Almashala is a creative yoga space, a domestic version of holiness a sacred refuge, a vibrating space to cultivate mental and physical balance.

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Samuele Piazza

Lavinia Casaburo

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Andréa Flageul

from Germany, October 2019

"A place where you feel home"

Lavi and Samuel are two authentic people who put a lot of love and work in this place to make people feel at home. It’s a simple place where you can connect with the people and be yourself. Grazie mille a tutti e due!

Chloe Kitchener

from Great Britain, October 2019

"An amazing experience!"

The warm welcome from Lavinia and Sami, the beautiful food from the lovely Maria, the way yoga is taught so that movements are achievable even when you’ve not done them before. I went from yoga novice, to maybe almost competent in one week. It’s not just about fitness for Lavinia and Samu It’s a way of life and they explain the reasons behind getting movements right, and teach many different ways.

The workshop on ‘making time and space for love’ by Sabina was a very positive experience for me, and one I hope I will never forget. I would highly recommend it if you get the chance.

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, you can come and go as you please during the day as long as you are respectful of any class happening if you miss one.

There’s so much to do in the local area, only a walk/bus ride or Uber away.

I loved it! Thank you. <3

Emily Crawford

from Germany, September 2019

"Magical Experience "

If you’re looking for an authentic experience with lovely and talented people, this is it. Almashala seems to draw out the best in people. And the shala is gorgeous.

Alison Padovan

from Italy, September 2019

"Peace, Fun, Knowledge and Sharing good emotions. "

Although I lived 2384 km away, in Almashala I felt as I was at home. Samu and Lavi are a wonderful couple who thanks to their Passion, they can give everything they have in every yoga class with smile and kindness.

A magical place where I learned a lot and where I received more than one answer to every question I had. Both of them are super kind, everything was more than I expected.

Great food and maximum helpfulness.

I'm very glad to see this young couple full of joy that have the talent to communicate all of their knowledge.

Thanks for all.

See you soon :)

Fouad Addou

from Netherlands, August 2019

"I couldn’t have wished for a better environment!"

From the moment you enter the place you feel the positivity and piecefullness. Lavi en Samu did a great job to facilitate this environment with their positivity and by sharing their inspirational life perspective.

Rehana Anwar

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Beautiful people, family atmosphere, great yoga! "

The vibe, and quality of teaching, and great food.

Améline Dewulf

from Belgium, August 2019

"Hope i can come back soon"

The perfect place to get away from everything and work on yourself a bit.

Thank you,thank you,thank you Samu & Lavi,for the good vibes and being so warm. For all the tips and genuinely wanting to help people in every way you can. The classes were great,the bed and the ashram were cozy and yeah i’m gonna miss the food a lot! Once you start exploring ericeira and surroundings are such a nice place,plenty of things to do and so much beautiful nature to escape in.

Aurelie Butscher

from Switzerland, October 2019

"A place full of love "

This place is great. You feel like at home just few minutes after you arrive.

A liked so mutch the teachers: Samu with his smile, kidness and fantastic tecnic. And lavinia, full of positive energy, humor, and take care of you all the time. The programm is nice, I learn a lot about Ashtanga, a part very serious and sometime a bit of fun ( some acro-yoga for exemple). Both teacher are really good to share their yoga passion and also way of living.

And the vegan food was great thanks!

I'm so gratefull for all the beautiful atmospher, beautiful group and moment sharing together ( singing at the fireside...going to the beautiful and wild beach...) and so interesting discussion about life.

I go home full of emotion and positive energy after one week their!

I definitily recommend it. I will go back.


Teja Goli

from Slovenia, October 2019

"Lovely, down to earth and wholesome"

Everything was just really amazing. From the courses, location, accommodation and of course, the amazing food! Lavinia and Samuele built the place mostly with their own hands and the love they put into it really shows!

Anna Woldrich

from Austria, October 2019

"Detox in Portugal "

The place is fabulous and created with much love. The classes are very good and sometimes challenging, the people friendly, the staff superb. And the food is awesome! At night it is dark and quiet and the beds are comfy! The nearby beach is beautiful and clean. I plan on returning soon!

Jasmine Eloksha

from Spain, October 2019

"Everything I needed and much more"

Lavinia and Samu’s passion for yoga cannot be missed. Not only they are very experienced yogis but they master the art of teaching. Something that is not necessarily easy to find. They share a fresh and genuine energy and they make sure every class gives you something new and fun.

I was so impressed with the place as well, it’s beautiful, very well thought and looked after. There is a lot of space and the dorm feels cozy and homey.

Brunches and dinners are lovely and there is a very nice area to share your meal and some chats with the other travelers.

The location is perfect, you are in nature. At the same time everything is at one hour walking distance or a few minutes with Uber.

I had on purpose dropped all my expectations coming to almashala and I have found likeminded genuine souls to share this little journey with, grounded and useful classes that made me feel stronger and more focused, fantastic nature and lovely walks, a peaceful yet vibrant place to stay.

I hope our paths will cross again soon, Lavi and Samu. You rock!

Richard Ferrier

from Great Britain, October 2019

"Gets it right on so many levels"

I still can’t believe this retreat has only been running for a few months! Lav and Samu are such a warm and welcoming couple and the environment they have created really fosters a sense of connection and wellbeing. They are also superb yogis and take great care in teaching proper alignment. (I thought I had pretty good posture to begin with, but there were several times when I found myself thinking, oh *that's* how that pose is supposed to feel.) The programme is gently challenging and I enjoyed exploring different styles of yoga. The food is good, the dorm is spacious and the showers are hot. As others have pointed out, it's not right next to the beach or Ericeira. But the transport options are good enough, and honestly, after spending time in such a peaceful location it's difficult to imagine Almashala being anywhere else. Thank you so much Lavinia, Samu and Maria and I hope to be back soon :)

Jade Wells

from Great Britain, September 2019

"A week of pure peace and love "

Almashala you were pure magic. Everything I hoped for and so much more. Words cannot describe the deep sense of gratitude I have for the experience I had. Samu and Lavi you are two of the most beautiful souls I have ever met. You have created something so very special and I cannot wait to come again. Maria, I will miss your smiley face and wonderful food. It felt like home and you felt like family. Thank you for helping me to find my way back to myself. Namaste 🙏🏻 💫💕

Judit Prokaj

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Unique positive place with full acceptance and peace "

I was so fortunate to visit Almashala for a week. The place has a magical vibe. Lavina and Samu are such a free, content, wise people with so much love and care to give. The people are attended the retreat where genuine and likewise so we all had an amazing experience. Bonding was easy in such a nurturing environment and so we already planning to return for more zen.

The classes were excellent with lots of new technical and philosophical insight. Well planned pace and never the same we had endless new discovery about yogi life.

The food was amazing (thank you Maria for cooking with love), they gave extra attention to my coeliac diet.

I loved how the place was created by Lavinia's beautiful taste, it's warm and makes you feel that arrived home.

I honestly can't wait to return.

Sarah Guershon

from Great Britain, September 2019

What can I say about the incredible Almashala? There are no airs or graces - everything you see serves a purpose, and yet you get so much more than what you see.

For me, Lavinia is the heart of Almashala and Samu is the spirit. They built Almashala from scratch and you can tell that they built it with love. I believe it was the purity of their energy and intentions for Almashala that meant I had the privilege to meet such wonderful people while I was there.

Thanks to Lavinia and Samu, I was able to greatly improve my yoga practice over the course of the week. They are encouraging, kind and all-knowing when it comes to yoga.

I am so, so grateful to Lavi, Samu, Maria (the amazing chef) and everyone else I met there for what really was one of the best experiences of my life. I hope I have the opportunity to come back here. It has done so much more than encourage me to continue practicing yoga as much as I can. It's inspired me to carry forward the open, non-judgemental and genuine way of living that is so inherent in everything they do.

Katja Brunner

from Switzerland, September 2019

"best teachers"

Lavinia and Samuele are wonderful teachers. They spread their profound knowledge on Yoga so well. They challenge their students and they are very very attentive.

Besides they fill the space with a lovely, recreational yet inspiring atmosphere. I d recommend this to anyone !

Kirsty Ayers

from Great Britain, September 2019

"A blissful week in Almashala!"

Excellent yoga teaching, wonderful fresh food and lovely company! Lavi and Samu were very welcoming and happy to help with anything I needed.

The yoga was great throughout, good to have a mixture of styles and teachers - thanks to Lavi, Samu, Ana and Daniel!

The food was excellent, lots of choice, fresh and filling - thanks Maria, the happiest cook in the world!

I also visited the local beaches, Ericeira and Sintra, all of which were close and easy to get to by Uber.

Jonathan Mitchell

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Calming and enriching retreat at Almashala"

I felt welcome straight away at Almashala. Samu and Lavinia are wonderful hosts who open their beautiful space to people who are looking for a calming environment in which to practice yoga with brilliant and experienced teachers. The philosophy at Almashala means that everyone is made to feel comfortable, relaxed and valued. There is a sense of community, but also of respect for individual space.

The daily yoga sessions where challenging for me, but interesting, invigorating and of great physical benefit. All of the sessions, with each of the different instructors, offered something different. Participants were guided and assisted as needed according to their level or experience and ability.

The physical space is really nice. The yoga area is spacious and bright, the rooms are thoughtfully arranged and furnished. The communal areas are cosy and the food is lovingly prepared and delicious.

Free time was available to explore the local area and the nearby São Julião beach. The bus is available to Sintra or Ericeira. Almashala also work with other local groups, like Ericeira Boulder, to facilitate guests in arranging trips and other activities. I also participated in a workshop with Sabina Rademacher, which was incredibly powerful, supportive and cathartic.

I would absolutely recommend Almashala to anyone looking to get some space, take a break, practice great yoga and nurture themselves.


from Germany, September 2019

"Great break from my everyday life!"

I had a great break from my everyday life.

Thank you for your loving and caring nature, Samu and Lavinia!

At Almashala, everything is designed step by step with love and has a lot of potential to become even more wonderful - the food is healthy and delicious!

The yoga classes are versatile and suitable for different levels. In addition, great emphasis is placed on breathing techniques and alignment, I liked that very much !!

From the retreat place there are many beautiful hiking trails to the sea (about 60 minutes to walk or longer, depending on the route). But also by bus or Uber it is easy to get to the beaches and to Ericeira (about 10-15 minutes).

So if you want to experience good yoga and return to nature to get out of the city. Then you are exactly right in Pobral at Almashala :)

Best wishes and greetings!


from Berlin - Germany

Katrin Hansen

from Great Britain, September 2019

"Almshala is like coming home "

Almashala is like coming home. Not only is it a beautiful space that encapsulates the love and passion that the founders Lavi and Sam have for Yoga but it gives you place of peace where one may be able to find the space back to the home that lives within us.

Both Lavi and Samu’s classes were so rewarding with the knowledge and the variety of yoga styles offers you get a deeper understanding and are able to grow within your practice.

The daily healthy vegan meals often farm to table give you an appreciation for the food we eat and how we consume. Appreciating the need to cultivate both inner and with the gift of the earth.

There are so many great activities to do in your spare time, as well as the opportunity for massage and workshops.

I didn’t want to leave. So grateful to have found this place and grateful to have people like these two wonderful beings to created such a space. Namaste and thank you again 🙏🏼

Lucy Morris

from Great Britain, August 2019

When two beautiful souls come together amazing things happen, this is most definitely true of Lavi and Sam. They have created a place of magic and peace. The yoga teaching was amazing and the food delicious. Even just over seven days, I could see how much my practise improved. It was also SUCH good value for money. I paid extra for a massage and the Conscious Love workshop, both of which were by expert practitioners. It was super easy and cheap to get an uber or a bus to the nearby beaches etc and there's a beautiful walk to the local beach. I had a truly wonderful time and hope to return very soon!

Katy Trevor-roberts

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Beautiful yoga deep within Nature"

From the moment we first arrived we were greeted with the warmest of welcomes and made to feel completely at home. Lavinia and Samu are such kind and warm-hearted people who always made every effort to make sure we were happy and comfortable. The teaching was excellent with a variety of styles and suitable for all levels. It has really helped me deepen my practice and for my partner it was his first time trying yoga and thanks to the amazing teaching he has fallen in love with it!

We chose the climbing/surfing package. This was taught by external teachers who were trusted friends of Almashala. They came to pick us up and drove us to the locations and provided us with all the equipment. Lavinia and Samu handled all the correspondence and organisation – it was so nice to be able to just sit back and relax. The activities were taught by friendly and expert professionals and we loved every minute!

I have to mention the food as it was so delicious; proper healthy yet hearty vegan meals, all homemade and often using ingredients harvested from the garden (my partner fell in love with the hummus as well as the yoga!)

A truly unforgettable time full of fun, laughter and pure joy, we are so grateful we got to share this experience together. Thank you Samu and Lavinia for all that you do, we hope to see you again :) Love Katy and Danny

Pauline Nicholson

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Week at Almashala August 2019"

The positivity, enthusiasm and professionalism Lavinia and Samuele bring to the Almashala is just amazing.

I had such a fantastic week there and learned so many new things to bring to my yoga practice. They both have a great connection with people and ability to explain the yoga in an engaging way.

I met some amazing people too. The variety of guests during the week was quite amazing. But everyone’s input adds to the experience and enjoyment for the whole group.

The food was vegetarian/ vegan and extremely tasty. Plenty of fruit and variety of teas available all day.

As the retreat opened just last year there are some areas of improvement to the building and garden still in progress. But the yoga classes are very strong and of a very high standard. So this is the perfect place to build from.


Sarah Louise

from Great Britain, August 2019

"Calm, secluded, away from it all, and wonderful people"

Range of yoga styles- and workshops for different postures- my down dog is transformed. I loved the food- tasty and a great variety of vegetarian food and the atmosphere and conversation at meal times was my favourite part- interesting conversations and discussion led by the hosts who are two of the happiest people Ive ever met and their happiness is infectious- i left feeling uplifted and joyful

Belinda Sørensen

from Norway, August 2019

"Fabulous retreat at Almashala"

Thank you for a fabulous week in the Almashala! We really loved it. Lavinia and Samuele create a truly special and fun yoga experience with their passion, dedication and care for each individual. Their invested energy allows you to deepen your practice - and leaves you truly energised. We hope to come again really soon. All the best, Gabrielle & Belinda


from Great Britain, August 2019

"My 10 days of magic "

Almashala was a place of joy. I connected with wonderful beings and equally had lots of alone time to connect with myself. I was completely immersed in beautiful nature with beaches and forests all around and a very healthy lifestyle of delicious vegan cuisine.

Lavinia & Samu are not only masterful yoga teachers, who passionately live and breath the practice- but they also greet you with warmth and make you feel so welcome. No question was ever an inconvenience for them as they did everything to keep guests happy. My ten days here we’re transformational- With the teachers gentle guidance I did poses I felt I could never do before.

I can’t recommend this yoga retreat more only to say I have booked another stay in October :) If you’re looking for a healing ground, weather you are advanced or a complete beginner in yoga, these intelligent and compassionate teachers will support your journey.


from Spain, August 2019

"Amazing week"

I am so grateful to Lavi and Samu to create this wonderful space. The yoga classes are very good structured, every day different and both instructors are there to assist/ assist. The food is great too. Our group of people was super international, several nights we stayed together to play guitar and sing.. such an amazing environment. I can highly recommend this retreat! :)

Thank you Lavi and Samu for this time!


from Portugal, August 2019

"Yoga in the purest sense"

I loved everything about this retreat. I’ve practiced for 20 years and this was true yoga taught by two superb teachers, combined with excellent vegan food, comfy beds, and a good location.

Rajani Kodiyat

from Germany, July 2019

"beautiful yoga space"

Almashala has given me given me the possibility to deepen my practise in a calm and peacefull place. Lavina and Samu are both great teachers who take care of alignment as well as of creative lessons. The way they designed the retreat helps a lot to focus and to dive deeper into your asanna practise. Additionally they organise diffrent workshops in and around the shala (go bouldering in the forest of sintra!). I enjoyed my stay so much and am very thankfull for the time in ericeira that i spent with you! hope to see you again :)

Yentl Duvillier

from Belgium, August 2019

"Positive Vibes"

Ik had een 5 daags detox programma.

Ik had 1 scrub en 2 massages. Deze behandelingen werden super goed uitgevoerd en waren erg relaxerend.

Ik deed mee aan één van de workshop met Sabine. Deze workshop is een echte aanrader. Het creëert een innige connectie met de participanten van de groep. Iedereen deelt en toont emoties en dat is echt mooi.

's morgens en 's avonds yogalessen. De instructeurs maken de lessen toegankelijk voor beginners en gevorderden. Ook hadden ze oog voor de energie die de groep had en pasten ze hun lessen daarop aan. Heel mooie tips meegekregen die ik verder zal gebruiken zowel voor yoga als meditatie.

Lavinia & Samuele zorgen ervoor dat iedereen zich welkom voelt en creëren een positieve sfeer binnen Almashala.

Katja Quinkler

from Germany, July 2019

"Could not be better"

Almashala is such an amazing place. The quality of the yoga lessons is excellent and you learn even after years the real basics as if never known before!

Meditation and relaxing exercises take a big part of the retreat and also you can ask every question about the subject yoga and meditation. Lavinia and Samu can give you so many important informations.

They keep an eye on every single person and if you have a certain body problem or pain they give you many asanas to solve that problem.( I had pain in my downer back and Samu gave me a whole lesson to that subject and the pain was gone after some days)

Next to all the professional Yoga themes they are so warm-hearted, lovely, smart people!

I felt just welcome and right at their place.

The Brunch and dinner we got every day was from such a high quality and very tasty. Every day they surprised with something new and delicious.

There is also the possibility to take some specials to complete these wonderful relaxing days!

Boyldering, massage or a coaching session with Sabina about the subject” love” are so nice offers.

And i loved the hike to the beach (which is also lovely) through the little “Dschungle” right behind the house..

What more to say?

This place is just perfect and wonderful!

Marie Klenke

from Germany, July 2019

"A place of love, peace and compassion 💗"

Vielen Dank für eine wunderbare Zeit! Die Räumlichkeiten sind liebevoll eingerichtet. Samu und Lavi sind fantastische Lehrer die auf jeden Einzelnen ganz individuell eingehen. Die Landschaft und das Meer sind ein Traum und das Essen ist köstlich. Ich bin so dankbar für diese Erfahrung! 🙏🤗

Thank you Lavi and Samu for this amazing time in your beautiful home!

Thank you for all the good food, the laughter, the talks and the silence. Thank you for the yoga practice and the compassion. Feel hugged! I will come back to you! 🙏🤗💗

Anita Mittwede

from Germany, July 2019

"Einfach abschalten"

Es war ein Rundumsorglospaket, ich hab mich auf Anhieb wohl gefühlt und hab die entspannte Atmosphere sehr genossen.

Lavinia und Samuel kümmern sich sehr um das wohl mit tollen Yogastunden, selbst gekochtem vollwertigem Essen, mit teils im eigenen Garten angebauten Zutaten. Zwischen den Yogastunden, die morgens und abends statt finden, kann man sie zu allen anderen möglichen Freizeitaktivitäten fragen und sie können einem tolle Sachen empfehlen. Die Natur und die Strände (ca. 5min mit dem Auto zum Strand) sind einfach Traumhaft. So kann man auch anderen Aktivitäten wie surfen,anderen Outdooraktivitäten oder einem Besuch der nahe gelegenen Kleinstatt Ericeira nachgehen.

In den Yogastunden gehen die Lehrer sehr inidviduell auf den aktuellen Kenntnisstand ein und bauen darauf auf. Sie achten sehr genau auf die Haltung und individuelle anatomische Besonderheiten gründlich ein. Der Yoga wird jedoch nicht nur in den Yogastunden praktieziert, sondern als ganzheitliches Konzept im Alltag gelebt.

Besonders gut haben mir auch die gemeinsamen Mahlzeiten in familiärer Atmosphäre gefallen.

Die Unterkunft im Gruppenschlafsaal (bis zu 8 Leute) ist einfach und zweckmäßig, sehr sauber und es gibt durch teilweise Vorhänge vor den Betten auch eine gewisse Privatsphere.

Ich habe seit langem nicht mehr so zu mir gefunden wie in diesen paar Tagen!

Jederzeit wieder :)