Globeseekers journeys are more than just a yoga retreat. Join us on a deep dive towards presence, ease and conscious living in breathtaking nature!

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from Germany, July 2021

"Perfect place to relax! "

I had a perfect time in the Gschösswandhaus with nice people, a stunning view, healthy food and with a variety of activities which makes it suitable for everyone‘s wishes. You can go for a hike, climb, make a rafting tour, get a massage beside the yoga classes. The hosts are really friendly and try to care for all needs what makes you feeling really comfortable! The yoga classes vary in different levels and you can get to know different yoga styles from Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga class to Acro Yoga! They offer workshops regarding your health but you are always free to choose whatever you feel like! I can totally recommend the retreat! Thank you for the nice week 🙏!

Grace Lauer

from Germany, September 2020

"Stunning Mountain Retreat"

Amazing, thoughtful retreat with beautiful teachers and guides in stunning location with incredible views, yummy vegan food upon request and plenty of it!! :D

Perfect mix of activities, fresh air and downtime. Sauna is a huge plus! Great time to connect with likeminded people, practice gentle reflection and also sit in stillness with nature and the mountains and allow for your intuitions to speak to you again more clearly. Thank you. I came away feeling calm, rested and inspired! Recommend 1000%!

Anneka Patel

from United States, January 2020

"A great balance of yoga and other activities! "

I just came back from the Globeseekers Ocean Retreat in Hawaii and wow...what a great retreat! Denise and Chris really got the balance right between yoga and all the other activities. From meditation, hiking, surfing, snorkelling, and stand up paddle boarding, to a boat trip where we saw whales and swam with dolphins - so so magical! The food was amazing, always healthy, vegetarian and quick easy meals I hope to replicate at home. Kerstin’s yoga and meditation sessions were absolutely wonderful. She described everything so well and had a very relaxing voice to help calm your mind. Chris taught us a wide variety of yoga practices that I’d never done before - Qi Gong, Ashtanga and Acro (the Acro was so fun!). It opened my eyes to the various forms of yoga out there and pushed me out of my comfort zone. I could feel the improvements in my yoga practice after just a week from the very first session on the day we arrived, to the final practice on our last day. Denise did a wonderful job of making you feel welcome and at home and I learnt so much from her in those few days. I was amazed at how global our group was with participants from all over the world...UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada and the US. We all had a great laugh and I left the retreat with new friends, new experiences, and new focus areas for my life. You absolutely must try a retreat with Globeseekers - you won’t regret it!

Matilda Hjelmqvist

from United States, January 2020

"Yoga retreat in paradise"

This was my first yoga retreat ever and Globeseekers really made it a great adventure! The week in Hawaii Big Island included a nice mix of yoga sessions (either in the house garden or by the beach) along with water sports and hiking during the days. We saw sea turtles when snorkling, tried surfing, stand-up paddling and went on a fantastic boat trip to swim with dolphins and the cutest swimming dog ever. Denise and Chris instantly made the group come together, with a great vibe making the trip feel like a vacay with friends (from all over the world!). I liked the flexible schedule and that there was time to relax in between the daytime sessions of activities. Will remember many happy moments and the yoga under Hawaiian banyan trees and starry skies!

Lea Blair

from Greece, October 2019

We had such a great experience at this retreat. The hotel was lovely and included 3 saunas and a relaxation room! The location was one of the most beautiful places in the world, up on a hill overlooking a green peaceful valley. All of the instructors were really kind and warm and created a group atmosphere where we all became good friends through the course of the week.

I was apprehensive about food as I know on yoga retreats sometimes it can be a little light, especially on protein (sometimes people seem to equate healthy vegetarian with just vegetables...and no flavor), but the food was really fantastic. Not solely vegetarian, which was good for me, but certainly they accommodate all diets, and everything tasted really good and was hearty enough to keep us pregnant ladies going!

We definitely thought this would be more yoga-centric than it was, but in the end we were really happy that there was more focus on birth and mindfulness than we had anticipated. Sheila was such a great midwife/teacher and we left feeling really confident and calm about birth and becoming parents, with specific tools we can use during birth and even in other aspects of life. And of course, we did yoga and qigong as well in beautiful outdoor mountain settings, had great relaxing excursions, and more fantastic food!

I would highly recommend for anyone that is pregnant, and definitely for partners as well, it's not just about the moms!

Rhiannon Hobbs

from Great Britain, September 2019

"A slice of heaven...I wish I could stay forever! "

It's difficult to summarise everything I loved about this retreat...the location is incredible, the activities fun and varied, and Chris and Denise are wonderful hosts with a flexible and enthusiastic approach. We started our week with heavy snow and ended with 26 degrees and sunshine, and Chris and Denise tailored the week to fit around the weather and how people were feeling each day. The number of different workshops and the variety was excellent and made it impossible to get bored. Chris's food is AMAZING and we often found ourselves in a contended silence at dinner as we relished every mouthful! :) We were lucky to have the most wonderful group of people too and by the time the week came to an end we felt more like a family. I can whole heatedly say that I'd recommend this retreat to anyone that wants to escape to nature, make new friends and have an adventure! Just book it! :)

Maria Jose Gutierrez Ros

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Single female traveller "

The location is breathtakingly and the instructors were really friendly and attentive. I had great fun on all activities and the group of people I met could not have been nicer.

Connie Yeung

from Hong Kong, August 2019

"Connie "

The retreat is excellent with the nice environment which is super for the arranged activities including hiking, rock climbing and rafting. Denise and Chris is also great in in making the retreat with a balanced of acitivities of yoga, thai massage and life coaching etc. The accommodation and food also execellent.


from United States, August 2019

"Best week of my life! "

This retreat was incredible! From the yoga to the day activities and the delicious prepared food I truly had the best week of my entire life. The other members of the group were awesome! Chris and Denise are incredible people! My life was changed for the better at this retreat and I am still feeling the positive effects of this retreat weeks later. I have done other retreats and I give this a 10 out of 10.

Laura Rossi

from Italy, August 2019

"What a great time! Over expectations"

I felt at home from the first moment, there are amazing energy, pure air, nature, activities, delicious food, comfortable rooms and so on. Denise and Christian are simply lovely and they really take care of their guests.

Highly recommended! Can't wait for new adventures with you guys X

Sarah Cadili-osborne

from Great Britain, August 2019

"A great retreat"

The location is exceptional and the daily hikes were fantastic. The hosts were warm, supportive and inclusive - the variety of activities made this a fantastic and memorable holiday - thoroughly recommended !

Amanda Symonds

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Connection with Nature, Self and Others"

Idyllic location up the mountain with views I could look at forever. Wonderful group to share the experience with. Open, heart-connecting chats. Daily yoga and hiking. Blueberry picking. Delicious food. Fresh bread, eggs, cheese, porridge and fruit every morning as well as fabulous dinners. We bought lunch up the mountain or made sandwiches at breakfast to take with. Denise and Chris are amazing humans and I’m so grateful to them for creating and leading this experience. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Igor Stojanov

from Netherlands, August 2019

Beautiful view. Amazing hikes. Wonderful people.

Kathryn Maytham

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Amazing location and genuine caring hosts "

This Yoga retreat is an amazing combination of excellent yoga instruction, amazing outdoor activities that surpassed my expectations (and was all included in the cost), wonderful home cooked food and warm conversation and coaching. I can’t recommend this retreat enough for the traveler that wants so much more than just yoga.

Lucy Bowen

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Mountain Retreat! Just what I needed!"

I loved the fact that Chris & Denise really went above and beyond to make our experience amazing. It was a yoga & hiking retreat but I also did outdoor climbing and paragliding! Loved it all! And the food that was all cooked by Chris, was hands down amazing and I am a right foodie! It's also your holiday so if there is something you don't fancy you can go do your own thing also.

I will definitely be booking with Globeseekers again in the future and I cannot wait!

Barbro Lange

from Sweden, July 2019

"a week for myself"

The yoga session in the mornings - with beautiful views :) The planning of the days including no stress. The hiking in wonderful environment. Nice talks with nice people. Denise and Chris:)

Jacob Nordfors

from Sweden, July 2019

"Perfect mix of yoga and outdoor adventure"

The location of this retreat is absolutely beautful - majestic mountains, clear mountain streams and lush forests. Each day had classes in different forms of yoga (although each day started with an ashtanga class) and apart from that we also had health classes and qi gong. When not doing yoga the days were filled with different kinds of (optional) outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, river rafting and paragliding, which made each day feel like its own adventure! Between classes and outdoor actvties you get served tasty and healthy homemade vegetarian food. I couldn’t recommend this experience more. Denise and Chris are really amazing hosts and we had such a great group of people that bonded really well. All in all an amazing retreat that I wish I could do again!

Katherine Piper

from Great Britain, July 2019

"Everything was beyond excellent!"

Variety of great activities, amazing instructors, great people, delicious food, good mix of activities and relaxation time.

Jade Courcol

from Great Britain, July 2019

"More than just a yoga retreat! "

Set in the most idyllic location- you are surrounded by breathtaking mountains and forests. Every day is a new adventure, starting with morning yoga on the terrace in the fresh mountain air. Daily activities include hiking, rock climbing, paragliding and rafting- all of which are well organised and so much fun (and optional)! The food was delicious- all home made, hearty veg meals- one night we even got to make our own pizza in the wood fire oven. Nightly restorative yoga / health coaching sessions were a perfect way to end the day. I honesty cannot rave about this retreat enough- it’s for any one of any yoga experience / any age. Chris and Denise have thought of everything and are the most accommodating hosts! I would do another one of their retreats in a heartbeat!

Marianne Niemann

from Denmark, July 2019

"This is where magic happens"

This retreat is simply amazing!!! Everything from the location, the experiences, the food and most af all the people is magical. I arrived a bit later due to cancelled flights and I felt home and welcome from the second I entered. Denise and Chris are the most warm and loving hosts and they provide you with a huge range of wonderful experiences in the most excillerating locations. I cannot make a more heartfelt recommendation. Go and do something very special for yourself.

Wenche Irene Bendiksen

from Norway, July 2019

"Wonderfull week with inspiring people!!"

This has been an amazingly good week . Denise and Rich are two beautiful souls who welcomed me with their true heart. This yoga retreat made me feel so relaxed and fulfilling . Every day I was breathing in all the good vibes , fresh air and the beautiful view in the mountains, which was fulfilled with the perfect combination of different activities.

I feel much better in my body and soul after doing yoga every day, hiking, climbing, rafting, and paragliding, and still good time to relax before the delicious dinner. All homemade and healthy.

I will definitely come back for another yoga retreat with these wonderful people and souls.



from Israel, July 2019

"Much more than I expected :)"

Not having done yoga in 2 yrs, I was a little worried, but Chris and Denise gave me many modifications to do and the whole week was amazing! The view is breathtaking

Stephanie Jäggi

from Switzerland, July 2019

"Great people, beautiful nature, delicious food🧘‍♀️"

It was a great experience to get a little closer to yourself and meet great people from all over the world. Chris and denise's organisation and supervision were individual, flexible and both radiate so much love and joy. You can feel that they want to share their visions and dreams with the people around them.

Pj Lewis

from United States, July 2019

"Awesome experience"

The food, the people, the mountains, the yoga, the daily activities - everything was great. A truly fun yoga retreat. :)

Alison Odornan

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Something for everyone"

Having never been on a retreat before or even really done much Yoga, my husband and I were a little nervous about taking this holiday but it seemed on paper to be the perfect combination of outdoor pursuits and some long needed mind relaxation. Plus we have been curious about Yoga for a long time.

We were not disappointed, Christian and Denise and everyone in the group was most welcoming. There was no issue with us being complete beginners and we were able to follow the clear instructions as much as our bodies were able, and adjustments were suggested and shown to us where needed.

Never have we been with such a wonderful group of people and the outdoor pursuits were just as described and a perfect compliment to the Yoga.

Irene Ge

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Great value for money with lots of activities "

The food

The location

The yoga practices

The coaching exercises


from United States, June 2019

"You’ll love every moment! "

It was the complete package between location, amazing fresh and vegetarian meals, outdoor hikes and activities to the yoga classes.

Ian Blunt

from Great Britain, June 2019

"Unbelievable experience"

Everything just flowed - the activities and classes were great, everyone happy a pretty happy attitude - and the food was healthy but good

Laura Turrini

from Germany, June 2019

"Sporty week in a beautiful location"

The activities were really nice and inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the morning yoga, qigong (very nice surprise!!) and the rafting. Climbing was also very cool (I only tried indoor climbing before, but this was way more fun!). The location was very beautiful and the hotel very welcoming with also a nice wellness area (you can see the mountains directly from the sauna!!). Denise and Chris welcomed us very warmly and made us feel as part of a family from day 0. I was also lucky since the group was lovely and enjoyed the company very much. I feel so much energy after this week, thank you!!

Libby Eley

from Great Britain, June 2019

"a great escape "

I had a wonderful time. The right balance of togetherness and solitude. The days were mixed and the activities were great. beautiful place. I learnt lots and have come away feeling calm and happy.

Jelle Hollema

from Netherlands, June 2019

"Mountain and soul"

Goede mix van yoga en andere activiteiten

Lisa Blondel

from United States, April 2019

"Amazing yoga & well-being experience"

Hotel was perfect, experienced different styles of yoga, enjoyed freshly cooked healthy meals, snow conditions in the mountains was great and the outdoor activities... More importantly a wonderful experience with like minded people. Denise and Chris are beautiful souls 😍

Mirjam Bech

from Denmark, April 2019

"Breathtaking yoga retreat combined with alpine activities"

This retreat provided me with a multitude of experiences - lots of yoga - astanga/yin and acro, qi gong, skiing, snowshoe hiking, spring hiking, spa area and relaxation, lots of sun and a great atmosphere, beautiful sights and a wonderful sense of community and sharing with other people from around the globe. The setting in Ramsau in Austria was breathtaking.

Denise and Chris are very dedicated teachers and a great inspiration, doing everything possible to keep the guests happy and providing lots of flexibility so everyone had the freedom to do what they felt like doing during their stay.

I can only highly recommend this retreat.

Claire Belsham

from Great Britain, April 2019

"Invigorating calmness"

Organisation very good and liaising through WhatsApp afore and during hols.

Very supportive and friendly knowledgeable team.

Flexibility - freedom to roam, join in group activities, link up with others, or laze.

Encouragement with yoga positions and no judgement.

Variety of yoga.

Wellness area.


Meeting like-minded fellow travellers all whom spoke in English!

Hotel location and view.

Access to transport great.

Olivia Paluch

from United States, September 2018

"Truly was the trip of a lifetime"

You see the pictures for this retreat and think, “wow this looks amazing” ... but really, the pictures are nothing compared to what you will experience and see up close in person. It was truly an unforgettable trip and being someone that doesn’t regularly practice yoga, I wasn’t sure what to expect... but it was amazing & I was absolutely honored to be a part of it. I don’t want to say too much because I feel that anyone interested in this should experience it for themselves. All I can say & promise is that you will not be disappointed. I most definitely plan on going to more of their yoga retreats in the future.

Ofie Kataw

from United States, September 2018

"Wonderful experience"


Kolette Fabbioli

from United States, September 2018

"Unforgettable Week"

The location was absolutely stunning. The days were filled with yoga, hiking and other outdoor activities, and enough time for relaxation in the afternoon. The food was delicious (and homemade). Denise and Chris were amazing hosts and organizers- couldn't have had a better experience!

Ghazi Taher

from United Arab Emirates, September 2018

"Be calm a happy "

The 4 hikes were in the most beautiful terrain. Both instructors were very friendly a helpful. The food prepared by Chris was outstanding.

Adeline Zelyony

from United States, September 2018


There is such a variety of things to do this is a great retreat for trying many new things! It is soooo beatuiful everyday, and the instructors make everyone feel comfortable in any activity.

Angela Lakey

from United States, September 2018

"Phenomenal experience with inspiring people!"

Although I am certain that I have not fully processed my experience at this retreat, I feel so lucky to have met such inspiring people. Every person at the retreat had such beautiful souls that radiated love and kindness, with themselves and their personal journey, that could only have been revealed by such an amazing experience. Every day, I was privileged enough to learn more and more about myself through our yoga practice and the extraordinary people that I shared this experience with. The hiking and mountains are breathtaking to say the least. My hiking pace was significantly slower than average because I could not stop gazing at the mountains. I could have stood in one spot and stared for an entire day. If you are a hiker and yogi, you don't want to miss this experience!

Jessica Grace

from Canada, August 2018

"Unforgettable amazing experience that's exceeded all expecta"

The food was delicious, plentiful and very healthy!

The vibes were positive-very good energy from all participants and instructors.

Denise and Chris went above and beyond to ensure everyone had a good experience.

The location was stunningly beautiful and peaceful. Fresh mountain air!

I would highly recommend globeseekers!

I'm considering a future retreat with them in one of the their alternate locations:)


from Germany, September 2020

Top Lage, top Yoga (für alle Bedürfnisse), top Aktivitäten, super Gruppe!

Markus Ottersbach

from Germany, July 2020

"Lange nachwirkende Eindrücke"

Diese Woche Auszeit ist perfekt für alle, die eine Mischung aus Entspannung und Erlebnis suchen. Wobei die Erlebnisse die Entspannung noch verstärken.

Wir waren eine Gruppe von 9 Teilnehmer(inne)n (7 Frauen, 2 Männer zwischen 22 und 59 Jahren) und alle nach 7 Tagen grandios erholt. Die Ruhe, der Ausblick, das gemütliche Haus, die Berge, die Freundlichkeit der Betreiber und die Begleitung durch Denise und Chris - Organisatoren, Yoga-Lehrer, Wanderführer, Köche und unterhaltsam Gesprächspartner - sorgten die gesamte Zeit über für Wohlfühlatmosphäre.

Fixpunkte waren das morgendliche Yoga um 8.00 Uhr, das anschließende Frühstück und eine abendliche Yogarunde. Diese wurde zeitlich an das Program angepasst und fand, je nach Wetter, drinnen oder draußen statt. Auch das Tagesprogramm wurde mit den Teilnehmern und auf das Wetter abgestimmt. So gab es zwei Wanderungen, einen Tag mit Felsklettern, einen Tag mit Health-Coaching und Acro-(Partner)-Yoga (mit großem Spaß für alle) und für die, die Lust hatten, ein Tandemflug mit dem Gleitschirm und eine Rafting-Tour auf der Ziller (beides vor Ort selbst zu bezahlen). Jeder konnte entscheiden, an welchen Aktivitäten er teilnahm.

Abends gab es lockere Runden am Lagerfeuer oder im Gruppenraum. Für die, die Lust darauf hatten, auch mit einem Glas Wein oder Bier. Vielleicht ungewohnt für Yoga-Puristen aber ein Gewinn für Yoga-Genießer.

Und nach dem Urlaub: Lange nachwirkende Eindrücke!

Nicole Rees

from Austria, August 2019

"Ein Traum zum Aufladen, Abschalten und Genießen "

Die Woche war von Anfang bis Ende genial. In entspannter und liebevoller Atmosphäre gelang es mir vollkommen abzuschalten und zu entspannen.

Die Yoga Stunden sind genau das richtige Maß zwischen Entspannung, gefordert sein und Individuelles Einlassen.

Argo Yoga und Thaimassage waren für mich neu und absolute highlights.

Die Wanderung und Outdoor Aktivitäten haben Denise und Christian sehr gut gewählt- passend zum Wetter, Gruppe.

Für mich war das besondere an diesem Retreat, dass die Yoga Philosophie ein wichtiger Teil war und es mit einladenden Gesprächsrunden, Videos und sogar Lebenscoaching unterstützt wurde.

Das Essen war einfach himmlisch. Vegetarisch, abwechslungsreich und mehr als genug 😀.

Denise und Christian hatten immer ein offenes Ohr für unsere Wünsche.

Thomas Bräumer

from Germany, August 2019

"globeseekers 08/19"

Teamspirit, Atmosphäre, Lockerheit, vielseitiges Angebot, flexible Zeitplanung der Aktivitäten, Gesamtpaket, keine Zusatzkosten für Outdooraktivitäten,

Katharina Kammer

from Germany, July 2019

"Traumhafte Woche in den Bergen"

Chris und Denise sind wunderbare Menschen. Neben den sehr guten Yogastunden gab es die Möglichkeit für zahlreiche weitere Aktivitäten wie klettern oder rafting. Die zwei sind super auf Wünsche der Gruppe eingegangen und haben das Programm entsprechend angepasst.

Die Unterkunft im Gschößwandhaus auf 1800m war der Hammer! Wo sich im Winter hunderte von Skifahrern tummeln, waren wir quasi unter uns. Im angrenzenden Restaurant konnte, wer wollte, sogar Schnitzel bestellen. Was in meinen Augen bei dem leckeren Frühstück und Abendessen gar nicht notwendig war. Die Matratzen waren super bequem. Die sanitären Einrichtungen sauber und gepflegt.

Alles in allem sehr empfehlenswert, danke euch beiden für die vielen schönen Erlebnisse.

Ani Steiger

from Germany, July 2019

"Unique experience "

This retreat was a real treat. Everything was arranged just perfectly. Denise and Chris were great hosts, who inspiringly shared their passion for yoga, nature and organic food. The accommodation, food and schedule were beyond our expectations. We are happy that we joined this experience and thankful for meeting all these great people who were with us. We strongly encourage everyone to do this and to join the globeseekers community!

Tanja Hackl

from Germany, July 2019

"Aktivwoche in bester Gesellschaft"

Tolle familiäre Atmosphäre, habe mich sofort willkommen und wohl gefühlt. Das Programm war gut organisiert mit Raum für flexible Gestaltung. Bei Spitzenwetter im Zillertal hat mir der Blick von der Hotelterrasse und von meinem Zimmerbalkon sehr gut gefallen. Denise und Christian haben tolle Kurse veranstaltet und die Stimmung war sehr relaxed. Die frisch gekochten vegetarischen Gerichte am Abend waren sehr abwechslungsreich und lecker. Die Teilnehmer kamen aus vielen verschiedenen Ländern und dadurch konnte ich meine Neugier auf andere Kulturen wunderbar stillen.

Sophie Federmann

from Germany, June 2019

"Perfektes aktives Yoga Retreat "

Das Yoga Retreat von Denise und Chris hat meine Erwartungen komplett übertroffen.

Das Programm war eine perfekte Mischung aus verschiedenen Yoga Sessions und Aktivitäten wie Wandern, klettern und Raften und super flexibel je nach Bedürfnissen der Teilnehmer.

Die Unterkunft war wunderschön mit einer super Lage auf 1800 m, um vom Alltag abzuschalten und richtig in das Yoga Retreat einzutauchen.

Der Yoga Raum hat eine wunderschöne Glasfront mit Blick auf die Berge.

Die Größe der Gruppe war klein und sorgt dadurch für eine sehr persönliche Atmosphäre.

Ich kann das Retreat der beiden nur weiter empfehlen!

Oxana Orgler

from Austria, May 2019

"Only for beginners "

Tirol is a great place to be!

Outdoors activities are a great experience for body and soul.

Arnaud Toussaint

from France, April 2019

"Peace and earth"


Yoga Activities


Besna Son

from United States, April 2019

"Forever in my heart!"

The combination of yoga, activities in the snow, biking and than relaxing in the wellness with this amazing view was just better than perfect. Chris and Denise are warm and great teachers. Every night Chris made us just great and super healthy and nourishing meals. Thank you Chris and Denise for a beautiful experience in your country.

John Van Den Munckhof

from Netherlands, April 2019

"Geweldige week met veel leuke activiteiten "

Sneeuwschoenwandeling, yogalessen, skiën en de kamer


from Germany, September 2018

"Perfect all around"

I really enjoyed my stay much more than i expected to. Even though we were quite a big group, with ages ranging from around 20 to 60 and fitness-levels from quite low (me) to very high, I always felt that my particular needs were met so I was able to participate in everything in my own speed. The hosts Denise and Chris always took care of everybody, building a base of respect and care we all adopted. I very quickly felt comfortable around everybody. Besides the overall atmosphere being great, they also checked every day how we were and what made sense that particular day for the group. There were times of recreation just as much as times for learning new things. I learned about yoga-philosophy, different yoga-styles, chi gong, thai massage, self care, hiking, climbing and many more things without feeling rushed.

The area ist beautifull and comforting, especially for people living in big cities, the hotel ist very nice with a amazing view of the valley, the people working there always willing to help you out, great wellnessarea, restaurant and veranda and the food that Chris freshly prepared at night was just simply perfect, every time. Couldnt ask for a better getaway, i am very greatfull for the experience and wish Denise and Chris all the best for their future endevours. Highly recommend that retreat.

Tak care guys!! Hope, we will meet again. Dodo

Georg Thaler

from Austria, September 2018

"Einfach eine super Woche"

Denise und Chris,






Leute aus sehr vielen Ländern

Julia Henke

from Germany, September 2018

"Unforgettable time out within the mountains"

Unforgettable vacation with a perfect combination of relaxing and active moments! I could not have imagined a better week. I have meet inspiring people that I will definetly stay in contact with and the teachers Denise and Chris did everything to create an amazing week!

The food, the location, the yoga classes as well as hikes and climbing lessions were highly professional and with lots of fun moments. Not to forget the massage!

Kathrin Kleine Hackmann

from Germany, August 2018

"Retreat für Körper und Geist"

Die Kombination aus sportlichen Aktivitäten, entspannenden Yoga- und Meditationseinheiten, den wunderbaren Menschen, der wundervollen Umgebung und dem leckeren Essen war perfekt. Noch nie habe ich irgendwo eine so liebevolle Umgebung mit so vielen unterschiedlichen Menschen wahrgenommen. Nicht nur, dass mit den Aktivitäten Körper und Geist sowohl gefordert als auch entspannt werden konnten, sondern auch das Essen war Balsam für die Seele und zudem auch noch super gesund. Und das kann ich aus der Sicht als Ernährungswissenschaftlerin nur unterstreichen, denn nicht überall wird so viel Wert auf gesundes und biologisches Essen gelegt!

Noch nie bin ich so entspannt und gleichzeitig voller Energie nach Hause gekommen. Mein Herz ist voller Liebe! Danke für diese Erfahrung :-)