit nervous coming into the retreat in Austria, because although I had heard from a friend that attended an earlier retreat that it was amazing, I was unsure I would have enough experience. However, from my very first meeting with Chris at the train station all my fears were dispelled. I felt so welcomed and accepted by everyone . The Diggl is the perfect location for the retreat – cosy & set in beautiful countryside. I couldn’t stop looking at the surrounding mountains and the view helped to inspire me throughout the week. I really loved the mix of yoga, outdoor activities (hiking, climbing, slack-lining), yoga philosophy and relaxation time (spa and sauna). These activities compliment and balance each other so well and enable you to get the most out of the retreat. Denise & Chris are such wonderful people and a great team. I learnt a lot from them and they went above and beyond to make my experience so special. The food on the retreat is excellent – tasty and healthy.

    I met so many fantastic people during my retreat & although the my retreat was less than a month ago, I have travelled with and visited 3 of the people from the retreat already. It’s great to make connections and have fun with supportive, like-minded people.

    Overall, the retreat exceeded my expectations & really inspired me to make some positive and exciting changes in my life. I cannot recommend Globeseekers enough – attending a retreat is one of the best gifts you can give yourself (or someonelse!). Thanks for everything Denise, Chris & all my wonderful ‘retreat-mates’.

  • Tobias Germany


    A retreat in a small village in the Austrian Alps that combines Yoga with other outdoor activities? Me as a mountain lover I was sold immediately. I truly enjoyed the week with Denise, Chris and an amazing group of inspiring people. The positive energy and the relaxing mountain environment allowed me to disconnect from the daily stress, to reflect and to recharge. I especially liked the introduction to acro-yoga, I really have to try this again! And the yoga sessions in an old barn to the gentle murmur of a stream were the best that I’ve experienced so far.

    Thank you so much Denise and Chris for this unique time that felt like a vacation with old friends!

  • Anna Spain


    Ahhhh! Wish I could do it all again!

  • Hanna Austria


    Arriving to Mayrhofen I picked up some guys and just from the beginning we had a connection and interesting talks. Coming to the house Denise & Chris were already waiting – the whole ambience was familiar and cosy. It’s an amazing place! I think our group fitted well together – so on 1st day we had already deep and open group talks. Thank you for that guys! I really enjoyed preparing the food together – we ate healthy and delicious things every day! It felt more like being with friends than being on a retreat with people you don’t know. On our last evening we had an amazing barbecue with bonfire – the stars above us! Just magical!

    Our days were full of activities – Yoga, some climbing, Thai massage, Acro yoga, talks, hikes,… Denise & Chris were aware of the groups needs the whole time and tried to complete all wishes. They even organized Paragliding for some of us which was incredible and a wonderful adventure.

    I just can say THANK YOU for this fantastic week. In the end every corner of my body, every cell was filled with amazing experiences. I had so many inspiring talks, learned new things and went to extraordinary places. Thanks for sharing, Denise & Chris! I would recommend to stay at least 6 days – I could have stayed longer and Ginzling and its surroundings has to offer for months. Denise, Chris, I had a wonderful time! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • Sarah England


    If there is one thing I can say about my time at Globeseekers yoga retreat is that it was simply too short. Nestled within a small village surrounded by the Austrian Alps Denise and Chris create a simple paradise where you immediately switch off and relax. With healthy home cooked meals, yoga and health coaching you cannot help but find whatever you were seeking when booking this retreat. Sharing life’s journeys and experiences with people from all across the globe you not only learn so much from the people around; you and also learn so much about yourself. The best thing about the retreat is the flexibility of the week, there is no strict schedule, Denise and Chris try to plan each day tailored to the needs and wants of everyone in the group. With added extras available such as paragliding, rock climbing and cannoning there is always something to do and hikes too explore. However, if there is a day you wish to be alone then what better place to do it than down by the river or in the yoga barn that’s decorated with hammocks and swings. The bonfire marking the end of your time there feels much more of a gathering of friends and I cannot thank Denise and Chris very much for sharing their home with us, it was truly an amazing experience with no pressures- your stay can whatever you wish to make it! Globeseekers retreats really are – Anywhere but in between.

  • Birgit Berlin


    I cannot add much to the great and true reviews already given . But I would like to repeat that you are a great team and both of you made the week at the diggl a wonderful experience. Your positive life approach, your ideas, your energy etc.!!!

    I am thankful that you gave me the possibility to know you and I am sure that we will meet again, hopefully sooner that later!

  • Evelyn Germany

    globeseekers website

    Globeseekers was my first yoga retreat and it was great! With the beautiful location, healthy food, people from different nations, and hiking it was a wonderful experience.

    I really enjoyed the yoga class every day. I had done yoga only a few times and so it was not easy for me, but Chris and Denise are great teachers!

    Another part which I really appreciated was the beautiful landscape of the Zillertal. During beautiful mountains and blue lakes, I could feel the nature and concentrate on myself.

  • Annika Germany

    globeseekers website

    As a person living in the flat north of Germany near to the sea, I knew the Austrian mountains only in winter and being snow-capped. The retreat showed me that it is very worthwhile spending the summer time there as well. Zillertal is an amazing region and the globeseeker's house is perfectly situated in the middle of the beautiful nature. Globeseekers offered several activities in such nature. My highlights were definitely our hike to the top of a mountain with an amazing view over the lake and my first climbing experience in the so-called, Ewige Jagdgründe.

    At home, I loved watching from the valley up to the mountain top in the morning, the best meditation, making first experience and progress in bouldering, relaxing either in the sun or later in the sauna and the outdoor hot tub.

    The last evening, we had a great farewell together with a yummy vegetarian barbecue with lots of laughter, singing, and playing the guitar at the bonfire. Above all, I liked the spirit of our group and hope to see some of you guys again!

  • Francesca and Carlo Italy

    globeseekers website

    The time we spent with the globeseekers was simply perfect. Globeseekers' retreat is great for those who want to switch off the mind, to deeply relax, to stay fit and healthy, and to be in close contact with the amazing nature of Austria in Tyrol and Zillertal. We were yogi beginners but we loved the daily yoga sessions in the wooden barn with the sound of the river near the house. AcroYoga was a fun experience too, very nice to perform for us two as a couple.

    Denise and Chris are great yoga teachers, a beautiful team, and two people with a lot of positive energy to share! There were many outdoor activities every day. Bouldering in the natural paradise of the valley, rock climbing the perfect spots, hiking to an amazing hut with a great view of the mountain lake below, and swimming or sunbathing in the lakes.

    We found the house very cozy and perfect, either if we simply wanted to chill out and read a book in the garden or go climbing and doing physical exercise in the boulder room indoors.

    We were more than 10 people from different countries cooking and eating healthy food together, playing guitar, singing, and sharing our thoughts in this week of mental and physical restoration. It was something we really loved. We hope to see you again soon, maybe for a winter retreat!

  • Oxana Italy

    globeseekers website

    A wonderful experience that filled me with positive vibes, introduced me to beautiful people, and made me reflect on the important things in life! The location was stunning. Chris and Denise are absolutely delicious! Definitely to be redone, maybe in some other corner of the world.

  • Mareike Germany

    globeseekers website

    I arrived after a long flight from Munich to Guayaquil very tired in Puerto Lopez. After a wet winter in Munich, it felt so nice to soak up the sun and get the warm welcome from Denise and Chris. The first question was: are you hungry? Yes! Absolutely! And then one of the best weeks and holidays in my life got started. We enjoyed the fresh and healthy food from Patricia, our lovely host. Our startup was a fresh and funny bath in the pacific and, in the evening, I enjoyed my first yoga lesson. I had never done yoga before, but is there a better place to jump into a new hobby? Definitely not! With the sun in my face, two warm-hearted teachers, Denise and Chris, and a stunning outlook to the Pacific, I started to try my first sun salutations.

    The whole week was full of fun, relaxing yoga, healthy food, and wonderful people. And after seven days, a new yogi was born. Thank you so much, Denise and Chris, for this perfectly organized, warm, friendly, sunny, and sporty week in Ecuador.

  • Katerina Germany

    globeseekers website

    After two outdoor and yoga retreats with globeseekers in Zillertal, which I both enjoyed very much, I decided to join them for the surf, outdoor, and yoga retreat in Ecuador. So, after my first experiences with them, I expected already to have a fun time. But I did not expect to experience one of the best holidays of my life.

    Denise and Chris chose a comfy accommodation. The location on top of a hill had breathtaking views over the ocean. We enjoyed the different views of the ocean while eating the delicious and healthy food, during the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga classes, or the relaxation time in the hammock. Right from the beginning, there was an easy and relaxed atmosphere among this fun group of people from different countries. So, our tummy muscles were not only trained during AcroYoga or surfing lessons but mostly because of lots of laughter.

    As surf experts, Denise and Chris chose the best surf spots at the beach or tide times for every surf level. After the first try, surfing in the warm water at a beautiful, nearly empty beach I managed to stand up on the board, I was very proud.

    They offered lots of things to do every day, but there was still enough time for relaxation. If someone is looking for a great holiday with a healthy lifestyle, inspiration, health coaching, outdoor activities, and meeting people with a relaxed attitude, I can totally recommend globeseekers!

  • Michael UK

    globeseekers website

    As I mentioned in my previous review for globeseekers winter outdoor and yoga retreat in Austria, I was already looking forward to doing another retreat with globeseekers. Where else to do it than Ecuador?

    Denise and Chris had mentioned the beautiful location they planned to host the retreat from and their globeseekers surf and yoga retreat lived up to its reputation. A hostel on the coast, the location for doing yoga overlooked the ocean, with a perfect view of the sunset and a breeze that cooled the limbs when you are holding your downward dog. Nearby, an island is teeming with pelicans and other wildlife that you can watch from the hammock. Perhaps it was just the weather and atmosphere, but I felt my yoga improved faster here than at home, as did my focus. A short walk to the beach was perfect for resting and recuperating; a short drive to a larger beach meant surfing and fresh juices on the sea front; a short boat ride to the island meant snorkeling and yoga on an empty beach. We experienced local culture with a trip to Agua Blanca, a traditional community set a midst natural mud baths, great for the skin after being battered by the surf.

    Patricia deserves a mention, our chef and salsa teacher. She provided beautiful, healthy meals each day, especially the plantain. At night, it was a challenge to move my feet as quickly as hers. Her husband, Carlos, prepared a fantastic barbecue with fresh tuna and dorado. With the diverse people joining the retreats, we learned from others life-experience, including an Ayurveda teacher and a Colombian Spanish teacher, again the people made the retreat what it was.

  • Ellen Berlin

    globeseekers website

    Thanks, Denise and Chris, for the passion with which you created the globeseekers outdoor and yoga retreat in Austria. It was a very valuable and enriching time with you and the wonderful group. It felt so good; everyday yoga together, the fresh air, the amazing surrounding, the excursions, and the delicious, healthy food. Thanks for being so open-minded and your caring support. You gave us room and tranquility that are needed to listen deeply into yourself, to deal with things coming up in your mind while breathing deeply. The retreat brought a lot into motion for me; today, I think back at it very often. And when I close my eyes, I am sitting with you guys at the bonfire, laughing and talking about life or we get into the hot tub, looking into the stars. What else could you want? You guys, keep doing exactly what you do and your uniqueness that is inside you.

  • Sheldon Canada

    globeseekers website

    If you are not interested in finding yourself with a wonderful mix of people, in an absolutely stunning location, with soul expanding activities, which will change the rest of your life... do not join a globeseekers retreat. They will just end up teaching you to do yoga at your own pace in a stress-free, happy environment, and feeding you healthy, yummy food. Also, after life and diet coaching they will leave you to your own space to relax and ponder the world and potentially a new outlook on a better life. If you are not the type of person to seek a better future for yourself, have deep connections with amazing people from all over the world, and make new friends in a random destination, you probably need to stay far away from this. If you are not really into being somewhere you are completely accepted for who you are and loved by strangers, who will inevitably share some of the greatest memories you will ever have and want to be your friends for life, do not do it.

    On the other hand, what have you got to lose? An addiction to social media? Television? Just another staycation, wishing you were in paradise doing something meaningful and possibly discovering who you were really meant to be? Sure it might happen next time and as long as you have breath left, it is never too late, but I am glad I did not wait. A life of saying what if and looking at other people having what seems to be the time of their life, wondering if it is really as great as it looks in pictures on their Facebook walls and in how they tell the story.

    For the first time in my life, I found out what it is to step away from a mundane life, outside of my comfort zone. Years of saying what if, and most of me thinking I was never going to discover a path that led to everything... everything I have always thought would make for the greatest journey, and I found it all in one place. Yoga taught me in a comfortable, friendly environment; healthy, local cuisine; education on the importance of balancing diet; activities, such as surfing, hiking, and various outings to the beach, villages, and nature; meeting people for the first time who, oddly, never felt like strangers; a place so beautiful and off the beaten path, with hosts so accommodating that you have no choice but to feel safe and at home. I never wanted to leave. As always, the trip will end and time will pass, but the memories will last forever.

    Denise and Chris have truly captured the essence of inspiring change and personal growth and created a setting through globeseekers to share their creation with the world.

    Thank you to everyone who shared in the beginning of the rest of my life and a future of friends, adventure, and personal growth in health, fitness, and spirituality. And an extra special thank you to Denise and Chris! Without globeseekers I would have never discovered many things, most importantly myself.

  • Chiara Munich

    globeseekers website

    I enjoyed my second retreat with globeseekers, this time for surf and yoga in Ecuador, to the fullest and met so many incredibly amazing people. The stay inspired me and I had lots of great talks. Chris and Denise organized everything perfectly. The location was breathtaking and the mix of great excursions, such as learning to surf, the boat trip with snorkeling, or a jungle hike with mud bathing, made the retreat a unique life experience. My personal highlight was yoga during the sunsets. The yoga classes were, in general, a fantastic experience. Yoga philosophy and health coaching gave me a lot that I can think about more intensely now. You can feel how you improve day by day and, in general, I enjoyed the retreat to the fullest. Thank you so much, Chris and Denise, for this amazing adventure and for an amazing time with such lovely people.

  • Carla Colombia

    globeseekers website

    For the first time in my 20 years, I decided to dedicate a holiday purely to my mind and body. Everything came in harmony, healthy food, seaside yoga, sun-kissed skin, late night salsa dancing, surf adventures, and mud baths. At first, it was hard to concentrate, however, focusing on the waves and the singing of the birds sure helped to fully concentrate. We were accompanied by beautiful people from all over the world. Thanks for the wonderful experience.

  • Pilar Colombia

    globeseekers website

    I just want to thank you for this wonderful yoga retreat. My daughter and I have learned a lot and have shared some invaluable and precious moments together. I must add that I am leaving with a completely different state of mind than when I arrived 10 days ago. Thanks again and best wishes to your future endeavors in this little piece of paradise in the Ecuadorian Pacific.

  • Michael UK

    globeseekers website

    I was looking for something different like a yoga retreat and when I found the winter retreat in Zillertal, I was sure it was the one for me. Denise and Chris created a busy, active, and exciting retreat and they ensure there is the flexibility to make the retreat our own. They are also more accommodating and helpful before the retreat than any company I had been speaking with. I have practiced yoga for some time before joining the retreat, but never Ashtanga, which was a fantastic experience and something I continue to practice at home. Chris and Denise are able to teach and develop anyone from beginners to advanced yogis and you are always in control of the intensity of your practice. AcroYoga was a new concept to me, a practice based on trust, working with others, and some interesting positions.

    Yoga might be the main reason I was looking for a retreat, but I was definitely attracted to the breadth of activity that Denise and Chris had planned. This was a lifestyle retreat to experience new things and take in a full yogi experience. We spent some time discussing the yoga philosophy, with health and mind coaching that will help you to open your mind, think about yourself, and plan your future to live a happier, healthier life. I am just starting this journey, but globeseekers has given me a headstart! Each day was packed with new experiences, whether we were snowboarding, tobogganing, or simply taking in the breathtaking views of a beautiful, quiet Austrian village, from the hot tub of course. Home cooking as a group led to surprising combinations and competitions, but some of the best food I have tasted. A day felt like a week, but in the best way possible.

    Easily, what I enjoyed the most during my stay has to be the people, globeseekers attract people with a positive, embracing mindset and I am thankful to have shared this experience with them. Quickly we became friends and it did not take long before we were talking about a reunion at another retreat in the new year.

  • Chiara Germany

    globeseekers website

    I found the globeseekers retreat when I really needed a time-off. I was not sure if I should do something like that in the beginning, but looking back, it was the best decision ever. It was the right mix of fun, sports, and time for yourself. Since I am still pretty young, I always enjoy it when I can learn something. From Denise and Chris, I learned how important it is to take time for yourself and your mind and to let go. The retreat and the great talks we had inspired me and I think it is easier for me now to look into myself and to reflect on things more intensely. Yoga helped me a lot as well. I had a lot of fun and at least twice as much I could feel my muscles. The AcroYoga was a fun experience as well, and you learn to trust others. Also, Denise and Chris are amazing at explaining and showing. I had never done yoga before, but it was no problem, everything was explained in an understandable way for all levels and you can see your own improvement very fast. The schedule is well balanced with activities and also time for yourself and feeling into yourself. The location was absolutely stunning, with a great mix of outdoor activities like Äsmo Powsurfing, Avalanche safety course, tobogganing, or the bonfire under the stars with guitar music. It is a super experience for everyone, no matter what life situation or age.

  • Daniel Germany

    globeseekers website

    Denise und Chris created something great with globeseekers. The atmosphere was unique. Imagine you are sitting with great people at a bonfire next to your mountain hut in a dreamlike valley called Zillertal and the stars are shining. Well, this kind of great atmosphere surrounded us the whole stay.

    After a day with a bunch of activities, like skiing, sledding, yoga, and much more, we cooked together, talked, laughed, and relaxed in the sauna and the hot tub.

    I enjoyed the yoga. It was the first time for me, so I did not know what to expect and I thought I would act like a donkey, but Chris and Denise are great teachers and showed me how to do it and I made some progress quite fast.

    All in all, it was an amazing experience and a great time. Thank you so much, see you at the next retreat.

  • Miriam Germany

    globeseekers website

    Thanks again to Chris and Denise for the wonderful days during the globeseekers outdoor and yoga retreat in Ginzling, Austria, beginning of January. Although there was not much snow around, we had many great activities on the agenda: daily yoga, AcroYoga sessions, hiking in the snow, tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding, short intro into avalanche safety, health coaching, healthy home cooking sessions, bouldering, bonfire with guitar music, and not to forget the sauna time in the evenings and sitting in the hot tub while watching the stars. I can highly recommend this to anyone who is searching for a break with yoga and outdoor activities and meeting like-minded people!

  • Uwe Germany

    globeseekers website

    After a relaxed drive, I arrived in Zillertal and, after a fun round of introductions, we had a delicious dinner. The next morning, we went up the mountain. After a beautiful hike, we got to practice yoga on this amazing platform with an impressing and breathtaking view. Back from the mountain, we went into a typical Austrian hut, the Hirschbichlalm, with yummy food and some of us even got to try out the local music instruments there, good fun for everyone. Another highlight was the hike to the lake Achensee, we practiced yoga on the pier of the crystal clear lake, surrounded by mountains, fresh air, and the sounds of the waves while you were breathing in and breathing out, it was fantastic. For breakfast, we also always had delicious food. Especially the self-made whole grain bread that Denise and Chris made for us and the fresh fruit salads with nuts, chia, and flax seeds. The visit to the organic farm and tasting of different veggies and herbs right there was interesting and funny for an almost city person like me. Another excursion was hiking up to a summit cross. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and AcroYoga were a great training and experience. To sum it up, the days during the globeseekers retreat with Denise and Chris were a wonderful time-off of the daily life. Amazing yoga and fantastic hikes in beautiful nature. I am thankful for the group and the globeseekers. I started my way back home and I will be very happy to come back for another journey with them.

  • Rudi Austria

    globeseekers website

    Denise and Chris organized a bombastic globeseekers outdoor and yoga retreat in the beautiful Zillertal, Austria. The feeling of letting go and forgetting about everyday worries was as if I had spent a much longer time there. We did long sessions of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, followed by sessions of AcroYoga and wrapped it up with relaxing Thai massage introductions. Denise and Chris are superior yoga instructors who managed to impart their yoga knowledge in a playful mixture of exercises, group talks, and common activities like cooking together or outdoor activities over the course of the entire retreat. So pushing yourself to extend your physical and mental boundaries did not feel like pushing at all. A little extra on the Saturday night was the bonfire in the canyon, surrounded by high cliffs and a sea of stars. A magical atmosphere. The next day started with a two-hour session of Ashtanga Vinyasa followed by a rich breakfast on the sunny deck of the House Four Elements. So all in all, it was a very relaxing time in a group of very interesting people and a lot of positive energy to fuel your body and mind.

  • Nataly Scotland

    globeseekers website

    When I started doing yoga with Denise and Chris this summer, it was to begin with a way to help rehabilitate my injured knee, which had lost its flexibility and strength. Little did I know it would have such a big impact on my life. Sure it builds strength and flexibility and you keep wanting to progress to the harder manoeuvres, but, with regular practice, you realize that the strength and will to do all that comes from something much deeper. You begin to become more in tune with your body and mind than ever before and could ever have envisioned. I have had a really tough summer through working in a stressful environment and then more recently personal matters that left me feeling dead inside, it affected me so bad, more than words can explain. What saved me and helped me sort through all those thoughts running through my head was yoga and being around the good vibes of those I practice yoga with, in class. It makes you dig down deep, so deep that I even cried on more than one occasion during the talks in yoga philosophy but I guess it was just a way of my inner self-highlighting to me I was not okay and that I needed to come face to face with my demons or else I would never start the healing process. Through this, you come out a much stronger and wiser person, more so than anyone, because you have been true to yourself and if you are not happy in your own body or skin and mind, then you will never be truly happy in life and you will make decisions that, in the long run, will have a negative effect on you. I have always seen the world and life differently to many but even more so now, I appreciate what good health and looking after yourself brings to you and how I enjoy and feel stronger, more balanced in the sports I do, like skateboarding and snowboarding. It is a growing process really, as you progress with the yoga itself, you are constantly growing and evolving into a more confident person, who then wants to help others, but they have to be open to help for this to work. Many of your friends may not get why yoga has become a big part of you, but that is because they know no better and it is their loss if they do not want to try it. Strength, passion, love, peace, happiness, understanding, patience, kindness, these are just some of the things that emanate from you more through regular yoga practice and that can only be a good thing. Just as you have your ups and downs in life, the same will happen in yoga, but you persevere, work through it, and come out better for it. In the end, we live, learn, and grow, but we would have a lot more happy people in this world if everyone did what they are truly passionate about or if they all do yoga, sure it is not as easy as that, but it is nice to think that sometimes. Thank you, Denise and Chris, you are an awesome couple and have helped me more than you realize this summer. Peace.

  • Michaela Austria

    globeseekers website

    I am very glad to have met Denise and Chris, they showed me how much you can do for yourself with very little. Through their extreme empathy and loving way, it feels like I have known them for a long time. Afterwards, I always feel like a new person. If you think about your life, maybe you will change something, yoga is a good beginning. I have learned a lot during the yoga retreat. I liked the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, yoga philosophy, and health coaching. The globeseekers team also gave us an insight into AcroYoga and Thai massage. During those days, we had great conversations and really delicious, healthy snacks. I realized that the globeseekers team are present with their heart and soul and you will never get bored of them. Yoga with Denise and Chris is like a short holiday.

  • Ines Germany

    globeseekers website

    I had a great time with Denise, Giggi, and all the nice people in Zillertal. We cooked together, ate together, and shared some really heart-warming moments, especially at the bonfire. I felt welcomed from the very first second. It was an idyllic spot between the mountains. The accommodation was clean and also very comfortable. We did some Ashtanga yoga, which was demanding, which I liked very much. The healthy dips and the bread, which they baked on their own, made these days special for me.

  • a traveler

    globeseekers website

    I enjoyed the yoga retreat with globeseekers in Zillertal very much and would give the retreat 10 points of 10. It was a great atmosphere in the group of people and it felt as visiting friends. There was a lot of fun cooking together. We prepared healthy and yummy food. The yoga lessons where Asthanga yoga and physically challenging. A big event was the bonfire in a canyon.

  • Jasmin Gapp Austria

    globeseekers website

    The time, during the retreat, I got to spend with Denise and Christian was amazing! The location in Zillertal is stunning and the house4elements, where we stayed, offered coziness and a beautiful view over the whole valley. They work together with such an enthusiasm, which brings a really good dynamic into the group. During the workshop on Saturday, with a diverse group of people, we not only experienced a powerful Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class but also had an inspiring discussion within the yoga philosophy lesson. Also, we had great fun learning the basics of AcroYoga and enjoyed a short introduction into Thai Massage. On top of all that, we spent the evening with a warming bonfire in a little canyon with good talks, fantastic food, and chanting to nice guitar sounds. I am really glad that I had the possibility to meet all these amazing people, to share thoughts with them, and just to enjoy life!

  • Andrijana Croatia

    globeseekers website

    I had very nice time in Stummberg; it was a very pleasant and inspiring yoga retreat. Hosts were great, as well as the program. I came back home feeling refreshed and energized.

  • Rapahela Otto Germany

    globeseekers website

    Chris and Denise are absolutely amazing and work perfectly together. I experienced a great energy within the group. The yoga sessions made me feel so balanced, as well as the tasty and healthy food. It was a perfect mix with the outdoor activities in the wonderful nature of the Zillertal, which were so much fun.

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