I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being

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8 Day Inner Light Women's Retreat in Puerto Angel, Oaxaca

November 20-27 | January 8-15, 2021–2022
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Jojo Walsh

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from Canada, January 2020

"Connection with the divine feminine"

This retreat allowed me to try various things without being focused only on one aspect (i.e. just meditation). There was yoga, art therapy, music, dancing, women's circles, water therapy (Aguahara),etc. One of the days were silent which allowed me to focus on myself by simply just spending time doing what I wanted (read, write, get lost watching the beautiful view of the ocean from the balcony). It allowed me to deeply connect to and with myself. Overall this retreat was an experience I will forever be grateful for! This is also a great retreat for first timers who have never been to a retreat since it introduces you to many different things and you pick and choose which you like and don't like. Maybe after you develop a desire to go deeply into meditation and decide to do a meditation retreat focusing solely on the practice.

This retreat was very sacred... Thank you to Jojo and to all the women who took the time to bring themselves there to (re)connect with themselves! We are now a beautiful family :)

Sandra Thomson

from Canada, January 2020

"A fabulous week of healing and learning"

I have been on many retreats over the years but this was unique. Fabulous location and a wonderful program that allowed for the women to bond and share but also plenty of time for personal reflection and healing. Highly recommend this for any woman seeking to reconnect with herself and her inner joy.

Norma Carpizo

from Mexico, January 2020

"The best retreat for mind and soul"

It was a very intimate experience with very lovely woman who make a bond creating and atmosphere of respect, love and healing. You will find healing trough working your mind on earth, on water and trough meditation. A mindfulness retreat to feel and be with peace and love with yourself and others.

Ashley Mcarthur

from Mexico, May 2021

"Do yourself a favor and HEAL with Jo!"

Jojo has an incredible passion for women and creating a sacred space for the utmost experience of coming home to yourself. How long has it been since you truly looked at your vulnerabilities, false beliefs, the negative ideas about your body, your deeper inner thoughts and put them into the fire of transformation...and then to nourish and reintegrate those parts back into your self in a completely new light.

The space that she creates for sharing, to completely be heard by your sisters, and that in turn encourages you to do the same for others. From the yoga, the delicious meals, the meditations, the sharing and especially the reconnect to nature. It's all the ingredients for a catalyst for your deepest awakening for yourself.

The Aguahara water therapy was the best part in my opinion. It's beyond words, beyond what I can type on this laptop but powerful in its transformative simplicity. We don't give ourselves any moment at all to let go and be held by our sisters, to allow what ever that needs to come up to come up and be expressed. Thank you Jo for the wonderful opportunity to have the one on one Aguahara session <3

Megan Druet

from Mexico, March 2021

"A very transformative experience "

This retreat was amazing. Jojo really knows how to put a retreat together and she just radiates loving energy. All of the activities were enjoyable and helped get you in a very relaxed and healing state. I’m thrilled I went and would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to do inner healing work in a beautiful paradise.

Nicole Molina

from United States, January 2021

"Received exactly what I needed a retreat to remember"

For my very first retreat this experience was absolutely amazing :,) very beginner friendly and you'll leave feeling like you've got a family. All of jojo's healing modalities and exercises were very meaningful and deep and I really loved how attentive and encouraging jojo was with us girls, supporting us through out our healing experiences towards the end of my retreat experience I opened up like a flower and I felt extremely loved and accepted. The location was just WOW what a house drop dead gorgeous, completely surrounded around nature and the coast it was such a perfect mix. The subversive experience in nature, the peace and the serenity felt there made the whole experience 100x more amazing and the FOOD wowwww Sara was so loving and mindful with the kitchen. Her dishes were so plentiful, so many unique flavors and food combinations, you'll never go hungry you'll be eating lot haha! I felt so fulfilled with every meal :) I am so grateful to have been able to be apart of such an experience, I went expecting one thing and left reflecting with exactly what I needed. Jojo, Sara, Nadine, and greta I will forever have you in my hearts!